Outslayer muay thai bag

Filling Muay Thai heavy bag with rubber mulch.

Filling Muay Thai heavy bag with rubber mulch.8 Apr. 2020
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Filling a Muay Thai banana

Filling a Muay Thai banana bag with rubber mulch. Quarantine 2020

How does it feel to punch or kick? It works out perfect in my opinion. Punching feels solid and comparable to any other bag ive used. Kicking also feels solid and is hard enough that it will definitely condition your shins. Not too soft, not too hard, just right.

Update 1- 04082020: After a day settling, the top portion is totally empty. I will probably need 1 or 2 additional bags to completely fill it.

Final Update: No Ragrets! See the bag in use here: https://youtu.be/VGZP-dnf0Ak


RAJA 6FT Banana bag: $114 on Amazon (sold out at this time)

9 bags of Vigoro rubber mulch from Home Depot: $6.97 x9 = $62.73

Total: $176.73 this does not include taxes or shipping.

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ปิยชาติ แก้วทอง

What do they call it? It's stuffed into a sandbag


Thinking about doing this with a ringside uppercut bag instead of sand and clothes. Do you know how much each mulch bag weighs?

TheProdigal Son

Fricken bags at the gym are so god damn u can’t even kick them. Wish they were just right like how this is


Use the shredded rubber mulch.

Steve Levangie

I just filled a 6ft Fairtex bag. To prevent it from being too dense and bottom heavy I did it in increments. I started with old clothes, followed by a mix of rubber mulch, peat moss and sand in a contractor bag. More old clothes, another layer of mulch, old clothes, a bag of sand and mulch and more clothes. Just remember to use a step ladder and a bat to pack it down on the sides as you do it, it prevents odd spacing.

Faust Vatos

Online rubber bounces way to much.. my leg bounces back doesnt feel right best mix it up with pulp clothing

Stephen Libarnes

how heavy is the bag after filling it?

brandon villarreal

How the bag feel when kicking?


You & me had the same idea bro. Lol. Same brand & color rubber mulch & same bracket to hang the bag. Only difference is I got the Fairtex HB3. How's the bag holding up so far by the way? How much does it sway when you strike it?


How's the bag holding up after 3ish months? I just got my new Fairtex HB6 delivered and was looking to do the same filling method. In hindsight would you recommend any other materials to stuff it with? Thanks for the video!

Anthony Pinelli

Hey I had a question for you, just got a new Fairtex 7ft pole bag and I got the same rubber mulch you got. Is it too hard for kicks and punches? Mine seems a little rough tbh lol. Thanks!

miman 48647

Rubber mulch good idea ???


How is this rubber mulch bag now? I am building a stand and filling a bag next weekend. Don't have a bunch of clothes and COVID complicates things slightly. Would love to know how this is holding up-- is it over-packed (too hard) or too soft? Has it changed at all? Please, I'd love to know.


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Get this bag if you don't

Get this bag if you don't have one!

Aside from the full-length Thai/banana bag, this is the best for working hands, elbows, knees, even kicks!


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Richard Baker

You really did a great job explaining the pluses of this type of bag. I ordered my Wrecking Ball bag. Always felt a straight heavy bag did not give you as many training options as one of these.


I smash the shit out of the wrecking ball bag!


What is the main difference between an aqua bag, and which one is much cheaper?


Nice work

Kelly Clinevell

Thanks for putting out the video. Just got a wrecking ball and looking forward to using it.

Brad Friday

I've had my body snatcher for a month and it's by far the funnest piece of training equipment it have. Never felt creative on a heavy bag but this bag opens it all up. This is a great video! Thank you for posting sir.

Mark Cavanaugh

This is the best review of these wrecking ball bags I’ve found. I’m torn between this contender one which is said to weigh 70-75 lbs and the ringside one which is advertised as 65 lbs.

Sogol Vaziri

you can body snatch me anytime . how about now?


Hit it hard mate


0:03 for all those gloves and bags your technique is pretty flawed all together hahahaha

Hi Hi