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30 MIN Full-Body MILITARY MONDAY Killer HIIT Workout - No Equipment, No Repeat, Advanced

30 MIN Full-Body MILITARY MONDAY Killer HIIT Workout - No Equipment, No Repeat, Advanced14 Dec. 2020
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New week, means new

New week, means new Killer Military Monday HIIT workout for you guys! You can expect 30 minutes of hardcore HIIT exercises focusing on strengthening all the major muscle groups, finishing with 5 minutes of cool-down stretches. Stand up straight, and bring your energy! Let's get it done!

Please remember that we all are different and that you can make this your OWN workout... take a longer break when you need to.


?? Duration: 35 MINS

?? No Equipment

?? 50 Sec Work, 10 Sec Rest

?? Level: Medium to Advanced

?? No Repeat

* with Cool Down Stretches

Music: https://www.epidemicsound.com

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If you are a newbie start with a simple and easy exercise before attempting all advanced exercises. Performing exercises out of your capability might strain your muscles and you may get injured.

This channel offers health, fitness and nutritional information. You should not rely on this information as a substitute for, nor does it replace, professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. By performing any fitness exercises without supervision like with this video, you are performing them at your own risk. See a fitness professional to give you advice on your exercise form. Growingannanas will not be responsible or liable for any injury or harm you sustain as a result of this video.

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Hazel Cano

You deserve more subscribers!!!! ???


Approximately how many calories do you burn with this workout?

Wööjii Jööwii

I'm dead but thank you

Mara Eder

Die letzten 10 Minuten waren die besten ?? War aber echt fein herausfordernd ??????? Dein Tabata konnte ich danach nicht mehr machen ?


Really cool and really brutal

Aisling Downes

Is this cardio and strength cuz it doesn't seem like a lot of cardio so could someone tell me if it is or not

gael mouyal

I can’t feel my legs anymore. Thank you sunshine. You’re the killer !!!

Xérxes Lopes

Very Good...


Von Tabata 20/10 auf HIT 50/10? viel zu hart ?aber ich habe es geschafft?Danke Anna??



Pascale MozziPascaleM


Lia EsPunkt

I killed it, high five - but it killed me, too ? wenn man sich während des workouts denkt „alter, gehts noch?!??!?!?“ war es genau richtig ???. ??

Mishty 18 Mishty 18

Mam , you're the best , stamina..?
And I can't do it...I wanna
7kg weight loss

Charlene Ball

Thank you, came here for the advanced HIIT and you delivered again, love the nearly full minute of work sets with minimal rest in ur routines to get more reps in :)

Rachael Matthew

This was amazing! Thank you for this.

Luz Ma Gomez


Alexis Parris

Air Force Worthy!! ??

Mariah DuBose

Absolutely loved this workout!! Thank you!!!

Tarek Tawfik

Crushed it. High five ? from Toronto! During the cool down can you talk and share nutrition tips for the day. It is an incentive to finish ? strong.


One more amazing workout, Anna! I've been following various workout routines during this pandemic on YouTube but yours is sincerely the most challenging one. Since I've started following you I only workout in my living room and I've never felt so great! Thank you!

Heidi Pets

I love military Monday even if it’s Tuesday !

Greta Tena

Thank you!!! you are the best!!:D

Frank Angel Olpe

Today, it was my first time. After 45%,I had to stop...
So much pain... Tomorrow, next try ???

Μαρια Βασιλακάκη

you are amazing!!!!

Sharon Allen

This is the first time I have done one of your workouts and wow. It definitely won’t the the last. Loved it. So tough. My abs are rinsed.

Eunice Andrea

I’ve been following your workouts for about 2 weeks now and I’ve been loving it. Thank you so much.. the structure of your workouts, the motivating music, the end text and your face of joy and proudness that we KILLED it ???

Fortis Cuore

Love Fitness!


Muy buena! Matadora!!! Saludos desde Argentina!!!

Alejandra O.

Omg! My body is literally dying with this workout, thank you!!! ??

GreenMiau S

Habe jetzt schon ein paar deiner no repeat hiit workouts gemacht und möchte etwas konstruktive Kritik da lassen. Auch wenn verschiedene Variationen von burpees dabei sind, bleiben es burpees. Finde ich persönlich während dem workout, sorry, langweilig und dann gebe ich nicht alles, sondern schau ständig auf die Uhr. Ich weiß du kannst das Rad nicht neu erfinden, aber vlt kann man etwas mehr Abwechslung rein bringen durch Balance und multidimensionale Sachen. Trotzdem danke fürs workout :)

Verónica Girón

Te he encontrado hace poco y me encantan tus rutinas??? me gustan cuando las haces con tu bella amiga mi cuerpo es casi similar y entonces cuando no puedo veo como ella hace los ejercicios.

chinna kondula

great workout, God Bless

Lana Fitness

Admire this girl! ???

Heike Scholz

Super Workout!
Wo bekommt man die Matte?

Dimianovic 17

Amazing workout!

Ebba Nilsson

Loved it! Thank you???

Ironell Rodriguez

You killed me Anna and I loved it and I am definitely proud to be able to complete another one of your exercises!✋??? As always I will share it with my friends happy Sunday for me!!??

franco lallo

thank you ...the beautifull

George Ampartzidis

I love the fact that in 24:11 one could see the resentment on your face. You were like "WHAT INSANE PERSON PUT THE NEXT EXERCISE HERE??? - oh, it's me..." lol

Katy Scott

Thank you! This is a keeper! 48 hours post workout and I still can’t walk. ??

Eric Gutierrez

Ran 14 miles yesterday. Did this workout this morning. This workout was much more difficult!

Merryl SG

that one was gooooooooooooood !!!

Julia M

This is an amazing workout. Thank you for uploading!

mysuper star

Wow...amazing...feel goods doing this....after long time bcoz my condition... This exercise you have all my fabvorite ....?... #sweat. . . ??? ?

Viola Montellaa.

Hi!! Love it!! How many calories for this?♥️♥️

Ashley D

Made it through this after an hour of Bodycombat like a boss :-)

נועה שמעוני

hello, I am a big fan of you, I love your hiit workouts!!!
please make more!!

Cerys Seys Llewellyn

Not too shabby :) looking for more of a challenge next time....maybe two or three rounds?! xxx

Master BMF

Great workout ?️‍♀️ !!
Thank you so much ??

Nash Lantey

It's tuesday here but I'm still doing it! Thank you for making such quality workouts and videos Anna <3

Murat Ozturk

great! Thank you

Bibiana Aguiar

I DID IT! thx you’re amazing


Alright. Im officially subscribing

Samaya Zlaya

... voluntary fitness killing ??done ? thanks Anna ? I feel that I have become much stronger?

Roxanne Garcia

That's what I'm talking about! Kicked my butt!

Bianca Zwart

Thanks Anna, it was heavy for me but I try to do almost everything. Some excercises were to heavy for me?

Stephan Wilmes

Yes, murder. Thanks so much!

Lisa Heinrichs

Love your channel. Thank you for the awesome workout ?


How much calories does it burn? :)

Verónica Girón

No se Inglés, ojalá encuentres quien te traduzca

Valérie Gagné

I am looking forward working out agin with you! I want tougher workouts PLEASE ?

SaDarriel Brown

Enter to win FREE GIVEAWAY ?????

Dani Levin

AWESOME!!! What a workout, sweat is dripping, feeling good! Thank you!!!

Christian Girl

If anyone is feeling empty, lonely, depressed etc, I want you to know that Jesus loves you, and He is the Only one who can make you feel true love, happiness, joy and peace. We need to repent of our sins and turn to Him and start living for Him and He will be there with you every step of the way.

taylan acar

I love watching these ladies while laying on the couch& having my beer & chips.
Great vids thank you!

Giuseppe Papaleo


Laurie w.

That was CRAZY good!

pigs these days


Jesus Pardo

thank you very much Anna !!! you're beautiful!!!

S p

Merci pour l’entrainement!! Thanks for your training! ?

Maria Ximena Matta

Gracias ?!!!!

saskia mei

Always love ya anna ...

Suman Sarkar

hi-5. it was a real killer but awesome cooldown. Love your workout routine.

Masika Abdalla

Am here because I was searching for smthng new .This workouts nearly killed me!!

Inês Cayolla

After two years of doing youtube workouts, this one was the hardest one but I really loved it!


Hey team, Happy Monday ??I hope you start off your week feeling amazing after completing this killer HIIT workout! Let me your favourite HIIT exercise in the comments below :) Big love, Anna xx

Teresa Kurz

das workout hat mir sehr gefallen denn es war alles dabei. beine. oberkörper, bauch. viele andere workouts sind so bein lastig


Brutal!! Gracias.??????????

its xim

I loved it !!!! Im new to your channel and I'm already in love with you , keep it up Anna ❤ this workout left me dripping of sweat and proud of myself!! I love you Anna?❤


I finished Chloe's ting workout a couple of days ago and was looking for something else to do and I fell on this by random and decided to do it. So far I love it and subscribed!

Yasmin Houssein

Just recently found your channel and this is the 3rd hardcore HITT exercise I’ve done with you! I normally train for strength and don’t do much HITT or cardio so this is definitely a great challenge to go through during lockdown!
You also give off a very happy and positive vibe! ❤️

Watch your channel make me look shredded by the end of this lock down ? ??

Jo Peel

Fantastic, we're all so blessed to have your workouts Anna :)

Nursaray Shigis

I did it!? Thank you so much!✨?

Amal Chamout

how many days for week?

Patrick Zrebiec

This chick is crazy! I thought I was fit. Was huffing and puffing during the workout and she made it look so easy!

Vusale Mutellibova


Strong Health Evolution

High Five! Love you!

Ray Quenneville

Anna! My partner and I found your page a few months ago and have been so obsessed with your workouts. When a new one comes out, we plan our schedules the next day based on when we can do these together. Keep them coming and much love from Denver, CO!

Burger Queen

another great workout, thanks Anna!

Conny Büttner

Hi Anna, Thanks so much. Have a nice day✌️????

Kala Kalanen

I had tried so many Youtube workouts and they started to feel too easy. I’m so glad I found you, these workouts are great and challenging!!

Henrik W

60 seconds pike push up hold? Yeah, right........ :D

אלונה בורוכוב

You so strong ?? ?

fuchtler 10

DID IT! Yeah!

rajji kaur

Thanks very nice ???

Inês Cayolla

I nearly guessed that after slow climbers will be regular climbers, just a KILLER workout! Thank you!!!

Amina Saidi

Can't thank you enough this is everything I wish for in one video, challenging exercises, music, warm-up and cool down all in one place and many contents to choose from, much love to yourself and your team!

Gafai Cheng

a great medium to hard workout with great moves and music!

Selina Noderer

Where is your exercise mat from ? Need one for your hiit Workouts ??

Best and Worst Body Armor in Military History Guns & Sword

Best and Worst Body Armor in Military History Guns & Sword4 Dec. 2019
1 007 360
Task & PurposeSubscribe 438 721

Body armor has come a long

Body armor has come a long way since firearms were first invented. There have been some incredible life-saving protection and some misguided attempts to protect soldiers. We dug through firsthand reports on how body armor throughout the ages.

Then we looked at new data and discovered that twice as many soldiers were taken out of action from back injuries than from combat in Iraq and Afghanistan. This was due to heavy body armor and military equipment. The Marines plate carriers were always one step ahead of the Army since the Global War on Terror started.

From the ancient Roman hacking at shields with swords to the modern-day armor that will stop a 7.62 AK-47 rifle round. The debate that is as old as time is over how much protection is worth losing mobility. The battle between the sword and the shield has been waging forever.

The Improved Outer Tactical Vest was a horrible implementation of body armor. Represented an over-engineering and overprotective sensibility.

#military #history #infographic #futureweapons

Discord Channel Love / Hate mail me: https://discord.gg/vW4KMgA

Business opportunities / Sponsorships: [email protected]

Time Stamps:

1:23 History of Worn Armor

3:31 World War 1 Body Armor

4:25 The Worst Body Armor (In my Opinion)

8:10 Law of Diminishing Returns

6:23 Future of Body Armor The Army's "Iron Man" Suit

Follow Chris Cappy: https://www.instagram.com/cappyarmy/

Edited by: Chris Cappy and Rebecca Rosen

Check out Dean Bashford Body Armor Report written in 1920's: http://id.loc.gov/authorities/names/n88632489.html

We also scoured this report on body armor: https://www.cnas.org/publications/reports/super-soldiers-1

Want more fun military content and news? Follow Task & Purpose!

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TaskandPurpose/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/taskandpurpose/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/TaskandPurpose


Comments (100)

Correction to the Ned Kelly Text. "UNFORTUNATELY... they ended up getting him"
Frankly its a national travesty that such a hero was slain.

- Signed Every Australian everywhere


china has plenty of people they don't need armor.

Sharrif Harris

If you get chance, we need to talk about armour again
I'm new
W Harris

Tripp Dixon

Was anyone else surprised he made captain

Sanda Htoo

Should’ve brought that riot shield.

John Anderson

They need to get to it and get this shit done and sent out to all our infantry men pronto!!! ??

Christopher Santrizos

Shout out to OIF Invasion Vets with LBV flak jacket no plates and a K pot!! Task Force Tarawa!


What about carbon nanotube in body armor


now we're getting into Advanced Warfare


God I hope the pla continues to believe that. Or maybe it's an excuse for being too poor to supply their soldiers. Meanwhile in america, private citizens can just buy their own at reasonable prices

Rob pridemore

Soldier in 2065. Looks up and watches a man on horseback with no shirt shooting arrows at him and says to himself, look at that stream line operator.

Fabian Leiva

just wait for when they incorporate nuclear cell powered energy armor and then tell you your health problems don’t matter in the grand scope of things

Gabriel Constante

where can I buy the same tshirt you're wearing?

Francisco Hernandez

That third arm looked like a huge penis wich is how I hold my m4

Moritz Pollich

I saw this guy on youtube who made an exo skeleton and strapped an airsoft minigun and an mg42 to his arms.


Bruh IOTC weighs almost as much as the katarn class commando armor from Star Wars which is can survive a virpin shatter gun a prettttttttty strong sniper and the commando armor is also almost full body and sealable

Also mandalorian armor

ARX 351

Maybe chinese soldiers use magic kungfu techniques that are restricted by armor, just like force powers in Knights of the Old Republic!


China is currently the richest army lmao

Jayson Black

Well, I already got a Third Leg, So why not have a Thrid Arm too :P

Sniper Fox

Soooo the hell happened to the dragon skin?


PLA dont use body armor ay....
No wonder i keep dying in battlefield 4

Dracanis Obsidian

Illegal body armor? Let me guess only Democrat run states have banned some body armor.

kaden kratz

take a look at safe life defens

Sonny Sun

Isn’t China one of the largest manufacture of body armor and they don’t issue them to their own troops whaaaaat?! Lmao

Ngoc Phan

What happened to Dragon Skin


The best Armor in high to late medieval where tailormade from integrated metal plates or a single plate protecting a whole bodypart meaning such armor would be very cumbersome and uncomfortable to wear if not tailor made

Such armor was beginning to be mass-produced for early professional armies and was dropped together with the pike even though a well made thick cuirass combined with arm protection or a buff coat could protect from a musket it was it was coming out of use for this reason

In a good tailormade suit off armor you could articulate your arms almost as if you where not wearing a thing and it would protect you from allmost anything with the weight well distributed around your body

Almos Zsigmond

So no1 mentions dragonskin. It was supposedly worn by US officers in in the second Iraq gig, but not issued to grunts. I`ve seen some footage of it stopping a grenade blast, while the target dummy wearing the armor was laying on the grenade.

ARX 351

The interesting fact is that even medieval/renaissance knights chose to ditch pieces of armor when on the battlefield on foot, mainly leg and arm protection, keeping only helmet and cuirass.

Kaden Howell

at 2:07 did you mean to say "passtime"? Or was that a pun that I didn't understand?

Loci Nuttall

Ned Kelly was a real life Robin hood tho it's sad they got him. Despite him making my great grandmother his hostage who made him food for a night

Primaris Marine

"Body armor is always a trade off with mobility"
I can still travel twice as fast as Usain Bolt (which I believe was the record in 2020) even with all this power armor.

DimeBag Darrell

How do you get the dong plate

General Grievous

Don't get me wrong the iron man project is prbl shit but imagine you as a taliban and you see some dude slowly walking towards you in giant super thick armor and you can do nothing about it because all bullets just get deflected

Rex Wort

I was expecting a Alien joke here
You know the smart gun

evan bunce

We should just make a juggernaut suit like modern warfare

Tong Yang

I hate to carry my wood stock 870 shotgun hunting squirrels. I take my son's little single shot .22 all the time now. Just saying. Lol

Ezequiel von Fuchs

Ned Kelly was kind of a badass.

Taube Victor

I hate sappie plates..."

Elijah Almacen

You talking shit about Ned Kelly?

Helder Almeida

Wtf is that 6:00?


Wild berry is a better pop tarts flavor

Alouch Mitchell

So basically, halo will become the future? First it was the Warthog being made by Tesla and now this? Who knew video games would predict the future


5:50 That has to be the most memeble thing I have ever seen.

Revolver Saucelot

I love this Channel


Body armor at 5:32 looks like Halo Marine armor

King of Hearts

“Half the fun of being in the military is complaining.” Lol!

Rex Wort

Halo armor intensified

Alden Consolver

On this kind of video real-world experience is necessary. However, more understanding of the research, development and is this case INVENTION process is needed. The engineers have to have clear directions as to how to proceed. Mentioned was the 92 hour battery life - if that is a real need then there will be no weight margin-left for anything, our soldiers would be disguised as Lithium-Ion batteries but less useful. Either a reduction of load out for combat soldiers is required or for now skip the Hulk suit and accept protecting soldiers from most threats, Maybe only 10 lbs of protection can be afforded until better batteries are invented. Still the engineers need to know what the long range goal is. As our narrator clearly explains, what ever nth generation armour we are speaking of is going to require serious back support, not just leg and hip. Better start working with that now.

Erik Mayfield

don't knock down the heads up display, having thermal vision, or a eye in the sky would be amazing to have tactically.

Sandhya Jadhav

How many years you were in army

Lt. Bran Wulfram

It should be said that medieval plate armour doesn’t completely hinder the wearer. Sure, it puts limits on the wearer, such as vision and flexibility, but for the most part, you had to be able to move and fight in it. The armour was constructed in such a way that the weight was evenly distributed around the entire body. Padded arming garments had laces known as pointes which worked with the leather straps on each individual piece to ‘pointe’ them to the wearer and make the armour more bearable to wear.

Starting from the bottom upwards, the sabatons on the feet would go on first, then the greaves on the lower legs and the cuisse on the thighs. The cuirass, which was both breast and back plate, came on next, followed by the placard, fauld and tassets which protected the lower extremities. The arm harness, consisting of the vambrace on the lower arm, the couter on the elbow and upper canon on the upper arm, would come next and then the pauldrons for the shoulder. Neck protection varied between regions and individuals, from the subtle gorget to the chin encompassing bevor. The helm came in many varieties, such as the Sallet, Armet and Closed Helm. Finally, the gauntlets came on. There were some variations on this, whether they would be hourglass shaped or they would have individual fingers, but the one thing that remained consistent would be the lack of armour on the inside to accomodate weapon usage.

Kuaminifu Mwenzi

That medieval armour looks fancy today but christ it would have turned the user (if they were trained) into a fucking monster in a fight.


At the end of the day it seems comic books are probably not necessarily the best idea for good body armor.

Tiger Has no End

Mobile Infantry when?


We need body armor just like the marines from aliens hura!
or power armor like the brotherhood of steel and RiotArmor for the the Rangers.

Gooch Masseuse

“Dean Bashford”
Bashford Dean, but hey, good on you for discovering the dude even exists.

Indonesian Human

120lb? thats like 60 kilos. That weights more than me

Peter Pham

Honestly, the US military should look into the odst and marines equipment from halo.

Xeron Terra

Absolutely no brainer how Cloaker gets so beefy in OD heists.

sean sahara

Bruh imagine using that iron man suit and get killed by a Vietnam farmer from out of the tree


Doesn't the exoskeleton help carry the weight of the TALOS armor?

Potassium Cyanide

Complaining about armor yet i wonder what the fuck america doing in iraq and afganistan

Jorgen florgen

We just need to develop armor like this for protection of our own country so that we will always be impossible to invade but we need to focus on the body armor for when our troops are in other countries


Having had to hump gear around Iraq (Afghanistan is probably worse because of those wonderful mountains), weight definitely plays a role. I may enjoy humping 120lbs when I picked it up at the bar, but I definitely don't enjoy humping it over the desert.

All that aside, I was personally in favor of plate carriers. They do sacrifice protection, but the mobility was worth it in my opinion. You also forgot that the original IOTV had that lovely disassembly chord at the front that everyone was always trying to pull.

Thor's Hammer

I don’t like the idea of all vision being battery powered in some HUD system. Also, you are right to complain about weight, people don’t think about it until the first time they try going for miles on foot in 110 degrees heat and then clearing a building.

Mathew Koch

Yeah, I don't care what brass says I'm not lugging 200lbs of crap through the desert

El Catrin C

We need to go back to tradition:

Ben Doc

Do you mean fighting spilit

Chuck Mellette

sla marshall WWII study on weight......

Benjamin Gamache

Hey third arm 1986 called, specifically James Cameron, he's wondering about royalties.


You re a soldier? Man, I thought soldiers were killing machines incapable of expressing humor and human feelings. I guess I was wrong! Nice video, keep up!

saifulbrine ,

We go from cool full plate body armor to a boring vest


I got a body armor ad

Tubagoo 13

The augmented reality could really help if used in the right way and not go over board with it. If it showed a small flash on a friendly chest or head when they are in your vision,. Or showed a mini map of friendlies, and even a map if they have that much intel. Also could be used to communicate, squad leader could push a single button and on everyone’s display could tell them to push, fall back, give individual commands. But I could see it being annoying and crowded if there’s too much info on the display


The vr rifle is better. Looking around corners with a camera mount.

Sean Wieland

S’mores ARE the best flavor. ?

Hayden Lau

China doesn't need to fight a war with soldiers; they're doing it with money

becky 22

Your videos are really interesting,I wish I'd found your channel before now! I've subbed, what unit were you in?

MrPay technocracy union

The improved helmet visor should help soldiers see better.

Ji Yong Seo

China don't use body armor because "it's made in China"

(Get it)?

cliff cox

PLA;; First million soldiers are not issued armor to absorb and waste American bullets..

mr Anderson

Damn right smores are the best flavor

Task & Purpose

Please remember to like the video and check out this yarn about how one soldier captured 132 enemies: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6i6CIw8ABVM


Is your shirt your brand if so where can I buy it?

Tony Sommerfeld

I wore the IBA in basic and the IOTV in Iraq. Pros and cons, but I kinda liked them both.

And, yes, the third arm is LITERALLY just a steady cam rig with a gun instead of a camera


In the late 1970s we were issued horrendously heavy protective gear.
As I was considered a "static high value target", the version we got was 17 kgs.
Being in the infantry we however were required to train like the fusiliers who were issued a 8 kgs version.
We hated the stuff.
Swiss Army heavy mortar school in Chur, summer of 1979. 212/79


Anyone remember about dragon skin or dragon armor?

Jake P

Final Fantasy victory sound? Subscribed.

Sharrif Harris

You need to use text to give the name of the tactical vest
I don't I know if you're interested in me
W Harris

Boom Boom

No way does the IOTV weigh that much, I use it to make a 30lb ruck

Adam H

Totally left out the failures that were the Vietnam and Korea era flak jackets.




Bit late to the party but what ever happened to dragon skin body armor ?.


Feel like armour needs to fit the situation too. If you're kicking doors you need as much as you can reasonable get. But hauling a mortar system up a mountain side or doing recon in the woods, maybe not so much. There are times when mobility matters more than defense.

partial headshot

I like how you went threw 90% of body armor history without a mention just skipping from animal hide to fucking plate mail

therudedude YT

Storm Troopers (from StarWars) comunicated over a in the helmet inbuild comlink


The first modern “Kevlar” vest was used by a pizza delivery guy and former marine. He was in an incident where he shot 3 armed robbers in self defense and came up with the idea thereafter.


Make small armored motor power vehicle suit fast patrols i draw one as kid tho I don't know if its possible to


Iron Man suit looks like CELL Soldiers from Crysis games

Jack Zhang

The Chinese just purchased several million plate carriers all at once.

U S Special Forces Combat Footage in Afghanistan Helmet Cam Live Action

U S Special Forces Combat Footage in Afghanistan Helmet Cam Live Action23 Jun. 2018
2 635 431
War InfoSubscribe 438 721

Afghanistan War 2013 -

Afghanistan War 2013 - Helmet camera footage of U.S. Army Special Operations Forces with soldiers from the 3rd Infantry Division and Afghan Special Operations Forces (Afghan Commandos). A team was engaged by Taliban fighters during a patrol operation.

*DISCLAIMER* This footage is part of an war archive of the war in Afghanistan and should be viewed as educational. This footage is not meant to glorify war or violence. I am only sharing this footage for the purposes of news reporting and educating. This is a war documentary.

Laptop i use : https://amzn.to/2yzOd5Z

Phone i use : https://amzn.to/2IizQ5K

Game Station I use : https://amzn.to/2MQ9ify

My Favourite Game : https://amzn.to/2tnvwNV


Comments (100)

cod zone : No Trasspassing or you will Die In 3 second

Clinton Winchester

Gonzo is a beast.

Miguel Lemos

Someone Portuguese saw the flag on the car? Side be side with u.s special forces along time ago ? ??

DiorGxku Offxcixl

I ain’t gon lie.... I think they from 63rd they keep missin ?

Aj Holmes

Dude wit no shirt sound like he from New York or sum ??

Lone wolf

this video had been viral if the call of duty music was added!

A VERY horny Mr.Dinosaur

be like every teammate in every shooting game i play and just solo push. only when your surrounded in a killbox, THAT time is the time to hold your position. it is also important to scream "AW HOW DID I DIE?!" and then blame your teamates. this is the meta strat.

P.S. if there is any strategically advantageous place you could hold, perhaps its the high ground or something.. be sure to only push that when enemys are inside it.. NEVER take that spot for your own team. once you kill everyone inside, be like the vietnam war and give it back so you can wait outside for the enemy to get fortified again. my teammates say they know best.

Rowen Kuhns

1:39 what was that thing the came over the vehicle was it a grenade fragment


That's why I really aprieciete the help from america as a Afghan. I wish you all the best! Thank you. You deserv the highest place of pride and brave!

علي سعد

وين لكيت هاي لكلاوات

Gino Estep1

They wasted all that amo on nothing.. and y are they doing this again???

Ben Blair

"We fight not so the world remembers us, but so there will be a world to remember." -Captain John Price


Them afghan dudes are probably like "Why does this dude keep calling me brother?"

Garrett Tuller

to say they are well armed would be a massive understatement ;)

Drew Jamison

To me it seem like US Air Force BCT would be harder that Afgan special ops training

Menno Tuk

this dude sounds like @post10, if anyone knows him.


US SF in MRAP trucks Afghan SF in Humvees, who are the brave guys here?

The Hatch

I love how at this point you can search up "Gonzo afghanistan" and this is the first video to pop up, dude is awesome

aden morales

All that while not rapid fire in the building

The Military Scoop



the naked guy: Its time to get sexy

Jordan Hughes

After watching this I’m enlisting into the army

No Thx

I do confirm that working with the ANA is a pain in the ass.

XR mighty

Call in the chopper gunner!

mofasa crundop

Real hero


9:17 the shells start hitting bro on the head


when you realize its not airsoft


Y'all notice how he didn't reload after shooting three fucking shots?! Now if they were playing fortnite..


When they left they looked like my family packing up after the barbecue


Can't wait to be apart of these fine gentlemen.

ExSoCal Gaming

The thing that fell looked like a Grenade


Wow this new call of duty game looks great

MJ MuSica

Video: *gunshots almost all the time
Subtitles: *(APPLAUSE)


This has to be the funniest video I’ve seen in a while. This whole thing seems like an air soft battle that no one is taking an equal amount seriously

Miftahul Zidan

it's not looks like call of duty and battlefield

أبو عيسى

Every country, every nation has its' amount of traitors who will gladly sell their honor to the invaders. Look how pathetic they behave and the look in their faces, fighting and killing their own people shoulder by shoulder with the armies that invaded and occupied and massacred their people. What a disgrace!

master patty

I honestly respect the fuck out of our military.

Lone wolf

me when the camera guy grabs a machine gun*all right
after 5 mins* uhhhhhh I'm bored


There were more shootings and deaths in Guatemala by common violence that in Afghanistan and Iraq together.


No one

Laterally no one

Comment section: gonzo

Lorant Nagy

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Medusa Charter

“I told you to get back dumbass”


militari fate schifo

Juan Saavedra

We fighting over seas, when our neighboring country is being massacred by the cartels and mafia..

FNO Rapple

These people are hero’s

Jenni Fox


Tuttavia, non bisogna dimenticare che il percorso verso un progetto nazionale socialmente orientato dipende direttamente dal sistema di partecipazione di massa. C'è qualcosa a cui pensare: molti personaggi famosi sono stati oggettivamente considerati dalle autorità competenti!
La pratica quotidiana mostra che lo sviluppo socio-economico gioca un ruolo decisivo nel progresso della comunità professionale. In generale, ovviamente, la moderna metodologia di sviluppo, nella sua visione classica, consente l'introduzione di ulteriori direzioni di sviluppo.❤️


16:09 what was that?

Gory ReckShitTv

Camera guy: ok brutha now get up to ur vehicle

Shirtless guy: just turns around and smiles as he back pedals to his truck.. ???

Mohammed Uddin

20000 spent on ammo with zero kills

mad trooper

Is this youtuber talking bout this vid https://youtu.be/_7OdgRMNaBU

Max Kastner

Ladies and gentlemen, these are real hero’s. Not fat girls with pink short hair.

Jake Jonesy


John Mark Sesbino

Play of the Game
Gonzo-Still Firing Mortar

Curtis Vito-Isaac

Imagine not doing your job when u just get shot at ;|

Wesley Beet

Why are they talking to the Iraqis?


chiken figther

VGRy 36

Pubg players : i can do it eassily


is no one talking about how Gonzo didn't get shot

Billy’s Dog

My dumbass thought that was a grenade

Freestyle Daily Raps

It was so cool

Skyly Plays

There’s those mid-rangers, short-rangers, long-rangers, and there’s that one person running around with a knife clearing the enemy with ease.

Älä jaksa Älä jaks

Shirtless guy looks like hes done it few years

george otieno

Real bad ass mfs


click 3:25 and youll hear gunshot fly fast top off there truck and the guy was outside the truck.

tWiTcH xD

"Get down" Shirtless guy: ?

Parth sharma

Soldier - hey bro, enemies are 400 meter away! Ak don't work that far.

Shirtless Guy - hold my shirt! Lemme take care of this with my Ak ..... Shoot shoot!!!!!!!

Smelly Patel

Scumbag soldiers. Shooting at people after invading their land and stealing their oil. Literally just slaves to the super rich.


I feel like they stand out in the open way more than I would be comfortable with.

Sangam Rai




Tess Flood

why is it only ever men in these videos

Michael Miko

This is not a game there is only one life and no coming back


my boi said hes shooting the school up

Linda Texas


Come solo una parte del quadro generale, le conclusioni tratte dall'analisi di Internet sono considerate esclusivamente in termini di presupposti finanziari e di marketing. Replicata da fonti straniere, la ricerca contemporanea è solo un metodo di partecipazione politica ed è stata smascherata.Nella loro ricerca per migliorare la qualità della vita, dimenticano che lo sviluppo socio-economico fornisce un'ampia gamma di partecipazione (specialistica) alla formazione del ragionamento ponderato. Ecco un vivido esempio delle tendenze moderne: un aumento del livello di coscienza civica contribuisce ad aumentare la qualità degli esperimenti, colpendo per la loro portata e grandezza.?

amir hers almansouri

I will be a. Army

Cougar Russell

Call of Duty live action looking great


Fighting alongside Afghan soldiers seems a lot like baby sitting a special education class.

Rhan Smith

The power 8:49


At 1:47 didn’t I just see a grenade fly over the hood


I can practically hear Star Spangled Banner while watching this, lol.

Dler Salman

Y'all Great teamers

Jared Higgins

Cam a f*:kin real one, forget his belt, bro just gonna half strip and lay down some fire with a naked AK

David Bravo

Gonzo + shirtless thug life man = ULTRA POGCHAMP


i love how messy all that live artillery in the back of the truck was

Zippo Man87

Special forces? Good God I've seen too many things we would never do as Marines. One being leaving weapons all around with their barrel in the dirt.


This is war ?? Just shooting at where they at hopefully they get shot? Thats a waist of ammo

Eric Gutierrez

This is where all the quiet kids go after school

Brian Lord

These middle easterns just done listen.

Yahye Yusuf

ALLAH IS THE GREATEST death to coward crusaders and allies of Israel

Darlene Dewees

i hope every one stays safe there even thoe some do fall
i suport them for what they do


wow the new ps5 graphics look amazing


1:39 almost had a heart attack

R Mk

whats he doing distracting people in live gun fuire for video reasons, than his first action is standing in the way of shells


Navy Special Warfare here I come!


Me and the boys going to the army after playing one game of warzone

Dler Salman


I can not see where there shooting at

Katelyn Hooks

Hi im 11 years old im a Female and I always wanted to Join the army :D

dinah gonzalez

Me plays cod my brain:


I don't know why, but these types of videos are very interesting to watch.

The Lucksman

The boy gonzo goes in with an rpg when hes outta mortars, then if he didn't get some sort of award, he sure should have