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The FIRST EVER Leg Sleeve by WEBALL Sports // Unboxing

The FIRST EVER Leg Sleeve by WEBALL Sports // Unboxing7 Aug. 2018
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buccie young


Samuel Penna

Been subd for a minute now.. keep up the great work and content

Luc W

Hi can you tell me about the different towels now players use players seem to wear the longer version of the football towel now or a piece of tile do you know what that towel is that they rip off

Jaxon Willis

Yo you should do game day vlogs there ?

Savannah Johnson

are you in college football for Indiana

Kaden Waugh

Lit vid

T‘ea Valenti

What grade are you in?

Will Hardesty

The into thing sexier than that leg sleeve is you

Relaxation Zebra!!

Who's your favorite NFL team?

Hayden Hewitt

Can I have a shout out in your next video please you’re my favourite YouTube

NoLove Xa

Can I get a visor


Monarchs monarchs odu ima a fan kid

Kenno Savage

Great vid help me start my channel

Cody Schoonover

When's your first practice? Because mine was today and I'm sore af ?

Omyireia Daniels

Can i get one from u?

Tzk Zoom_3

Do another updated football gear collection and good vid

Kc Sitzman


Brock Sasser

Where the notification squad at??‼️??

Jordan Brannaman

Great content

Chance. huncho15


Falcon 2850

Yankees and Dodgers???? Huge bandwagon

Anxiety 火影忍者

you the best


When is your footbal! Gear video coming

buccie young

He is fly but not the best




What size did you get ?

Richie Bartlett

Can you give me a shoutout please

Anxiety 火影忍者

I think you better than alex smith

Robby Brenneman

You the best

The lineman football Fisherman

Hey good stuff and good job on Snapchat

Jacob Carlon

Future #1 rounder for sure!! Respect to you bro keep it up????????

Francisco Vega

It was actually Nike but okayyy

Kc Sitzman

Hi who is your favorite qb 0and wr in the nfl


why don't you have more subs?

Rylan Kirkpatrick

Make more videos

Hayden Hewitt

Great channel

Will Hardesty

And make some more merch

Anxiety 火影忍者

get a visor for your vices

Felipe Aguilar

How long did they take to get there


These are actually so fire. I’ve seen a ton of nfl players wear them I’m about to cop

Bar _Down

Great shit. I play football for my school. Bruh u a fucking god. Keep grinding.

Anxiety 火影忍者

plz do a video on you football gear 2018


Could you possibly do a giveaway of some sort ( weball product , speedflex, visor , etc)

Don Knots

What is your shoe size?

Alex Tuck

no hate but you can get compression leg sleeves for running but I guess those are more geared towards football, great vid tho

Austin Bender

Great video

Nathaniel Lopez

I can't wait for the unboxing

Finley McConnell

You lucked out on that sticker!! Woo

Austin Bender

Do like a nfl training camp video

Jk Nelson

Best football YouTuber ever

Carlos Roman

Love ur vids bro

McDavid Compression Leg Sleeves - 6570 Black

McDavid Compression Leg Sleeves - 6570 Black19 Jul. 2016
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Watch out demo of the

Watch out demo of the McDavid Black Compression Leg Sleeves 6570. These leg sleeves are great for basketball and worn frequently by professionals in the NBA.

Get yours in Australia at http://www.bodyheal.com.au/6570-mcdavid-compression-leg-sleeves

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Where can I get it and how much


What should I buy compression leg sleeve or arm sleeve?


What sizes do these come in????

Enhanced Graduated Compression Leg Sleeve Sizing, Use and Care

Enhanced Graduated Compression Leg Sleeve Sizing, Use and Care7 Jan. 2020
B-Driven SportsSubscribe 438 721

Visit us

Visit us https://bdrivensports.com

This video walks through how to size the product correctly, how to use and put on the product correctly and how to care for your Enhanced Graduated Compression Leg Sleeve from B-Driven Sports.

If you have any questions please reach out to us via email at [email protected] or text/voicemail @ (484)-746-5029

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