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Nike x Undercover SFB Mountain Black Unboxing, Review & ON FEET! (Reupload)

Nike x Undercover SFB Mountain Black Unboxing, Review & ON FEET! (Reupload)29 Apr. 2019
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Video uploaded again to

Video uploaded again to level out audio.


Nike SFB Mountain / Undercover:


Nike EXP-X14:


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Pourtier Beatz

Are these really for hiking mountains and stuff lol

Underground Boombox Podcast

Just copped a pair finally.

Ryan Westbrook

whats the sizing on this? i wear 7uk

Yaagul Davis

I cop when they go on sale but they double sale like $100 to $130

Deezy Jackson

Just got these for 133.00 from nike sale

Nick Ros

Can I have them

I Jah rog

These will look great wit some joggers

Stan Costin

Congrats for video! Do you think are good for winter? It keeps warm? Waterproof?

P. I. W4R

Dope vid. Dope boot. Keep it up

Edwin González

Hello, I wanted but I don't understand about the size, I have the Lunar tierra arktos and the size is 9, in cms is 27,5 in this shoes changed the size? Please help me, I use 27.5 cms thanks

Celebrity Truck Driver

I wear 12 in regular Nike and
13 in Jordans


UPDATE 12/1/19 Save 25% on select items like this boot. Use code CYBER. Deal ends 12/3 at 11:59 eastern time.

Terrin Hicks-Jacobs

the Tab on the back is so you can tuck the pull tab


Got some for 54%off


Very comfortable but I had to return them. Too pricey and they fit a little big.

Grn Lantern

Agreed on price.. They are fire but a little pricey. Will cop if they go on sale.


Lol you can grab these for less than 90$ now haha good shit

Israel tamayo pazmiño

Ok I’m us 6.5 so I have to buy them in us 6.0, also great video I’m subscribing right now

Jaime Timmins

What kind of pants did you have on in the video

Jakub Lukac

Are these good for winter ?

Time Well Spent

They look so good though! I'm considering these for just to wear around town with jeans. Are the comfy and practical enough to wear around town in colder weather?


Hate I even bought these ?


I just bought these mother fuckers

CaveMan Real movements,Rare breeds,Champagne dreams

Do they run true to size?

Đức Thịnh Bùi

Is this pair waterproof enough to wear in the snow?

Ledo Bautista

Not gonna lie these are fire but they do make your feet a little warm but they will make great winter boots in the winter

Brian Bojorges

Do they give you that boost like the Vapormax ? That type of soles give me comfort. I’ve noticed it helps with lower back pin relief


Are these shoes hard to get your foot into?


I love these boot, i have a pair, and they're worth every penny... They will last forever....


hey if i go tts doo you think im gonna have problem ? if i go half size down i need to pay 50 dollars + i wear half size up on shoes that i cannot get in a 42.5.


These are on a deep discount rn $150 grabbed mine for $70 with that special family Discount ?

Charles Fletch

Are these boots steel toed?


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Release Date: Out now on

Release Date: Out now on Finish Line

Retail Price: $90 Not bad at all.

You guys can follow me on all social media @gbreezy24

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Rich Barrientos

How do they fit? Half size down or true to size?

Venice McCormick

Hey everyone I'm a size 12 or 11.5 I was wondering if i should. go up to a 12 or maybe even down to 11 depending on what's best for theses, I'm getting them this week and i wanna know because I'm in 7th grade and i have big feet but I dont want them to make me look like a clown what is suggested?


Honestly bro who cares if it’s in or not they fire ima buy me a pair right now ??


Hey bro I’m planning to buy these for work. I’m a size 10.5 in Air Force ones. Should I size down on the manoa?


Dude these boots lit whatcha mean. These got glitter dam.... idk about that home, but the leather all black is lit no glitter


I got a pair of these they comfortable for all day wear for me at least might even double up on these☝️?


This video is soooo fire! Awesome boots!

Suffering Awaits

Was lookin for a good review on these thanks ????

eboni clay

Underrated video

E Aguilera

Are they slip resistant?

Davon Jordan

About to buy another pair, perfect motorcycle boots if u guys who ride like a lighter option

Nike acg goadome black leather boot on feet

Nike acg goadome black leather boot on feet18 Oct. 2018
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Me wearing my nike acg

Me wearing my nike acg goadome black leather boot on feet. This is a special boot made by nike. it is black leather wit an arch nd in the front a declining midsole that causes a rocking like effect. These are hip hop or rap boots made popular by rapper wale in the hit song nike boots

Comments (8)

This a nasty video showing off three different outdated looks.

Mah Bagley

Honestly I always hate the look of these in the front...I actually have a older pair that I wear in high to moderate snow...I wear the timbs on cold or icy days because I hate cleaning timbs after the snow and salt

R.J Ace

The perfect boot for sneaker wearers.

Eric Todd

it is black leather wit an arch nd in the front a declining midsole that causes a rocking like effect. " what do you mean? I thought these were just Nike Goadome boots? can you please explain. I'm thinking of buying these. I have a horrible instep so if a shoe/boot doesn't have stiff stable arch support, my feet will kill me.

e m a n

Love these but not good for walking through icy grounds ,Timbs have better grip on the soles

curt nel

These are awesome boots, working security kept me on my feet all day on all kinds of terrain. I was having problems with the boots I was wearing due to plantar fasciitis. I started wearing these and lets just say they made all the difference. They also look great as uniform foot wear and take a great shine too. love, love, love these!!!!!

Eric Todd

I think they would look dope with some different laces.

Boss man will 704

Man you should have 25k subs because you stay consistent