Reebok exercise ball

Reebok Women's Stability Ball

Reebok Women's Stability Ball8 Nov. 2017
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How to Properly Inflate an Anti-Burst Exercise Ball

How to Properly Inflate an Anti-Burst Exercise Ball4 Dec. 2018
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How to Properly Inflate

How to Properly Inflate an Anti-Burst Exercise Ball

Proper inflation is important and can help prevent injury while exercising or in your rehab facility. We walk you through the necessary steps to properly inflate your exercise ball and make sure it’s the right height and ready to use.

1. Secure tape measure to the wall with the “0cm” side down.

2. Find the inflation point on the ball.

3. Firmly insert the pump as far as it will go.

4. Start pumping!

5. Check the height by inserting the pin (not all the way). Use a ruler or any flat object to check the height of the ball.

6. Ensure ball is fully inflated to the proper height.

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R Sharif

Amazing video especially the part about measuring the ball ?? thanks

Sista Hiatia G.S

Simple and right to the point ??

Jon Manilenio

thanks for the tip on how to measure the inflation of the ball!

How To INFLATE a Stability Ball and Choose The Right Size | Gym Ball UNBOXING

How To INFLATE a Stability Ball and Choose The Right Size | Gym Ball UNBOXING8 Sep. 2019
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How to inflate a

How to inflate a stability ball and choose the correct size. Exercise ball review.

75cm exercise ball

gym ball unboxing

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It's lasted me for 5 years now. Really good quality. I love it!


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Alex Kerz

Great video, many thanks! Can you make the same with beach ball?

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Will you. Inflate me

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Nice upload

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Oh, is this pornhub??

diane malloy

It would be more beneficial if you demonstrated the exercises on your ball instead of those drawings.


Super ?

Adnan Zone


Thomas Eissele

Ich währe gerne die Luft in diesem Ball


As I was rewatching this video I realized that I forgot to mention how tall I am lol. I explained why i prefer a larger ball even though most common advice suggests otherwise. I'm 5'3 (or 160 cm) and according to livestrong I should get a 55cm ball BUT! I personally prefer larger size one and reasoning as to why i extensively go over in this vid :-) But yeah, guys, size does matter after all!
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Srinivas Lanke

Is it blast when more air we pump

Yamilee Almonte

tu cierre ser mi mama

Mirko Casti

Try to do like a challenge where you have to do some exercises with the ball but the ball is half inflated

Christian Cayard

@BetterSlimmerYou Lisa will you post more stability ball workout videos please?

Yamilee Almonte

Dame una

Christian Cayard

Lisa how do you feel having your blue stability ball what do you love about it?


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