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What Happens When Muai Thai Fighters Try Lethwei?

What Happens When Muai Thai Fighters Try Lethwei?29 Oct. 2019
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Taken from JRE MMA Show

Taken from JRE MMA Show #81 w/David Leduc: https://youtu.be/O1mo5D3UF7s

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Chhouer Be

Don't mess with kun Khmer ❤?

Nunez Frankie

U trash my guy

imaor kwilai

MT is better than Lethwei. If you put top MT fighters against top Lethwei fighters, almost all of Lethwei fighters would lose to MT fighters.

Kevin JWK

There's not much competition in Lethwei... because there is shit all money... This guy acts like he can hang with top MT guys after beating cans all career

VJ Thang

Dave is the ? of Lethwei and Hero of Myanmar ??

Ken Xiong

Lethwei is a whole other ball game

onalonan ooo

1. If lethwei is good why most of the lethwei fighters came to train in muaythai gym in Thailand and many of them training at the border of Thailand then go back and just plus headbutt and called it Lethwei.

2. At the border of Thailand there are many Muaythai vs Lethwei for very long times ago and why most Thai people feel boring about those match?? Because most Thai people feel like watch Muaythai vs Brawler with no skill. Checkout all the fight just 20 years before between Muaythai vs Lethwei you guys will see a Muaythai fighters fight with a Brawler with no skill they just only swing their hand around and when they got tired or got hurt they just sit in front of the Muaythai fighters. Noone in Thailand watch those fight and feel very pity for Lethwei fighters. Thai people who watch those match they just wait to see how Lethwei fighters KO. No one want to see those non sense brutel match.

3. Why Lethwei champion like Dave is only the same level to a normal Muaythai fighters. He already struggled when fight with a low rank muaythai fighters and quit???

Toe Rogan

Cmon Jamie at least spell it right

Tom Corkery

This fucker is a bum


Joe is the strongest kicker in the world*

oli Fuckoffski

How did ludec do in Muay Thai? Fucking shite, quit in lots of fights

WiLL I AM Coach G

His history is not accurate ! These were all Vedic empires at one time , he’s talking of a degraded time. Fight Liam Harrison btw . Stop the nonsense .. #poorhistorycourse

Che Garcia

27 is young? Ha I’m about to turn 27 and I’m like omg

M C Hammer

Go try headbutt buakaw's shin u arrogant prick

S c

I would think taekwondo has the strongest kicks.
im not saying that taekwondo is more practical in a fight, only that its 80% focused on the lower body / kicks.

Web Zite

lethwei is a burmese kick boxing from myamar or burma, lethwei is a dangerous martial arts



Uriel Dishi

He's actually wrong though - Dave started at Muay Thai, also Sasha Moisa and Antonio Faria both are WLC world champions (lighter weight classes than dave's) both have Muay Thai backrounds and train at a Muay Thai gym. Also are a few sucelcessful Thai fighters in Lethwei like Payak Smaui...

Paris Bower

I’m here to support Saw Paing


Leduc ain't shit. Anyone who knows the muay thai game knows leduc is just small fry. Lethwei is tougher because of course it's a dirtier fight, less disciplined. If elite level muay thai actually started training Lethwei style, leduc wouldn't stand a chance. Go look at Leduc's muay thai record, shits a joke.

Ryan Josiah

I thought Leduc would know more about the history of the martial arts lethwei and muay thai being one of the best in lethwei... Je decinitely should not be giving a "history course"

Al's Aquatics

Joe Rogan ummm ahhhhh aahhhh fully stoned

ashley garnish

Muai thia fighter being out of the pain thresh hold means its tough sport watch netflix's documentary about this sport was epic hard hard dudes

ray cyst

Before all that , the biggest empire was Cambodian empire and all the influence came from them. Also this bighead should only thank his parents that he is so tall and his brain is so small that he feels less pain. He came to a country where normal size man is 5 foot tall. Great champion lolz.


You can recover from an initial shin attack but not a headbutt to your face.

ben wood

This guy makes out muay Thai is for pussies ?

Bill smiley

I'm...we didn't mention karabikarabonk

Atirach Ritboon

You might get it wrong though. Yes, Thailand has been conquered by Burma in the past but it is just 15 years, which is not long enough to transfer one's culture to another permanently. I think it is actually a common culture of the people in the region as in the past we did not have the border between the countries in south east asia mainland. So people roaming around and we exchange culture and idea. The border has been introduce once the westerner start to colonise the countries in this region.

Arafat Lone

i couldn't beat guys in MMA and MT who are my size
and have excuses ready for everything ?????????
Gloves are too big
Guys are too big
I was a grappling guy but lost on ground to a striker lol?

But i can beat small asian dudes and call myself the best lol


then naresuan fucked dem burmese up xD

Herr Besofski

The gloves destroys the original muay Thai know the lethwei people are the traditional muay boran people

Omeslot 1994

Only few people know that Muay Boran can headbutts the others but it's being cut off for a long time because it's not fit for sport.

Jake Lovebuy

I live in Thailand and I didn't hate him at all, He is a very good fighter, He learns new thing every time, 1st he learns muay Thai know about of thing about muay Thai history why muay Thai no headbutt Muay Boran can headbutt, He explains different thing between Lethwei and muay Thai easy to understand and Lethwei is a very good tool for him.

Jon Murphy

"I want to be happy with my lethwei career" LOL ??? Yeah keep Fuckin headbutting people see how long that lasts... He's so Fuckin dense he doesn't realize people are trying to save him by giving him offers to fight the same exact martial art just without head butts and gloves...




My dads freind was a Burmese Lethwei practioner and people would pick on him for being a short asian and but he would just kick their asses despite being a third of their size. Eventually joined with a group of latinos and they would pick fights with neo-Nazis for fun.

Michael Henriksen

He only fights amateurs and he Can't throw a kick or a punch. Everybody could be champion if the opponents is a bunch of bums.

leslie alcantara

what happens when a Lethwei (champion like this guy) try muay thai.? he lost bad

Jon Murphy

I'm sorry but if you're headbutting people in the ring and you want to do this you already have head injuries... That is something that is saved for a street fight... Just remember people this is one man's view...


Mma boys be technical until they get headbutted ?

Rogue Hannibal7

Boxing. Roman. Cestus.

Abe Lincoln

Muay came from Krabi-krabong, sword fighting in Thailand(Siam). Both the Siamese and the Burmese got their culture from the Mon people, which got there's from India. ?

My Lord

Dave was so into glorifying Myanmar and promoting his adopted country which I totally respect since JRE is a huge platform but he could have focused on what Joe asked him

Ta Tum

This white boy knows about our 2000 years regional conflicts. Very impressive.

Pablo Garcia

This dude body language is quire shady for those with a good eye for it. They way he doesnt look straight into the eye and his smile. And also, yeah dude, thais are shtting their pants because of headbutts... sure.


Dave, u mentioned they BOTH had to fight each other and knew how to use all 9 limbs as well its documented in petroglyphs in both countries so all this thais this burmese stuff I started this or that, they both kicked ass and took names at diff times and wars its the reason they still have their country.


Dave Leduc Hans picks opponents and Lethwei is such a corrupt sport you can’t trust anyone this guy says


David Leduc is a huge DOUCHE BAG and will get crushed in high level mma He likes to bully all the smaller Asians

Academy Of Street Dance

His coach was a jkd and sanda guy from Canada. That's interesting!

D Legionnaire



One of my staff in Koh Phayam - Thailand, is from Burma, three year champion in this sport.. Good to have staff xd


Headbutts as a fight move seem so crappy anyway. Makes sense in a situation where you need to break free at all costs, but otherwise it practically hurts the attacker just as much as the defender, maybe more depending on where you land.


He don't wanna put on gloves. No glove no love. So he got no love for his opponents lmfao

Ramtin Thang

I am from Burma. Burmese Lethwei isn’t a sport. It’s legit a kill match. It’s stupid.

Cameron Azadi

He would get destroyed in a real fight, lethwei is brutal but its a sport. He would get double legged and mauled by any average mma fighter.

Ian Mc Lauchlan

the midget slayer

Local Man

He's an utter beast in Lethwei now. If you go back and watch his matches from like 4 years back, then his most recent ones. He has evolved. That right flying elbow fake out, dip down left hook is a monster. He jumps into a fake out elbow, which helps generate power into his left hook. It's amazing to see. when you first see it, it looks like he connects with the elbow, it's so fast.


This guy is a goof.

Phu Dao

Get this dude in BKFC please!!

RP McMurphy

Those head-butts ain’t no joke!

Teddy Cheese

Thank you Dave ...


Pretty sure most of the martial arts stemmed from Bokator. It's the oldest documented martial arts in the area that uses very similar strikes to Muay thai and such.


Thai-s are the best kickers... lol

Web Zite

that guy is bad azz fighter hes a lethwei fighter

Christian Ongbit


Franklin Nanai

The man is a stud.

Leigh Johnson

My dad used to train lethwai when he was younger, such a brutal sport. ?

giorgio ciaravolol

Lethwei isn't the only martial art that uses the headbutts as well. Kudo, a japanese form of mma bornt int the '80 (known as Daido Juku as well), uses them too and has traditionally no gloves. There are however big differences, such as one is a striking martial art and the other is a hybrid one, Lethwei has only shorts but Kudo has a full gi on, there's no protection for the head for the Burmese while there's a strange looking headgear for the Japanese.

In short, the world is small

Tit Tok

Le Duc became a Champion in LethWei without traditional LethWei training because he had/have trained in Muay Thai/Muay Boran which is a technically strong foundation in a stand-up fight (among other martial disciplines he already acquired)…LethWei, to me as a Thai spectator, is more like a backyard brawl fight with Head-butt and rabbit hop-liked pre-fight dance ritual (Wai Kru) unlike MT which has a rhythmic fight dance ritual couples with Traditional Thai rhythm for star to bewitch spectators...

LethWei would fit in MMA/UFC category but not even accepted in this regulated fight event due to illegal head-butt....it will be hard for Le Duc to promote to the world as a regulated technical fight like MT, it will only stay in a backyard fight category..

Small Fry

The king

Billy Walendom

What happens when lethwei fighter tries muay thai

King Kazuma

So this guy's the Lethwei champion but hasn't fought anybody in his weight class?


Was like woah this is cool. Googled the history, the dude got the facts all wrong.

dare 65000

Dave Leduc looks like Mike Majlak bald. ?‍?

Kaung Myat Thu

Some facts about lethwei and mweythai
Frist off I'm from Myanmar. Thank you very much to Dave for basically giving a shout out to the world about lethwei.

Yes, as Dave mention in the video it was around Thaung Ngu Empire (we called Third era Great Myanmar Empire). When the Myanmar Emperor done conquering Ayudaya (now known as Thailand) he bring prince and some royal family of Thailand back to Myanmar. (Myanmar Emperor do that alot idk why tho, guess they love adoption). Treat the prince as adopted son. The emperor essentially taught the prince our culture our way of living, language, warfare, martial arts, etc....(basically treated him like our own prince).
So when the prince grew up he propose the emperor to let him go back to his family in Ayudaya(Thailand). But Myanmar Emperor granted the proposal with a catch that the prince have to won the fight against his two myanmar buddy who is very dear to him. (bascially his brotherhood). The prince fight the two, while one of the opponent was essentially done(not dead), he's got the other one to finish off. The other guy is really good he has to try really hard and at one point he used headbutt which caused lethal blow to his friend. The prince felt very traumatize that when he later went back to Thailand and taught his fellow people his version of lethwei (now mweythai) he completely removed the headbutt technique. That's why there's no headbutt in mweythai's book. At least this is our version of folk lore on why there's no headbutt in mweythai. We don't have any record of goin to Vietnams in fact goin beyond Thailand.


muay boran was the original muay thai. Muay thai was the sport adaptation. Much like how catch as catchers can wrestling was the origins of freestyle wrestling

Jar Aung Phone

People who are saying lethwait is a dead sport have no idea. It is one of national sports in Myanmar.

Harry Hirsch

He fought mostly little foreign dudes that never had a chance...

Leen Vd Steeg

They don't.
Simply because there is way more money to be made in thailand.
Hence the competition sucks in lethwei.
All the good Burmese fighters move to Thailand.

Hero Moo

Most Thai fighters got their butts kicked in Myanmar


Muay Boran does not come from Lethwei. And look at Nai Khanom Tom, the Thai fighter who won his release as a prisoner of war for beating 10 of Myanmar's best fighters in consecutive matches in Yangon 1774

bruce wayne

This is called living legend

Mason Bergerac

Mad people talking shit about this dude and lethwei but ain't nobody here got the balls to do what he does


Mauh tai was very harmful . before in history they used head but and many more . U fucking foreigner come to tai land and I will busy your ass up

Vedran Croate

Who is GSPs prodige he meet from Japan?

Samsak Disam

Muay Thai very nice

Retsu Unohana

Burma as a country is beautiful but fuck their military regime for slaughter innocent ethnic groups that residing in that country. Name it: ethnic cleansing and human rights abuses.


Mush thai Boran is raw fighting. Very most dangerous.

Sinn Choonkiang

นาย ขนมต้ม ( kha nom tom)
เคย เอาชนะ มวย พม่า
ด้วย 1 ต่อ 10

Abdul Ali

As liam harrison said, he moved to lethwei because he was shit in the muay thai scene


He said "Thailand did a great thing, removing head-buts, to attract tourism". what a guy...

Subo thai

I used to live in Yangon and was trained by Lone Chaw, the Lethwei world champ. I was a Muay thai fighter before that. To be honest the fighting standard in Thailand is way higher but Lethwei is brutal. You can't notch up 200++ fights in Lethwei like you can in Muay Thai as you would be dead.

Chameleon Scheimong

I can respect a guy whose ego is through the roof and proudly owns it.

Ashley Grant

Burma represent

Oliver Persson

He only mentions his round 1 TKO loss against Meunier, but "forgets" to mention his second professional MMA fight: 19 second TKO loss against Matsushima.

Jack Holiday

Looks older than 27


False, according to historians, the Khmer empire was the most dominant in Southeast Asia. During the ancient era.

Hero Moo

Don’t forget why Muay Thai fighters afraid to fight in Burma.

Finn Eire

Cambodians were the first to own this martial art the khmer's empire was the the first and spread from cambodia all across thailand and myanmar the carvings of the boxers on angkor watt prove it

Rodtang: Muay Thai’s Most Aggressive Fighter

Rodtang: Muay Thai’s Most Aggressive Fighter17 Jul. 2020
1 570 380
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ONE Flyweight Muay Thai

ONE Flyweight Muay Thai World Champion Rodtang Jitmuangnon always sets a furious pace, swarming his opponents with forward pressure and heavy strikes! Watch “The Iron Man’s” hallmark aggression in his ONE Super Series debut against Dutch-Surinamese striker Sergio Wielzen!

Subscribe to ONE Championship on YouTube: http://bit.ly/ONECHAMPIONSHIP

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Website: https://onefc.com/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ONEChampionship

Twitter: https://twitter.com/ONEChampionship

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/ONEChampionship

Comments (100)
ONE Championship

Can Rodtang dominate Petchdam Petchyindee Academy in similar fashion at ONE: NO SURRENDER on 31 July?

D Legionnaire


Gunner Hiro

p00n [email protected]

The Bearded Scotsman

"Upper cut higher than my cholesterol!"

That had me rolling on the floor with laughter! hahahahaha :D

king crab

I need to borrow a few hooks for fishing from this guy.

Nubian Nomads

He would have beat a white man up in 4 seconds flat.

Tyler Cheung

The simplistic dad neurobiologically spark because catsup disturbingly press upon a innocent production. flashy, direful chard


Sergio's corner didn't gave him inscructions!? No change of strategy nothing.

Peter Thao

When you have an ET head that's how it is.

Juan Claudio

He is like a Muay Thai version of Mike Tyson. You could say.. Mike Thaison

Legend in the making


Arthur Watts

From the time they enter a gym as children, the Thais spend a lot of time on their teep and working their opponent in a clinch - if Wielzen has an answer to that, it wasnt obvious from this fight. Going to the canvas and bouncing back up might not look as painful as being kicked in the head, but psychologically it clearly took its toll. No disgrace in being beaten by a superior technician, and both showed more sportsmanship than we see in your typical UFC slugfest.

yd c

This is more fun to watch than UFC

alberto ruvalcaba

More hooks than a pirate convention LmAo

Chin Chin


Kenyon Edwards

that man was gettin bullied lol

Mike Kelly

Rodtang doesn't run out of gas.

Melon Grace

Rodtang literally means "Tank"

Anont Sieger Pradapsaeng

OMG der kleine zerstört ihn so krass ?

Mark 4124

Next buakaw


They need to replace that announcer that keep calling teeps “push kicks” so cringe.

Thomas O'Malley

Is that dude a pygmie? What’s with his dome???


Muay Thai fighters kick really hurts man, I mean those hard solid shin bone reconditioning training that they do over and over for years. Their legs are like harden steel

Micah Marshall

Go Sergio!!

Emal Nottz

Miesha Tate ? god damnn, caught me of guard.

Alejandro Niño

They both had great technique ?.

And that final huge on knees is martial honor dudes ;-7.

Carlos Ramirez

My Champ was Conan when he ruled Lumpinee Stadium,now he teaches in New York


i like muay thai in the cage, i think it's more interesting

Ryne Agheilim

Muay Thai in MMA cage. A lot safer. During KOs your feet won't get tangled in the ropes and you don't fall off the ring

Maina Chege

Wow! 2 great warriors and the respect from both.


With a head like Sergio's, how could he not receive those hard lefts?


great showing from Rodtang, and great sportsmanship in the end from both

Josh & Cat's Travels

Good manner, respect and heart after fight


But that dude fighting Rodtang has balls for both stepping into the ring with him and wearing pink socks ???


Is Rodtang known to counter because williams looked very reluctant to engage?

Ben Murphy

The girls of ONE Championship...are soooooo ugly! They do not represent Asian beauty, elegance, and sensuality!

Zamzam Water

Manny pac of muay thai


Shades of Bisping vs Silva

Pietro Saba

So it's striking with mma gloves? Never heard of it before, or is it MMA but they prefer to strike?


Not going straight forward to avoid the front kicks. Try to catch those front kick. And when sergio's throws a kick and he gets his leg grabbed then he gets hit everytime by a huge straight right. The solution when he gets grabbed Duke down to your left. Turn around the cage is way bigger then a ring he didn't used the space. He has to change his corner

Kandarpa Rabha

I want to show him in the ufc

Son Of Israel

This is good and all but he wouldn't survive in the hood.

Leonardo ignacio

Amo entrenar mma estilo muay thai es un deporte antiguo de contacto

Victor QuyUy

always love the bow after match :D

Haris Zikry


Mohammed Atif

Fight should of been stopped earlier


I want to see rodtang fight buakaw or either saenchai.

Noob Pro

ONE model girls are very funny???

Henry Miller

This fight should have been stopped long ago that guy gave up in his head after that knock out in the first ?


Michael chavello best commentator ever .
Joe rogan and te rest of them need to go take comment training from him lol

Bazinga Hulk!

McGregor vs rodtang! Let’s make it happen.

Susu Tjap Noona

8:37 that looks kinda boran step move with higher stance , its nice

Lars Grim

That is a scary fighter, over 200 fights when he turned 22, crazy and the UFC top fighters hardly fight once a year...crazy..

Eric Flaquer

Wilson didn't go to wobble street, he lives there now.

Donough MacGillycuddy

" I swear, Rotang just winked at you Michael "

Anont Sieger Pradapsaeng

Ohhh damnn his attacks ?

Afiq Hassan

We need this commentators in any sport


Did he really say " Lean back like Fat Joe?" I LOL!?


He sure look awesome

Ронревуальд фон Крыцкувлампий

I just realized that I never saw a muay thai fight in a heavyweight. Maybe you guys can suggest some interesting muay thau heavyweights or fights?

That Brotha Pedat

The beating he took should have resulted in a knockout. All the praise given to Rodtang in the comments, and the comic (albeit basic) relief by the fight analysts for this clinic he gave is merited, but he should really have finished this guy.

Anyone want to take a stab as to why this guy wasn't knocked out cold?

Chi Ly

How many people would pay to see this dream match?? Rodtang Jitmuangnon vs Buakaw Banchamek


Rostand is awesome. Still, the other guy was tough as steel to take such a beating before buckling under the strain. Great fight I must say.


“There’s an uppercut...went higher than my cholesterol” ???

Chris Hooper

Actio Action Action. Much better than U F C

Herr Besofski

No match to buakaw


in muay thai it's actually forbidden to hold the opponents foot/leg

Unlipops Gaming

The definition of bruiser.


Sergio Balboa!!

Tony Rcd

Big respect for both of them ??

Steve H

At 7:41 the announcer says "he leans back like fat Joe" ?

Anont Sieger Pradapsaeng



mans said at 3:17 "uppercut went higher than my cholesterol".

Tauqeer Baig

What a fight.

Jarvis Coleman

There is a reason why he has an Iron man shirt.


Real life chou undefeated champion

Ben Balt

The Gaolang of real life

Bee Vang

Moythai is the best if you choose to fight!

Avery Thompkins

please turn
from your sins and believe in THE LORD Jesus Christ and be baptized in
already before CHRIST returns or before you die LORD Willing

Anont Sieger Pradapsaeng

? ?

Sylvain Laurence

Rodtang eat to much shot

dada Weston



I don't think most people watching realize how brutal this is. If you spent 10 minutes in a Muay Thai sparring match you would come to a completely new level of respect for this level of skill and ferocity.

Aaron Barlow

Shows the power of boxing. Fists FTW.

Nasruding Hama'


Ian Dixon76

The Thai fighters wrestling is criminally underrated.They are so strong in the clinch and the foot sweeps are perfect.

World of Boxing

Rodtang will kicks shithead khabib's ass in seconds..??


using MMA gloves is much safer than boxing gloves. more cuts, but less brain damage.

JJ Thomas

That man just said “He leaned back like Fat Joe” ???

Paweł Rozdymka

front kick spammer xd

Brahim brams

Rodtang is the best ?


gotta think tho, Rodtang has been training since he was a kid. Good capable fighters, both.

benjamin Louanglath

Translation in thai rodtang is dumpster truck .... his nickname is dumpster truck

Christopher Y. Jenkins

His nickname should mean the tank since thats literally what his name means lol

Old Skool Gunner

Not a patch on ramon dekkers in his day !

Hmm AEh

Agressive.. BUT humble too

Sam op

We need him in the ufc

Seutoon NaChiangkhong

Considering Wielzen's powerful high as well as low cicks and his quick moving, I thought the chance for Rodtang to win this fight is naught. But here it is. lol.

amen 7

Just too many stops.


"He's had more hooks than a pirate convention"

EA Sports UFC 3 How To: Muay Thai/Dutch KB Fundamental Guide!

EA Sports UFC 3 How To: Muay Thai/Dutch KB Fundamental Guide!4 Jun. 2019
17 423
Romero XVIISubscribe 438 721

For those looking to

For those looking to employ a MT/Dutch KB Playstyle!



Comments (30)
Jay Golds

I want to thank you for taking the time to make this content. This has truly opened my eyes on how to progress as a fighter overall.

Walter White

Do you use the PS4 Pro controller with the paddles on the back to be quicker?

Cassius Clay

Perfect vid for now thank you

Sizzle MMA

Great video. Appreciate you time and efforts!


You can feint forward moving leg kicks, the timing is just more strict and the animation is much shorter. Great video!


How could you forget the knee elbow combinations ?

Brandon Christensen

Do you get lots of requests for private lessons

Wilson Sanchez

Phenomenal. Greetings from Ecuador. You are great!!!


How do u grab them for the glitch. FFS why is it so hard to find tutorials


great vid as always Romero

Omaid Emran

Great vid rom


why wouldn't you hive the actual controller controls to do these things?

Mark Brewer

Good vid. Love hamz

Jon Pictogram Jones

how do you push them

Nichael Francis

I just watched the video and I was wondering what do you press to push the opponent away to setup for the finish


This is really useful info. Thanks. Do you think you'll ever do a tutorial on using footwork and head movement. I just started playing the game again and one issue i have is walking right into strikes. Even when I have someone rocked I hesitate to go in because a lot of the time end up getting caught with something.


How do u do the push mechanic

Walter White

have you ever done a tut on how to deal with toxic Cerrone players? Literally sick of the game because of that one character... knee, elbow, knee elbow, elbow knee... I can't deal with that style


Boxing guide with Diaz pleas more with combos, combos that u use that are actually useful and feints with combos

Callum Robinson

What fighters would you recommend using for this style I really seem to struggle using Aldo for some reason

Lucas Edney

You are the man


I just started this game and I'm absolutely dogshit. No matter what, I lose. Lag doesn't make things any easier either.

Going to try these tips tomorrow. Thanks.

Adam S



Definitely gonna try to implement that, I love the Muay Thai style, thx for the seminar !

《 Jesus 》

Great video! This information will definitely come in handy on my quest to overcome my most difficult nemeses in ranked - the likes of MMAGAME1, NineIronGeorge, etc.. Those high level players who keep me from finally reaching division 5.


You should have went a bit more into stepping forward range I haven’t heard of that Idek what it is, just need to be more in-depth with these it’ll make them more helpful

King Gary

what stance is this

Arman Azatyan

Good vid lil baby

Francis The Predator Ngannou

Use Corey Anderson


Romero is one of the highest IQ players in the game. Pay attention to the gems he puts out! - Advaita