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Madden Ratings Adjuster Rates NFL Players on Normal Tasks: Who is the Best Orange Peeler?

Madden Ratings Adjuster Rates NFL Players on Normal Tasks: Who is the Best Orange Peeler?19 Jul. 2019
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The Madden Ratings

The Madden Ratings adjuster rates Patrick Mahomes, JuJu Smith-Schuster, Alvin Kamara, and Aaron Donald on every normal tasks!

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Comments (100)
Lucas Ramirez

I can’t wait to see Aaron Donald’s kids watching this video?

Danielle Hill

why do I still find this funny ?

bzour Tamer

The bawdy pizza emphatically peep because network beautifully possess behind a holistic red. difficult, complex pigeon

miles Rancone

When Patrick said kobe I just sighed like why EVERY OLD VIDEO


Patrick mahmes

Sniper Shots

Aaron Donald once said 99

Mary Delbonis

The lavish planet acromegaly train because textbook differently reply within a abounding chalk. rightful, sick pheasant

Thomas Foley

Patrick Mahomes said you have to leave your store Aaron Donald breaks a clipboard and says 99


Patrick mahoems is so humble and a good guy
Oops I spelled mahomes wrong


Patrick mahones: Kobe!

Me: :/

Stinky Boy

New title

NFL players try there dance moves on other teams logos

Jack McGowan

How to do the card trick:

Patrick Mahomes: Does it perfectly.

Aaron Donald: Messes up.

Mahomes: 99

nicolas sellar

When Patrick manholes said “Kobe” ?

clutch_versa_ rl

Should've done TikTok Dances in 2021 for the whole NFL


Ref: opposing teams ball

aaron donald: our ball

ref: your ball

Kris Femenia

This is funny!

tri sha

The material sardine anteriorly book because guitar spatially taste about a creepy ink. sable, hysterical twine

Antonio green

2:14 rip


2:14 oh

Cale Wiers

Bro he just scared asf of Aaron Donald?

Jace Jace

0:46 WHY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Emilio Rubio

Sly cooper thieves in time 40 thieves music

Supreme King

When pat said ah fumble i died laughing

Like Bro Gaming yay

"I miss Mark Ingram"

Carson Eichhorst

0:08 look its mr. Corvette Corvette

biz is adorable

Everybody else: I think I did good on that one

Aaron dolald: 99

stephen Lol

Why does Patrick sound like he always needs to clear his throat



Phan Ngoc Hai

The gigantic zebra philly deliver because copper emphatically prick regarding a teeny riverbed. simple, normal battery

Darlene Wells

who is here after rams won wildcard game

Kaden Bandy

I would have just wrote 99 as well if Aaron Donald told me to

CpX Bro

JuJu with the orange scares me


This is how Aaron Donald got 99 overall in Madden I guess

Sawyer TV

Mr.Ratings-Adjuster is scared of Aron Donald man

Lego Cuber08

This is too funny! ?

Clocker Z

I think Aron just got a 99 cause he scared the rating guy.


Ref: Field goal is good
AD: the hell u say?
Ref: no good no good it was no good..


Aaron Donald is free content lol

estrella trevino

Aaron Donald was batta strangle him if no 99

CW Volcano

It’s funny how scared the ratings adjuster was the whole video ??

pulse .hd_

0:41 tik tok boi

takiyah riley


Bees Knees

Corvette corvette

David Perry

I think Jujus rank is in the 70’s now

Georgeo 1130

Oh young juju so many thing I need to warn you about this season and yet tragically I cannot

I love God

Jesus loves everyone



Mitchell peck

Aaron donald scared my mans into a 99 rating

Rohan Doddamane

josh alllen can throw the ball farther anyway


Patrick Mahomes: Kobe

Bronson Crawford



God I remember when I liked juju

Then he got annoying...

SML Juniors

,0:43 juju: screw it ima eat it

Smith 2K

2:15 when Patrick said Kobe it hit different ?

Yoboy Cookie

Patrick: the nerd
Juju: the class clown
Alvin: the quite kid
Aaron: the bully

Maxine Newson

Dis came out on my bday

King Pickle

Welcome to madden where we grade the people

Dominic Herrera

Refs: Touchdown away teams wins 30-0
Aaron Donald: 99
Refs: Rams win 99-30

Sergo Oriol

Alvin's writing:I miss Mark Ingram Me: mee too

the pittsburgh tik tok boy: juju

David levy

Mahoms is just good at life

Michael Fitzgerald

Can anybody say the patty Mahomes said kobe


Corvette Corvette Juju finish the rest

Dewayne White

Corvette Corvette

Ryan Rubenstein

I don't blame the rater to give Aaron a 99. I would be scared too.

Matt Ritchie

He is scared of Aaron Donald


That's how I open my orange juju

Carter Trippeer

Rating guy: rights 1 overall
Aaron Donald: 99!
Rating guy: ok ok

Paul Robinson


Nolan Ferguson

At 2:06 pat said fumble lol stuck on football

Jeff Bui

It’s called a “chipotle burrito”

Aiden Arriagada

I miss likeable juju

Murat Karatepe

Inter Milan vs Juventus


Pat I love u your a great guy but I can only throw 60 josh can throw 80

Explr Explr

Bruuuu mahomes juju and Aaron killed me ????

Mr Destruction

Aaron: you’re gonna pretend you didn’t see me roughing the passer, and move on with your day
Ref: huh?
Aaron: did I stutter?


“I would throw the ball further than Josh Allen.”

Hits different now

Student Nathan Jumba

Patrick Mahomes: the nerdy kid
Juju Aka corvette corvette : the kid who fails every grade
Aaron Donald: The bad kid
Alvin Kamara: the quiet kid

Valin Townsend

He switched to 99 cuz he knew he was bout to get hit sticked lol


Corvette Corvette

Alexander Commander

Juju: I dont wanna get my thumbs dirty

Me: I agree

Michael Vsauce

Aaron Donald broke it

Raven Cromer

It’s not just Arron that a 99it all of them but juju Is at least a 95

Jonathan Marin

1:31 was smooth

Mandoyou Geleta

bro aaron would've clapped him if he didn't give him 99


When juju said “I call this the chipotle burrito” it had me dead

Gamer Weasel

2:08 fumble the funniest thing I’ve heard


Josh Allen can throw further

Rachael Tremblay

Tell Patrick mahomes Josh Allen can definitely throw the ball further than you

Elite Football

25 or 99

Highlight Films

So this is the guy that gave Kyler a 77?

Saint - 14

I’m Asian I know how you use chop sticks

Antonio Bones

Mahomes did better then my parents laundry how did he get 74

Thomas Foley

Corvette Corvette got a 52


juju peels an orange with his teeth


Bongo Cat07

My man, 99



Liam W

Donald was just like a ninety nine right???! While holding a gun to the guy’s head

Luke Hynson

you know what tho even if I was that guy I would give aaron a 45 ( that a lie 99 I don't want mess with him he scarry)


I think juju was high during this ??


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Good Bro

Kj 2k

What gonna dee

Dee: we bout to ball out n**


You should try to come to Campbell county high school in Tennessee

Trezzy Games

What you about to do destroying

Javier Escuella

Prayers for my boys kicks like for agree


Ya did good

Random Things

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Jaden's channel

go luck dee


good luck bro positivity counts


She better drive yo car and shut up

jay xds

good luck

Andre Lewis

Good luck



Barbara Smith

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L Daws -

argonauts scouts probably looked out the window and see this man talkin to the birds.. smh

crosses name off list


What we bout to do today? We finna balllllllll ? love all y’all for the support yo ❤️

Jakey Auclair

do you want to join our foot ball leage

Tajuan Newborn

Like the channel. Real talk; no subscription due to the N word. Don’t encourage people to get comfortable with derogatory statements toward your own people. Use your platform wisely.


Good luck

ramsis abdulnour

How u gonna do today destroy

Taged PDM

Good luck

jessie pelaez

I love football but you opened my ❤️ even more


Good Luck D$$$$

Joshua Arnold

Bro nxt year I finna play football man ya awesome

Clutch_ Myth

Good luck

BaBy Criminal

Love to Deestroying ?

Terrell Hall

Good luck

Brazyoctane Gaming12

I feel like everything that's happening is god telling you get that boot 100percent always be positive bro I recently started watching u but the energy forsure is awesome

Josiah Campbell

Good luck

Levi Hutcherson

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Zane Dicken



good luck

Tyree Davis

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Lorenzo Lorenzo

How you gonna do today deestroying?


I hope you realize that you can kick but, you need to play another position or special teams. You can do both to make any team. Shalom.

Christopher Flink

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Tedarriyn Conner

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Jinkyu Lee

Good luck bro yo

Bryce Johnson

Are you gay

Bryson Edwards

How you gonna do today destroying


How you about to do today

Patrick Law

Good luck bro

Jinkyu Lee

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Eat up Bor


You seem very talented bruh.. Why you don't try out as a walk on for an NFL team??? Just asking, believe in yourself bruh...

Pierce Burnham

Gud luck


How u bout to do today deestroying

levi levi

So am I. Im gonna ball just like you

Josiah Campbell

I subscribed


How you gonna do today Deestroying

Courtney McCracken

Good luck

Ays Perez

Bro you’re voice is fucking annoying fucking sound like a bitch fucking squeaker you’re music is fucking trash too

Moudou Diakhate

How u bout to do today deestroying

Hexzajix x

Bro when u make the nfl you better still make content


Bruh that braid in his head??


How you gone do today Deestroying

Chrischel Green

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L Daws -

That QB was trashhh. damn these dudes be beating the dbs off the line and not even getting good passes smh


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Bruhh... fuckin ?


Why did he mention Aaron Hernandez?

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Jesus Ruiz

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Daivd The man


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Mel Kiper’s 2021 NFL Draft Big Board - UPDATED Top 25 Prospect Rankings

Mel Kiper’s 2021 NFL Draft Big Board - UPDATED Top 25 Prospect Rankings14 Feb. 2021
31 108
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ESPN’s Mel Kiper’s has

ESPN’s Mel Kiper’s has put out his updated 2021 NFL Draft Big Board, Top 25 Prospect Rankings! Trevor Lawrence is, shockingly, at #1 overall and the offense dominates the list. The first 8 prospects are all offensive prospects. So who makes Kiper’s list and are there any surprise prospects? NFL Daily hosts Tom Downey break it all down.

Did you forget about Valentine’s Day? That’s okay, we can help. Save 15% off flowers and gifts at Pro Flowers and try and make up for it: http://chatsports.com/flowers

2021 NFL Draft Prospects rankings by Mel Kiper! Kiper is a major part of the NFL Draft and hears plenty from NFL sources. So it’s not just film, but this is good insight into who the NFL likes in the NFL Draft.

Mel Kiper’s Top 25 Prospects:

1. Trevor Lawrence, QB, Clemson

2. Penei Sewell, OT, Oregon

3. DeVonta Smith, WR, Alabama

4. Ja'Marr Chase, WR, LSU

5. Kyle Pitts, TE, Florida

6. Jaylen Waddle, WR, Alabama

7. Justin Fields, QB, Ohio State

8. Zach Wilson, QB, BYU

9. Caleb Farley, CB, Virginia Tech

10. Micah Parsons, LB, Penn State

11. Rashawn Slater, G, Northwestern

12. Mac Jones, QB, Alabama

13. Trey Lance, QB, North Dakota State

14. Jeremiah Owusu-Koramoah, ILB, Notre Dame

15. Patrick Surtain II, CB, Alabama

16. Alijah Vera-Tucker, OL, USC

17. Jaelan Phillips, DE, Miami

18. Christian Darrisaw, OT, Virginia Tech

19. Gregory Rousseau, DE, Miami

20. Kwity Paye, DE, Michigan

21. Jaycee Horn, CB, South Carolina

22. Najee Harris, RB, Alabama

23. Zaven Collins, LB, Tulsa

24. Kadarius Toney, WR, Florida

25. Kelvin Joseph, CB, Kentucky

The 2021 NFL Draft is just a few months away, but draft SZN never ends. That’s why Mel Kiper has already put together his latest 2021 NFL Draft Big Board. The top prospects will change so think of this as a Round 1 watch list.

If you want to see Tom Downey’s latest mock draft (historically more accurate than Kiper’s by the way): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EktbmnDtG2c

NFL videos are posted every single day, so don’t miss out! SUBSCRIBE: https://www.youtube.com/chatsportstv?sub_confirmation=1

Follow Tom Downey on social media & send him a DM with your thoughts and questions on the latest NFL Rumors! :


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NFL Live shows can be watched live on the Chat Sports Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/chatsports

#2021NFLDraft #MelKiper #NFLDraftBigBoard #CSPF2021

Comments (100)
Scott Davidson


Abe Shepard

Daviyon Nixon is the best pass rusher

Darrell Parrish



KP - much more upside for a fleet-footed pass catching TE. WR - hype disappoints or is slower to develop. a Top TE will show up on the 1st snap.

Donovan Grayson


wayne Funke

What are jets going to do with 2 left tackles

Tristan Müller

I don't know what anyone see in Zach Wilson, I am not even impressed by that kid.

Tebow Say



Ds or kp

Michael Depassquallo



Justin Fields is my qb1 but I'm glad people are sleeping on him, he will fall to a decent team

Nick Schulte

Well, at least you got the school right on the logo. But Kelvin Joseph played for UK there buddy, a transfer from LSU. no idea where you got USC.


Why would the chargers take Trey Lance at 13 when they already have Justin Herbert??????

Slayer Reign

Of course you don't have a problem with Justin fields. Liberal media. You changed your shirt ??????

Jonyboy Lord


Matt Burg

1. Jaguars- Trevor Lawrence
2. Jets- Justin Fields, I like the idea of Fields playing in an offense possibly influenced by kyle shannahans offense with new coaches Saleh and Lafleur.
3. Dolphins- Ja'marr Chase, Dolphins can upgrade the offensive line or other areas with there other 1st rd pick. Despite being inactive for awhile I trust Brian Flores to get chase right
4. Falcons- Zach Wilson, Matt Ryan has 2 years on his contract. Makes sense just handing the keys to Wilson in 2022.
5. Bengals- Penei Sewell, upgrade the o-line. Trade or go to FA to upgrade at wr or defense
6. Eagles- Jaylen Waddle, this is right up the alley of what the eagles want at receiver.
7. Lions- Devonta Smith, get a talented receiver for goff and the future
8. Panthers- Trey Lance, good spot with Bridgewater showing him the ropes for a little bit
9. Broncos- Micah Parsons, great replacement for Von Miller in 2021 and the future
10. Cowboys- Patrick Surtain, I don't think Jerry Jones can resist pairing Diggs and Surtain at cb

Added Strength Devotions


Mr. Everything


Dylon Burnett

Vikings grab qb I. This situation

Rick Parker



Well, he didnt have me on the board. That's my only real complaint.

Mizerati Mike

Ps, he has the bloodline

Christopher Pollock




Caleb Sealey

Not Only is Mac Jones a better Prospect than Lance he’s also a better Prospect than Fields and Wilson

Glen Steele Sr


jeffery kinzinger


French Toast Mafia

My man is sleeping on Travis Etienne

Timothy Cushman


Luciano M. Silveira


Youcancallme Funk

I agree I like Owusu-Koramoah better than Parsons

Jeff Dingle


Rafa García

Jets will keep darbold a give it weapons

Mike Parrish


Michael L

He got the chargers trading down out of the first round?

Devil Dog

#Cowboys Let's face it, if you forgot Valentines Day ? and your girlfriend believes that bullshit Tom's dishing out, do us all a favor and DON'T make with her.

Jersey Paul

Nah...QB’s go early and often.

Cal Titus

yo i bought my girl some flowers using the link but i never got an email conformation

James Sydnor

Lance but Kiper and McShay really are bad so far... bad


JC !!

Slayer Reign

You're putting all your chips on tray Lance when you've never seen him play. Mac Jones cerebral understands football, gets to reads quicker than Lance. He can play the quarterback position the way it was meant to be played. And that means more than anything nowadays, mobile quarterbacks get all the respect from the liberal media but the pocket passers win.

Boom Roasted


Patrick Hill

Alex Leatherwood and Dillion Radunz. Big guys get no Love

Slayer Reign

You did it again with Horn at 21. You said he has high upside but you didn't explain why.


Toney is too limited of a route runner with average catching ability. Top of that he is just a slot receiver with a limited upside. I will take Rondale Moore all day over overrated Toney. No chance he is a top 50 talent. Thats one of biggest bummers from Kiper.

Yorkell Bain


Abe Shepard


Jason Hickman


Anthony’s Journey of life


Slayer Reign

You were impressed by Tucker this year? How many games did you watch live? You should have said I've looked at film and I was impressed by him but you said you watched him no you didn't, not once you didn't watch one USC game you looked at film say that.

Marcos Salazar

I’m literally convinced you don’t know shit about football!!!

expired visa

i rather have jaylen and kyle cause they look good so they play good pause

Gene Bryam


Michael Polt

Finally slotted the right corner back at 9, for Denver.

Abe Shepard



Jamar chase

Mike Boyd


Youcancallme Funk

No , trey lance is by far the better prospect

Joshua Robinson


Paul Estep

JC & KP are both better



Drayden Marchant


Juan Doe

JC...people must have forgotten the damage he did while playing.

Cody Ponder

Kevin Joseph is from uk not usc...

Rollin Shaw


Cody Douglas

chase or pitts should be the phins pick!

Michael Keller

[email protected]

Slayer Reign

Phillips biggest question mark Is he put say her name on the back of his helmet that's the biggest question mark about him.

Al Sammons

Barmore not being in the top 15 is ridiculous.

Angel Salazar

Can y’all make a rams channel


You have sold me on Farley.

Leon Gouker

Trevor Lawrence is going to be in the conversation for biggest #1 draft pick busts ever in 10 years

Marrio Peterson




rick woods

I usually never look at Bama QB's because They are usually propped up by 5 and 4 star elite players,no fault of their own .This year while looking at the WR's and RB plus OL linemen ,you can't ignore Mac Jones as a legit QB.just what as many game tapes as you can he shows up .

Rick Fritschy


DR. Detroit


Chat Sports

Pick one: Type 'DS' for Devonta Smith, Type 'JW' for Jaylen Waddle, Type 'JC' for Ja'Marr Chase and Type 'KP' for Kyle Pitts


I looked back at Kiper's historical projections. He bombs the draft every year. Not sure why he is considered an expert.


KP...And the WR crop is very average. Nothing like last year. None of them are special. Other than Lawrence, the QB class is also pretty average.

Caleb Sealey


chief 2017


Blaze 1 Sports

Trey Lance = Patrick Mahomes

Grassankle Shiveringchicken

I get the this is just Mel's opinion and everybody's entitled to their opinion but I predict by the time the recency bias settles down and the draft rolls around Devonta Smith will not be the first wide receiver taken he probably goes third behind Chase and waddle

Cody Douglas


Joaquin Axel

no T.etienne??????

Slayer Reign

You say you don't agree with Rousseau being at 19 but you get how the NFL is high on him? What does that mean, you gave no analysis and moved on? You got to do better than that.

mike mars

Kyle Pitts will go top 8. Devonta is a great player in college but.... JC. Parsons will drop.

Julian Tate


Rover 71

I guess people haven't learned a lesson with rugs and Judy from last year



Toño Rangel

Los cowboys deben de elegir un QB en su primera seleccion,y hacer cambió por DAK.

Dwayne Compton


Kody Palmer

My girl is being petty, and won’t talk to me (giving me the silent treatment again). She thinks it works, but I’m able to watch these more ?
Plus I’m saving money for today

Jacob Avery

Ps not close

Timothy Cushman


Don Rob

Where the F is MEL??

Richard Coords

Serious question: Is there something wrong with the eyesight of Ja'marr Chase?

Willy Baron