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How To Assemble A Cross Trainer

How To Assemble A Cross Trainer16 Aug. 2016
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Simple and qualified cross

Simple and qualified cross trainer assembly advice from JTX Fitness...

How to assemble a cross trainer, focusing on the care points that often cause issue when putting together a machine.

*** PLEASE NOTE: If you're following this guide to assemble your own cross trainer, please note the engineer in this video has pre-assembled the handlebars incorrectly. The outer handlebars should curve outwards, away from the mainframe. ***

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Comments (7)
Conor Duddridge

He started the guide a bit late! Mines arrived and I have to put the feet on too

Dan Sutes

Video is useless. No help at all.

Carolines travels

The instructions that come with the cross trainer are not totally clear so we watched this video to help, however this video does not follow the order of the instructions of the manual therefore this video is completely useless. we managed to muddle through and assemble it, but this video was of no help at all.


Thank you so much for making this!!! :)

Jacquie myers

This video doesn’t follow the order of assembly in the booklet supplied with the item. The black plastic guards arrived pre-assembled and I need to disassemble them in order to affix them to the cross trainer. This is proving to be impossible so I’m waiting to speak with the supplier before I can start using it. A waste of a video!


Gosh these other comments hurt my head, you can’t expect a general assembly tip advice video to work with your absolute exact model you have. This video is also several years old. He spoke consistently saying yours may have this etc.

Use your head please I beg you. The video is not the problem - it’s just not what you’re wanting (a guide to set up your particular model) you can’t blame the video for that. Blame the supplier for having unclear instructions and no support video. This dude is just trying to help with a general feel for what to expect

Gillian Pollard

Hi just received my cross trainer, stuck on the first point of assembly ....

Reebok ZR8 Cross Trainer

Reebok ZR8 Cross Trainer8 Jan. 2017
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More review :

More review : http://amzn.to/2imAYJo

I needed a serious cross trainer but was limited for space. This machine fits the bill. The only thing which stops me giving it a 5 star was the lack of a wireless heart rate monitor.

You have to take your hands off the handles to measure your heart rate. Having said that, the price was very reasonable.

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