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I WALKED 25,000 STEPS FOR 7 DAYS // I was SHOCKED by the results // Lockdown Vlog // FAST WEIGHTLOSS

I WALKED 25,000 STEPS FOR 7 DAYS // I was SHOCKED by the results // Lockdown Vlog // FAST WEIGHTLOSS25 May. 2020
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This guide involves 8 weeks split into 2 phases.


- 36 workouts (photos & videos)

-Upper-body, lower-body, full-body, HIIT, ab circuits, Booty burners

-Nutritional guidance

-some recipes!

-Facebook group for access to the videos and extra ones being added weekly!


I walked 25,000 steps for 7 days to help show the importance of what walking (activity levels outside of exercise). I was shocked by the weight loss I experienced during this and it helps show how easy it is to lose weight when increasing daily activity.

Many people struggle to lose weight and run straight to quick diet fixes and extreme exercise to try and shed fat fast. The truth is, its a long process and you must make sure that both activity levels and food consumption are controlled.

This experiment shows the importance of NEAT (non exercise activity thermogenesis) and helps you understand why steps and daily activity is NO.1 when trying to lose weight or lose fat.

I hope you enjoy my process of this week and can get some entertainment in my week of walking!!

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- FItnesswithmollyx


Have a look at my fitness and nutrition guide for extra help on finding the best version of yourself


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erin nicole

Thank you for such an awesome video! You have amazing personality! And you just got a new subbie ????‍♀️

Georgie Talks

Loved this! I need to get more steps in for sure. aiming for 10,000 atm but think I could up it!

Dawood zadran


MB Stephens

I'm so sorry you were suffering with your tooth! Thank you for making this video, though.

Agne Slipaityte

loving ur vids!!

E Brobeck

25k is so much! I’ve been walking so much more lately and have been aiming for 20k and I thought that was a lot


Walking is very easy if you have the right shoes..preferably ones that don’t make your feet hurt.


I do 20k every day, just makes me feel happier and healthier, you get used to it

Living the Laptop Lifestyle

You are super cute... awesome personality too.... congrats on your challenge... i do 20k steps daily and that keeps me ripped...


I want to challenge myself into doing that !!! Such a good video ♡


Is that an Apple Watch you use and what app?

Staaaccceee H

This is the most entertaining step video I've seen ??? thank you definitely subscribed ?


Why have I not stumble upon your channel sooner?! You are so enjoyable to watch. I’m doing 10k steps a day. Its my 3rd day. Wish me luck! ❤️???

Abena Talks Health

I'm doing 20000 steps right now and my feet are burning. I fully understand your pain with the tooth. I'm a baby when it comes to things like this

Stefan Weilhartner

the essence of walking is lowering the stress hormone to burn body fat instead of just calories.
i had the impression that your cortisol level sometimes went up which contributes also to inflammation in the body.

John Paul

Big crush on you.. I took 26,000 steps today ?

Tamieka Brown

I'm gonna try this sounds like the earlier you get started the faster iya reached thanks for the video I'm Inna fit bit challenging and I was at 16k so I can def do this my legs will prob hate me lol but I will walk more than I run I have a gym membership so it's on.


snake juice diet and walking 20k in one week guarantee you lose 15lbs easy.


For those who are wondering, you should walk(normal pace) for 4-5hrs to get 25k steps ?


Normally I get around 10.000 steps a day and when I word I get around 23.000 steps.

Tabitha Heeler


How I Saved $30,000 in 10 Months Using 3 Simple Steps

How I Saved $30,000 in 10 Months Using 3 Simple Steps14 Feb. 2021
Johnny ChongSubscribe 438 721

In this video, I'm going

In this video, I'm going to talk about how I saved $30,000 over 10 months which is around 50% of my after tax income. The main reason why I started saving is to pay off my debt and to start investing. So far, I have cleared $32,000 out of $37,600 of debt and if everything goes according to plan, I should be able to fully pay it off by March.


Video about debt: https://youtu.be/7N4uGtzBp_c

My YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/c/johnnychong


0:00 Introduction

0:56 Disclaimer

1:13 Track everything

4:10 Set budgets

5:38 Split Money into different accounts

7:19 Summary


I'm not a finance professional and I'm not providing financial advice. The topics that I discussed in this video are based on my personal experience and opinions. If you need financial advice, please consult a professional.

#FIRE #noshamenoblame

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Reece Caruso

These are really great suggestions! and this is such an important topic to be discussing at the moment, I really enjoyed the video!

Sri Seth

Could anyone please tell the approximate cut off for PR application for the Solicitor? I’m unable to find any relevant information regarding that!


Cool content! Keep it up! Greetings from Berlin, Germany...

Rena Yu

This is such great advice that people usually neglect. Most people only focus on how they can earn more money but never evaluate how they should spend what they already have. Could be a good idea if you can put in the name of the budgeting app that you're using, and the other ones that you mentioned in the description, so people can search and try them out.

Jason Thing

Great and informative, thanks sharing Johnny!

How to Plan for Achieving a Steps Goal Per Day (Walking Inside, Outside & NOT Rushed at End of Day!)

How to Plan for Achieving a Steps Goal Per Day (Walking Inside, Outside & NOT Rushed at End of Day!)29 Dec. 2020
Jennifer DonoghSubscribe 438 721

My steps goal was to get

My steps goal was to get to 30,000 steps in a day. I was going to focus on low impact cardio with walk at home workouts throughout the day, walking outside, and most importantly staying consistently active throughout the day. This is how I planned to achieve my steps goal for the day.

? First, subscribe to my channel: http://youtube.com/jenniferdonogh?sub_confirmation=1

?‍♀️ Here are a few other walking videos I mention in the video that are relevant to this steps challenge:

❶ My 20k steps a day for 1 month experience https://youtu.be/hYoR_eZRFYk

❷ My 1k steps walk at home tool https://youtu.be/KB3b0MlGzT8

❸ My plan with me weekly from this week (includes 30k steps day) https://youtu.be/VwdZQbZ2Ft8

This plan with me video is focused around planning my 30k steps day. Walking 30,000 steps was my goal after doing a 20k steps a day challenge in March. I hit my goal almost every day. I missed two days, but made them up the next days. That got me to my 25k steps a day badge in Fitbit. My 30k steps a day challenge was inspired by the desire to get to that badge (silly, I know- sillier now that I know there is a 100k badge too!).

The plan with me focuses on how to plan out a steps goal so you don't have the bulk of your steps left at the end of the day. Whether you plan on doing a 10k steps day, 20k, or 30+k. Doing a little prep work beforehand will save you the stress of knowing you need to walk more.

I used my Passion Planner Daily to organize and plan my steps goal. Since this challenge was based around fun I made sure to make it colorful and added some doodles. However, more than anything it was meant to be functional. I worked out based on past walking at home and walking outside stats I had in my Fitbit how many steps different activities would give me and made sure to note it. I also time blocked my day based on those numbers. Honestly, this is our winter break as a family so I had a lot of flexibility to my schedule whereas you might not.

? See how I plan: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL23u9YO84ODaJvqk9tx0NT-U937zLUIpo

The day in the life style vlog of what it looked like to make sure I reached my steps goal vlog goes up tomorrow! Please subscribe and like this video if you like my walking video!


- Jenn

Comments (2)
Jennifer Donogh

Spoiler alert! I got my steps in by my goal time today! Hooray!! I made this plan the day before (Sunday), laid out my workout clothes and set my alarm for 4:50AM. Other than a long walk in the morning, this was really done by being consistently active all day- watch the plan in the video! Yay for plans ?? I'll share the details in the vlog tomorrow- subscribe!

Tiffany Thompson

This is awesome! So glad you met your goal. I look forward to seeing the blog tomorrow. :)