Healthiest cities in the world

10 Healthiest Countries in the World

10 Healthiest Countries in the World3 Sep. 2020
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The wealth and prosperity

The wealth and prosperity of a nation is dependent on the health and physicality of it’s people. There are a variety of factors that contribute to healthy, happy countries – as well as factors that contribute to unhealthy countries. Typically, the healthiest countries are those that are developed. These countries have lower rates of pollution, access to quality health care, and access to clean, safe drinking water. For those looking at staying healthy abroad, these are some of the healthiest countries according to World Health index. These countries also have one of the best health care systems and life expectancy in the world.

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Darcy Bell

I love this channel


Countries with small population : Let's rock this year's health index
Japan : ? population doesn't really matter

Alejandro Lamonaca


Alok Gangully

Spain is the best country ?? ??

Marita Olsson


Warren cook

Where is usa

Charm Boy

Where is Canada?

Ma Rak


Mr Sporty

Nordic welfare style.

Miguel Wolf

Thanks from Spain ??♥️



Muhammad Asim Asim

japan is best and also Switzerland , Australia

Usman Arshad



I from India support u ?❤️


Nice information

Partho Mohanto

make a video about which country has most friendly peoples in Europe.

Patgrik Sangma

hy I am from Garo hills

Antonio Gainey

When has a Continent been a country

Imran Zazai


Bibek Das

I love you Norway beautiful natural beautiful clean rich country Norway ????????????

Jnanedra K T Jnanedra

Love from India ??

Frederick VN

the beautiful spain?

Padmini Sahu

I will be stong . nice. let me go now.

jevil someJERK

I remember when i was a kid i thought Switzerland was the healthiest country because the flag have the medic symbol lol

Papa Gato

My goal is to reach 100,000 steps by simplying walking around the area in my mobile.

Bibek Das

I love you Italy beautiful and natural beautiful clean rich country Italy ????????????

Alok Gangully

Australia is the best country ?? ??


You are so underrated.

Bibek Das

I love you Spain beautiful and natural beautiful clean rich country Spain ????????????

Top 10 Healthiest Cities (Hard Coded) Richest in the World

Top 10 Healthiest Cities (Hard Coded) Richest in the World10 Jan. 2019
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This is mainly for current

This is mainly for current news and for learning English. So, for learning English and better understanding, the hard coded subtitles have also been added in this video.

This is mainly for current news and for learning English. So, for learning English and better understanding, the hard coded subtitles have also been added in this video.

Paris tops ranking of world's healthiest cities.

Paris has been named the world's healthiest city in a recent ranking.

Paris has been named the world's healthiest city in a report that looks at everything from the number of spas and yoga studios in each city to vegan dining options and green spaces.

The ranking, by holiday comparison site Travel Supermarket, is based on data from sources like market research group Euromonitor International, TripAdvisor, Yelp and World Weather and Climate. Analysts considered the number of parks, gyms, fitness centers, spas, yoga and pilates locations, health food shops and vegan restaurants in every city.

The figures were divided by each city's size to reveal a per square kilometer density number. Analysts also looked at the average annual sunlight hours and the average cost of a night's hotel stay.

Cities were then assigned a score to create a ranking of the top 50 healthiest cities.

Despite its reputation for cream and butter-soaked cuisine and a smoking populace, Paris was able to offset these vices with its impressive number of spas (894), parks and green spaces (139), and vegan restaurant options (1,305).

Here are the top 10 healthiest cities according to Travel Supermarket:

1. Paris, France

2. Chiang Mai, Thailand

3. Barcelona, Spain

4. Pattaya, Thailand

5. Vancouver, Canada

6. Miami, USA

7. San Francisco, USA

8. Lisbon, Portugal

9. Denpasar, Indonesia

10. Buenos Aires, Argentina

[News taken from AFP Relaxnews]

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So informative

The World's 10 Healthiest Countries

The World's 10 Healthiest Countries6 Oct. 2014
666 809
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The World's 10 Healthiest

The World's 10 Healthiest Countries: Who lives the longest and why? Let’s take a look at the top 10 countries with the healthiest citizens, based on a variety of factors and find out exactly what they’re doing right.

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i knew germany is one of the healthiest cuz germans hates it to be fat ..we do much exercise and diet ?

paul skillman

You must be very rich! Thanks.

Apsara Lamichhane

Nepal is mostly healthiest country in nepal there find kinds of vegetable and healthy foods nepal is vegetarian

Aditya gangwar

India has the most tasty and healthy food but many people doesn't know about that, if you want to know then try it?

Marsekel Lombatti

This is such a biased lie

Eitan Eisenberg

Israel should be on the list

Alpha Potato

in Australia the medicare is communist.

Chrystyna Mohr

I'm Canadian so we are pretty healthy

Thinh Phan

1st place:japan
2nd: japan

ThunderHawk Gaming

Number #8 Australia ?? my country

Raúl Barrientos



Sweden is my land boi. Everytime on summer i go to iran for vacation my grandma and my grandpa and my cousin and my cousins little brother comes from iran.


Bruh... I just got a McDonald's ad before this

Asif Iqbal

i thought spain would be on the list

Mowliid Abdikadir

Where is Belgium? lol

Majid Hussain

Italy? ??

Austin Franklin

if only America could be on this list but because of Houston we can't be on this list because of them because they always double up on everything even junk food which is why people are so big in America which is why everything is bigger in TEXAS and I should cut Houston some slack because i'm from Houston so got to be supportive

Andrew Pace

Malta! Malta!
Oh right... we're the most obese country in Europe.


So Europe good, Japan great

El Max

Swedens Healthcare system is down the drains. It is complete shit now.

Stealth Phantom

We all know USA,my country,isn’t healthy because I am eating KFC while watching the video ????


Where is Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and Maldives

Just Me

Lies because you say so we are to believe you not me

es jonne

Lets see where is Finland? Lets seee Oh its 5th i taught it was like 2nd cuz the plastic working heart


After brexit in England deaths will be under 40.


Every european country is healthy people are so so skinney there (western europe)


Welp, time to learn Japanese...

Taylor Knowles

Lol he said fousand instead of thousand I know it's his accent but it's still funny


I really enjoy how these comments are from years ago.


If I have one dietary advice from my family. KEEP. YOUR. HEART. HEALTHY. AND. WELL.
Heart disease kills more people than cancer. Statistically about 20% of people will die of it.


The U.S.A. is an incredibly healthy country! They're not fat, they're just big boned ?.

Francisco Antonio

Accidently clicked on this. This dude lost me when he started talking politics a few years ago.

Ogeppa Aratal

What about India

Stéphanie D.

Funny that France does not appear on the list reaching up to 85/86 years old life expectancy for women (79.5 for men) so roughly 83 years on average, fruit, vegs, cheese, home cooked meals, wine and good healthcare being a large contributor.

fatfinger 101

All white country's are the healthiest got it.

Salam Kala

Canada you kidding everyone is depressed in Canada and USA and everyone is unhealthy with Mac Donald for every meal there’s more fast food restaurants than trees

Dalia Van Gessel

I'm from The Netherlands❤️???

Life Essence

Could it be the practice of meditation that results in living a stress free life? I think so since both Buddhism and Daoism is practiced in most of the Asian countries. So dear internet people, do yourself a favor and meditate!


Wheres new zealand

S u s h i

Now China is the healthiest land


Sorry but there's no such thing as a healthy country anymore not since they started filling our skies with toxins from chemtrails that hit the ground when it rains even if your fruit and veggies are organic they still have toxins in them from the rain helping them to grow, that mixed in with radiation levels be beyond what's allowed in certain parts of the world that gets into the air and oceans killing or polluting our bird and sea life, then there's high levels of both chlorine and fluoride dumped into most of the worlds water supply, I'd pretty much say on the whole most of the planet is screwed, so don't waste your time on bullshit videos like this

Unknown User

The question to ask is, who made these stats? I’m guessing a English speaking European country bc when I search this same question in Arabic I get a whole different list of country’s and non are in Europe hmm. Europe is famous for cancer and early deaths.

Mohammed Masood

Canada hahaha also usa

Zsuzsanna Csiky

Canadians are not healthy.

Abdul Wahab

Indonesia is numero uno???

C Jasz

canada is corrupt and a fascist place


Im from Iceland!

Popcorne Love

I live in Thunder bay Ontario Canada and everybody is obese here and dying young both my grandparents died when they were 60 and people who are 80 have alzmers

Daniel Kennedy

Also see https://www.bluezones.com/

Andrew Gibson

Really nice video

Li Liu

I thought China is most health food in the world . But I’m not sure , cuz japan food are same as China but more good sweet .

MAA ka bhosda tera

Spain Finland japan

Ali's Archive

The presence of Sweden on this list is a no surprise for me. The man who helped me to transform my body was a Swedish. He eventually helped me to lose 12 kg and to become fat to fit.


Single payer health care?


At 6:06, that guy looks like Bill Belichick ?.


To be fair you should have also cited other blue zones


Fucking piece of shit..dont compare life lenght to health!

Jules Rox

The real reason for the reversal of Finland disease was that they reinstalled the sulphur system and grew organic.

artistic persona

10. Netherlands
9. Canada
8. Australia
7. Switzerland
6. Germany
5. Finland
4. Sweden
3. Iceland
2. Japan
1. Okinawa Island

kamal nathan

Y u forgetting Tamil peoples food find google Kumarikandam we r the first generation in the world

Raul Campos

Only Japan, Switzerland, Iceland, and Australia are in the top 10 countries, the rest are way below the 10th spot, you forgot Hong Kong, Spain, Italy, and Singapore, do a proper research, this is fully documented by many international agencies.

จริยา ลีชัยยาภรณ์กุล

Lmao i am dutch, and 'snert' doesn't taste good ?✋? it is healthy tho

Marlon Moncrieffe

No Spain, Italy, Greece, Singapore or France?


Schweiz ??


Is there one thing wrong with fucking Canada. I think I might move there.

arun g

Re examin this.

Tyler Richter

Number 7, No F○○king kidding

The Whithams

Canada I knew it would be on this list and no wonder why Switzerland has a plus sign on its fortnite first aid

Marco Tonta

Asian people aged very badly and are not very good looking when they get old....

Ilyes Mahieddine

I live In Canada and erm...It isn’t very healthy,not healthy at all actually,I just feel like people are overeating Canada a bit too much.

Anastasia Bruno


Magrat Knoblauch

Freaking Sweden. Why do they always have to be just a bit better then Germany? :D
Love (and hate) from Berlin. :)

Marcus Cheung

You put of a picture of China in the Okinawa part


An Irish diet
Morning = potato
Lunch = potato
Dinner = potato
Tea = potato
2am snack = potato

Bala Ganesan

ok ye it out

Ford Fungus

norway is jealous. all of her scandinavian neighbors are on the list



Wandile Mthethwa

i dont get it, some of the countries up there are also rated most unhealthy...


Spain should be around 3

David Lee Roth

It's pronounced Vitamins not Vitamins....:P

Your Boi

3:10 pewdiepie is healthy

Salam Kala

The oldest man live in Northern Somalia he is 136 years old and he looks 57 he can walk and remember

Jack Hans

I love your front teeth

Fahrenheit man

Middle Eastern countries are also very healthy and hygienic.

Jon Vaillancourt

If you're gonna use parts of countries, Hong Kong's life expectancy is 84.68 years old...

thaiyub hussain

I am looking for age 109 age pepole health. food india(tamilnadu)

nelly branth

Me from Sweden :D

ricky de lara

No idea where they got that info from, but it’s not correct.

saraiki maza

Where is the lazy people's list??

Kairah Mii


Austin Franklin

I already know japan and other Asian countries are  going to be on the list


That Australia is on this list is pretty impressive considering it's one of the fattest countries.


Yes but the strongest peoples is Georgians ?? really no one kingdom can destroy the Georgia

BigToePapa 93

Hey can i get the snort soup i mean the snert

J & C Industries

Awesome! Very informative video

Naman Kumar

You forgot Spain and Italy.


His explanation is very good but symbolises him as rabbit.

Vijay Surya

But the mental health is worse though.

Tanvir ahmed

No.1 japan????

Souro Pashi Bondhon