Medical compression arm sleeve

Donning harmony arm sleeves with medi arm butler

Donning harmony arm sleeves with medi arm butler8 Nov. 2016
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medi is a leading

medi is a leading innovator in compression therapy, Orthopedics, and Prosthetics. medi helps you live the lifestyle you want to live.

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Measuring for a Gottfried Medical Arm Sleeve Custom Compression Therapy Garment

Measuring for a Gottfried Medical Arm Sleeve Custom Compression Therapy Garment22 Nov. 2018

The products presented in

The products presented in this instructional video are classified as medical devices, requiring a prescription. The information therein contained is intended for use by qualified professionals only. If you have any health concerns, please consult a physician.

Prior to Viewing this Instructional Video

Please have a copy of the most current Gottfried Medical order form(s) and measuring tapes available so that you can follow along. Whenever applicable, the appropriate forms are indicated below. Forms may be downloaded from our website at: www.gottfriedmedical.com, where requests for paper tapes may also be submitted.

Materials Required:

1. Gottfried Medical Form F-035

2. Gottfried Medical “Arm” Paper Tape

3. A Sanitized Measuring Tape (fitter provided)

4. Transparent Tape (fitter provided)

More Information

Please visit www.gottfriedmedical.com for details on Gottfried Medical custom compression therapy garments, their options and for complete contact information, or call, toll-free: +1 800-537-1968. Outside the U.S. call +1 419-474-2973, M - F, 8 am - 6 pm U.S. Eastern Time.


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How To don compression Arm sleeve

How To don compression Arm sleeve7 Jan. 2021

How to donn compression

How to donn compression arm sleeve

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