Getting back in the gym

How to Start the Gym After a Long Break

How to Start the Gym After a Long Break24 Jul. 2020
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How to Start the Gym and

How to Start the Gym and workout After Lockdown eases and Quarantine reduces. I cover how to train for people that completely stopped working out and those that still manage to train at home with bands or lighter weights. I also talk about using active cardio to reduce the potential DOMS you may get due to not training in a gym for months!

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Comments (31)
James L

Bruh is it even safe to go gym anymore or just do calisthenics??


Man I have been not hitting the gym after a few months like 7 or 8 months ?? .But I recently start training again a few days ago it frustrating knowing you cant lift the same weight you did before .And the muscle soreness I got wen got back into the gym ....man idk what to do with myself I was so sore????..


So disheartening to know you can’t lift the same - man the mind is blown it’s like learning to walk again but defo taking my time to get it right - the clothes that looked good on me now look normal so need to slowly get the pump back - my compliments have stopped but will start again soon !! ? and the gyms have closed again in the UK but hey got a full gym at home now so no excuses for me with the inspire machine and full dumbbell rack ?


Good tips bro I've already seen a few of my gym buddies get injured because they don't listen to me

Chillin With TJ

Hey peeps. Hope these tips help some of you for when you go back ??✅

Wakanda's Finest

It's going to be mad humbling going back

Dhruv Nankani

Still gonna train at home for a while even tho gyms are open. Maybe around September or after then I'll start going to the gym. Honestly missed the gym so much but going too early and getting sick will make the lock down pointless. Can't wait to go back tho


How to start after 4 years

Mihály Szobonyai

I like your accent. Content is good too :D

Jasvinder Garcha

Muscle gains, not back pains......love it???.

Zozo Zig

Im google recommended

Stephanie Brizard

Our gyms in NY won't be open for some time; even when they are, I'll probably wait it out and see how it goes. Just got into light dumbbells and bands, I know it'll be a long road back.

Mr Unknown

Yes TJ I used to watch you back in the day then saw you on My Protein add, reminded me of the channel

Congrats on the big moves

jole' Mays

Bro I just went back to gym today after months off and damn it felt good

Alan Dorado

After a couple months of lockdown I went back and my strength went down about 40% and up to 60% in certain muscle groups. It also should take about half the time spent not working out to get back to your old fitness levels.


Brilliant mate. Gyms opened up in South Africa this week; I'm going back and I sorely needed to hear this. Weights On, World Off!

Ramandeep Singh

From Leicester, soo still some time until we’re back allowed! ? LOVE THE CONTENT TJ.


Very humbling going back. I went in and was speaking with a dude I recognised from before. It's fair to say we was not shocked but were at least clear on the drop off during lockdown ?


I'm waiting to see how much I've improve because I've gotten stronger during lockdown because I started doing free weights , could barley lift 12kg before lockdown now I can do 24kg

J Training

Weak is not in my vocabulary i love doms, and my percussion massage gun

Matticus C

Before you would have been judged for wearing gloves at the gym, and now people will say you’re intelligent ???

Kat Watson

I went back today after 4 months of lockdown in the UK, only managed half my workout as I felt pain coming on already, it’s hella annoying knowing I’ve got to work myself back into it but it’s the safest way, thanks for the advice!! ✌?

Lion Heart


Aon Shah

Just in time ???


Love from kerala


Hey man, I’ve always stayed in the gym and biked and such, since 15, now I’m 45. Just took a year off, well did some hiking and jogging before summer heat.

After lots of beer, bad food, bad sleep, cigs now and then.............the weather is good and decided to ride the bike.

So today I hiked the dog a few miles, then napped, then lightly rode bike for 30 minutes.

After riding I was just nauseated and light headed for about 30 minutes.

Pretty normal after not working out for so long?

I’ve never gone that long.


Getting used to higher oxygen again, blood pressure changes...?

Jovanny Disla

still waiting for them to open here in New York?


Literally gonna hit the gym in the morning, the timing’s on point TJ big up??.

Just Les

I have a barbell and dumbbell with loads of weights at home now so I’ll stop in the gym from time to time but I’ll be training at home.

Naima Robleh

The time and effort put into to the content and editing ????


What’s the link / code for the 35% off from myprotein ? Cheers buddy

Back to the GYM DO’S & DONT’S (post lockdown)

Back to the GYM DO’S & DONT’S (post lockdown)28 Jul. 2020
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Comments (16)
Silky Sausage

British guys I think you mean ?


Good advice. Slow and steady, and stay safe! The virus is still out there!

Isabella Smith

yess I’ve been so excited to go back, this is so needed!

Julie Szyttenholm

Hey Lucy, just one tiny question, I technically have two 'rest days', where I go climbing or running, could that be an hindrance to my body resting?

Heidi Chong

wish can join the challenge, but we have second lockdown in HK.. gym r close!

Aalee Mishra

Girl you are such an inspiration! Honestly keeping me going in quarantine! Looking gorgeous as always, Love you loads ?

Mary Moh

Gyms started opening back up since like 3 months ago I guess and I went a few sessions but I was surprised of the fact that people do not give a damn about hygiene. No rules set at all. So I just freaked out decided to stick to my home workouts.. Sad ☹️

Melanie Argueta

I work at a gym in Florida and oh my goodness some people just don’t follow simple rules like wearing their masks. It’s mandatory so they need to suck it up. Another thing people need to stop saying is that they can’t breath in a mask. If you can’t breath,just go home and workout. 2020 is a big change for everyone. Its not like employees at gyms enjoy wearing masks. That’s our new normal and we can’t do anything about it. It’s super frustrating getting screamed at everyday and having to tell ADULTS not even younger adults or teenagers, ADULTS. Anyway, you’re very inspirational and so very beautiful and definitely have motivated me to Continue my journey with my brother :)


I cried watching this ??? Your gorgeous! Love your content.


I got a bit too excited on Saturday to do a leg/glute workout, now Tuesday and I still can’t walk properly ?? these tips are great wish I followed advice ??‍♀️??‍♀️


Thank you for this amazing video girl !! ??
Great advice and very helpful explanation as every time! ??
Thank you for going in detail on the most important things!
I love your explanation style and wish there were more youtubers doing such high quality / no BS vids like you..! ❤


My gym here in California opened and then closed again. Our governor pisses me off.. the shutdown didn't even help the first time. So I found a new gym out in the suburbs that isn't going to close again.

SuM On3

Lucy you look amazing despite lockdown!! You're are truly such a a role model for me! You have no idea how much you have helped me during this quarantine!! Thanks so much, and keep up the good work!! Love you lots!!?

Ruby Blacka

Some really good tips here!!

Nisim Does Powerlifting & Fitness

Great content! Great tips!
I invite you to check out my channel.

jack harrington

Lucy your videos make my day girl and your looking beautiful as always, love you so much ??????

Getting Back Into The Gym | 2021 Workout Split

Getting Back Into The Gym | 2021 Workout Split29 Dec. 2020
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Comments (51)
a a

Aren't these kind of bars bad for PCOS ? ?

melody wang

2021start by following your channel.love your voice.

Adriana Luciani

You should do f45! I feel you’d love it!

Rebecca Fred

I love hearing other peoples' workout splits. so interesting

Nayeli Soto

I love your videos sm ??

Jessica A

I’m going to love the fitness content!!! It will help me stay motivated. Also would love to see a what I eat in a week!

Emily Kenline

#getjacked2021 a whole mood


the sound of the rain on your car roof at the beginning of the video is soooo calming. I love the rain in Van<3

Gülcan İ.


Annie Milsten

I LOOOVE built bars they’re amazing!! they literally taste like a candy bar (my favorite flavors are the new white chocolate ones- esp white choc coconut and and the chocolate caramel brownie) also the macros are ???


Love built bars! My favorite is the German chocolate, cookies and cream and white coconut!

Zoe John

#GETJACKED2021 haha, i am down with this!

Sierra Farnsworth

Put your built bars in the fridge or freezer! Game changer. Toffee almond and coconut almond are my favorites

Steven Merk

Omg first

Cynta Kat

Cool. I’m excited for this series. Your workouts always motivate me
To get off my *ss

Laura Malec

You should look into trying an F45 class! I’ve always thought you’d like it

egan Kingmbar

Awesome ?? ??♥️❤️

brenda gaggiato

I over ate these holidays ? just 2 more days and i will get back to my routine (i will try) ! Happy last day of This horrible 2020 everyone ?? hope everyone is safe and happy


I could never work out with a mask lol


I have to wear a mask at my gym too! It was very uncomfortable at first but I’m used to it now. Get a mask from Lululemon! It’s so comfy and breathable


Hi Melissa! I am happy you post some gym/ workout content ;)
I am not a fitness trainer, but I would not recommend u to do a HIIT workout before your weight training, because it can make you really exhausted
By the way I have never heard from fitness people/ weight lifters that they do cardio before the weight session. That would be something you can learn yourself and then decide how u like it better :) xx

Ashleigh LeCount

Happy New Year!

Sarah Smith

The Adidas masks are great for physical activity! Plus they come in a pack of three. Highly recommend ?

Nudes Jenny


êLorsqu'unepilule qui donne aux utilisateurs cinq minutes de super pouvoirs inattendusarrives dans les rues de


공정한톰버르그룹의책임감있는제작。 √™タブレットがユーザーに5分を与えるとき
MIL GRASIAS POR TANTA BEYESAS I loro stati inrispettivcoverings
ライブ配信の再編ありがうで! 1万人てたもんね(笑)やっぱれる人参最高!まさかかのカラ切り忘者や


Oh yes, making this into a series sounds amazing! I also want ot go back to the gym so this is the perfect motivation for me :D

Ισμήνη Αναγνωστοπούλου

What's your zodiac??

ug S lerinFabb

You can get more info about me on my channel ?? ??❤️

Liz Anderson

Would love an update if you find out any better face masks for working out! I’m using the cotton ones right now, and I do find them more breathable but I am curious of others are actually better!

Jacey Harris

Coconut water powder is the best!!

Erin Harper

Love this!

Yolanda Chen [Books & Makeup]

can't wait for your fitness related content!

Natálie Marecová

Love you so much ❤️ saying hi from Czech Republic and wishing a happy and healthy new year ?

Jalysvette Crocker

Excited about the fitness content. Thanks Melissa!!

Marcella Bell

hey girl, are you located in calgary?

az F Mraztagl

Very happy ?? ??♥️❤️

Sara Hum

I want to go back to the gym as well!!
The build protien bars arent my fav, they have so much sugar and they contian sugar alcohol as well.

Janka Aisha Kovács

I started to go back to my routine in the end of summer. I tried pole dance in the first time and finally I found a good pilates teacher and I loved all of it. Guess what 1 week later EVERYTHING were shut down. Gyms, restaurants, bars are closed . We can’t leave our home between 8pm to 5am (you need to have a certificate from your workplace to go to work). We have to wear a mask even in open public places. Its sad. :( I try to support my gyms to attend online classes but its not the same :(

Shannon K.

The bars look so good! I've not seen them in Germany yet ? I wish our gyms were open, I miss going so much! I love these types of vlogs, it's so motivating ??

Shannon Gona

I recently purchased some Built Bars and was thoroughly impressed by flavor and texture ... may have already ordered again ?

Lindsey Murphy

yesterday was the first day i worked out in 2 months. I did full body strength monday and a hit/abs yesterday I am so so sore today thought on if I should workout today or take a rest day bc I can barely sit on the toilet LOL


I’m looking forward to the fitness content. I just started back into my routine last week and need motivation to keep it going!

Charlotte Fang

Get the Uniqlo mask! They are the best!

Eva Antonia

Yay, a new video ❤️?

Adriana Luciani

LOL #getjacked2021 .. I’m on my own personal journey and sharing it on YouTube ❤️ recovery for eating disorders!

Sara Ribeiro

What’s the reference of your sports bra from lorna jane ? Thanks xx


try inserting a mask guard! it doesn't compromise the effectiveness of the mask, it just prevents the mask from getting sucked into your mouth when you are heavy breathing. there's a ton on amazon for like $10! it is truly a game changer

dominika. kras

I'm with you #getjacked2021 ??? can't wait for your fitness content:) it will help a lot of people♡


Good luck with your goals - fitness and whatever else - in 2021, Mel! You will kill it ?

Parvin S

Love your videos!Wish you interacted more with your subscribers!

Claire Sauzel

Gyms have been closed since September in France its CRAZY!

Ayla Saxton

Happy New Year! ? ? ?
Have an Amazzing 2021 ?
Xo lots of lOVE from Australia