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How to Kettlebell Clean in 3 Steps

How to Kettlebell Clean in 3 Steps16 Mar. 2016
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Kettlebell cleans can be

Kettlebell cleans can be difficult to learn and master, but this 3 step process can help improve your cleans quickly.



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Painted Byrd

Perfect tutorial. Finally got it after watching this. Thank you.

John M

some of the best kettlebell instruction on the toob, thanks man


Do you have a ckean and press video?

HOW TO Kettlebell Clean In Slow-mo EXTREMELY DETAILED

HOW TO Kettlebell Clean In Slow-mo EXTREMELY DETAILED9 Jun. 2018
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There simply is no other

There simply is no other free video available that goes into this much detail about the kettlebell clean. The video demonstrates just one of the many cleans covered in our book and online course, the most common clean, the swing clean.

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Amazing. Thank you so much. What is the song playing? Title and artist please.

danny kolasinski

awesome. helpful. thanks.


The best visual explanation. Could you do the same for the snatch?

Awais Muzaffar

Excellent video!

Akshay Badakere


Shelby V


Juan Manuel Rodríguez Navarro


Steve Cotter Kettlebell Clean Instructional Video

Steve Cotter Kettlebell Clean Instructional Video8 Jul. 2008
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Steve Cotter's

Steve Cotter's instructional on the Clean using Russian Kettlebells is just one small example of the extensive Clean Techniques shown on the original Encyclopedia Of Kettlebell Lifting Series One, available now at http://www.shihan.com

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Punisher MK

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Thanks for posting these videos! Steve's helped me learn the more difficult moves since I've started using kettlebells. There is so much bad info about kettlebells out there, so it's great that Steve's videos are here. He's one of only a few people whose media I trust (Pavel and Lurie), but he's the only one that has so much for free online. I'll buy one of his DVDs soon, however, as a way to have it all together in one place.

Hugabongga Bong

This is gem! Thanks for the great pointers!

k ma

I still don't get how to slip your hands in like a glove while swinging the kettlebell back like that.  When I do this it slams into my wrist/forearm.  THe ifrst time I did this it totally trashed my watch...  FUBAR!!!!!!!!!!


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Sir, you are an excellent instructor. Thank you.

Гиревой спорт Мозырь



thank you

Neal Fassnacht

Good video - thanks.

Cory H

Excellent directions! My forearms were getting a bit sore..

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I like this technique for the clean. Efficient. However, i have seen many clean techniques which are more like one arm swings...


Yes I agree cant even believe it. we must kill the bad fat and belly first to get the 6 pack. And I saw an interview with body building champion where he talks about 7 odd foods he eats to keep his abs hard. worth watch here now bit.ly/1eZPU6U?=hkmjp


give me a clue, what record label?


Any true Hip-Hop fans. This man has almost the exact same voice as which quality emcee??


I've been avoiding cleans because my technique was uncomfortable.  I followed your video and now my technique feels good.  Cheers, mate.


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R Becker

Since I'm a martial artist I might consider banging up my forearms the hard way :D

Gael Gundin Guevara

Great video! Clear and effective

Riley McFadden

I was having trouble with this and I go to a class, the way you explained it made a lot of sense and helped me, thanks


Exactly what I was looking for


This was great, thanks! I really improved my clean. The most helpful part, for me, was seeing how the bell lined up on your side (from the side view angle). I'm now bringing it in more and having greater stability, also I am able to move up to my heavier bell and not have it hurt my forearm and wrist.

Oggie Marinski

awesome explanation. love it. thank you so much.

Nero Angelo

Thanks!! Seriously! LIKE!! 5 STARS!! whatever!! You rock!


You can see that he's been practicing CMA. He's way of teaching is similar to the one good wushu instructors use (like Zhu Hong from Beijing Sport University)

Greg Ory

V shred actually knows how to do it properly, dont waste my time with satire


At first I thought it was Matt Damon and he was pissed and it was like in a movie where he can see me and shit... but it actually turned out to be a good video I can't really make fun of! Tired of all the other videos with so much introduction before they actually execute the move.


I wanna look like that!


I think he bought them at Walmart.

domenico bolognese

thanks to this video I can actually clean my kettlebell very easily with a very smooth and "clean" movement. Is that normal to loose the contact arm/hip compared to the swing for example ?

sammy j

wow amazing instruction ive been doing it the bad way for a long time thank you for posting

Tony Jelev

Thumbs up for this video


Excellent! Thank you for posting this.

Indika Perera

The best kettlebell instructor in internet.


Amazing, one of the most clear-cut explanations of the clean I have seen. All these videos are extremely helpful.


This is, of course, the MEN'S version of the clean. Women need to rack to the side, to avoid damaging the breasts. Counteract by jutting the hip a bit so as to not wrench the wrist or arm, as Steve says. Good video!

si t

I don't have a kettelbell can I use dumbbell ?

Ken Brooks

Thanks. I've recently added the KB clean & press to a full body circuit. This is the best instructional video on the KB hang clean I've seen yet. I was committing the errors of swinging the bell too far out in front, allowing the bell to wind up too far outside my shoulder, & flipping the bell into my forearm ( I quickly thought to remove my watch!) . Could any of these bad form moves contribute to the pain in my right hand along the pinky finger edge to the wrist? Keep the posts coming.

Max 420



so, its not false if you do let the KB hit you forearm? or does it damage the joints somehow?

Arko Day

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Joe G

this guy looks like john cena

eillene moore

Thank you. I had been making the common error of slamming the KB into my wrist and didn't know how to correct it. Your instruction is gold! Thank you again


My Forearms thank you for this video!


Thanks for the great tips. Especially the "glove slipping." I try these for the first time today, and I think I way accidentally doing right on some of my reps. But I was getting tired of that "banging the forearm."


Ha, I'm going to be bouncing kettle bells off the walls at my gym. When they ask me WTF I'm doing, I'll just reference them here.

Pradeep Ghuge

Thanks a lot,throughly explained


These are some of the best kettlebell instructional videos on youtube. Mr. Cotter really goes into great detail, awesome stuff!


Great Video and Tutorial on Kettlebell Clean, Started serious last week when i got my own Kettlebell in Birthday Present and now trying to "Master" the movements of the different Kettlebell Exercises. Following a Workout i found and with 2hSwing,Clean,Snatch,Press,Squat,2hswing and repeat 3 times 30 sec train 30 sec rest 120 sec rest after each of all those i wrote up there and redo it 3 times


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I like your guns. Hey my kettlebell hits me on the back of hand when i finish clean. I also feel that my abs work as well during clean. What kettlebells are those, dragoondoor? Thanks your video helps.


Those shoulders should have their own ID card

Jixuan Cheng

Really good! Thank you

Jose Rodriguez

Very thorough and precise explanation. Thanks 4 da video.

Ivan Milovanovic

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lundie svenssen

Excellent form and great advice!

Eddie Alvarez

Nicely Instructed!!! Thanx STEVE!!!!!!

Sudip Bhattarai

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Rizwan Ibrahim

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Very clear explanation!

DimmuBurger King

interesting practice item..watch out for hernia though :)