How heavy is a punching bag

whats really in a punching bag

whats really in a punching bag3 Dec. 2019
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Have you ever thought

Have you ever thought whats in an actual heavy bag or how it's made. This is a question that continually in my messages. I've never actually had the opportunity to watch a complete heavy bad filled until this video. After asking a few other professional fighters, they haven't either. I was told that back in the day the bags were filled with straight sand. I'm very curious if they still make heavy bags with sand.

If you have questions like this or anything else fight related or not, post it or message me so i can get to getting it for you if you laying down what im picking up...

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You put any sand bags in it?

Punching Bag for Autism Aggression

Punching Bag for Autism Aggression5 Oct. 2018
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The boys (and parents)

The boys (and parents) take out some aggression on this new punching bag, thanks to the suggestion of some of our subscribers.

People have asked how they can help and the only thing we currently have set up is our PayPal: [email protected] ...but no pressure! We aren't asking for charity. Totally up to you, the viewer. Thank you.

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AMAZING Benefits of Hitting a Punching Bag

AMAZING Benefits of Hitting a Punching Bag4 Feb. 2020
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10 amazing ways your body

10 amazing ways your body learns, grows and responds.



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Muscle mass gain through bag work is not gonna happen lol EVER