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Kristen Live, beautiful American model, fashion and with good music on Instagram in HD.

Kristen Live, beautiful American model, fashion and with good music on Instagram in HD.29 Dec. 2020

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Dear friends, in this opportunity, we present to Kristen Live a beautiful American modell, who has an account on instagram so you can visit her: kristenlive

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- Calling, by Thefatrat feat Laura Brehm

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Estimados amigos en esta oportunidad, les presentamos a Kristen Live una hermosa modelo American, la cual tiene una cuenta en Instagram para que puedan visitarla: kristenlive

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- Calling, by Thefatrat feat Laura Brehm

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Comments (2)
Davi Pantoja

Beautiful princess perfect and wonderful ❤ I love you my angel ❤ kiss love of my Life ❤❤❤

Darius Carpenter

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Living Kristen Live: Season 1, Episode 2

Living Kristen Live: Season 1, Episode 227 Apr. 2020
17 013
Kristen LiveSubscribe 438 721

Kristen Live and Friend

Kristen Live and Friend Jaclyn Jelena explore Venice Beach and Santa Monica California

Comments (23)
Pedro Jesús Salazar Delgado

that video is before covid-19? Kristen, marry me♥️??

staytru fitness

That was an exciting ass 3 mins felt like two days action packed good job

Mike Diaz

omg at firat sight i thought you were my beautiful woman but then i realized imma be single for the rest of my life lol but naa new to the channel keep it up hope to see more of ya' and yes as you know u are amazingly beautiful ✨?

Don Dada NYC

I love you ?

Amr Ahmed

How old is she?

Ellis Hunter

Great job. You preparing for a bigger tv show or movie?


Your too cute not to record in 4k ?

hazlee seruji

Pls make your vids longer. Love the quality and you're a great host!


You are amazing kristen keep it up love you.


i figured you were like 5'7/5'8ish and jackie was like 5'3/5'4ish so when i saw you ladies next to each other it threw me off haha

Kimi b

Very sexy girls

Carlos Rodriguez



bikiki please... i love you


Ur right..i hate paper straws aswell?

Daved Rivero

Eres la mujer mas bella del planeta tierra me enamoré de ti desde el primer momento en que te vi

Mustak Ahamad

Send your Instagram id


You are so fine ?


Nice ?

Eliud Blanquicet

Excelent ♥️♥️


It's edited and shot like i am watching a reality tv show on netflix ? digging the production and keep up the good work.. Kristen ?..⚘


How tall are u and Jackie

Mac Mac

When you coming back to LA

People LG


Ken Instagram - SNL

Ken Instagram - SNL20 Jan. 2019
3 104 456

New interns (Rachel

New interns (Rachel Brosnahan, Heidi Gardner, Pete Davidson) pitch captions for Ken's Instagram account.

#RachelBrosnahan #GretaVanFleet #SNL #SNL44

Subscribe to SNL: https://goo.gl/tUsXwM

Stream Current Full Episodes: http://www.nbc.com/saturday-night-live

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Comments (100)
Robert Lee, Countertenor

Kenan has no ability to do any other voice than the one he always does

Samuel Boynes

How is Ken taking a selfie while holding his cell phone in the picture ?


So wtf happened to Bernard? Travis is an imposter!

Mooney 011

0:56 the first thing I thought of was “ help , I’ve fallen and I can’t get up “

Bumbie Boo

Kens wallet LOL


Just cuz I'm bored these are the captions I would've suggested:

Pic 1: "I'm having a pretty chill day today, wbu?"

Pic 2 (based off what Travis said): "I got my girl (who you may recognize ?) a macaroon and we had a nice snack together, we really have a nice thing going, I hope everyday is like this, even if it may just seem like just another day of us going to this place to any of you ?"

Pic 3: "This party is lit ?"

Sin Archer

Okay, I'm invested now. What the Hell is under the jacuzzi?!?


How did those two come back? I thought they were let go the first time.


Ken says, “ I am in control. Your dreams don’t matter. I want to sweep your life into my agenda.”

Chris Marple

Without Michael glover this isn’t the same just take out whoever the girl in the middle is and put Michael glover back

Xo_ SunnyPixels _oX

Y’know, I was re-visiting Barbie in the Dreamhoise and

Ken’s probably NOT into Barbie..........

Ron B.

i use to live next door to Barbie, Ken never liked being outdoors.

Qin Shi

We’re balls

Alzbeta Lilly Krijtová

Kenan’s tone during “girl, listen to me” Killed me

Sophie Desenberg

I want to work there ???

Brittany Honaker

So for the captions first one I would think the caption would be I’m so sexy Barbie is lucky to have a boy with such a hot body second one on a date with my babe Barbie third one wow what a great party so what captions would you use if you were in this skit

Mike Poker

Kenan's name was Bernard is the Barbie one. now it's Travis. that's annoying.

Darkb4light 06

Not watched SNL in ages...this is the 4th Barbie sketch I've seen...what was up with them goofing on Barbie? Lol


GIRL. You listen to me.

Irina Sanchez

Who cares about barbie anymore! Bring back EAH and MH!!!!

Krystal Rossi

Ken looks like the ultimate CHAD in that selfie picture.


"I. Know. What's. Under. The. Jacuzzi."

Unboxing Unicorns

I love how they made these photos less high quality over the barbie Igram pics xD

Jack Sterling

I know I’m super late on this but JESUS KEENAN LOST WEIGHT and looks damn good!


Ken, whose name is written in pink all over these plastic walls?

I died

Hali Marlow

When did Ken become blonde??

Holly Wilt

Pic 1: keeping up on my girls insta
Pic 2: coffee date
Pic 3: partying with the love of my life

Matthew Scott

I think Victoria (the one in black) needs a prescription for Prozac ASAP. ? ?

Bryan Gayo

This story of Barbie is like a twisted episode of The Black Mirror.

Filip Koz

No one:
Not a single soul:
Me thinking to myself in the middle of the night: Why was Ken taking a selfie but then the photo was from an entirely different angle? 0.o


They missed a great oppurtunity to call it a Ken-stagram

Alex Braun

Really clever... loved it

Mike Normandy

I F*cking Love Heidi...

Ana Hernandez González

We haven't seen Kelly since the Swans Lake so...

Marianita Bustos

If Ken is taking a selfie, who took the picture of him taking the selfie???

Rigby Shaun


Toes Rkool

“Ken I get a selfie!?”

Reyna Lindström

Kenan Thompson is så fucking handsome in this episode!! my friend Sandra (23 years old)
and I think so,but we don't like the glasses on him.Is he really born on 1978?! Love from Sweden!

Bieassia Law

Ken is gay that’s why Barbie dumped his ass


Ken is there is actually good


"morning iced whatevers and doughy breakfast bready things" ?

Anemic Supersonic

Wait! Which day of never-tober?
Cuz I’mma have a thing?

lili klein

“I think it’s night behind me; I should tell the raccoon.” ??

Armando Antunez

Who da hell designed that Ken? He’s as gay as a daffodil ??‍♂️

Victor Coutinho

I miss donald glover... Too bad what happened to him in that accident 4 years ago in front of barbie's dreamhouse... I think he was trying to tell me something


Plot twist: the girl from four years ago is buried under the Jacuzzi


I was binge watching SNL video for a laugh but this made me remember the story of a 6 year old who was killed and her body hid under the jacuzzi.... now Im back at being depressed.


Barbie got dark ?

Daniel Clarke

I love it how the blonde girl always looks dead behind the eyes

Brian Scalabrine

I miss Donald Glover

Qin Shi

Eat the god dame angels food

Shin Lee

Goddamn. I thought that was Katie McGrath.

Qin Shi

Mr virgin


I thought that was Bernard, not Travis

Rex Ian Pahang

Donald Glover =(

freak with a pen

I can't help but feel that a good caption for the cell phone picture might be how the hell am I taking a selfie when my cell phone is over here and not pointed towards a mirror of any kind


Wow I love this ❤

Lyra Nigel

Man i really love the dark captions, theyre so imteresting

Charlotte Lennon Plant

Dark haired lady needs a Wattpad account.

Morteza Pishnamazi

Why Heidi's roles are all dumb?


snl has sucked for a very long time. this shit is light years from funny

that's random


Krisan Gordon

What is under the Jacuzzi?

rc send 16

Uh, girlyoulistentomeeeee


We all know what is under the JACCUZI , ts the girl from 4years ago


Heidi is hilarious

courtney and rick babrie series


Stephanie Clark

Deirdre‘s fashion is popping

Megan Arnold

What is under Barbies jacuzzi?

Tim Possible

All of Ken's captions would have rainbow emojis and pride hashtags

AwesomeAlicia AB

see ya'll on the 36th of nev-


Ken has legitimate criticisms ❤

Nao Roddy

Ken is barbie's brother ha

Ron the queen

Ok but like what time on the 36th of Nevertober?

Rhiannon Leigh

Omg I love snl “it’s almost not night anymore”

Aew Fan_37

I want to see these people’s actual Instagram


“ You’re lucky I don’t put you outside with the raccoon “ ???

Go Flex

He's right. Ken's not there its Ellen.

Abby F.

A photo of you taking a selfie, iconic


Does the raccoon have an insta?

Malu Barroso Cruz

Damm, I was so invested in the glasses' chick storyline. It was so Gone Girl. What was under the jacuzzi?

Jingle Studios official

I got a Barbie ad for this, more prove that YouTube isn’t just automation

Mckenzie .Latham

Yes focus groups usually are this stupid.

George Tashjian

The maddening gas subsequently coil because octave italy note than a lucky cut. sneaky, next season


You can tell Pete was pissed she didn’t let his last punchline hit she cut it off. Bad timing on her part

Kedis Stouthammer

I love the 36th of Nevertober

Forbes Hoon

Damn, Keenan’s been losing weight!


" Deirdraaaaa... help me wither my furyyyyyyy... " ???

hopeless heathen

The real problem is someone took a picture of ken taking a selfie it should just be a selfie of ken

Soy Panda

Ken is... Gay

Vanesa Venditti

The first caption should totally be: Ken we take a selfie?

Laura Moody

Rachel Brosnahan is eeeeeeverything in this lol

Panda Jay Studios

So he's taking a picture of him taking a picture how is he doing that if he has his phone in his hand

Amanda Croft

Ok I would love an episodic murder mystery delivered in the captions of barbies social media posts

Lila `

Who is Travis, his name is Bernard and he has a heart condition

Ich Bin

Okay, but how does Victoria know there will be a picture of a party beforehand?!




Me, Barbie, and.. a baby raccoon..!

lulu woods

So Ken is in a abusive relationship? Suddenly, my world makes more sense!

Stella Conlon

“Sex but only implied”, should be the slogan of every Disney channel show and movie ever...