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Nikoi's FIRST Gymnastics Competition and Tayden's FIRST Time Snowboarding 2019!

Nikoi's FIRST Gymnastics Competition and Tayden's FIRST Time Snowboarding 2019!28 Jan. 2019
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Nikoi had her very first

Nikoi had her very first gymnastics competition EVER where she competed against other teams in her age group. Tayden went snowboarding for the first time in 2019 and for the season.

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Matt Slays and Rebecca Zamolo trying Gymnastics With The Bratayley's, Jojo Siwa & Hayden Summerall!

Matt Slays and Rebecca Zamolo trying Gymnastics With The Bratayley's, Jojo Siwa & Hayden Summerall!12 Apr. 2017
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Rebecca and I were able to

Rebecca and I were able to spend the day at the gym with the Bratayley, JoJo and Hayden Summerall.

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Jackson Li

Excuse me what the BEEP!
Imma go die in a hole now

ca t

I would like this vid but jojo is in there soooooo.....yeah

lady k

ewwwww nope she can't do it




I know it’s 1 year later but I miss Hayden he’s in heaven...

Jane Elmes

My birthday ? is today can I get 10,000 likes

Jess Guest

Hayden is really cute

Alexis Stahl

Hi Matt and Rebecca I love you so much

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I miss this intro ?

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I love ojoj siwa so much

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hello people

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Rebeca zamolo is the best

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Rebecca should do more gymnastics videos

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Great video


Omg Hayden’s voice is so Squeaky


Anyone here after the break up/2019

carrie allen

Hayden:lets push Hailey in instead of Matt

Hailey: push Matt back in... Hayden help help

Me: ain't nobody gonna help you

Lily Is awesome

Hey did you guys get your message today
did you get your car back to your house ?
Or did you guys do it and did you win ??‍♀️

Chrilisa Henry

Chicken girls

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who is watching this in 2020 i am

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Oh my gosh Matt you need to cut your hair very well even though you have long hair

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Rebecca zamolo

Bombochelos_dogs Romo

I do gymnastic

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do more gymnastic challenges

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Matt: you think it's talent but its just Rebecca

Me:its Just Talent

Adelyn Cantrell

who is watching this the day before thanks giving i am

John /kaylee Peterson/petersen

I am a student of Xhikd Psyche and the best is when I am doing research and happen across a family with so much creativity and love for each other. You all make the world a little brighter

Mandy Johnston

1:22 r.i.p Hayden

Kelly Hohenstein

I love JoJo Siwa she is the best girl I love you JoJo Siwa

Rainbow__Sparkles /Cupcake

Omg! Love your intro! ??

Catherine Alexandra

I miss Annie’s gymnastics days


Hang on if you and Rebecca are married then why are you Matt slays and she’s Rebecca zamolo

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Never mind I tHought this was bertallys channle lol

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Jojo was on dance moms so go check that out

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I have a crush on him

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I do

Anabel Custodio

Rebecca i am a big fan

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Love u... Make more videos with Hayden and Annie.... Plz they make me happyw

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I love brat tv

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2019 anyone?

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??? peanut and Black Jack

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Or JoJo likes Hayden

Ismail Haliti


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by the way, press R for respect

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2020 anyone ?

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Why are the comments always off not trying to hate I love ya but just asking

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Jojo. Is. The. Best. Girl

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Did you know that Annie LeBlanc and Hayden Summerall is boyfriend and girlfriend.

Grasso Family


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Uer is iur gimnastic


Watched all of your videosI I love Matt and Rebecca

Anabel Custodio

I like you Rebecca so much??

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the videos not even on here anymore they poseted the video that they were filming while mking this and it's not youtube anymore!!!!

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at palau

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Hi how are

haydens gymnastics

haydens gymnastics19 Feb. 2012
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