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20 Minute Sweaty Standing Workout No Jumping/ Intense Beginner Workout ? 180 Calories ?

20 Minute Sweaty Standing Workout No Jumping/ Intense Beginner Workout ? 180 Calories ?10 Feb. 2021
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This sweaty standing workout no jumping burns a ton of calories and will definitely make you sweat.

It has exercises you've probably never done before and they work every muscle in your body.

I recommend doing this workout at least 3 times before trying a different workout.

Even though this standing workout is intense, it's ideal for beginners.

Enjoy the sweaty standing workout no jumping.

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רות בראל

אני אוהבת את מה שאתה עושה ונהנת, תודה רבה.

Cristina Santos

Awesome video. Keep up the variety!

anju bansal

Thank you dear ❤️

Emma Nyamweya

Thanks for this, I love the time bar that you have introduced please retain it.

rachitha KS

Love this workout. Thank you so much.

Zümrüd .


firstborn Love

Thanks great workout ??

Leona Togbah

Am right on it, thank you.

Маргарита Чумакова

Хорошая тренировка

Jean Daniels

Love this work-out

celine mazzola

Super , beautiful workout . No other words just thank you Brian.

David David

Awesome ???

Tricia Bailey

Loveeeeeeeee your workouts, I have started with you since get go. One suggestion is when i shared your videos with my friend mainly newbies to workouts they keep asking 'he doesn't a alternative for a new person and that's a big turn off for them. So maybe you can incorporate that in the box for next move coming up ????? but good job and keep them coming

Bernard Gervais

So much content! Thank you so much. Down 150 pounds!

Роман Онопко


Maha Sanjari

Thank you Brian for the Brilliant workouts;)

A.C Body Project

Loved!! Thank you!♡♡♡♡♡

Veronica Zuniga

Thank you, for your help, Brian, greetings from Honduras

MB Love G

Thank you so much Brian!!!! I enjoy your video


Thank you Brian! This was the first workout of my day. Feeling better now.

Martha Videll

Usted es FANTASTICO! Gracias

patricia dejohn

Thanks so much for this beginners workout. I have been following but had to take breaks with the other exercise because I am new to this. So happy I finish this one without stopping!!


Another great workout ?


Brian thanks you are "au top" and I feeling good for all m'y day! Un coucou de France et prenez soin de vous !
Virginie de france

2000 Steps Walking Workout/ 20 Minute Intense Walking Exercise for Weight Loss

2000 Steps Walking Workout/ 20 Minute Intense Walking Exercise for Weight Loss12 Jan. 2021
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This 2000 steps walking workout was fun and I hope you'll enjoy it. I walked a total of 2,594 steps in this workout and burned 203 calories.

Keep in mind that calorie burning continues even after completing the workout, which means you might end up burning more than 400 calories.

You'll be surprised how effective walking in place is if you do the right type of exercise. This walking exercise at home even tones your arm muscles.

Move fast throughout the workout and make sure you're performing the exercises correctly.

Enjoy the 2000 steps walking workout.

Comments (18)
Pamela kumalo

Thank you for the work out clips...

Yessica Goldemberg

genius!!!!!!! love you brian!!!!

Ms Virgo69

Can't wait to start this exercise! Thanks new subbie!!

Mala Maurer

Fantastic non-stop endurance workout ? Thank you for creating this Brian!!


So happy I found a workout with only music and no talking!! I'm a new subscriber today!

Gabi Arenkens

I like your workouts and that you don't talk all the time ?


Excellent, excellent work out to substitute steps outside!!!

C Her

I like using 2 or 3 pounds weights too! Thanks!



Anya B

Might I make a suggestion...
Please make the music match the workout. It's hard to follow. I went with the music, but I know I didn't do as much as you expected. Had the music matched your pace, this would have been a killer workout.

Good luck to you and thank you for posting!

Wanda Hails

Another great workout Brian!

shelby young

love this man tyt big btime

Melissa Stamps

very nice! Good music!

Pilar Garcia

I am an old woman and has a knee surgery but never give up, try to golpe you my way abd like the music, so adecuate for the workout, thank you Brian,
Sorry but my english is not good (learning right now).
Un abazo?

Robyn Tattersall

My heart rate at 16mins in was 114 using my 0.5kg hand weights ✅


Thanks Brian!

Marie Muluka

Woow! Nice.

celine mazzola

Just did it , with my step counter 2651 steps! Nice . I like this steps walking challenge . It will be perfect with the other posted workout . Thanks so much Brian .

Cooking with Nora: Pickling (Focus Fitness Challenge Weekly Recipes)

Cooking with Nora: Pickling (Focus Fitness Challenge Weekly Recipes)10 Feb. 2021

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Thanks for watching! Nora practices all week for her videos so she is excited to have viewers.

Comments (2)
Danny McKeever

Oh my god!!! This wrecks my heart!! So adorable!!!


I love these videos! Nora is so adorable and funny. A star in the making ❤