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'Supergirl’s' New Star Nicole Maines Talks Growing Up Transgender

'Supergirl’s' New Star Nicole Maines Talks Growing Up Transgender11 Oct. 2018
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In her first talk show

In her first talk show appearance ever, “Supergirl” actress Nicole Maines talked with Ellen about being the first transgender superhero on TV, and the difficulties she had to overcome both at home and at school.




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jerrod artis

So with doing things little by little, does she get surgery early on as a little child? What steps did/does she take to transition? Just curious if anyone knows.

Kaileigh Evans

I'm just said nia nall and brainy broke up

puput lsa



Beautiful inside and out.

Miguel Garcia

Hey Nicole, Anna kendrick is from maine

Nervosa Thrash México

Ellen is so discounting

Jessica Jimenez Lovato

I'm so in love with her, she's so beautiful, my queen

Dulce Muñoz

She's so beautiful ??

Daniel Eriksen

So which is she/he now? In this clip looks like girl. The comment about religious people being intolerant was not necessary because that itself is intolerant and non-inclusive. Everyone is different as she is saying. Keep it appropriate. Of course, gender is immutable except for rare cases of hermaphroditic. Other than that, in traditional societies a masculine woman and very effeminate man was perfectly acceptable without stretching the point to 'becoming' the other gender. Today we are too narrow and force everyone to role play something we are not. Got to get back to a balance.


She’s amazing. I just found out thru her story on IG about her background. She’s tough and I admire it

korvisca petrova

I've read her whole story.
It was really a struggle for her family to have her accepted in the society.

I'm so glad that her family supported and fought for her.
I cannot imagine what would have happened otherwise.


Y’all make this world ? go round and round

Leandré_ bts_army

I thoughg the transgender thing was just apart of her character in supergirl. Either way I'm happy for her.

Stan Smith

Boo! Get off the stage!

Calixto Duarte

Wow I did not know that ? but I love her any was

Comrade Carabao

I reckon her bullies see her now and regret how they acted; virtually any heterosexual man is going to think she's beautiful, even if some refuse to admit it.

Alfred Proffitt

Just dont join female sports and you will have my support and respect

oh no you found me

I like LOVE nicole so much she's awesome??

Gerard Albert Natan

Nia Nalllllll - Brainy

o a

No one should be bullied, but he’s not a ma’am? confusing?

your friendly neighbour


Neil Dougherty

Gender bender should be its super hero name

Mara Dillon

Anna Kendrick is from Maine

Nathan Mallory

Did anyone else hear Ellen call her an "Actor" how rude!

Jay Cougar

It's rare transwoman exactly the same as female voice.

Saanvi Sai

Btw, update, that little kid's grandfather was recently arrested (for another crime, but still).

Moscow Pang

Love you.

sprinkle alot

Yay and now ur famous and them dipshits are probably in dead end jobs


3 or 4 year olds ? That’s way too young to make radical decisions about yourself Jesus Christ

gabriella leonard

She said MOOSES Nicole oh sweetie ??

Samantha Gingco

she's amazing ?

Reba Pendleton

Supergirl brought me here wouldn’t have known?✨

It’s Makayla

now look at her now acting playing a big role on Supergirl

SephDaDuck ,

I wanted to write a whole story but long story short ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ here everyone, have some love.

Nathalie H

She is great and i am so happy to see her in Supergirl. Shame on those who bullies her befor.

Only mills

I love her so muchhh

Mega Mind

Began transitioning in FIRST GRADE????? HOW DO YOU GUYS NOT SEE ANYTHING WRONG WITH THIS?????????????????????

Jason D

I cant even tell she is transgender I cant believe she is a boy

John Lemuel Santiago

SHe has a twin that they are to boys but she thinks he should be a girl

Billey Winn bustos

Buen surte jovenes mujer

Damario Haynes

When I first seen Nicole I did'nt think she was trans at all. Just thought she was born a woman with no transformation.

Less Is More

Wow she's trans for REAL? And not just in show

Emmanuel Makoba

"Assigned male" Smh

Miguel Alerta

I actually thought that CW got a biologically female actress to play a transgender role in Supergirl


Is Nicole a model?

Victoria Osorio

She seems a little like Hailee Steinfeld


Shes beautiful.

Judd C

Is wyatt able to have children? Able to have periods? There is nothing wrong with these questions, its something men in dresses should be able to answer.

nataliecunningham29 challenges and more!

Nicole Maine's ricks

Chill Out Room

Deymn Dis Quenn Is slayin it


Funny looking creature

Shrödinger Kat

Didn't know she was trans in real life. You go girl.

Millie Lach

Woah she shared her dead name
That takes guts girl I admire you so much

Nicole Maines Israel

I love Nicole Maines.

אני אוהבת את ניקול מיינס

Robin C

Americans generally accept Transgender. But you people don't accept Transage / Transnationality / Transrace / Transspecies .... =(

SephDaDuck ,

I wanted to write a whole story but long story short ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ here everyone, have some love.

Spider Rocket

This comment section restores my hope in humanity


I support her fully! She is amazing and such an inspiration! Love her so much!❤️?

Jaci Lynn

I love her so much ❤️❤️

Detective Pikachu

She is so beautiful

gabriella leonard

Nicole is such a cutie and I love the way she speaks on topics and adds humor to relate with the audience I love her so much ?

Brad Brown

This girl had played as DREAMER from Supergirl I totally love her like I love her ???????????????????????????????

Chief Juk

Wow i cant believe thats a dude

Augusto de Oliveira

I'm a Catholic and I approve this message. We need more Trans in Hollywood!

hiba ali

NIA NAL‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️

Isobel Casey

"on the way out the mooses get us" XD


Lol It


Peaples are involving alot now a days, just backwards

Matt Borel

Women are so stuck up and lauded after now guys are becoming women wanting the same attention. The world we live in...

Maggie James

I love that she felt comfortable enough to say her dead name. Not many trans people feel comfortable saying it out loud.

Triple X

You cant create gender out of a bottle
It doesn't work like captain America transition


Ew a transgender girl

C_Zor El

Be what you want to be girl.Even if its a tree??

The Gorilla Knight

So she a girl all her life and she got miss understood that she was called boy instead of girl?

Leaf Anew

He has a really long hair

ily famous

i love her ?

Rach D

I would have never guessed XD, she’s really amazing and I wouldn’t have known otherwise

Roddy Pedro Carbonell

3:23 It had to be a Christian this or Christian that.

Corrupt3d demon

The show Your not even a real woman

Me Agreed

R. A.

Gag reflex..perpetual

Nazain Bahadur

Ppl say ellen is funny,where?
She is sarcastic,dogmatic and seems like she is fighting with every single guest.


I know a guy who condemned his 2 middle school sons to years of bullying after he spent their college savings to chop his junk off. What a hero.

Elizabeth Godfrey

I think if this is real its bc of people playing God. Making babies in test tubes could of messed everything up

Brett Conlon

Is she in the show on Netflix?

nancy hassan

My story is similar to her i just was kicked out of my home country .

KC Wong


Whats Up Broda

I liked when I first start watching the show but after I found out she's trans I immediately stopped liking her and because I got disgusted.


Assigned male??? Born male


I'm crying because I find this so beautiful. Not only did her parents step up to the challenge, as best they could, but she's also showing so much maturity and empathy for her dad's process of accepting a new reality. This is so inspiring on so many levels!


Today then I know she was a boy, I was thinking this girl look pretty in supergirl cw series, she is biological boy take my mind away

Funk The Juice TV

Dellusional jsut like you.


She’s an actor....

Michelle Louise Davis

she still appears like a man to me and her femininity seems like an act as well, even when she's not on stage acting. her whole persona comes across as fake i still percieve her as male not female. maybe her parents wanted a girl and dressed her up and treated as a girl.

Kaylee Somthin

I almost broken my phone when I saw this
Favorite actor
In Ellen's show
And also melissa was there to but only supergirl stans can relate

SephDaDuck ,

I wanted to write a whole story but long story short ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ here everyone, have some love.

David Hodges

I grew up with autism, I know what it's like. But your doing great girl ??

In The Mix Radio

If youre born a man youre a man.

123 gamer *hi* gamer

He THINKS his a girl HE IS A BOY

King Brutus XXVI

Lots of comments about her use of "mooses" here. Having been born in Maine and educated around the world I've got to say... completely correct. "Mooses" is just too f*cking fun to say to NOT be correct. Come on, seriously, try saying it without smiling. You're welcome. ;-)


she is my favorite actress

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Xuereb J

I love you Daniel :)

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Oooh, He's gorgeous!!! I hear that Aisha!

Elaine Summy

Such a nice man!


i love HAWAII five-0

Daily Motion

LOL the woman that has a crush on Daniel Dae KIm ( Johnny Gat ) reminds me of Aisha

J Music 30

Lolz I love Julie. :)