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Gnc amp pure isolate big updation | isolate protein | supplements villa |

Gnc amp pure isolate big updation | isolate protein | supplements villa |21 Nov. 2019

आपका स्वागत है

आपका स्वागत है आपके अपने यूट्यूब चैनल पर जिसका नाम है SUPPLEMENTS VILLA यहाँ पर हम आपको DIETARY Supplements ( WHEY PROTEINS, MASS GAINERS, PRE WORKOUTS, POST WORKOUTS, BCAA, AMINOS, TEST BOOSTERS ETC ) से संबंधित हर एक जानकारी हर एक नॉलेज देते हैं जो आपके Supplements खरीदने में काफी मददगार साबित हो सकती है इसलिए आप हमारे चैनल को जरूर Subscribe कर लें हम आपके लिए Supplements से संबंधित videos लाते रहेंगे ??

धन्यवाद ?

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Comments (5)
balwant balwant

Bhai ultimate nutrition prostar ka price kya h

Reenu Nk

My 2 comments Bhai best information

Arun Kumar

First update video nice............. Please like this video

Priyanshu Sound

Nice sir ji ?

fitness review supplements

good night bhai


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Comments (21)
Jessica Babeu

Is this the stuff you gave me to try before?

Tony Ball

you better win this game in chel partner

zaldy m.

Which 1 is good for beginners and trying to loose belly fats lol thanks in advance

Fernando Gonzalez

How would you compare this to iso100 from dymatize ? I need more protein by tonight lol


I just bought the chocolate yesterday and I must say it tastes pretty good. Just wondering if it isn't 90% nestle quick? My trainer said he used to work at GNC and to be careful which 1 I buy.

Edgar Fernandez

Been using this for a while and hands down my fav protein to use

Jugg TV

Does it help you shed belly fat?

Eddrin Lollar

Should I Drink Before Or After Lifting Weights ?

Google User

what is the AMP bit about?

All About Boxing

Nice review bro, thanks a lot. I just picked up the strawberry and Vanilla Custard, they were buy one get one 50% off.


This is my first protein. Is it dumb to blend it the night before, keep it in the fridge, then actually use it in the morning after I lift?

Angie Lynn

It’s working for gain weight?


does the vanilla flavor taste good?


Soybean is in it yall


You are crazy on the taste, i tried cookies and cream and it was horrible. Thank god GNC will do returns/exchanges, went back and got the chocolate... much better. To each their own i guess.

Jakub Rosman

This is definitely the best tasting powder I’ve had; the vanilla tastes like cake batter.
However, the 25g of protein/scoop thing seems a bit misleading. The analysis breakdown says it has 17g of your typical amino acids that you’d find in a shake, 5g of BCAAs, and 1g of creatine. I’m not accusing them of spiking, but wouldn’t the creatine and BCAAs count for your total protein for your macros? I’m still a bit clueless when it comes to protein. I’ve always just had plain whey protein with no creatine, so I don’t know if I should count the creatine for my macros.

Melissa Montoya

Big brother it is Bella I love you so much

Sik-k Trash

Just bought this kinda of sketchy about it. Need to build muscle on my legs and thighs but need to lose my belly fat. I exercise every morning. Will this work for me?

jessica gonzalez

Is this to gain weight ? Or to loose weight and gain muscle ? Lol

iker marquez

Is it ok if I only use 6fl oz of water after my workout, because I have the same protein as him but in the back of the protein it says use 6fl oz of water or anything else. So should I drink 12 or 6 fl oz

Beau Burris

Wait, which gnc do you work at? I just bought this today and you look exactly like the guy who sold it to me lmao

Supplement Reviews Episode #9 - GNC Pure Isolate

Supplement Reviews Episode #9 - GNC Pure Isolate25 Mar. 2019
3 025
AVS FitnessSubscribe 438 721

A few thoughts on the GNC

A few thoughts on the GNC Pure Isolate chocolate frosting flavor! Stay tuned for exercises to grow your traps and a lower body workout!

Comments (2)
Fernando Gonzalez

Do you recommend this or the dymatize iso100?

Gareth Bretton

when you need some more lifestyle fitness vlogs, i got you cause this was great brother! thanks for sharing!