Little toe pain


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Dr. Todd surgically

Dr. Todd surgically corrects a painful tailor's bunion. Dr. Todd Brennan of healthy feet podiatry fixes a bunion at the base of the little toe which is also known as a Tailor’s bunion. This type of bunion is a bump on the side of the foot at the base of the little toe. It can be corrected surgically or an injection of Cortizone can be put into the bunion on the side of the foot. Usually the bone on the side of the foot is shaved down with a surgical blade to remove the bone spur on the side of the foot. A Tailor’s bunion can be very painful when there is pressure on the side of the foot and pressure from the bunion in a closed in shoe. Sometimes there is a red lump or a red bump on the side of the foot which is an indication of inflammation of the bunion joint.

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Margie B

Great surgery Dr. Todd! ❤️

Keith Lewis

Thanks, I think I can do this to my foot at home now with my dremel.

Marta Ferreira

Boa tarde aqui do Brasil

Tammy Elizabeth

Those are the cutest little retractors

Debra McFadden

I have bad bunions painful on both feet!!!! If you seen a X-ray of them you’d say Holy S*(= !!!! ??


Is this basically the same way it would be done for a bunion on the side of the big toe?

ideana gomez

That was a great surgery loved it. ?❤️

Kim Lugo

Just wish you would have left the video intact without speeding it up

Karen M

Was it my imagination or did the suture line look quite wrinkled? Should he have removed some skin to have the scar lie flat? Seems that a wrinkled scar would be almost as irritating as a bunion...

Villanelle Polastri

Another sterling job by the HFP team. You guys rock.

Sandi Morris

Very interesting.

Sandra McDowell

It appeared to be a big problem, but you handled it so well!! Quick recovery to the patient... Great job!

Laura Gadille

Is this Pt awake or put to sleep?

Gail Gober

Good job Dr.Todd....and I could hear you speaking!! Good going?????

Billy Graham


Monica Eastman

Awesome job!! Thank you for sharing!! Hopefully the patient will recover quickly and be back on his feet in no time.


Looking forward to seeing more of your work. This was very cool.

Pam Coleman

Dr Todd, what an amazing surgeon you are!

Debra McFadden

Love your videos!!!!!!!!!! ?

Marta Ferreira

Are medica não seria meu forte,deu desespero só de assistir,kkkkk

Mia's Eclectic Cuisine

That's was awesome. Thanks!

José Sánchez

Great job! It shows that you pay attention to every little detail of the surgery.

Jenni Lang

That pic!!!????
Looks like Dr. Leo barrrrreeeeeely had on a tailored suit!!!???

George Baron

Where would a procedure like this be performed, at the Drs. office, or in a hospital OR? Is this ambulatory, or does it require a hospital stay?
Great video, BTW!

Kathy Harrington

Great video Dr. Todd. I get tired of ingrown toenails. I had a failed bunion surgery because of the density loss of my bones.

Denise Bohnke

Your surgery is fascinating!

Alicia Smith

Why is it called the tailor bunion? Great job with the surgery doctor! That resident is learning from the best!!!!

Garth Leadon

You mean to tell me that you have a babe working with you that resembles Taylor Swift? Hot Damn dude you are one lucky dude!!! Dude!!!!

Suzan Rudulph

Never knew of this type of procedure. Thank you. Very informative as well as educational.


How much does this type of surgery cost?


Is it still considered blunt dissection if the resident is using scissors to actually clip and cut?


In Denmark you Will use a leeg. Tjek out ekstrabladet.dk ?

Julie R

Thanks for letting us see into the OR. Love to see your operations. And love that you guys are teaching residents. Excellent surgery! ❤️???

Coralie Webster

Anything concerning sawing away at bones or joints really makes me cringe! Is surgery like this part of podiatry training or is it a different qualification? Thanks for a really interesting video x

Brittany Gulker

Brave patient to have elective surgery in July haha
Did he have general anesthesia or procedural sedation?

Gloria Paddock

Awesome to watch.??????❤️❤️

nina Beluska

I love this chanel

Betty Babberl

Fascinating! Awesome job! ?

Avoid This Running Problem - Physical Therapy for Lateral Foot Pain

Avoid This Running Problem - Physical Therapy for Lateral Foot Pain4 Mar. 2019
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Pain along the 5th

Pain along the 5th (pinky) toe is a common running injury. But what's the cause?

Coach Brad Sims asked me why he was having pain along the outside of his foot while running, and why his running shoes were breaking down.

In this video I explain how a forefoot varus foot type leads to this common foot problem and why it breaks down your running sneakers in the process.

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Comments (7)
Ken-Scott Leembruggen

Hmm will a wider shoe or orthodics help or both?

It’s MiMi

Wonder if this is my issue. My right foot is very uncomfortable when jogging. I feel completely off balance and I can feel the whole side of my lateral foot tighten and spasm. I definitely notice it more depending on the shoes I wear. Never been to a doctor for it but I have a suspicion that I have a hip, knee or ankle Imbalance on my right side because it seems I have knee valgus (only on the right knee is it visible). Basically my whole right side of my body feels weaker and off balance and because of that my left side is over compensating. It also seems that my right hip is higher than the left when I’m standing straight. It actually feel uncomfortable to just stand straight so when I’m doing things like grocery shopping and waiting In line I tend to lean to my left. I’m sure it looks funny to others but it’s a habit and a comfort thing to me. I know I eventually need to go to the Doctor because I’m 36 and would like to know what’s wrong and hopefully it won’t get worse. It’s also becoming more of a problem as I’ve started lifting heavy weights. I’m getting hip pain and a very noticeable hip dip only on the right hip. I don’t know where to start or what kind of doctor I should see.

Ray A

I got that pain and I also got that hole in the shoe


Feel free to ask a question or leave a comment!!


Can I just cut a hole in the side of my shoe? That’s what I did cuz my shoes are brand new and I have this exact problem. I also have one more brand new pair that I panic bought because of Covid a while back


@PHYSIOSecrets Hi is this problem entirely determined by anatomical/congenital factors or is it rather muscular/fascial thing?

Erik Morales

I currently have twisted my foot inward like when you sprain your ankle but my ankle isn’t sprained. My Pinky toe actually hurts when I push it upward so when I go for a sprint it hurts. Are these things similar and if you could help me with my problem that would be great because it has happened to me 2 time in the last month and a half. I play soccer I don’t know if that could help or maybe you know any exercises. I have also broken my fifth metatarsal 2 since February of 2020 in the same foot,so I have had many injuries this year I’m 18.

Side of the Foot & Lateral Foot Pain [Best Home Treatment 2020!]

Side of the Foot & Lateral Foot Pain [Best Home Treatment 2020!]21 May. 2019
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Outside of the foot pain can mostly be pinky toe pain, tailors bunion pain, fifth metatarsal paint, styloid process pain and ankle sprain pain. This is also known as lateral foot pain, outer foot pain and outside of the ankle pain. It is possible to have outside of the foot pain after running or after walking!

Dr. Tom Biernacki goes over how to take care of these issues, how to get your foot feeling better almost immediately. We discuss home treatments, home cures, and home remedies. These treatments will make the outside of your foot, the lateral side of your foot feel a lot better.

This treatment focuses more on stretching, weight loss, good orthotics, good shoes, and good gel pads rather than surgery.

We feel that outside of the foot pain can get better very quickly without doing surgery.

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Comments (46)
Tennessee Minnissi

Looks like I need to stop wearing my Reeboks. They are wreaking havoc on my right foot.

Melissa Fenster

So basically I play soccer and I’m a lefty. I tried to shoot with my right foot and it didn’t work out. I can still run. but usually I can crack joints and fingers and FEET, but now I can’t crack my foot and when I try it hurts. Any advice?


Doc. I have been told that biomechanic of my lower extremities are causing PTTD causing my inside the arch and mostly outside foot (near cuboid and ankle) pain. I was a regular runner. Last few years having recurring of these injuries. Just one foot. Advised orthotic and no long distance running/stress activity. What do you make of it.

Nilesh Shukla

I Ran on an uneven surface and injured my foot as it twisted inwards. Now there's too much pain near the 5th metatarsal area?. Guess, i have to avoid outdoors for atleast a week.

Mike ni Jelly Narvasa

Im dealing this right now.. Anyone can help me?

P. Maldini

I woke up with this damn pain, then couple of days it disappeared and now it came back ..... i’m going all good to sleep at night and i wake up and walk as a wounded animal in the morning

argenis estrada

for me i have pain on the side of my foot when i walk happen when i went hiking and walking on a trail dont know what it is. now everytime i try play a sport or going walking on trail it starts to hurt happen 3 weeks ago

Michigan Foot Doctors

The most common cause of outside of the foot pain is your foot flattening out to the side against your shoe. This usually happens due to the gradual progression of tightness in your back, hamstrings, calf and ankles. Get that stretch out!

onat sansolis

Hi Doctor..I have been sufferring from foot pain for the last 4 months specifically on my right foot. It started as suspected gout since my big toes got swollen and painful initially last June. So I was given colchicine and later on had a febuxostat as my maintenance for uric acid. I was also given a diclofenac and eterocoxib for pain. Since then my pain went on and off and my foot never had been normal for the last 4 months. My big toe is good now but what I notice is that the top lateral part of my foot specifically on the cuboid bone I can feel a lump or sort of a spur that is really painful.. And once it gets painful the whole top of my right foot is swelling..but once I take a pain reliever it looks normal... What might this be? I got an xray yesterday but the results will be up in two days..my uric acid and creatinine is normal as per checking last month. Hope to hear from you. Thanks. ?


last week i was running, maybe slightly aggresively then i felt a pain at the outside of my right foot. i continued running back home. when i compared it to my other foot, the bone (just below the 5th toe) was more red and swollen than my other foot. that area and my heel also started paining. idk it felt more of a nervous system pain (im not sure). i took a rest for 4-5 days and i didnt feel pain anymore. today i went back running and for the first 20-30min i didnt feel anything then it slowly started to come back now its painful again :( im worried i wont be able to consistently do sports now as i think it will comeback whenever i do so. please help me with some advice :(

Bryan Urizar

What if the pain is on the same side, but under the foot? Feels like it moves to the fatty edge of the foot.

Chaithra Raj

Awesome explanation sir tq??

Nizomjon Numonov

I have same problem like you said , how long I have to take rest ,

saffa 4554

Are there exercises for foot pain due to the narrow shoe
thank you very much


Last week I noticed there is an area in middle of the top of my left foot sort of where it rotates. It doesnt hurt when walking or anything but when I stand on the affected foot a bit from the side and push up,thats when I feel it. Also when I press it.

Nassi M

Very useful information. Thanks

Ginger ADay

Very helpful. Also I liked the soft talk.

Marie-Danielle O'Reilly

Thank you so much for your great help ! ??????

Michigan Foot Doctors

If you are having pain in the ball of your foot and not just the fifth toe: Check out our ball of the foot treatment guide! https://youtu.be/fTJacT6zPq0

Chillraffe Oho

Hey you or he just showed or rather looked and described the foot from an outside ankle, the outside of the foot.
Now I have pain on the inside, so to say the correlate part to the abductor on the inside but rather down under my feet than on the side. So on the bottom of my feet, pretty much in the middle, and on the inside of the foot.
Can anybody perhaps tell me how that is called so I can look for specific treatment for that part.
It got hurt while skateboarding I think and it does not even hurt much, just a little, and only towards the evening.

Plastic Chair

I had this yesterday it occurred out of nowhere I jog for like an hour straight I felt it now every time I walk It hurts I tried massaging my foot and applying icy hot I hope this will help me

K Possum

This was really helpful. The bottom of my foot on the outside really hurt after I tried to start a walk/run regiment. I limped to day after and it still hurts. I at least know now that was Yoko much too fast with weight gain. I also know I wore the wrong shoes and that I should ice it. Thanks for being so informative and direct.

Arzoo Khan

Plz sir help me m suffering..even when i wakeup in the morning i feel much pain but after sometime when i walk,pain goes out...but when i take rest for sometime then again i feel pain...plz do help me sir

mickie christensen

Great video, thank you so much ?

Michigan Foot Doctors

Make sure you get a properly fitting shoe, especially for width! This is probably the #1 cause of outside of the foot pain. This guide shows you how to measure your foot size at home before ordering online!:https://youtu.be/-07Gllupv48

Karen Musich

What about toe shoes?


Bro, every time I wake up it feels like knives on my feet, it goes away after an hour. WTF?

Arzoo Khan

Hello sir...sir since last months m feeling pain...sometime at uppersise of foot sometimes near foot thumb plz sir help me..my docter recommended lornex tab for one week but result was not good

Chris Matthews

I haven't sprinted in months and did some 40's in the street. Felt fine. Next morning could barely put weight on the styloid area. After a few days the pain went away but if I do any running or jumping it kills me the next morning. I've laid off for weeks but flairs up bad if I try and do anything on it. Gonna give it a 2 month break. Hate it. Weather is perfect for hoops right now and I'm out.
Being 40 is horrible


I think I may have tailor bunion pain. It feel like there is something in my shoe. When I walk barefoot (even indoors) it hurts the sole on the outside of the foot. Feel like there is a small painful mass inside my foot. Thanks for the info!


Great Video and very informative. I suffer from Pironeal tendonitis. I was shocked that the woman runner was laughing at the injured guy. That is not nice. You have an interesting palm. Nice head line but the two lumps (?) in the middle of your palm could mean a few things tho...anyway, thanks from Wellington, New Zealand...

mert tezkol

Should we fly?

Ken Aiello

Been getting some major outside pain in my foot. Im on my feet all day and wear orthotics! and good shoes:) weight lifting for 30 years no running though. Going to see my doc asap. Did have planters and bruised heel with a slight tear. I was lifting a lot at work so that didnt help. Im in MI also south east.

zion njeri

My foot looks weird I have no pain but I have a big bone on the side of my leg after the small toe and after the bone after the obe near the small toe


I am about 6'1" and 155, so I don't think weight loss is an option. My left styloid process has gotten larger and more bulging and painful over the years. I have always been active. My styloid process is 12 cm from the tip of my little toe, and 11 cm from the back of my heel. I have a long foot. Was there supposed to be an arch there that has collapsed, causing it to hit the ground? That is what it seems like. I have an arch from my styloid process to the ball of my foot, and from the styloid process back to the heel, with the styloid process at the lowest point. It feels bruised, and sometimes I get piercing pain in it when I sit down. Back to the podiatrist once things blow over.

Anoop Singh

Good video, explained very well.


Does not sound a DPM to me

Ziad Rida

why is he whispering ?!

L.V. Sinester

Great info thank u DOC.

29 Anu Priya

I had my ankle sprain 1.5 year later.still having pain at the base of 5th metatarsal. I have negative MRI but still having pain while walking. What's going on


This doctor gives me a very creepy, like murder doctor vibe. But the info was good. Thanks Murder doc!

Matthew Moeder

How can I tell if my lateral foot pain is due to a cuboidal issue rather than a stress fracture on the 5th metatarsal? I’ve been having Lateral pain for about a week now out of the blue during a run (no significant injury) and can’t tell what it is, and my tendon in that area is feeling pretty creaky, but I have no past history of tendonitis?


Or, buy wide width shoes.

Real Talk

Thank you this helped me allot ❤️

Dobry Dool

I have spent months studying plantar foot treatments and found a fantastic resource at Rohon Foot Care (check it out on google)

Martha Deegan

Why are you whispering?