Fat guy parkour

Fat Man Parkour!

Fat Man Parkour!7 Aug. 2010
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Two young studs deliver a

Two young studs deliver a riveting performance filled with extreme levels of acrobatic and physical skills. Their goal? to inspire others and they themselves have been inspired by their friends, family, and love for the game. DO NOT TRY TO REPEAT THESE STUNTS AT HOME, WE ARE TRAINED HIGH PERFORMANCE ATHLETES AND ALL THE STUNTS SHOWN WERE DONE UNDER THE SUPERVISION OF SKILLED MEDICAL PROFESSIONALS.

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Unknown shadow

Bruh. This is classic what a good old days lol


That's not parkour lol

Himanshu Gusain

deadpool song

Rosa Casanova

Why You eat something that could easily make You FAT.

Faisal Jabal Nur

10 years ago


I remmember watching this many years ago when life was easier, and now it just popped up in reccomended, sure does bring back memories

Arthur Egide

gordo fazendo gordisse.
Clicka baita tua mãe




Thank you!

Hawk Kinv

the song in the starting

Detective Weebish


Fat Kid Does... Parkour

Fat Kid Does... Parkour28 May. 2013
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To buy the song used in

To buy the song used in this video, visit: http://audiojungle.net/item/a-warrior-shall-rise/2162989?ref=craighall

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Ott Olesk


Masked Rider



heh fat ???

X9 Albert

Don’t make fun of him people he’s trying to have fun

Widuliya.Com - Explore the Future

Fat people are the best

Ryan Mair

Motivational speech throughout would be excellent

anime kid

fat dude wishes he could parkour

gameON '

Is this a joke or he's actually trying parkor


Big smoke parkour...

Filippo Giusto

and this is parkour?

Clay Willett

you can't do parkour

kazWelshBoiio 247

I am sorry to say and bring this to you all but MrNobber nobber has passed away at the age of 21 are hearts are with the family and friends rest in peace xxx


this video deserves more views than all logan pauls diss tracks and music videos combined


Nice effort doing parkour, Maybe someday you'll be as great as Jesse La Flair, but for now XD

Jack B

No tournament for this kid?

100 subs no vids challenge



Still better than me.... ?

Julien Dessureault

thats just fucking ez

Howard s

Lol. U got me


To be perfectly honest we may laugh all we want but truth be told his coordination isn't half bad. It's mainly just his fatness.

TGA Leader

I am a fat kid and I do parkour so what?

I am going to enjoy my life like we are supposed to do!

Y3llow Tig3r

Hes doing ugly parkour stuff but at least hes alive trying to do it

Roving Regions

By now, 5 years later, this kid is prolly solid as a rock. Congrats!

BLaZePro Nchalky

This is the funniest thing I've ever seen in my life


Miss you Guto!

Kaden Edwards



im less over weight than this kid. like half is weight. This gives me hope that i can do parkour with practice

Terrika Blackett


The Nutcrackerr

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hace mejor parkour ke io :`v


He inspired me that if i want to do parkour in public i need to be slim........going to gym tommorow

Abi Edwards

Everytime I watch this it brings tears to my eyes. Can't believe he's been gone for almost 3 years now. ?

poonam lavhe

dont add mean comments

Brayan Kirito

Boo going slow

Fabrizio Mancuso

ahhahhahahahahahahha WTF!


1:30 LOL WTF

Forrest Clooney

I saw this on Facebook but someone had put dubstep or electro house over it. Does anyone know where that video is??


This kid is going places, maybe to the ground but hey, that's a place.


Some how recommended

George Crofts

R.I.P Guto. You will be remembered forever. You touched so many lives and I wish you were still here with us. You will always be one of my best friends.


0:47 hardest trick ever


guys who is watching in 2016 and uuuh also mrnobber ho much did he lost weight after that? xD

samira Sutton

he kept trying

FBI Official

good exercise he'll be a pro one day

Sirawish Rattananupong


James Anthony Jamarolin

Dude that's not parkour!


pathetic. He rolls sideways!


This so easy lmao

kazWelshBoiio 247

Rip guto work won't be the same with out you you cheering me up in the morning when I'm having a bad day nos da guto sleep now guto


that kid is a pro savage parkourer
btw keep up the pot co intro shit

Kevin Ramirez

u were great keep it up

I eat Roaches for breakfast


Valnesfjeringen YT

Now thats alot of damage

poonam lavhe

I also got mean comments like you stink,he is wierd


You are exactly what we need. Man you took a few big falls but got up like a true bowss. Do a part 2 please if you haven't already. Subbed

77 to nie label


Andrew Hamilton

Ant parkour


That was the worst piece of shit I have ever fucking seen on this piece of fucking cancer we call YouTube

Reister and parkour ,let's plays

is NOOB!!!!!!

Widuliya.Com - Explore the Future

You have skills

Ash Ahmed

how did he pass away?


My boy sherman


Im not a fat kid. Im a skinny adult and this made me really laugh. Im pretty clumsy and this is me if I tried any of these.




This may be my favorite video ever

Erion Kraja

fat ass does what everybody can do

Jake Lloyd Thomas



i love you !!!

Manaf Benayache

not bad for a fat kid but he s not that fat he s got some extra ponds lol



Sarah Cooke

R.I.P tragically taken to young

Hamza Super man

The easiest tricks ever


best parkour ever

Banana Boy

damn skills

Sirhc Yang

im also fact but, I can do a lot better dude

Sovietsky Soyuz

I am amazed


im not trying to hate cause im a kid to but u should lose some wait btw why would u call ur self fat dude thats hurtful to ur body it knows when u say bad stuff like i be cursing and then i would get a pain in my mouth thats because my body is telling me not to curse :P


Literally me

Soar Fitness

You know he actually does have an excellent roll even though he pretends to stumble afterwards.

Sebastian Negron

This kid is a damn legend?


Keep up the work, bud! And all of you dumbasses better stop hating on him, he is trying his best, not all heroes wear capes, you know? And half of you probably can't even do what he can, you are making fun of him. Ya'll are very messed up! I mean, look, when I was younger I couldn't do shit in sports or parkour even tho I wasn't chubby, and just a few years later I got better at it. So all of you haters better stop because he is a happy human enjoying his life. I mean, if you only live once, stay in the clouds, never come down, trust me.

the pro gamers

Fat you

Luke J

1:29 the best part :)

CarvanhaThePiranha Roblox&Booga booga

this isn't parkoure

Blake Bennett

I'm 130 LBS and at least I can jump over a 3 ft fence

Elmo's Gucci slides

The struggle is real

DeineMudda HatHerpes

you are fat

Widuliya.Com - Explore the Future

I put you in one of my videos. People get inspired from you... ?


Ur better than me............??

Jessica Parry

RIP Guto :(

Eric Martinez

this kid sucks


This kid is my hero.


A pk roll is not like that

Abi Edwards

Do a remake of you now ???

poonam lavhe

you are not made for deppresion, you are made to enjoy everything in your life.

momo lolo

Change it to dubstep!


Lol "so encouraging to all the fat kids?".

Harold Ruibal

It was funny

Dera Egbumokei

he cant do front flip haha fat boy

Killer Moth

rip guto

Now is Back / parkour and freerunning / awesome fat guy 2016

Now is Back / parkour and freerunning / awesome fat guy 20163 Nov. 2016
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new video woow amazing

new video woow amazing guy 2017

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Comments (54)
andy rocksteady

Damn my dream was to be the beer belly ninja on ninja warrior but I think this guy is already the beer belly ninja. Go on ninja warrior beer belly ninja!

Muhammad Ali



impressive... most impressive!

Liam Phillips

as soon as he said schizophrenia it reminded me of the blue October song   schizophrenia


What an inspiration this guy is! Good on him for continuing training I saw this on a viral post and had to search him. I hope it gives everyone with mental illness or a physical illness or issue some inspiration. I wish I could move like this. Respect to all the parkourers out there!

A Russell

You, sir, are amazing.

jack zhu

looks like louis ck

Fadli Alamsyah

because tecnic never ever loss and down

Dragon GamerX1

the laws of physics dont give a fuck about this guy...

Gabriel Torres

Way to go champ!


Bob from Tekken 6


Who is want to learn parkour


How do you learn all of those moves without breaking your face and limbs

Dominick Agustin

What’s the name of the song In the video

David Corson

What a badass

Pheej L

What’s his height and approximate weight?

George Vasileiou

song please? :P


His mobility is outstanding. Hard work pays out


When you use hacks

Robson Enduro

belly works well as counter-weight.

Steve 82

This video just changed everything I thought I knew about the human body.

Patrick Mcguire

I love the guy he's BADD ????????????

david adams

White version of samo hong


When did ice cream became a medication?

Cordell Cherry

You ain't fooling me that's Bob from Tekken. ?


We all know its only a small piece from his abilities back then but its still amazing

sri for bad England

Nat Neo27

What's the name of the song?

Zoe Pearce

Does anyone know, are those flips and moves from taekwondo? Or are they just his own thing?

Comment Scroller

And Nothing Can Stop Him...

Sebastián Kreassiva

this explains everything he was a rap god since before..

Matthew Heffernan


aram avagyan



How much k gram he have?

Username 6103

who press dislike

br uh

This guy looks like the reason your mom left him and is also named Greg.
Fuck you, Greg.

Fire Fux

I mean good on him, but the way ive seen everyone touting him as someone who was fat and learned parkour which is now obviously disingenuous. The fact he had the abilities pre weight gain means he understood how to manipulate his body already and wasn't learning fresh on his large frame.

Cartoon Channel - KidsGame TV

he looks like the fat guy on tekken

Wilberto Sanchez

niice  man my Respects lol


Anybody know the song?

King Leon

That's crazy, even though something negative tried to stop him for good he still persisted anyway


This is a real life Kul'Tiran Monk!

Blake santos

Hes not fat, He is pleasantly plump.


Thanks david bell

coochie man

much respect to that guy

Age of Reason

If Chris Farley did parkour. ??


Awesome many blessing!


like a gazelle.

Avenged Prophet

Even for thin people these moves are insane ?

stefan brown

Amazing man


Thanks this puts things into perspective so I do t go training for a few months and end up killing myself.


im here cuz my brother said fat ppl dont qualify as ninjas


amazing. he is a fucking legend !

Darel Parker

That's not fat. That's armored muscle.


gaining more weight just means he has to gain more muscle and strength to move the weight effectively. good for him to continue training despite the adversity.