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How To Draw A Quick Caricature Julian Edelman

How To Draw A Quick Caricature Julian Edelman22 Jun. 2016
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This is my easy, step by

This is my easy, step by step tutorial on how to draw

a quick caricature of Julian Edelman the wide receiver for the New England Patriots. SUBSCRIBE for more lessons: http://www.youtube.com/RowserWorld. Thanks for watching! [email protected] - Facebook.com/RowserWorld - Instagram & Twitter:@rowserworld (***Tag us if you draw this and you'll get a shoutout with your pic!***)

Intro Jingle credit to my brother, Elvin Anderson Jr. ([email protected])

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solo shaun

your doing everybody but Dean Ambrose

M Nicholas

I tried that at home it did not work out so good but you did it way better than me

Gary Feinstein

Thank you for sharing these tutorials they are really informative and helpful. You need to publish a book.

solo shaun

Dean Ambrose

C.J. Drainz

Tyrod taylor



Latoyia Hobson

sorry that i said that but can you actually draw a diffrent spehen curry

solo shaun

can you do Stephen curry a different one

RGV 88

Great video

solo shaun

rowser world Stephen curry

Saquon Barkley Gets Called OUT For Creeping Around On Julian Edelman's Girlfriend

Saquon Barkley Gets Called OUT For Creeping Around On Julian Edelman's Girlfriend24 Nov. 2020
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Saquon Barkley got

Saquon Barkley got blasted for liking a picture of Julian Edelman's girlfriend on instagram. Here’s the news.

#saquanbarkley #julianedelman #nfl

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Saquon highlights to Gunna,Uzi, and thug ?


Makai Stallworth

You mean to tell me we come to a world where if u like a post it mean you like somebody’s picture u like them smh

Alex Pazmino

Yall gassin this shit relax ?

Miyshoi Collins

God damnnn. Liking a photo doesn’t mean s****.

Will Tobin

Saquan is da god

Afro Bill

Lmao ??


The fumble are weird asf how y’all gon say creeping when he liked 1 photo

Camrin Warren


Miyshoi Collins

Once u known to everyone, the media gone talk & make all types of rumors. ?

Carson Nyce1s

Is dumb like so if LeBron likes a pic of Beyonce everyone going to say Lebron Chewting like this is dump like damn the Fumble y’all stupid

Maquell Allen

Making my boy look like bad on the internet


Uh oh

Carson Nyce1s

And Saquon has a girlfriend and daughter and he ain’t no cheater

Mark Young


Rayan Salameh

so he likes the picture and all of a sudden hes a creep?

Thomas Lloyd

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Just because he liked the pic that doesn't mean that he's a creep ??‍♂️


Liking her post is nothing. If a photo is good, a photo is good. So WHAT?!

In this case, a video.

Lunatic Monkey


Miyshoi Collins

This channel full of s*** sometimes. ?

saucy jorjor


Henny Spiderman

That nigga commenting on saquon is a weirdo lmao

Thomas Lloyd


Miyshoi Collins

Take this s*** down. Yall reaching. ?

Zenna the FaNtAsY Girl LIVE NOW

Stop playing wit saquon he can pull who he want

Truth -Hurts-_-

How would you know if she’s not a hoe tho you never know until you know them

Hammeraffe Jo

dont have saquon a girlfriend lol?

Daniel Vazquez


Pam Higgins


xWFxStorm Gaming

She legit posting a charity video. Tf people be on? He's just showing love not creeping

Samsung Jay2

That was his girl

Maquell Allen

Y’all just trynna find something too talk about

JCol3⃣ _

So People Can’t Like Pictures No More?? Oh Ok.


get off saquon before i curve stomp you @the person who was being disrespectful


In my opinion Barkley has all the right to do whatever he wants it was just a charity video and if i had Instagram I would like and double tap because it is charity video she is promoted something for charity and Barkley probably respected that so he liked and double taped. People have to chill.

Trey Portis

Smokin that saquon pack huh ?

Bois Galore

The fumble makes a whole ass video cause of one randoms guys comments than says it’s nothing to make a big deal about ?

Kyle Manning

This Is Stupid.

Rodney Pettis

You know that's what wrong with these world today everyone in everybody business true statement and just my personal opinion!!!!!

Maquell Allen

Get off my dawg saquan he just chillin on IG bro is not creeping

Charles Dunn

Everyone should unfollow these people clearly they thrive off negative energies

Gary Turbo

It's surprising she don't look like an instaho

Adiel Hernandez

Stop playing wit saquon he can pull who he want

Black Blue

I Would of Liked it to.

L 8 R ź B O L T

People losing their minds over someone liking someone picture on social media FFS.


Saquon is one of the most outspoken players why are yall trying to bash him.

Christopher reid

Yall dumb in 2020...... we got to stop letting lame people take the lead in things to be upset about.....

Yuriel Cundangan

Nigga getting that gawk gawk 3000

Lymar Palik


Jacion Bryant

She is kind of bad no cap ?

Stanley Robinson

Oh Please, slow News day Huh, isn't that the reason why people post they're pics for likes ?


He jus showing love bc they all in the same league so they all like fam. It’s nun wrong

Dee Gibbs

Yea they reaching ??aint shit wrong wit liking a pic bout promoting sum

Julian Edelman | Greatest Moments

Julian Edelman | Greatest Moments5 Jan. 2018
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(All rights go to The New

(All rights go to The New England Patriots, NFL Films, The National Football League & all its broadcasters. I do not own any of the music and the footage used in this video. No copyright infringement intended. I do not gain any profit from my videos. For entertainment and educational purposes only)

This video uses copyrighted material in a manner that does not require approval of the copyright holder. It is a fair use under copyright law.

"Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for "fair use" for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use."

Song: All That by Tray Jack

Comments (26)
Running Back Highlights

Number 1 great video, don't really fuck wit the music, not letting that take away from this awesome video of Julian "Jackrabbit" Edelman, number 2 are you makeing a 2018 pats highlight vid?


I love the Patriots but I can’t stand rap-millennial music. I hope soon you put better music to your videos.


This is the #11 we need sunday!!!!!!


God damn I miss Jules
But as always, amazing vid ?

Drew Libby

Nice vid have been waiting for one for a while




? come back bb


Will we be expecting a 17-18 season highlight video

BeastMode 21

Fr. Edelman in the playoffs is money. Going to need guys to step up on this run. Edelman the f***ing Iron Man!!!

FriSKa 97

We will have video of this season? please answer

Victor Araos

Jules I miss you!!! (Big fan from Chile)

Robert Robienczak

Can't wait until next season when Edelman is back


I've watched this like 10 times lol


THAN YOU, I NEEDED THAT.!! BOY DO WE MISS HIM..He just brings so much to the WHOLE TEAM, on and off the field.

Colin Wright

I'd rather have Edelman than Gronkowski

Kaleb Brown

Next New England patriot highlight video i recommend the song invincible by skillet


The Pats have been minus Edelman, Mitchell, Hightower, Hogan often, and Butler has been inconsistent, yet they're 13-3 and in prime position to go to their 3rd Super Bowl in 4 years.

Mike Vaz

Song: "All That" by Tray Jack

Muhtasim Chowdhury

Finally, I've been waiting for a video :/


Really miss jules

FriSKa 97

What happened with the patriots highlights 2017/2018?

William Clark

Dumb as a rock. Also quite possibly the toughest dude who's ever come through that building. Guy is harder than a coffin nail.


Julian Edelman, Simply the best! And the Beast! Hyyeaah!



Nathaniel Stacy



It would hurt so bad if they ever traded him.