? Cheat Meals with Fitness Pros ? | Pham Flexx | MOD Pizza & Marble Slab

? Cheat Meals with Fitness Pros ? | Pham Flexx | MOD Pizza & Marble Slab9 Jan. 2019
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We follow Team ALLMAX athlete, Pham Flexx, as he goes and gets a cheat meal at MOD Pizza and Marble Slab.

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Comments (67)
Athar Harnekar

Was the ice cream placed directly on the counter??

Jeremy Esters

Nice low key cheat meal.

Antonio Ramirez

Hallo ?????

Saul Meski

Fouad Abiad's callories challange please

Sinestro Corp Reborn

This guy is tiny, you need more cheat meals to actually get big.

Randy Le

Why did he stop posting on his yt ch

Retards Will Reply

That was Epic!!

Craig Williams

What happened to Phm Vu? He used to be huge lol. Guess he hopped off the sauce

Physique Fuel

Is this homeboy from simply shredded?

Bmw 8 series

People eat your cheat meals slowly or you're not gonna be able to stop after your cheat meal and it's gonna become a cheat day

vincent catalin

nothing interesting in seeing a guy eating a pizza.This guy is so picky. Annoying. Watching people eating is not cool and also not entertaining. Dont get these kind of videos.

Cody BersiCC

he is the asian steve buscemi

oppo h

This dude hella annoying. Like a sterotypical 18 year old in like a 30 year old skinny af body


Should’ve gotten NY style pizza....cheat meal fail??

Edit name

1:20 didn’t look good when that guy rolled his sleeves up over that pizza

Amor Fati

pls a grocery shopping and meal prep like the ones with evan pls pls :D


He sounds like Steve o


I about to eat right now


Just some pizza n ice cream

Carl Gonda

His jacket go hard

Colby Emanouil

Dude looks like a fucking idiot

Dick Piano

He calls it a "cheat day", I call it "tea"

Ammar N

Epic !

havoc 127

Love that place. Only been there once.


MOD Pizza supports black lives matter. Black lives matter is deemed a domestic terrorist organization. I went to MOD's pizza's today and they had black lives matter masks and shirts on and the manager endorsed them to do so. Do not support them. They've allegedly donated over $200,000 to the destruction of the United States. Look at Kenosha, Wisconsin. Please, do not support MOD pizza's.

Justin Eats

Pizza Flex ?

Mauricio Murillo

We need more pham flexx

john cornaro

You should do a video with sergi constance

Eric Vlahos

Obese gym guys


We want fouad abiad cheat meal day loll


Do Americans not say please that often?

I am milan

More cheat day videos

Thanh Hưng Mai

He is like a Vietnamese!!

P Durk

Bro that was weak step your game up

Jaskaran Sandhu

Why does this guy sound like earl Strickland lol

Casey Kelly

Muscle and strength for the win

Braxton Silva

Can’t wait!!!Get my cheat meal on Feb 2! Thanks for the vids!?

david harrison

most people i guess do a cheat week but since i'm pretty huge, i've challenged myself by doing a cheat month. mainly to train and control my cravings and so far its worked out pretty well. but when that day comes, first day of every month, i spend one single day: breakfast, lunch and dinner eating as much and whatever i want.
i really look forward to each and every first day of the month, its like xmas for me lol.
to give you an idea of what goes down that day. i'm from new zealand so some of this food you wont recognize but google it for sure.
breakfast is: x 2 bacon and egg pies and x2 potatoe top pies (no these aren't family sized pies as americans would think, just google new zealand meat pie or australian meat pie and you'll get an idea of what i'm eating.)
lunch: x2 burgers, x2 fries and a fizzy drink
dinner: x1 rack of bbq ribs, side of chips and a few slices of pizza.


More of these cheat meals lol they are the best haha

Jordon Little

MOD all day baby!!

Phạm Quang

Có ai Việt Nam không ? ??????????

Yuck Foo

On that Blaine Gibson cheat meal from Rooster Teeth

shahab khan

Guys me. First subscribe my channel vlogger studio please

Ali Al-Ali


Arjun Rajkumar

Anyone know where you can buy the jacket he's wearing?

Chris Samory

Why’s he calling himself “we” like he’s Venom or something?

john cornaro

Your all of the videos are amazing keep going

Tone Mott Gym Box

Cheat meals are great!! ????????

Todd Toddler

America is the greatest country on earth

Sandeep Shankar

That jacket ❤️

Patrick Dinco

Thought he was with livefit brand

Jon F

Nice Car

Han Aykun

You're making it harder for me to stick to my diet M&S! ;D

Harrison Green

His voice reminds me of Steve O

NuNu Huda

He’s so cute lol yummy food! Thanks for sharing.

ka wai ng

why dont go eat some Pho man...Pho is cheat meal too


You guys give him the worst thumbnails. Bastards lol

Money 4eva

As someone who used to binge on junk food to now eating healthy and training like crazy and only having 1 cheat day a week ..it’s tastes soo much better that way..less frequent and earned it slaps differently ?????

Aussie Beef

What's a Pham Flexx?

Anthony Martinez

I’ll box Pham flex ANY DAY !

Lun Hing

Hes pretty chill

Scott Somkhit

All these haters.

Bilal Ounees

Might just have to get some ice cream now :)

Rob Reps

Cheat meal guys no cheat day and they taste best when u earned them


what jacket is he wearing?


You know he got money

1 Year Fitness Skinny To Muscular Body Transformation (16-17 Years Old)

1 Year Fitness Skinny To Muscular Body Transformation (16-17 Years Old)1 Nov. 2020
996 519
Rory IllidgeSubscribe 438 721


NATURAL 1 Year Bodybuilding/Powerlifting body Transformation 16-17 Motivation - Rory Illidge

“The road to nowhere is paved with excuses.” - Mark Bell

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Comments (100)

Ошибка - это спешка!
Никогда не спешите к своей цели!
Как говорится - «Тише едешь, дальше будешь» ?

engineer gaming

respect this boy omg

Колин-Дог-Ван-Кок Или Просто Cock

Уууу машина

i Manevra

That's why you shouldn't be training very hard cuz ur body could break

yusuf sesay

No way 1 year and your body looks like that something isn’t right my brother looks like that but a bit buffer and stronger abs but he’s bern at the gym for 5 years and ive been doing a year now and I don’t look nothing like that and i got 5 days a week for 4 hours


Motivation bri?

Keith Andrade

Food is my problem. Not eating enough. I just feel uncomfortable feeling stuffed. :(

Bass Slayer

lets gooo

John Klein

How’d you hurt your knee??

Aleksander Bak

Steroid noob

Kristof Kopecky

What did you do in terms of food. Like how many calories, protein, and what foods did you try to avoid?


he've never gave up with his nike sb xd

Carlaxel Dinesen

did u use mass gainer


you fucking killed it my guy. respect for never giving up and for keep grinding

justin keane

To anyone out there who thinks they can actually do this if they work hard enough. Have fun waking up everyday the next year extremely disappointed.

Danny M

Going to try get one of these out myself soon, hope it goes well. Though it's more of a fat loss rather than skinny to muscular


How did you get injured?

mr hyun

U born in 2004?

Attila Nagy

What are you using bruh


Okay but what did you eat during this?

UnknOwNx Gamer

okh im 16

Noam Dei

How many calories did u eat everyday?

Jani 78

bodybuilding is a sport with ups and downs and you showed that in the video good motivation

Vijay Prakash

1.5 years ago, my acl broke completely at right knee. Medial meniscus tear grade 4. Belly came out so much. During covid, i lost my physiotherapist touch. You gave me new inspiration to continue my work out. I want that knock knock sound gone from my right knee. When i do full stretch. Thanks for the inspiration video. ? God bless you a good health. I'm on my mission to health now


The legs is kinda lacking behind


Nice bro. Btw you look way taller than 6'1.

Sahil Shaikh

what happened to your knee ?

Pointe FN

How often did you train per week ???

What The!

He took steroids


Who's talking at the begging? it sounds familiar


Rory more like Rody ... Ste-Rody

Mario Stat

How tall were you at the end?

jani w

Did you go every day to the gym in that 4 months ?

Stonks meme Man

Gotta hit the Gym right now

Kenan Bešić

I started gym 1 mounth ago , i feel great and im going about 5 times a week , but the real problem is that i have a fcking belly and i dont see any updates about him ( not big but i want 6 pack haha) , its annoying and hard to get him off

C s Hamada FF



How much money are you spening on food?

Ozun Keskin

can I make a body like this shape if I do exercises at home without weights?


how tall r u

Никита Смоляков

Где русские?!?

Elias Pfeffer

Hold the line lol

reeshal kumar

Sir, What about the diet? I'm also skinny and I want to have a body like you. Except exercise what foods or powders etcc to take??


Boys: working out and hurting themselves when they get fat
Girls: posting on tik tok body positivity and some other shit

Shayyan Ali

Did you also go on a diet? Just curious for myself lol

Rahul Mathur

This is Unreal Man....

Rokia Diagouraga

Did you take créatine ?


i been busy for like 2.5 months and zero change lol oof

Viljams Freimanis


Fausto Neto

Não duvido que ele conseguiu esse shape natural em mais de um ano tô a 7 meses seguido tô parecido com dele diferença é que não tô seco abdômen só tá aparecendo o superior pq para ganhar querendo ou não tem que engordar um pouco

Beyond The Boundary

A tip for any beginner out there:
If you feel like you can't lift anymore or you struggling to get a proper rep done, then stop for the day. If it's your first couple of weeks exercising, then it's natural you'll feel pain after working out but after a month or so and you still feel pain after working out, it's either you are pushing yourself or your not doing the exercise properly. YOU DON'T NEED TO FEEL PAIN IN ORDER FOR THE EXERCISE TO WORK, take it easy and don't over do it or else you'll injure yourself

XI static XI

Respect for not putting natural in the title!!!

D Fletch

I’m 16 and 5ft10, workout everyday but can hardly see any difference at all.

Abdou Zara

Cooooollllllllll !!

Baki Hanma

Bro you got some god genetics I doubt you would take PD at a young age.

vincent sheen

Muscle dysmorphia be like:

River Alvarez

Inspiring transformation! It honestly amazes me how a thin boy at the beginning of the video achieved a solid muscular physique. Now it's my turn to put some meat. I'm fed up of looking like a lollipop. Been going to the gym for 3 weeks now. I also got myself a meal plan (which i bought online from Dietarize btw) and I am very satisfied with its flexibility and simplicity. I hope I will make it and make myself proud at least once in my life! I basically started out because of the girls... but now seeing the benefits and generally feeling good, they are the least reason I exercise. I feel so much better mentally...


Esta re clavado JAJAJAJ


Respect ?

Timolimo TV ꪜ

Respekt dass du nicht aufgeben hast

Lucas Icmen

How often did you work in a week?

Neku Pablo

What was your diet


The Best Video crack

Никита Смоляков

У него нога заболела, потому что через штангу перешагнул

Douglas Harrington

I don’t quite believe this is a natural transformation quite frankly. It is possible that the picture angles and body fat % make you look bigger than you are, however that much progress in such a short amount of time without gaining body fat in the process isn’t very likely. To put on that much muscle your body needs surplus weight to take from, and seen as you didn’t have any, (as seen in the progress pictures) it does make me wonder how this is possible while not taking some type of steroid. I’d need to know your diet in this time period to be convinced. However, looking at your before photos, you do seem to have a good muscular frame and a good base to work off of seemingly without previous weight work, so I am willing to believe that you have good genetics when it comes to muscle building.

Jose Castle.

I'm in your same way bro , also from skinny and slim to muscular , any tip ..?


Ive started the gym a week ago. Thank you for the motivation

Raihan SW

What abt the meal routine


you are not skinny at all even before training.


1:43 can you pls explain how it happened so the beginners can be more careful


Damn Steve really did it..


How often did u train per week? Props ✌?


I'm 13 and i've just started working out to get fitter from all the quarantine unhealthiness, this stuff really motivates me to push myself harder

Tamás Méreg

Big respect bro!


This is truly inspirational dude, I cannot imagine the mental battle from losing all your gains and coming back at it again. Thanks for the motivation, and the final message are facts, its better to be hated than being the one who hates. GG!.


This will hopefully be me in a year

Ahmed HZ

I like the fact you didnt quit working out even after the surgery

Juri Wechselberger

how often did you train per week

Omar Guberinić

What were u eating? Asking for me to get started.

Mⱥήni K


Aaron King

Hello friend I have a year to get in shape, could you tell me if you took protein, creatine or something similar? greetings from Mexico

Aman bajwa

Can you please mention your diet??

Lectro Mings

11am : I can do it



This dude is so tall. Bruh

Qeremino il magnifico


Julius Hw

Regardless if he is on roids or not, he is ironic af in the comments with his hearts.


Imagine good genes. Can't relate :/

Kevin Tran

i made a body transformation video check it out :)

Lorenzo Burger

Absolutely incredible bro motivation at its finest!


I just got my gym membership. I'm currently 6'1 and 64~kg, got any tips on how i can add muscles fast?

Trix Yougurt

Physique is possible natty but probably not within one year. That being said, still insane amount of work.

Faroq Alshalabi

Never give up ? ?

Murican Pepe

4:47 what in the flying fuck are those weight plates you are using? Looks like you are squatting tri-color pasta. Nice transformation tho

Ruslan DK

в конце курсанул чудило, кого ообмануть пытаешься

A 34 Aditya Gupta


Enzo David

Gg bro✊???


i do that since 2 years and i have his 16's body


What's your diet? Roughly. And do you have a diet?


what happened for this injury?


Did you change your diet at all?

Micky potato

At 12 I weighed more than you at 16 ...

The Rock - Muscle & Fitness Magazine

The Rock - Muscle & Fitness Magazine6 Dec. 2015
31 347
Doyoueven TeamSubscribe 438 721

Comments (3)
John chan Chan

The rock has made history

ignace de maesschalck

why steroids dwayne?? just train to kick ass man!!!!

Gretchen Hausammann

do you remember being on journey 2