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100 Years of Fashion: Men's Swimwear ★ Glam.com

100 Years of Fashion: Men's Swimwear ★ Glam.com5 Aug. 2015
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Since 1915, men have been

Since 1915, men have been stripping down for the sake of a swim. Tune in as we highlight the best men's swimwear - and abs. ★ Go to Glam for videos: http://www.glam.com

★ { Model } Matt https://instagram.com/matty_watts/

★ { Music Tracks } on Premium Beat -

Pulp Story by: Francesco D’Andrea

Highballers by: Gyom

Havana Club by: Notes Production

Rasta Man by: Olive Musique

Yes by: JAM Studio

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Comments (100)
Eddie J

I know yall get heart attack when they don’t record the “up” when he takes those off

Leon Au

I’m sorry but this is the only time where the 80s isn’t a straight up disaster.

Xyrix Arts

2200 full suit 3000 naked

Simple is Elegant

He is not naked but wearing thong.


I completely forgot why I entered here


Things that i learned...mens swimwear encouraging men for not to show their pp

Lady Lancelot

Thank God for swimming trunks 'cause I'd laugh too hard if I saw a guy in pantiesXD

Suth Pav

The model is gorgeous; kinda looks like Henry Cavill.

Mrs Nicky

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)... Woow

Phong Huỳnh

Sooooo he actrually naked

Tim Smereka

Anyone think he looks like the human shrek

bee amazing

100 Years of Men's Fashion, Without underwear ???

Ivelina Marinova

Let's see your gogo


Damn, no speedo....:/
The model was too "prancy" for me.


Oh, I want that 1935 suit. Oops, still watching, the 1955 and 1965 as well.

Joseph Stalin

The thumbnail

Alexander Galstaun

roses are read
violets are blue
god forgives me
and he forgives you

عصام البحري

?*00212679620248* *Whatapps*?
هذاا رقم الواتساب حقي
لكل من يعاني من مشااكل قصر الذكر او نقص الإنتصاب القذف السريع الضعف الجنسي ساعطيك الحل المثالي انشاء الله لا تتردد في التواصل معي و خاصتا بـالـسـعـوديـة?? وقـطـر?? والامـارات?? والــعــراق?? ولــبــنــان?? والأردن?? والـكـويـت?? والــبــحــريــن?? وســلــطــنــة عـمـان??

لا تنسى تضغط على اعجاب عشان يصل التعليق لكل مهمتم، انا وايد
?*00212.679.620.248* *whatapps*?

Miguel Padilla

Those underwear are so lucky

Suprama lifestyle


Phong Huỳnh

He looks like Superman

Corey Sturgeon

If I wasn’t gay before I am now.

TraceyLynn c Falconer


Christopher Nguyen

Incorrect, according to my body dysmorphia, I need some couple swim shirts on

Keira Tizzard

im surprised the speedo didnt appear

Ricardo Carmo

30s and 40s were the best !!

Skater Girl

Music from "Zombie Cather's"?

Enj Noir


JL Luna

What the hell is 2015? I think 2005 makes more sense for now.


After the 70's we started heading in the wrong direction... bigger and bigger swimsuits.. ?

George A Meleleu

I need to know where to get that 1955 swimsuit

Will McPherson

You could also call this "How homophobia ruined bathing suits." They still haven't fixed bathing suit fashion. We are stuck in the 90s.

K and Y twins

Small penis i am 100% sure

Sunrise Reconquista

wheres the womens version?
i never want to hear about women complaining about objectification again

Azertyuiopروعه Qsdfghjklm


Denki The Pikachu

It's been nearly 5 years and YouTube recommends this now of all times


The man who walked in naked: hello

me: if you don't care that your naked I swear I will rip you off dead?

Kindle Eldnik

Bring back the speedos. Board shorts are so lame.

dorota peniašková

did anyone heard the zombie catchers music? omg i didnt expected that?

Peter Paul

Definitely not a 100 years. More like 10 years.


How was it filmed? ? He's undressing him for being naked?????

Roblox Rules



It's annoying but this guy is hot although am a straight male!


Damn, I gotta delete the watch history.


so sexy

Ich als Experte möchte folgendes sagen:

Why am i watching this?! I'm a guy!


Youtube's algorithm is finally getting what I'm interested in.

jon perez

He looks better in this way 0:03

Roo Time Cochoo

Everything was bad, until 1985

Vólkova 16




E Gem

so pretty much after 1985, swimsuits became shit.

Willy Wonka

are there people looking at their d*** because they hide the d***

Collin 8122

I need to go to the beach more often.

yusuf yavuz

1915 asdfgh

Kae Seolin

Try harder I'm not straight

FitzDog146 _

Hi i would like to apply as a cameraman

And we would like to do this alone in the studio


0:14 oh my god

you guys in the comments need a drink bc you’re thirsty asf lmao


Why so gay

Favio Alexander Peréz LLamo.

Aunque no soy tan fan peor tan me gusta la moda me sorprende la vestimenta que ha cambiado en generaciones yo utilizo shots .

Louise Diver


Dimas Raditya

Im straight i swear

Zuhair Ahmed Syed

something is rising in my pants.....


Can we bring back this old swimwears??

Ivanna V

We all know why we came here ??


Where can I buy the last one from 2015?


wtf why is he nake


This reminds me of the girls girls boys music video

Sann Myint Oo


Ana Rodriguez

Why does he have his clothes off
It’s nasty ??????????????????

Ronaldo Satyananda

Imagine how lucky is the cameramen,espicially if the cameramen is a girl

Yeah You guys know what im thinking

Michael Esparza

Man, where can I find the first one? I’d love to have one of those.

Philipp Flipper

1935 is something i would actually wear. lookin good



Elisabet Mogaria

Me : i love my boyfriend
People : after seeing this? Ohh Shut up!!!

Marion Reifenrath

He got changed from underwear to swimwear

FitzDog146 _

Is he straight??
Cameraman: no


Joseph Stalin

Nah..... I only wear speedos when I swim.

greentomb dive

Good one: witty, amusing, fun. Subbed.

Dude Shit

make a girl one please

Mark Taylor

Fastest way to get down an awkward boner whenever I'm rocking my 2 piece in public. Wait, what gender am I again?


YouTube really just letting you see a hot dude undress ten consecutive times. Not complaining though.

Lina Quioyo

From the start that man is censored

Jordan Diskin

I’d definitely let Matt Watts dominate me haha ?

Cynthia Willis

Come on YouTube don’t be an ass just show us the gorgeous banana lmao ?

Indrek Treve

Anyone knows where I can buy these 1955 style swimwear? I need them. Been looking them everywhere.

Ess Jaaayy

No gay men styled this model 1985 and on. Clearly

Frankie Pich

I love his body and smile and underwear come off I wish he was my boyfriend

Jefferson Gomes


Ruby Moses


mumu1109 official

0:25 my favorite

Si Estas Cansado, Dibuja Flores.

Tubo que estar bien pensado para recortar su bello facial cronologicamente segun el vestuario

carlosjuann Rodriguez

Estas cosas no las puedo ver?


2:12 is armie hammer, call me by your name's oliver


I need him inside of me.

Jill_Of_Trades :

Nice to see eye-candy with a personality (as well as information about the history of men's swimwear)

Keith Jerby Garnace

do he really get naked?

•Sakura Kun 7u7•

Que paquete se carga el tipo xD

Kuma Bartholomew

how many decades we will see swimsuit with thong

Minimalism - Decluttering my Underwear // Extreme Minimalist Sustainable Capsule Wardrobe

Minimalism - Decluttering my Underwear // Extreme Minimalist Sustainable Capsule Wardrobe15 Jun. 2020
7 527
ecofriend. liaSubscribe 438 721

In todays video I

In todays video I declutter all of my underwear. Also I share my thoughts on why I declutter or keep certain pieces and where I buy my underwear. Even with an extreme minimalist wardrobe I want to have enough underwear to get from one wash to the next without having to think about it too much. Also It is really important to me to make my wardrobe as sustainable as possible. While I buy almost all of my clothes second hand, I don't do that with underwear, but instead try to only buy from sustainable and ethical brands.

Watch next:

My extreme minimalist wardrobe: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-pNY2kTXX1U&t=304s

decluttering my childhood pictures: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QrC8CGQOIac

What I decluttered: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xC2bF0JTQ7c

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/ecofriend.lia/

#minimalism #decluttering

Comments (32)
Josefina Rojas

I break at least 5 pairs of socks a year. I don't know what my feet does, but socks just won't last with me. Hence, i just buy pretty socks bc even expensive higher quality ones breaks down om me


The socks (or any kind of garment) with holes can be used in cleaning?

Estelle Scordellis

Can you not shorten the straps?

Loraine Batchelor

My old socks with holes end up being dusters/cleaning cloths

Freya Isom

Hara the label is an amazing sustainable underwear brand!!


I wear 100% organic linen undies from a small US company- Life-giving Linen. They don't stretch so not for Lia, but anyone else may check them out. They are not inexpensive but they really last a long time. As for any type of sport style comfy bra- can't find any and I have a drawer-full ranging from organic cotton to less desirable fabric. So 98% of time I don't wear a bra and if a shirt is see-through I just wear a tee-shirt under it. I buy thrifted outer clothes but undies, socks and shoes I buy new.


I use old fabric to clean with/ pick up spills, Just wash it hang dry and put it in a bin/cupboard


Love your videos! Are you going to do a home tour?

Blue Mercy

?????this morning I threw out lots of undies that were truly dingie ?? and u end up speaking about it. ??? thanks again sweet sister. By any chance do u have p. O. Box ?

Daisy W

I keep my undies in a shoebox too but adult size box lol go through lots as a women haha but interested in buying ecofriendly brand when next need more!

Mercury Hart

I tie knots or stitch my bra straps into a racer-back to shorten the straps if they aren't adjustable

Németh Katalin

I do laundry every Monday. I have 9 undies, 9 pairs of socks (all navy from the same source, totally identical) and 2 bras, a fancy and a sport one. I rarely wear a bra, I like thick black or navy tops, so I do not feel I need them. To be honest I hate wearing a bra.

Nikki M

You should make your own underwear. They have some good tutorials on YouTube!

melissa manske

Do you have minimalist child videos?

Evelina Gutauskaitė

Just cut the straps shorter and sew it on again

Debbie Gibson

The last time I bought bras was over 15 years ago. I inherited my mother's bras when she died. They were just ordinary bras. However, one of my friends gained a lot of weight , and she gave me all of her expensive, fancy bras that her husband had bought her as gifts over many years. I felt really lucky!


Just wear slippers around the house, to prevent ruining your socks.


There is an old style of handknit sock where the sole is knit separately. When the original sole has worn out, you take the whole thing off and knit a new sole. Some info here https://www.interweave.com/article/knitting/reinventing-the-sock-free-sole/ and here https://freevintageknitting.com/socks-patterns/patons127/wear-forever-with-replacement-toe-and-heel-pattern

Matilda Lepoglavec

I do laundry every Tuesday and i have 9 undies, 7 socks and 2 sport-ish bras. Unfortunately i haven't find my favorite sustainable brand yet, i don't have access to many sustainable brands where I live.

Chloe B

Your explanation of what happens to your boobs when you have a baby is one of the reasons I follow you. You understand my life. ?

SpiritBeing Apotheca

Any chance you can share where you read about Ref and racists issues? I occasionally buy from them and would like to be fully informed of this issue to either reach out to them or boycott. Thanks.

ecofriend. lia

What is your favorite sustainable underwear brand?


Great video. Can you please make a video of your groceries and the type of food you eat as a minimalist?

Allison Harris

I swear, the more I watch you the more I discover that I need to declutter lol. I never even thought about decluttering underwear.

Cassidi Watts

I used my socks without a pair as stuffing when I made tiny crocheted pillows for my cats

Ann Simpson

I don't do this but my mom did. She used to wear socks that she couldn't mend over good socks for extra warmth in winter.

Leslie Daubert

I read that it's not good to wear thongs all the time. Every now and then is fine. But not as your everyday underwear.

Blue Mercy

Hey?I have found my twin. I don't match my socks either. Doesn't feel right 2 me.

Emmy Lee

Check out the nearest Alnatura or other Biomarkt, then HessNatur has really good basic underwear, Waschbaer too, avocadostore have different brands...


I love "erlich textil". They produce fair underwear in Europe. Their underwear is really soft and comfortable.

Amanda B

This is for underwear-pants. I don’t have a sustainable one. I just buy what I can afford and feels comfortable (for me this is not an easy thing). I then wear them til they fall apart. The last time I purchased was over 5 years ago. They were a 5 pack on sale from Target (purchased 2 packs). They are still in good condition. Still very comfortable. As for bras, I am still looking. Hard to find a good one that is comfortable.


Hejjjj you still have them! ? I can try the red one if you want. But I'm pretty sure you could sell them on Vinted since they're still in good shape! ☕


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Mista _Mask

Team Jerry ✅

Team Isabel K

Montrie Lamonth

You are a wicked fucker

Dominic Pineda

This was sad and funny at the same time