How many laps in a pool is a good workout

3 reasons why swimming won’t make you skinny or strong and tips on how to tone your body

3 reasons why swimming won’t make you skinny or strong and tips on how to tone your body15 Jun. 2018
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Many people practice

Many people practice swimming to get a swimmer’s body with a six pack and toned muscles. Here are 3 reasons why swimming will not make you look strong and some tips on what to do about it.

Reason #1 Hunger after swimming.

It is true that you burn a lot of calories when you swim. Simply by being in the pool, your body will be constantly creating heat (aka burning calories) because the water is below our body temperature and it steals our heat. The problem is that because we burn many calories in a short period of time we get very hungry when we stop swimming and we eat more than we use to. We end up eating more than what we burned and sometimes food that isn’t nutritious or that is very high in sugar, so the body just transforms those carbohydrates into fat.

Tip #1

After a swim session try to rehydrate yourself with water and electrolytes, but try to avoid sugary drinks like juice, soda or even gatorade. Also try to eat complex carbohydrates and vegetables instead of junk food.

Reason #2 Cardio

Swimming is mostly a cardio exercise, meaning you are training your heart and lungs. This is good because you will be healthy but it is not the best way to grow your muscles. Our muscles grow because of mini ruptures during exercise. Those broken muscles fibers are then rebuilt stronger when we are resting. That makes them grow. But since there is not a lot of tension in swimming, the amount of muscle rupture is limited.

Tip #2

If you want to build more muscle you need to compliment swimming with an exercise with more tension, such as weight lifting, cross training, calisthenics etc.

Reason #3 Time

It takes time to lower fat percentage in our body and increase muscle mass. Maybe, you won’t see any results in a week or two. You put in the effort and it is disappointing to not see any results. But remember that you are changing the composition of your body and that takes time and consistency.

Tip #3

Schedule your swimming sessions and other weights or dry land workouts into your daily routine and make them a habit. Wait for at least two months before check for improvements. If you are making progress keep going and push yourself a little bit more every day, if not consult a nutritionist to get a specialized diet that works best for your body type.

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Swim fast!

Comments (100)

Bruh im jacked and all i do is swim ??‍♀️



magic cheeseball

Michael Phelps is not skinny or strong?

Aaliyah Pillay

Child I forget that the human body needs food to live wen I'm swimming I forget about food completely for like up to 10 to 15 hrd

Mr. Luis

False information on this video. The only time I was ever able to fit on a medium size shirt was because of swimming.


This video is trash xD

Coldwater Productions

Are you having a laugh? Are you talking a piss? You are joking right?

Tala kayali

This is a very misleading video

Belia Krouse

Totally agree with you. Unflexal Workouts is awesome for my daily practice

Katherine Moss

No I’m a professional swimmer and it works for me

David m

I don't know why this comment section seems filled with bodybuilders more than swimmers lol, anyway I don't swim but I logically think that swimming must be a good cardio, probably the best cardio for someone who lifts weights, because it has low impact on your joint and it is total body movement and will definitely gives total body benefits.

Nonono Nononono

This isn’t true. I can tell this video hasn’t been researched for. I don’t know about other swimmers but I’m not that hungry after swim practice


This is fake shit. If you overeat you’ll get fat. It has nothing to do with the type of exercise. Water temperature does not burn more calories than running outside in the winter. The tearing of muscles ?? doesn’t depend on the impact on tendons.


Thanks teacher

Rosieplays Roblox

I’ve got skinny and strong so don’t lie

Juwairia Shalaby

Swimming gives you big shoulders and a sicks pack have you ever met a swimmer

Ju N

a the my swim body


What if your skinny fat

Lluc Aristondo Alzina

Go to gym bro


Any exercise accompanied with a BigMac diet does not do anything. If you are swimming 6 to 7 thousand yard per week and eating fast food, your routine will only last a few weeks and you will not even know why you are in pain, or injured. Same is true for running and cycling. And yes, all the swimming in the world will not make you look like Arnold. For that you definitely need to lift. It will tone your body though. Swimmers lift; but at certain age and depending on the level of competition. But they all have a toned body. I guess it depends what your goal is.


this is wack hopefully no one listens to this. i was fat af bfore then i started swimming then stopped. i acc thinking abt going back to swim after quarantine

Miguel Steven

This video was made by someone who got the info in McDonald’s

Callum Raza

I swim twice a day and weigh 210 lbs 14% body fat I'm 6ft no weights

vaggs Gre

I think i will agree with this video. I used to be a swimmer, swimming for 12 years straight, and im still pretty skilful.

Swimming DID give me endurance and a lot of it too. I remember beating skinny kids 10kgs lighter than me in running, which is imo pretty impressive.

The one thing swimming never gave me though is muscles! Note that this was in my puberty which was the perfect timing for hormones. I also gained some weight during that period.

But few of it was muscles. I am very sad to say this, seeing how I'm not even a skinny person.

Lifting weights has been a far faster way to improve my strength, but I'll give swimming another try, this time focusing on the bodybuilding/strength aspect of it.


I don't know why but I don't believe you.

Moza Almalki

(Regarding reason no.1 about hunger after swimming) You do realize that eating after swimming will only help repair and regrow muscle protein after some of the protein get broken down after swimming? Eating is crucial after a swim workout to maintain your muscles..

Red Bullseye

I do an hour of weightlifting followed by 40 to 50 laps in the pool.

The Velo In The Vale

Bollocks ... I grew up on the surf - young blokes slayed food after coming in from the waves and looked cut and shredded.

Leigh Docherty


Susan Smith

This is absurd.

E Nau

Wow how wrong you are. You have no idea about swimming.


am I the only one who loses their hunger while swimming lol

Danny B.

You have to have control over what you eat and you does make you slimmer and stronger


Hello! I'm always looking at the good contents. Thank you. At the end, the word 'swim fast' was really good. I think many swimmers in Korea will like it.


I lost 20kg from swimming in the past and gained muscle volume. I swam distance a lot when I was younger and years later I still above average muscle mass in my upper body, bone density and minerals

Oliver Brown

I spent 9 years swimming loads and loads and i definitly have the muscle to show


Yeah swimmers eat food. We eat a lot of food


Guess every swimmer strongly disagrees with this... Muscles get bigger and your whole body gets stronger. Obviously skinny people will look skinny without a proper dryland preparation. Anyway, anyone who swims becomes stronger

Maddi Page

New swimmer here. I enjoy getting in the water. I realized I had a strange liking for showers/baths to the point where I was taking 2-3 every single day then it dawned on me: maybe I like being in water lol.

Alyah Raha

Your videos are awesome, Thank you for the advice, and please can you make a video how to eat when you do a shorter swimming, I mean not competitive, I usually burn about 500 cal, swim I about 1 hour.
Thank you.

gReGsKi GmAiL

"swimming won’t make you skinny or strong" as a former swimmer and water polo player join me in the pool tomorrow morning at 0700 and we'll see about that

Meme Lord

I’ve done it for 9 years and I gained weight and not much muscle for 6 days a week working my ass off so don’t do it unless you are committed for a long time


Stroke game stronger though

Christopher Lynch

USRPT you will build muscle

Ritu Choudhary

I don't use my legs while swimming cause I want them to be thicc but it got thinner and I swim just with my hands how come they're still fat after 9months and my legs get thin?

Denis u

Low carb diet combined with swimming its the best.

Romana loveee


Angelika K

Yea... Swimming is the best sport for your body, this is the first sport were in saw myself getting slimmer in just a month

Isabell Surber

I was a committed 13 year old to my swim team, I was fit asf Im very skinny and small in the first place thanks to my high metabolism so it didn't take me long to have a v line and a six pack built from pushing my self training inside and outside of the pool.

remember me

Why is it that I'm shit at running and don't have a good cardio even tho I swim for a club ?


You could say that about any sports activity... burning calories makes you hungry which causes you to eat more. Doesn't make it bad.

Mariah the gymnast

I have been swimming since i was 4 years old and my body is very mascular and i am kinda thin so i have to disagree with thus

Kyle Wong Lee

This dude thinks ur active cals are ur tots daily limit lolll, so if I burn 1,800 being alive a day and then burn 1,000 working out , and only eat 1k cals that day I’m in a 1,800 deficit

Tony Van Cauwenberghe

what do you mean wit TIP3? do you mean to do a swim session and after that a weight training session the same day? Thank you for your vidéos i like it

arthur ferreira

You can induce muscle growth by doing explosive sets with fins and paddles. Probably not as efficient as weighlifting but it will lead to muscle growth ( and its much more fun).

Put Him first

This is the worst advice ever


빠른 개헤엄 치세요
Anyways, I agree. I eat too much after swimming.

Jake Standing

I started swimming and can already notice a huge difference I don’t feel anywhere near as hungry as I do when I go to gym

SynTax Othello

Here’s the thing mate... you’re wrong on many levels. It’s true you will hit a wall on gaining muscles but you definitely will gets decent lats, traps, delts, quads, hamstrings and not to forget abs. And a lot of pro swimmers have more self control so not everyone is eating crazy unhealthy shit. Lastly use a kick board if you really want to build your legs and use a pull bouy if you want to focus on the upper half.


When you get hungry eat a healthy salad thats what I do and it fills me up but it’s still low calories


...stopped after first tip. Thanks Captain Obvious. You actually gave a good reason why swimming will help you get thinner. The rest is obvious. Don't re-eat the calories.

Sparrow Sings

Utter nonsense.


I have been sprint swimming for 5 weeks and I'm eating normal. I've lost 8.4lb and have more visible muscles and larger muscles slightly. I'm going to start Olympic weightlifting too. Both help eachother massively

Marco-Dean Davis

i do get very hungry after i swim but i eat veggies

sauron saga

Hello, I have lipomastia. Is she overweight or will I get rid of her by swimming? :3

detuned_ Gabe

Swimming made me a monster muhaha

Adam Khan

I love swimming

Rob Romanski

I swim 6 days a week for over an hour. My muscles exploded. This guys has no idea what he’s talking about. My body fat dropped from 41% to 28% in 6 months. I eat like a horse btw. I did go totally vegan though.

Alex Bos

Couldn’t you just have a controlled diet and swim?


Trust me, when you swim over 5,000 yards, twice a day, you definitely tear down and build muscle. Look at any competitive swimmer’s back. We definitely have muscle. I rarely lift weights or ever go to dryland for that matter, and my back, shoulder, and leg muscles are very visible


Bro does this man actually swim or just sits in his chair 24/7 reading blogs and saying there “real facts” on them.

Sophie J

Believe me when I tell you swimming doesn’t make you big but I like that cause I don’t want to be The Rock but I also want to have my muscles kind of out there you know?? So it works for me

Txnks zero

Does swimming help with strength gains? Without gaining size only strength

Thalita Pimentel

I swim 3 x a week for 45min and eat basically good food. Do you guys think it's too little to loose weight?


I love how the fat emoji has tight gaps and I don’t

Marcus Savina

So you're saying it's a great form of cardio but you'll need to lift too. Okay, obviously


Can running, like doing track help with getting muscle? I want to swim and do track running at the same time.

Sandwich de pescado

This the first time ive seen this channel getting hate comments-ish

Shubhhabrata SSaha

Yall im a swimmer and I’ve gotta say I’m OfFenDEd

Edvin Trainovic

wtf shitt info


Cardio burns fat but if u eat unhealthy it will all be gone

Shotoro plays

I dont know why im not hungry when i swim ???

Andres LordV

Hi, I little disagree... I have swimmed 2 months now, three times a week, ca 2-2,5km at once freestyle usually. And I have lost 9,7kg in two months. Offcourse, I watch what I eat, but now and then I drink beer and eat bacon :D. And swimming helps, also mu muscles hurt sometimes, so I ques they dont shrink.


You got good point but if you want to build muscles you need resistance such as lifting weights calisthenics and swimming
You can build muscles but it would be ideal to lift and train for maximum gains

Jeff Morse

When I first started lap swimming I worked up to a mile a day five days a week and within about five months I looked like an entirely different person. My body was fit and toned. Its all I did for exercise. I didn't pig out after swimming either. Basically, swimming is all you need to look great if you consistently do it over a period of months and eat healthy. You gain muscle because of the resistance of moving your body through the water. Its not like land based cardio.

Allan Curtis

To all my swimmers here. Please like if you find this video disrespectful ??


I lost 8 kg

Carrie Soa

Is this guy insane? Swimming builds lean muscle and is great cardiovascular excerise

Qwertyvegy 5830 5830

The results of swimming are the same in male body and female body?
I pretend this year go to swim and lost body fat , but i have more body fat in legs . If i swim i would lost that body fat ?

Sorry for my english, this is not my first language

Labrador mom

Swimming regularly, combined with decent eating habits, makes you lean and strong and does wonders for your aerobic strength too.

elizabeth ruel

i’m on a team and they make you do land training anyways so that comes with it. you won’t be hungry after swimming if you nurture yourself beforehand.


Always thank you for your video

Calvin Candie

I’m 20 year old swimmer. I’m swimming since I was 6. When I hit the gym really really big bodybuilders are asking me how did you get that shoulders and back. By the way I’m 190cm and 80kg

koops kshandi

Haha what did you say at the end of the video and what does it mean?

Ramzy Mohamad رمزي محمد


Arya Nugraha

man I hate these kind of video title like, sit ups wont make you six packs, push ups dont build muscle, diet dont lose weight, bla bla bla bla bla like where is the motivation to make body fit properley bruh I just want a lean body already

Be Indian We Are one

Dont give wrong info

Piss Baby

Is it weird that I hate eating after I finish a swimming session and don’t feel hungry at all xD


hell no, swimming makes you tinner

Majid Hussain

I’m really slim. If I eat a really clean diet and increase my calorie intake substantially, will swimming increase muscle tone?

Top 9 Pool Swimming Hacks | Swim Training Tips

Top 9 Pool Swimming Hacks | Swim Training Tips30 May. 2019
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There’s a lot we can learn from elite swimmers and we're not talking about their beautiful swim strokes, we're referring to hacks. We’re going to be sharing some of these shortcuts and tips you can adopt ahead of your next swim session that will be sure to enhance your swim training experience.

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There’s a lot we can learn from professional swimmers and we're not even talking about their beautiful and efficient swimming strokes. We're referring to hacks.

If you were swimming twice a day six days a week you’d soon find ways to make life easier pre and post training.

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Comments (65)
Vlad Pro

1. If there is only one person on the lane besides me - I always offer him\her to swim in parallel, not in circles. Thus I won't have to bother about overtaking.
2. Phone in a waterproof case as a stopwatch (some pools do not have wall-mounted stopwatches)
3. Buy a waterproof player. HUGE difference during training, especially long distances.
4. [funny one] If I forgot my pads - flip-flops will do :) Just kidding.
5. Having trouble counting laps? Besides your phone in 2), vocalize a number. It really works way better than just thinking about lap count.
6. Bottle of water with honey in it. Yummy and the boost.

Aesthetic_ Vibes

100th Comment!

Chandler Muriel Bing

Hello! Doing freestyle, I cannot inhale properly with my mouth because water comes in my mouth, too, and I panic that I have water in my mouth so I cannot inhale again when I run out of air because there is already water in my mouth. What should I do? Please help.

Anna Brooks

RIP to all of our eyebrows lost lol

Amer J.

Nice job using the GCN Club sock for goggle storage?


Even cheaper than running shorts over trunks: A sponge on the end of some string with a loop for the waist the other end.

SMii7Y jr.

If your to tired for a set just go underwater until the next set and then swim back

Global Triathlon Network

What hacks have you learnt from the pool? Leave us a comment!

ian clunie

If you're stuck behind a slower swimmer that won't let you past, wait for them to get to the end of the length and turn round and start swimming the other way while they are still swimming towards the wall - hey presto - you're in front of them. It means you'll do less than a full length during the "overtake" but it avoids tapping their ankles or colliding with them. I need to stay friends with the swimmers where I am - it's a small town and I'll see them again tomorrow. Also, one of the lanes in my local pool has a clockwise swim direction (the other lane is anti-clockwise)

Shadwa Barghash

liquid dish soap is also a defog option

Jeson Derik

this are not hacks, more like common sense

Nomad Edious

The biggest hack I know is drafting off my friend. The pools big enough for our team to only have two to a lane, so we split the lanes. I hop on his hip during longer reps to save the energy. However he likes to cut me into the lane when he realizes it so I try and stick to those tasty toes?

gaming Wolf x

Put baby powder on rugby on your on your feet will be dry

Edvardas Baravykas

Thank you so much!!! <3

Aaron C

So...just wear boardshorts...

Seamus Wellen

Wear flip flops athletes foot is real real bad


Never in my life, including swimming in competition, have I swam clockwise!


Everyone talking how the choirline make ur hair bad.. but it make my hair thicker XD


I honestly thought she said 'hats' at the beginning and I was like yeah that makes sense I should use one too, hehe

Race Pace Masters Swimming

????? yassss - people move out of the lane when I start doing Fly ? ...

Дмитрий Кузнецов

wow what a hacks (

[ Iminsane ]

Ruin the heck out of your skin so it gets really rough like your tech suit. BOOM FULL BODY TECH SUIT.

This is a joke

ranjan chatterjee

Hi greetings...have been watching your videos lately. I have one question...what is the best wrist watch for training for beginners and not expensive? Your reply will be appreciated. Thank you...

Eoin Kim

Flip-flop? Nah.... They are called thongs in Australia.


Thanks so much for all the hacks i love these sort of videos

Adam LaMontagne

That “fast swimmers behaving badly” is really poor form. I’m surprised to see you recommending such behavior. As a back of the pack swimmer who has to choose between the fast lane (where I’m a bit too slow) and the “fitness” lane (where I’m way too fast), I appreciate the occasional faster swimmers who swim around me rather than just being rude to try to get me to leave. ?

Zeynep Karaman

Saçma int yazık

Matthew Roberts

If you know I way how not to smell like pool, that would be great.

Maks Timoschuk

Terrible sound from the swim. Why do not record sound after in studio?


Every time I come to the pool the fast lane is full of slow and old breastrokers and when I swim fast they just don't give a fuck and keep doing their combination of drowning and breast

Jess Peoples

Put your swimsuit in a towel and roll it up so it can dry faster.

Lukas Schwarzlmüller

Clockwise swimming ?

Stephane Joassaint

You good in swimming

Colin B

I use the self sealing ziplock bags that new kit comes in to keep my bag dry

Marcus. R

I use the lane rope bouys to count how many sets I’ve done if it’s a long set

alexandra timpau

For people with long hair: A bit of treatment oil on your hair, before you put your cap on, will turn your swim time into hair treatment time ^.^

Niall Doyle

Those were some pretty terrible tips.

Ricardo da Silva Barbosa

tendi foi nada n sei nem como eu cheguei aq

Nora Osiris Frank

I'm a swimmer so I'm always looking for hacks


Every Fly'er should know how to coordinate their stroke with others so please be cool. While passing in the opposite direction, I stretch underwater with an additional kick even when they're in adjoining lanes. I try to be as considerate as possible unless they're cocky then all bets are off, Lol.

Lindsey Paige

I use a lot of these tips! I also write out my swim workouts on a piece of paper and stick it in a gallon size ziploc bag. I then put that on the edge of the pool and put my water bottle on top of it to hold it in place. The baggie hangs over the edge of the pool so it’s easy to read the workout and it stays dry.


I’m only a kid and I’m about to do my first triathlon. This channel has helped me out so much!

Reymon Reyes

Why am I watching this? I can't even swim!

Macy Gray

Welcome to swimming please sacrifice your hair and skin to the chlorine demon!

Monica C

banana before and/or after swimming is the best solution for me :D

Ms Tawse

I save time by urinating in the pool. Walking on a dirty floor or waiting for people to finish is a big waste of time, plus you are not wasting toilet paper which has been hard to come by during the Wuhan Corona Pandemic. (Just kidding!)

Eliot King

I need some help with my technique : i always loose breath quite easily aswell and one of my arms is more flat than the other in front crawl , do I just need to keep on practicing or is there an efficient way of doing front crawl as I’m doing swimming for gcse

Joel Klingenberg

"I have no idea about the science, but..."...Words to live by.

Connie Ursachi

Aww their hair is fried, free bleach!

Maki Narusawa Trotter

Dry skin: moisturize before you swim.

Keeping count of laps (for those who don't have a watch) : water bottle w/ "ruler" down the side, use hair elastic to move it down.

John McLaughlin

Quote of the month: "...looking like a drowned rat that's been through a hedge backwards."

Cameron Prendergast

A coffee before, and a banana and a protein shake after a morning training session really helps as well!

YouMelon 100

The voice crack at 0:07

Alex Stoyanov

Nice! Resistance can be added by swimming with a t-shirt on

Isaac Barac

was that guy british or american

Antonio Ruíz

This can possibly be a hack: The pools where I train are outdoors and some times the water is a little cold because of the weather. I cycle in the mornings to the pool with my bath suit and just a tank shirt. I suffer at the beginning of my ride, but once I enter the pool I don't feel the water as cold as it is.

Patrick Bateman

The Petrol Garage has the best food in town.

Aileen Hernandez

Dry, damaged hair can be avoided if you spread some conditioner or treatment to your hair before putting on your cap to swim.


My brother watched this and I’m so proud of him he’s been in the pool for 2 days now


Damn this video came just after my IGCSEs exam

Ashlyn Chandra

This helps me a lot ?????‍♀️


This video is very helpful ! Thank you ??

Sonia Balogh

I sometimes wear 2 swim caps só that my hair stays dry

Sophie Leach

Just signed up for my first Tri and am terrified of the swim! It's in a pool (thankfully!!) but I can only swim Breast Stroke....have about 14 weeks; should I be getting lessons in front crawl, or focussing on my speed and technique? :)


I keep my swimming-goggles in an old lunch box. There is space for 3 of them an scratches are gone forever ;)

20 New Ways to Jog in the Pool

20 New Ways to Jog in the Pool5 May. 2019
69 512

While repetition is

While repetition is important when first learning, variation is the key to mastering a movement, having an enjoyable exercise experience and getting results!

Learn how to kick your creativity into high gear when you join Wavemakers®, a learn-grow-share community that connects instructors and participants to water exercise resources and each other. www.waterexercisecoach.com

Comments (18)
Frog & Moon

Love these! Thank you. Please keep making water videos!


Another thing ive thought of was doing a boxers skip/jump rope skip in the pool

God is Love41

Thanks for video.

Re LaLe

Thanks. I like the ideas. Will try it.

Real Warrior

Love this video

manoj kumar

Very nice workout.thanks

Vanita Talaulikar

I am having hamstring ans adductor stain can I do this jogging ?
Or would you like to suggest something different?

fatemeh shirazi

It was great.

Evghenia Gehringer

Simple is better, thank you!????

Debbie Greer

Lost 20lbs jogging in the pool!

noraini ahmad

Hi , i had a knee pain can i do this workout?

DBF 580

Looks beneficial.... Anyone else do this from being a sedentary person?

Dawn Duffy

i'm 65 years old and had two very successful hip replacements last year. would this be a good way for me to exercise and lose weight? i have a pool in my back yard for summer (we're in the northeast of US). what advantage would it be for me to get an aquajogger or another device?



rose eze

I hope this won't aggravate knee pain

فواصل شغف


Gretchen Larsen Bish

HI. I am 59 and have had 3 spinal fusions with screws and plates. I am trying to rehab and lose weight. I started lap swimming and recently saw your videos and have had added your jog and exercises to my routine! It is a great idea to kick your routine up a notch! I can say that these exercises have added a whole new dimension to my routine. I have dropped 21 lbs and 2 sizes. I cut out bad carbohydrates and my blood sugar is great! If you have joint problems or want to be challenged without injury, use a pool! This channel has been a great motivation. Do yourself a favor and feel great! Thanks y'all and God bless!

Jazzie Carter

I love this! I am going to try this! If I were to walk/jog for 30 minutes in the pool everyday is that an equivalent workout to if I were to walk/jog for 30 minutes on dry ground?