Lose the pooch

Lose The Pooch

Lose The Pooch20 Jan. 2015

Intense ab workout that

Intense ab workout that targets the LOWER portion of your abs! LOSE THAT POOCH!

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Trevor Murphy

This workout is awesome and my stomach is burning! How can you do so many hahaha

teresa lane

Saturday morning, just finished video 1

Lacey Martin


5-Minute Lose The Pooch Workout | Class FitSugar

5-Minute Lose The Pooch Workout | Class FitSugar16 Aug. 2015
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Try this quick and

Try this quick and focused workout to tone the lower part of your abs and work off the pooch. We concentrate on the abs for five minutes and guarantee you feel the burn. You don't need any equipment, but don't forget to breathe!

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TheDayBefore . . Forever . .

o the pain and day later ... back in to it tomorrow. .. I will get fit! xx

Jenn Loro

very nice routine

Laney Bloebaum

Is there a way to modify it adapt the plank? I have several joint fusions and being in my tied is next to impossible. It may be impossible I just don't know if I have tried everything yet. Thanks.

Amber Lynn

I love this! I just started it today but ill do it everyday after my workouts.

boots clues

Omo love this only 5 mins I am doing it thanks


Oh my gosh, my abs are burning lol. I'm going to do this every day

otaku for life

What if you naturally have a gap when laying on the mat?

Irene Bekoe

great workout!

Cathe Travel Adventures

This is awesome and great for busy people. Thank you so much ☺️


how many kcal?

Iris García

gonna try this and post resulta every day since today 17/august/2015

iecher rooks

My abs are on ?!! Thank you!!?

Sarah Carver

thank you! quick and to the point. No conversation, just ab blasting in 5 minutes. You da woman!



Losing excess weight? It's easy!

Lids Prids

ah i love your fitness clothings and shoes


Great workout, did it twice, feels really good.

Yami Mufdi

Hi! I would love to get involved with you guys! Is there someone I can email to be considered? Thank you!

Jasveen Gahoon

can we do daily

Faith Perry

Does she mean pouch? Or an actual pooch like a dog? I'm not American, so I am very confused

Vineet Neware


Rosario Cruz

Wow!!!! ??

Classiq Beautee

I think I died?


nice booty



Losing excess weight? It's easy!

Pobre Traveler

love it but am sure this will kill me

Tawnee Gunderson

I felt the burn!

Aida F.

OMYGOD I am sweating and my abs are SCREAMING lol but I LOVED it, I will definitely be doing these everyday and hoping to see results fast and even if I don't, it's a no excuses workout and added to my workout list!! :)

Stylish World

Hi I'm ur new subscriber...i love ur videos...from last 6 days im doing ur workout routine that 30 minutes cardio workout in the Evening...feeling good after workout...Thanks dear...love from ??

Angy HD



nice booty

Thalia Leon

I'm going to do this one today at the gym !

Jona C

Wow burns......

Golda 7456

How long to see results

Ada Lima

Annaaaaaa ♥♥ loved that one! how many times a week do you recommend doing this workout?

Nia Ashley Harris

I love these workouts and I love how she motivates you to keep going

Ly Di

What exactly is the Pooch?

Nikitasha Rathod

Wow Anna??? will definitely do this one!!! Love your smile too

Vishal Trivedi

I didn't watch whole video after watching first exercise, it's rubbish. Very First exercise shown in this video is faulty and dangerous for lower back. In plank position if you move abdomen part towards ground means you are inviting major lower spinal injury.


what is the pooch? (I'm italian)

Kathy Lemky



It was nice but I wish she didn’t do so many “crunch” type moves in a row

claudia castillomendoza


Elena Zilioli

Only 5 minute s but i feel IT in my pooch area

Anonymous Dancer

Omg...i want a sneaker like that...to go clubbin with...fed up of stupid heels.

Beba Beba

It looks like you are going to hurt your neck! ?

Sierra M

Love these workouts!

Ashley Boykin

Good work out ????

Mariam Farid

Can i do this after c section delivery? Its been 3 months

Josephine S

awesome :)

Daja Cullins


natasha toner

Thing is I have an 8 pac, I'm a girl. It's just that wherever I bend I can feel it otherwise it disappears any tips? Please..

Sibrille To Watch

OMG the last one killed me. I'm sweating all over. Thank you! I will do this every morning! :)


I love her fitness capris cutee!!


Great workout. Got thru it with a couole modifications. Will definitely do it again.

Antonella Colucciello

domani lo faccio :)

Ninety -One

im not feeling the burn on my pooch but on my upper stomach

Joe Boey VLogs


Active Alexis

I love the outfit!! Should I repeat the workout?

Joanna Luna

ooow did this yesterday found it on pinterest im birning today still so i decided id try t today as well.

طيبة الطيبة

Awesome work out thank you so much

Lee Mackey


Kristen Maneri

This is great!

claudia castillomendoza

do you speak spanish

Lower Belly Fat Workout. Stomach Flattening Exercises to Lose Belly Pooch Fast

Lower Belly Fat Workout. Stomach Flattening Exercises to Lose Belly Pooch Fast10 Nov. 2015
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Try this lower belly fat

Try this lower belly fat workout to tone abs and get a flat stomach. Follow the weight loss tips in the video to lose belly fat fast.

The video shows the best stomach flattening exercises to lose belly pooch at home. You can do the lower abs workout without weights or equipment.

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Consult your doctor before starting this lower belly fat workout.

Comments (100)
Princess Tamyra

this is pain full and I hate it when they say keep your and tight it is hard to do that

radha srinivasan

Is it enough if I do this daily only once? I do morning belly exercise and this in the afternoon. I shall update. I do any one of your belly exercises in the afternoon.




I literally could not do most of these excersises! Omg I didn't realise how unfit I am :S

Mahnaz Tadayon

All your videos are the best

Tricia Fradrick

Ive been doing it for a couple days and I can like do what main exercise (for some of them I could only do the ones in the top right) and I can keep my eyes on my belly button for the hundred (which I couldn't do before). So little improvements. Give a few more days or weeks and I might see results soon. May keep you updated

Celayna Bajracharya

I dont sweat during the exercise it it okay ?

Bee News

I have 6 days until my holiday and I'm trying to loose my lower belly fat but I need suggestions on which exercises work!

Pls help meh?!

Manju Manju

This is too good. Is there something like this for upper back?

Dr Ayesha

You are ossum i am Gona try these exercises

radha srinivasan

My belky was 111cms. One month over. Now my belly is 104cms. My aim is to reduce 30 cms more. I shall update on 3rd February 2018.

Mint mint

I didn't lose any weight :(

Osvaldo G

Thank you for the great exercises. The best I have seen in the Internet or DVD. I do many of your exercises for group of muscles: abs; arms; legs. They are all great. So you know not everyone thinks the same I like the voice, it gives motivation and good advice.


Does anyone know how many times a day I should do this?


Will this give you muscles or abs? Because I don’t really want any muscles showing


I think I'm going to try this for 2 weeks!

Αγλαΐα Τσαλαμίχα

I start today, I made all the video and I will do it every day and update (I feel already the burn)

Ba Mamii

Anyone else died in the middle of the video and then was hungry as well after wards ??????

Chloe Chu

omg this should not be so hard!! I'm so fat!


im going to try this workout and see how it goes. ill keep you guys updated every week or so.

Wambui mwania

I love our vids


Starting tomorrow! I will update the results in a week!

sm bd

I am going to keep commenting my results every day til I get results for those who wanna see... now if you will excuse me .. i am going to start...☺

Viktorya A

My mom is laughing at me... Idk why, I'm just tryna' workout!

Sapna banglore

Pls make vedio vegina tight exercise


My day 2 of the exercise hahaha

Shaheen Taj


maham john

can this burn fat in winter cause in winter our body wouldn't sweat

REyna Mariana sumedi

How much calories that its burn

Lenecia Thomas

The Bicycle is the worstttt


this doesn't help at all

Erin Brooks

how many calories does this full workout burn?

aisi maisi


yoga Munusamy

its realy usefully...but which time.is good for boys??

Lilia Nowakowska-Page

I like how this feels like it's gradually getting more intense, but it's actually just your body dying

Shaheen Taj

Amazing work out



Esther Memba

can this workout affect you of you have back problems?

Animegirl's channel



Great workout! I'm going to try to stay more fit by doing this stuff at least 4 times a week :)

swetha s

thankyou for guidence im following this vedios daily

Abhery Guha

Can anyone mention the calorie loss in this?


Is this for belly abs only?

Kt preciouscolors


Fuad Akhtari

More than any other workout this seems as if it is a neck , thigh or arm workout cuz I don't feel any pain in my lower belly just in my thighs arms and neck ...... I am so frustrated

Regan Devereaux

Wow, this vid is well disturbing and rubbish for getting a slim waist. However, the comments are so bloody hilarious!!! that it was worth the while. If you want really great ab & waist workouts go to Vicky Justiz, YouTube channel. She is the very best with immediate results and no injuries. But if you wanna laugh a bit more, speed this freak show, porno-bot ''exersize'' video up by 1&1/2 times. It's even more disturbing and creepy funny!
Peace, Regan ? from NorCal

radha srinivasan

Pne week over dear. I'm feeling lighter. My pouch stomach started from the chest. Now it's starting from stomach. I can tug sarees. Side flabs are also reduced to a great extent. I will do for one more month and update. God bless you dear. May God be always with you and fulfil all your good wishes

Carolina Heit

i'm gonna try for 1 month :)

Ariana Reyes

So.. How many calories does this burn?

Shaheen Taj

Good one

Sheen Arora

burnt calories?

Dulce Macias

my neck hurts


I'm starting now i'll update in a week

AB '20

I really want to do this workout because it looks so effective! But can you please tell me if it also lowers the fat around the bust? I have a small bust and I don't want it to be reduced even further! Please respond!

Andreea Malaescu

i saw Jesus

Claudia Miguel

How many calories does this burn per session?

Peep :9

Alright y'all I'ma do this for 20 days and I'll update if I notice anything different :)

Olivia Jane

does anyone know how many calories this burns??


im the only that his legs pains?


Harddddd but worth it day 1

Kafeel Khan

oh god my stomach hurts

Aniba Khan

Kitne time me lower tummy pouch kam hoga?

Chloe Chu

omg this should not be so hard!! I'm so fat!

Jahnvi Trivedi

Love your workouts

Verlyn gatilogo

I lose 1 inch for my waist for 1 week..love it

Jasmine Gonzalez

Wowwww this made me sweat and my belly muscles are burning. Thanks will do this again in 2 days

Julia Golden

Definitely working. I been doing these exercises for 2 months and I have now great toned abs. Give it a try people!

Maddie F.

Never doing this again,I seriously hurt my tailbone and had to skip field day


Trying this with my other lumowell workout today thank you ❤️

Asbina Paudel

So toff exercise? but nice yaa?

saraswati phuyel

It's too helpful I'm doing

Moly Gaunt

Am I the only one feeling it in their legs? think I'm somehow doing it wrong ?

Muhammad Emran

Just i m trying updated 6 days


oh my gosh my stomach is killing me but this works!! im seeing results already and it's my 4th day doing it

BTS IsMyBias

I will do this exercise for a month. Be back with the results!


I won’t the pooch gone who did it and got their pooch to go?


I've done about 5 of these videos today and I can already see a change!


Tried this for the first time today! Loved it...it contains so many key ab exercises for lower ab...looking 4ward to seeing results!

Jean Scott

How many calories am i burning ????

booboo the fool


Taina Figueroa

after I do this i do planks for 2 minutes or for as long ass I can and I do this and the flat tummy work out she also do twice a day

kendra s

If ya'll are really trying to lose weight and work out...challenge yourselves for at least 21 days. After doing something for 21 days, it makes it a habit! :)

McHs FrV

This is hard when u go to school :/ my mom wouldn't give me my phone when on school days and just give me my phone back on Saturday & Sunday & and other school holidays :/ okay im gonna borrow my mom phone silently.

Zain Ibrahim

Does this workout allow me to lose weight or is this workout purely to support building muscles?

Sage Fader

How many calories does this burn


After how many time,the results are visible?

mostafa dirani


Osvaldo G

Great exercises. I do this and other of your workouts.

Doris Serna

Love this workout

Olivia Wood

How many callories did i lose in this?


Omg. So painful.
I will try out for next 2 weeks

Valdo G

I was doing Lumowell exercises five days a week for a long time. My muscles were tired, then I decided to rest one whole week and when the week passed I started again and I had much better results, my muscles were better and stronger, because they had the chance to really rest.

Claudia Miguel

How many calories burnt per session?

Sarah Kennedy

Is this legit though? Will I see results within a few weeks or something?

somaria Qureshi

What ones worked for u guys

Louise park

I really wish she would shut up


omg im dying but it burns like cray crayy

Alisha Alisha

I did 4 mins workout out of 10 min .Okyy
now I am scrolling down through comments


Im starting today il update in a week

Дуња Сарић

Are those workouts for losing fat or for geting abs? Because i want to lose fat but in coments people are saying that this is for abs! Please help