Jared padalecki workout

Jared Padalecki Training with Jensen Ackles

Jared Padalecki Training with Jensen Ackles26 Aug. 2020
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May 1, 2015

May 1, 2015

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Jared Padalecki's First Reaction To Own Arrest Over Drunken Assault | Rumour Juice

Jared Padalecki's First Reaction To Own Arrest Over Drunken Assault | Rumour Juice6 Nov. 2019
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Jared Padalecki's First

Jared Padalecki's First Reaction To Own Arrest Over Drunken Assault | Rumour Juice

The one picture we never imagined we would see was Jared Padalecki’s mugshot.

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Jackie Walsh

I was hoping this would be Jared talking. Not a friggin voice over

Lina Bae

He must of had a reason so it’s ok hehe


We all been there before shit he was obviously having a good time ..

Lyn Boxer

My prayers are with him. It is hard to have something happen in our private life. It must be even worse when you are in the public eye. He was very brave to admit mental health issues. I'm a mental health nurse. Even doctors I use to respect don't react well to their own patients with MH. problems. Jared mentioned his depression. I don't know if he realized how much that meant. Someone so famous and well respected, seemed to make it okay to admit that, and get help!!!

Clara Chao Bierhaus

We're all human. I am glad that Jared Padalecki is working through his mistakes. Everyone makes mistakes. I also suffer from depression, though I've never been diagnosed, but I have some symptoms. Padalecki's arrest wasn't for the most serious crime(murder, homicide, pre-meditated murder), it was for assault while drunk. Besides his relationship with CW is very strong, he played Sam Winchester in CW's Supernatural and he'll play the lead character, Walker in CW's new TV show Walker. I send Padalecki my love and support while he goes through this tough time, his depression, living with an arrest in his belt, but I'm glad he has his friends and family to help him every step of the way. #spreadthelove #j2 #wereallhuman #everyonemakesmistakes

Marlene Petiaye

I'm sorry, so sorry Jared , Gen and children for what happened .............. You're a brave guy and go on !!!

Emma Allen

It was also Jared's bar


Real bummer. But as a diagnosed depressive, he knows he shouldn't be drinking. Hope he gets it together before it ruins his life.

Stephen Pemberton

To err is human!..To get drunk and brawl is Texan!

Gabby Dark moon

He looks so drained...

Stephen Pemberton

Fuck cares!!..let him blow off some steam!!..Atleast he didn't piss on the Alamo OZZY!!!?..Hats off to you Jared!!..Love your work.....Bitch?

Joe M

Dean finnally had enough of jess running his mouth

rachel denny

It's 2020 Nov. Now we know Jared and Jenson had decided supernatural would end in season 15. This happened in June 2019 and the arrest was in Oct 2019. 4 months of thinking about the end of a dream. I think he just lost it for a couple of minutes. You NEVER know what someone is going through. Love you Jared! Good luck with Walker.

Anti Zoom

A little less alcohol next time

Fuck this shittt

His eyes do be looking black tho just like supernatural, the demon must have taken over him :(

Randomfully Wonderful

He shouldn't have been arrested, because he's Jared Padalecki, he should be above the law.

Aunty Ro Knows

He's just been playing Sam too long. You're not allowed to kick ass in real life.

Maza Jay

Hey Jared was told they were vampires and he can’t help but do what he was supposed to do


Should've been at home with the kids and wifey... suspishhh

A Parks

Lol, no more binge drinking in public. Embarrassing!


Sam went dark side again


Lol this vid didn’t even mention he owned the bar and punched two of his employees.

Kat Collard

You are full of shit mr.



Alexandra Mihaela

Omg...he is a human too...Let the public people do what they want...cause they have insecurities and problems too.

Reagan Brown

LMAO some of y'all acting like people with depression can't go out and drink every now and then. He's been drinking for YEARS and this is the first time he's been charged with public intoxication and assault. He screwed up, but it was a one time thing. Stop acting like one small drunken fight defines someone, especially when neither employee was seriously hurt in any way. I'm sure he learned his lesson and will drink more responsibly in the future.

Kelly Lovato

Nothing but Love for Jared!

Marlene Petiaye


Rumour Juice

Jared Padalecki's First Reaction To Own Arrest Over Drunken Assault | Rumour Juice

niko bellic

lol he looks like asian in the pic


Alcoholism is REAL.

Trinity Adams

Yep might've imagined jensen's not jared's me and my girlfriend said that maybe it was demon or some he was attacking

Lisa Nidog

Who hasn't done something they regret!

Local retard

He thought they were demoms


video's name is wrong, Jared is not talking at all. and all this stuff is already seen on conventions. plus, why would his arrest make such a big impact on his career like the person in the video says? people have bad days, he did too. it's Jared freaking Padalecki and he is too loved.

Spy Fox


Auri M.

i feel like it needs to be said, while we're on this topic.
Robert Downey Jr. and Jared Padalecki are two people who are in my idol book. And a lot of people talk down on RDJ tbh, and its cuz of his record more often than not. But this right here is an example, if anything is. People do make mistakes, We're all human. Celebrities just get more heat because they're in front of the cameras. But that doesn't make them bad people. RDJ had a bad track record in the early 2000s and now, roughly 20ish years later he's an inspiration to kids and all other ages everywhere. Jared had never had any record with this sort of thing before, and happened to have this happen. They are both still good people, and inspire me every day to push through whatever I go through and try to still love myself. Professor Xavier(played by James McAvoy) said "Just because someone stumbles and loses their way, doesn't mean they're lost for good." And I truly believe this. So kudos to anyone who's had their own stumbles and mistakes, and managed to get through it however long it took to get through.
Always love you Jared, stay strong hon❤❤

Andreea B.

What can I say? He's a bad boy?

Trial & Error

I'm glad he and Gen didn't speak on the matter. He and Gen don't owe anyone an explanation.

Chipperson's Encyclopedia Emporium

His eyes have gone full black

Awesome Art Digital

I seriously doubt this little arrest will effect his next project of Walker since its on the CW. Jared has a good relationship with the CW.

Charlotte Faulkes

That clip where he’s got his friend in a headlock and let’s go and is swaying? Broke my heart, it really did

Sandra E Straume

Sure could be big f**** sis called life lessons if you do or say or live a certain way and you're not supposed to and you continue living that way the universe knocks on your door and tells you hey hey hey hey first Arisa flat tired and it's late footwork you lose her job a little hiccups eventually the arrest is because something you been doing all this time it's creating this you

Jõsá'Lynn Lee

Idc I still love Jared ??? well all go through shit, I mean it’s not like he’s a Disney star and even then we all know the deal with Disney stars.

Monkey.D Anis

Ohhhh nooooo padalecki hit 2 guys how dare he does that, what a evil human beeing...

Dude, these oversensitive whiny attack hellicoptees from nowdays

Max Eyrich

Shit happens.


The picture is so fucking funny

safirah michel

this doesn’t seem like Jared but idc idc I will always support everything he chooses to do

Gina Caparotta

He make a mistake. Shit happens. His stilll a good person. Inside and out.

Vinnie Balasuriya

i just realised this video came out on my b'day

Tai’daishar Magnum

I’m sure he was emotional about the final season of SUPERNATURAL, and one of his Employees at STEREOTYPE probably made a stupid comment about the TV Series.

Caz Evans

Look hes just gonna check in at the Priory and be out in a month,then his kids will see vid and go yay dad,i be like you!and so another generation.not all happens that way.SHAME ON THE PRODUCERS FOR LETTING HIM WORK IN ILL HEALTH!SHAME.??

Joe Wood

Jared's pure human. He makes some mistakes, but that doesn't change his capacity to help people, inspire them or to entertain.

Stephen Amell and Jared Padalecki

Stephen Amell and Jared Padalecki13 Mar. 2015
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Jared Padalecki stopped by

Jared Padalecki stopped by this morning to talk about his fantastic campaign - http://represent.com/jared - which benefits To Write Love On Her Arms. We discuss the campaign, the reason he chose this particular charity, Season 16 of Supernatural and the incredible logistical / technological issues that come with Jensen Ackles being your co-lead. Enjoy.

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Miracle Winchester

Little shits ?

Olivia Haglund

"It's really nice to be underneath you."

Your mother


POP Studio DJ

Watching this in 2020, I can't breathe now lol

alenn mosses

must be malcolm merlyn and LUCIFER


Stephen in supernatural now that be good


I love them??


WHAT DADS!! the thumbs up in the end <3


Ahhh. At 0:55 Jared's joke about the doll being "anatomically correct". He basically said that Stephen has no balls. Their relationship is so cute.

Cate joshua

I don't get the Jensen part.. he is playing somewhere else..?

Makay Smith

I want Stephen to guest star on supernatural so bad

Supernatural Padalecki

Stephen: This is my friend, Jared...

Jared: Padalecki!

Lol OMG ????


Ahahaha, I love Stephen. Unfortunately I know a lot of people who don't get his humor (how, I wonder) but I feel like he fits right in with the boys. :D

Mafer Garza

Can someone please explain what did they mean when they were talking about Jensen?

Maia Sitter

"I can't wait to sell this." I love Stephen Amell.



Isaac Bower


Demi Guzman

I absolutely love their humor. It's fun and witty!

Soukayna Ghoudane

jensen is gonna be mad

Anantam Bisht

Look at those legs

Madalyne J Serna

"Haven't seen him since season 3"
Lol Jared


I didn't know that my favourite Hollywood actor "Stephen amell" The green arrow is a WWE wrestler and now that I know...

I'm literally fucced inside

Aries WildChild

"I can't wait to sell this" XD

Liz Beth

Stephen is so funny
I love them both so much
Jared’s legs are so muscular I’m jealous
They’re both so hot


S-this is my friend Jared...pa pad pa

Sapphire Sky824

Stephen could be the fourth brother, twice removed or something. Dean, Sam, Adam and Steve. It has a nice ring to it and they share chemistry for sure. MAKEITHAPPEN

Kit Kat

There needs to be a crossover episode or something... Like Stephen needs to guest star on Spn or Jared and Jensen needs to guest star on arrow

Marita Tarberg

Whats with the socks, can't stop staring

Marry Me Xion

Stephen and Jared!!! Love them both ❤

sara tfkh

Jared is the hottest ever with the most amazing heart omg I love him too much!!!! <3

Denishea Bates

no way that is cool

Lacey Harris

Jared is awesome for sure!! <3

Lewlav Abra

nice socks you got there jared XD


Is it just me or does Jared look a lot like Julian Smith right here?

Kyra Kronberg

My two favorite people in the world.

Kris G

And now both shows are ending

Kaic Vital

oi sou fã ai mano salva Rondon do para