Hanging punching bag from ceiling

How to Hang a Muay Thai Heavy bag to your ceiling

How to Hang a Muay Thai Heavy bag to your ceiling9 May. 2010
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Shows how we hung my 165

Shows how we hung my 165 pound thai banana bag in my house with normal crappy 2x4" construction and the boards are 24" apart.

My garage has a finished ceiling and basic 2x4 construction and the 2x4's are 24" apart. We had to reinforce the location where we would be mounting the bag so that we didn't screw the house up.

We used two sections of 4x4" mounted in between two "rafters" (mounted using the metal 4x4 frame mounting things from home depot), Then we drilled a hole in the center of a 4x4, mounted a 1/2"diameter (about 12" long) eye bolt with a nylock nut and big washers to the 4x4. Then we nailed in a 2x6" across the top of the 4x4's for more support.

Finally we nailed in two, 2x4's going from the horizontal "rafters" or "cords" to the diagonal cords. These are shown in the video as the two 2x4's going straight up.

We used a 300# spring to mount the bag to the eye bolt. It is one of those outdoor sitting swings springs.

My fiance does say she can hear some noise in the kitchen but that is it. I lived in this house for another 2 years and trained 2-3x per week and never had any damage to the drywall or frame.

We got the spring from a hardware store. The straps attach to d rings which attach to a big caribener type clip then the spring.

The bag says proboxingequpiment.com I got it from my trainer Paul Metayo who runs http://www.arizonamuaythai.com/

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How much is it ?

James Duff

From all the videos I've watched, you are the only one who put thought into it and did it properly. Well done!

Trent Kendall

that is perfectly ok with me, thanks for asking. i will take some video of the ridiculously overbuilt steel hanger I built for the new house and add it later this week.

Christopher Hinton

Appreciate it!

John Tookes

Thank you for your video confirming that supporting the rafters will hold strong.


Where can I find one of these springs and what is the exact name. Thanks

Claudia Polk

do u haft to use an an i bolt becuz im using the everlast wood beam heavy bag hanger and im afraid it might pull my whole ceiling in including the wood beams.accept mine dosent have the spring. is there a difference.somebody please help me?


I have a "tower of power" it's basically a free standing pull up bar. If I did the 300 pound spring do you think the bar could hold the weight/gravity of a 100 pound bag with a 300# spring attached to it? My rafters are not a option because of how my garage is laid out and I'm looking for a compact solution.


can you buy the swing spring at a hardware store?

Barzon Choron

really smart move

Trent Kendall

this setup gave me zero problems, i moved from that house after 24 months and it caused zero damage.

Christopher Hinton

Trent, I'm starting a website called KickboxingAtHome where we discuss home training and I'll be outlining my home training system to help other people do kickboxing at home. Do you mind if I use/link your video as a resource for other people to follow, because I hung my bag according to your directions and it was the best method I was able to find after a long time of searching? Please let me know if it would be alright... Thanks!


any idea how to hang one in an apartment?

robert Stephens

really wish you were a little more specific in the type of hardware you said you used. the metal 4x4 bracket you mention....???????i am having hard time finding that on the homedepot site.has a funny shape to it and all.do you remember more details about it?


the sound of the spring is annoying though

Sheddy Yoe

i bought an empty punching bag and fill it with sands,the weight became 70kg =.=

Tuffrail Heavybag mount

Try TuffRail for hanging your next heavy bag. The rail has locking positions so you can slide your heavy bag from one position to the next locking it in to place. Great for saving space. TuffRail.com


I have s spring that is rated for up to 250lbs for my 100lb heavy bag mounted to my wall. I don’t hear any noise. My spring doesn’t expand so it absorbs all the noise. That spring may not be strong enough for that heavy bag since it expands too much and is noisy.


How were u able to climb onto the garage ceiling to install the bracings needed?

Garzon Laperle

if you want to know how to make it yourself , just go to woodprix website. There you'll find your answers :)

Andrew Roberts

nice atv


I did the same thing. You can get a shorter spring from Asian world of martial arts.com. It will take the bottom of the bag off the ground.

robert Stephens

where can i buy that thing on the ceiling?is it an eyebolt is all it is with a fancy flat thing by the ceiling ??

Nelson Fuertes II

Where did you buy the bag? Been looking for one that heavy.


I've been looking all over the place for that brand "PRO". Where do you buy those brand of heavy bags at?

Paula Brennan

hi ya, what is the actual silver circular thing called please in the celling as I am having problems finding one, :) much needed help. thanks in advance.

Nelson Fuertes II

And where did you buy the "Matt Garcia mounting system"??


As long as you keep to pushing the bag instead of hitting it you can keep it on the ceiling...otherwise...Bad for the house!!! (spring helps a bit though=cheaper repairs)

Ryan Kadharnauth

is the spring mandatory for it to move around better? i'm just wondering cause i set mine up abit differently

Jay Kim

@Trent Kendall  Where can I buy the spring?


Dumb question but how can you "mess up" your house? can you damage the frame if the bag is hung incorrectly?



Trent Kendall

170 pounds


Where is the remix to this? I'll be sadly disappointed in you guys if this hang been auto-toned and remixed into a song...

2 ways to hang a punching bag

2 ways to hang a punching bag29 Feb. 2016
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So you just got your

So you just got your puching bag or thinking about getting one. Here is how you can hang it at home.

Simple easy and will have you sweating in no time




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How much weight can that old? I have a 250lb bag. Do you think it will work?

John Doe

like the 1st method but im trying to hang it up in my unfinished basement. I guess I could use this same method on the beams. Sounds like a dumb question but I can't put together anything lol get back please thx for the vid


Hey bro just a quick question. Is it a safe way of putting a heavy bag like the way u did it in ur 1st method . Wont it bend the trusses or mess up the ceiling or house structure ?

Brownskin Gyal

Any girls with serious anger problems here?

Vito Corleone

How do u know where the beams are in the ceiling?

Joshua Rodriguez

how heavy is your bag?


WTF.... shit video.

Markkus Tehari

Nice ???

Jesse Chamorro

4 years later... That 2x6 still holding it up? I'm going with this method, just looking for reassurance.


Bruh,you are suppose to go in the attic , put the brace across the top of your 2x4sand drill your eyebolt hole from the attic then you don’t have the ghetto ass looking wood brace visible, the only thing you will be able to see is the eye

How to Hang the Heavy bag amongst other things.

How to Hang the Heavy bag amongst other things.25 Feb. 2018
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Cspec CurtSubscribe 438 721

Gotta get this bag up so

Gotta get this bag up so we can throw some punches in here,after that lets hit the road for a short cruise.

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Get rid of the (terrible) music!
Other than that, pretty helpful information.


That shit will tear your knuckles up. Wear wraps.

Jezebel DeLeon

Sickkkkkkkass truck!


Why do people feel the need to add music to their videos? I don't get it. This is not damn MTV. I keep constantly having to mute videos all over social media because people keep adding music to their damn videos and, as is the case with this video, they put the volume so loud, you have a hard time understanding what he's saying.

Lets Get It Fitness A.K.A Bigjayinga

Great video. Do you feel it on the 2nd floor when you it it?

Jeremiah Lawson

how tall is your ceiling in the garage? and how long is your heavy bag? thanks


Also...bmw over the caddy

Pacoo R

Mine doesn’t have a top strap it broke so I can’t hang it idk what to do lmao

Amar Ghosh

super helpful, thx

Ashton Fallon

Thank you this is the only video I could find with a similar setup to my garage. Now I can confidently hang my bag!

Dimitri Tyner

Nice heavy bag

David Taing

You think it would be possible to support a heavier bag? This one seems quite small and I'm looking for a much bigger bag.

Daniel M

Has it damaged ur walls or ceilin in any way?

Kali Terry

Good look'n out


What is the weight of this bag

Jezebel DeLeon

Great video! Thank u! Just bought my first bag yesterday...i need some major help! Lol

Jezebel DeLeon

Annnnnnd ur pleasant to look at?????


Oh boy i hope you dont break your bag when you maneuver those kicks.