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Hot guy with Bonner ( Rating 1 - 10 )

Hot guy with Bonner ( Rating 1 - 10 )30 Oct. 2020
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This is a compiled clips

This is a compiled clips from a Tiktok and I made this video because I want to share it with you I did rating on this video.

I hope you will enjoy this.

PS: Sorry for my bad English

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Grace Wales Bonner Wins Breakthrough Designer of the Year | Men of the Year Awards 2017 | British GQ

Grace Wales Bonner Wins Breakthrough Designer of the Year | Men of the Year Awards 2017 | British GQ5 Sep. 2017
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Jaden Smith presents

Jaden Smith presents Grace Wales Bonner with the Breakthrough Designer of the Year award at the GQ Men of the Year Awards 2017

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Grace Wales Bonner Wins Breakthrough Designer of the Year | Men of the Year Awards 2017 | British GQ


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Problems we all have as a

Problems we all have as a teenage boy!

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Comments (100)
WDK Komplex

im ten and and i do every thing 13 year old do like he is doing in the vid

Matt Belcher

We are on 250k little did he know he would be on 1 mil in 2020

Caleb Jones

So true

bh not fragil


Archie scoots

I’m 10 and I have mood swings

Mahaveer Ragunathan is God

in the intro can anyone hear a song cuz i can

the song i can hear is candyland or candly but its low quality

bh not fragil

J. J. I

bh not fragil


William- H

I’m ten and all I do is play with my mates and sit in my room

Harris Dempster

Every single problem I can fully relate to

General Grievous

This is a classic video. I’ve watched it so many times

bh not fragil


spark FN

is it just me or i like the vid when there is a advert i like the vid even before the vid i just know it will be great

reuben crabbe


Naeshon JR

That staring shit has happened so many times and the kid was black and he came to me and went 'what uve never seen a black guy befkre' turns around and kicks my shin.i legit looked at him with my 'ima kill u' look and then he ran

20 21


Texho vuu

Johnny I couldn’t remember your yt name and I just found this on my recommendations also I have been here before 10k

Teddy Griffiths

The second one is me but I’m 10

Ruaridh O'Connor

Fkn halarious


3:50 is that morgz

James Conlon

I’m 7 and I do this sh*t

Mousy hilamx Piggy

Mousy : :-P


2:37 song?

lil roady

6:44 and 6:57 what is the music to these. Also this skit is hilarious hahaha

I Deltaw I

I stared at some guy and he asked if I wanted a fight so I gave him walloped him round the head and he fell over.?


I now my brother always do it


Not true much

Toni Peperoni

What u looking at bruv captions = what are you looking at bob

Muhammad Ur-Rahman

The way he uses a piece of paper as a cigarette

_.drift._ 21

this guy should sign up fr hollywood

Adam Jaggard

8:05 Johnny be spittin facts tho


I just sit around either playing games or just still see my mum anyway


Such facts

ealane matthwes

Hi there is that something you can help with the setting description for my profile please as I have not been able to get any further information from you


Na I'm ten and I'm just in my room all the time

Darrion Hazen


Fl4k Vader

why is there christmas music

Cyrus Piano

8:02 also me your not alone

Lankyboi YT

I'm 13 lol


This is litrally me !!

Paige Clyburn

Love your videos m8


can we have a sec to appreciate his acting

Ben Watkins

Not going to lie had a fat one when I woke up round my mates and just dragged my duvet around with me till it went down

Gamer Leo

I don't care if I'm 2 years late, I watch your recent videos lol and I love the skits.

Byakuya Togami

YouTube recommendations are starting to scare me ...

Team Retro btw

I’m ten and I have hit puberty

Qaiser Shahzad

its official jhonny has a twin

ligma dad

he had about 18 voicecracks


Not being rude but what is that big lump on you hand


Damn can relate

Kevin Brown

Let’s get 20k likes today 100k likes

Toxic Gamer

Why are you just speaking and then you pop out a fucking David James bag????

Gaming With Ashton

20k likes but YouTube said no next bidder for 120k

Ethan Yeno Tha Son

Yes g


November or December anyone

53AZER 90

Has anyone noticed that Johnny looks like egsy from the kingsmen

George Healey

I have done the stare before lol

Connor Henry

Second one so true ?

babatunde needs wotah

Actually thats facts am 13 and a just cant be bothered to go downstairs or chill with my mum so yea if you neeks think thats not not true its true


Oh same


I'm 11 and I'm still a antisocial fuck.


I enjoy ur vids ??

TRiG (Ireland)

Huh. When I was a deeply closeted and shy teenage boy, I didn't know it was not only acceptable but required to stare at other boys. I often wanted to stare and restrained myself.

Harry Shaw

the first one is class ngl

Dug Keohane

Boys do have mood swings I do


No just you


Y am I 11 and am exactly a prick and get annoyed easily but when I'm with my friends I don't get annoyed easliy

MTB George

1.5 mil by christmas

Eli Cliff

20k likes lol

Us 109k 4 u

Charlie Holdcroft

Timy blows out his candle

Weed has entered the chat ???

mxce WRLD

what is the song at the end of the vid

Regele Raul

No one gonna talk about how real it looked 2:52

Osezele Odigie

I cant believe he popped a pimple just for a vid. That's devotion.

Omprakash Yadav

I gyu you my hellp kare


All of those are me and I'm 10

Harry Bass

Did my man put a carrot on his lip



20 21


James Banner

Wow! 108k likes nice

TB Riftz

2020 no one knew wat this year would br a year ago imagine that lol

Cyrus Piano

8:02 also me your not alone

Red Ranger

9:00 your not alone

Salih Degirmenci

I can't believe he keeps up with this neeky thing and makes those voices

capalot sayf

Who’s watching this at 1.06 million subscribers 2 years later?



Dug Keohane



Ahahahahah full known nonse


the only one i can guarantee is the last one

Aamanee Plays roblox

5:24 best birthday cake

walowalo 74

Teenage boy problems “fxcking annoying” like if u agree

TB Riftz

Les goooo

Doghamster Man

Caleb Jones

Bruv I do this sorry that I'm late


I'm confused about the thumbnail

Dug Keohane

When you faneted lol

Official.butterzz B

I started dis at 12 i still remember

757 Superfan

2:27 I think this man has something to do with the CORONAVIRUS OUTBREAK


2:51 how?

Firewolf 445

1st vid that ain’t sponsored

Jay Dwyer

Who's Jay??