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Nike Pegasus 37 Review and Thoughts

Nike Pegasus 37 Review and Thoughts30 Jul. 2020
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Today I review the new

Today I review the new Nike Pegasus 37 and give my thoughts on the shoe. I redid my previous version of this vid that was in front of the green screen b/c it looked weird. I will probably be uploading a vid on Tues/Thurs moving forward. Let me know your thoughts.

Comments (22)

Any good for a general gym shoe?

Jen Spencer

Thank you for the review.


I have these shoes. I am a runner in 36' on 10km, and I do not see myself running a 10 with, or even a semi: they are not made to go fast. On slow gaits (jogging, EF) up to gaits approaching 4'00 ~ 4'15 per kilo, nickel: good energy return, optimal comfort. But beyond these speeds, we feel constrained at the level of the stride, the sole seems to play more against us than with us, hence a feeling of too much energy expenditure. I wonder what the "Turbo" version of this Pegasus 37 is worth at this level suddenly ... Maybe it is more versatile and therefore quite simply a much better choice.


Love the color way but I’m afraid that they’ll get dirty


Hi bruh, you recomment this shoe for marathon or half marathon?? Or this shoe just for 5km and 10km?

Colin Walters

Made the cut! Let’s gooooo!!!

Hunter Miles

Do you think these could be used for gym shoes?

B. C.

Nike Zoom Pegasus Turbo 2 seems better than Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 37 to me. What do you guys think?

Antonio Ortiz

7:07 pace?! Dang that’s awesome man. My best recently is 12 miles at like a 10 minute pace lmao

Jet Skiep

Do you like the college color ways?

And would you say that it runs small or big?

Rahul Singh

How much brother

B. C.

''To give anything less than your best is to sacrifice the gift.'' — Steve Prefontaine

Ashish Doshi

I'm a wide feet person, is it recommended for me ?

Richard Pollitt

Just got a pair with a birthday discount for £80 from Nike. Which I guess is 90 dollars US. Really good price for a good daily. Although… I find with the exception of the zoom fly 3 and next % nikes other running shoes aren't up to much. I've sent more back recently than kept. The wild horse was garbage.


Can you try to get the music down a bit? Great review by the way.


Great video with not much ego. You didn't copy others and did it your way. Well done. Coming from someone who has seen and done most and own over 1000 shoes. One caveat is: These look excellent to me but, should never be made. The pace and speed of the run mean nothing, unless you are sponsored and competing for money. (Very few) Thr forefoot cushion is the only important thing and Nike as well as other companies have known this since 1970. This is for profit. One can run in anything. We humans have also paved the the hell out of the Earth so cushion is necessary. Still, only forefoot cushion is applicable on a running shoe. Proper running never involves a heel. Only basketball requires a heel cushion for landing. I say to all, "Take off your shoes and go run, even not on hard concrete....even on soft sand and see how you land.". You'd break your heel in 2 minutes if one ran like that. Move to concrete. Running and activity is about health = Not getting injured, cardiovascular endurance and muscle. If one runs forefoot, 2 miles, it is like running 10 on the lazy heel until you adjust your muscles and gait. All that Nike sponsor of heel cushioning and all their marathon and Olympic athletes don't use the cushion. Don't get me started on the Vapormax Jokes for 90 year olds. -Rant over. Great review again. (The heavier the shoe, the better the workout. Time running is for the ego only and competition) Trying to figure out why you aren't using a "Runner's Knot" "Heel Lock" "Lace Lock"?

Bong Jun Ting

Did this white get dirty easily? And it's it easy to clean?

Red Taurus

How was the size of this? True to size?

Anjola Ogunyemi

will you feet get wet if it rains?


thanks a lot for the in-depth review! straight to the point, no BS. keep it up!


I haven't bought pegasus since the 35 bc i didn't like ride or fit. I just bought the 37 in same colorway bc finish line has it for $100 and i added a $10 off code i found online. Not expecting much due to my last experience, I just really like the colorway,im giving this shoe a one run,one shot deal.if I dont like the ride,it'll be a casual shoe (bc i do like the look with this colorway)..btw,7:07 pace is slow ? You must run at a 5 something pace when you race

Alice Abery

Awesome video! I have been looking at getting a new pair of running shoes and these popped up! I had never seen a video on them so it was great to have one so in depth to help me make up my mind.


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#Pegasus37 #NikeRunning

#Pegasus37 #NikeRunning #Pegasus

I give you my guys my first impressions of the Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 37. I compare some aspects to the Nike React Miler and Nike React Infinity Run Flyknit.

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Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 37 Men's: https://bit.ly/2YCpkC8

Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 37 Women's: https://bit.ly/2W6REe5

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Comments (28)
Tj Marino

zoom fly 3 ? Damn nike

In The Long Run

#WhatUpFAM What you guys think of the Pegasus 37?

The RealPanther

Cut them in half please

Salko Penava

Did you find the fit to be narrow?


Can't wait for my Peg 37s to come in! I always want to get white running shoes but know that I can't keep them white for long!

Markus Einan

They look so sweet!

Paul White

Thanks! I had already ordered these (same colorway too) before i saw your vid. Mine aren’t supposed to arrive until 6/2 though :( I hope the upper isn’t funky for me too (thicker socks?) Cheers!


No real person would buy white shoes

Hank Mancil

I have had my peg 37 s for about 5 days with 2 runs in them. I personally love the lockdown I get with respect to the upper and heel. No issues here. A versatile daily trainer. Checkout Seth James Demoor’s channel. He posted a vlog today where he cut a peg 37 open.


How do these compare to the Turbo 2s?


@In The Long Run I like the Pegs 36 but they might be a little too heavy for me. What do you think? Also where do you get those black socks?

Reese Yamamoto

Do they get dirty easily (the white ones)

The Mindzone

Its a bit cringe the way u say faeaeaeaem

sumit fittness

Full week 1600 mtr Running schedule please sir

Efrain Hernandez Sanchez

The bottom reminds me of the zoom fly 3 without the carbon plate


I've previously run a lot of workouts in the 36s, like 8 x 1 km on dirt. Would these be suitable for those kind of higher intensity runs?

Roveir Datu

So this Pegasus 37 is for long, easy runs (since you’re comparing this shoes to infinity run & miler). Thought Pegasus were daily training/ versatile? Or did this version just too soft compared to its predecessors?

Joshua Lawson


Fahim C

That’s the porn casting couch you were sitting on ???


Do you think it's better than the Peg 36?

Vikas Pandey

Can u give me one shoes

Richard Pollitt

Josh, what are good trail shoes that can handle some road miles on route to the hills.


I run everyday 5,6 miles will these be good for that ?


Thanks for the great review! If you have some time, pls tune in to my channel, I'd really appreciate some feedback from you!

Ben Dover

1 question and this goes for all running you tubers. On the shots when it shows you running do you really set down the camera and run and then go and pick it back up again??

Vinh Đặng

Tôi muốn mua đôi giày này

sumit fittness

Please sir 1600 Mtr workout sedule

Ben Gardner

These or React Miler for Long/Easy days based off initial impression?

NIKE Pegasus 37 Running Shoe: Easy, tempo, long run??? | $120

NIKE Pegasus 37 Running Shoe: Easy, tempo, long run??? | $1208 May. 2020
119 274

Nike Pegasus 37 arriving

Nike Pegasus 37 arriving on the channel today, oh what a delight to see the Pegasus line move forward in a very positive way. First impression of the Nike Pegasus 37 today, full review....after 50 miles. Onward and Upward!

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• Women's ($120): https://www.runningwarehouse.com/catpage-WRFNIKEPEG.html?from=demoor

• Kids ($95): https://www.runningwarehouse.com/Nike_Zoom_Pegasus_37_GS/descpage-NP37K1.html?from=demoor

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Comments (100)

I had the peg 33s, switched to brooks ghosts and hated it, so went to peg 35, 36 trail, and now 37! Love the Pegasus line and as of yet I have no thoughts of switching!

Joven Joseph Dy

Hey Seth, will this shoe be okay for me? im 6 ft and 80kg, looking for a shoe that wont make my knees hurt after a 5 mile run daily. im deciding between pegsus 37 or NB 1080v10. Any recommendation? Thanks


They gave us the Pegasus to use on our college track team back in 2003... long time fan!

Héktor Soto 5

what is the logic, if you land in the front toe, an the high in the front is 18mm, an in the hell 28? not for track

Mr G

This dude reminds me of Rossi ?

Wend Le

I owned a Pegasus since 1992. I remember I bought it for boot camp.

Liam Roche

I wore a pair of Pegasuses out about 25 years ago. Nice styling including memorable orange. I still own a pair of Mayflies which I used for a half marathon in 2004 and still have some life in them (given they were designed for 100km, that shows how much I saved them!). For those who don't remember, Mayflies were super-super-light racing shoes (135g): http://www.triple-white.com/2016/09/27/10-fun-facts-nike-mayfly/


34s are my fav

James Phillips

I love the pegasus, especially the shield editions, but that rising stack height is starting to look like hurt legs to me. The move towards max cushioning doesn't agree with my knees and ankles


I didnt know a guy can wear a women's running shoe


I've had two pairs of the pegs 30s, one of the 34, another two pairs of the 35 and two pairs of the 36s. 37 coming soon

Pat Angeli

Amazing videos what do you think about the durability of the sole for road daily training long run s?

Keith Sinclair

The Pegasus retails for $120. I'm surprised you can wear a wms 8 if you are a me's 7. Usually you go up a size and a half.

Wendy B.

I remember having to replace my peg 28 with peg 30 and hated them, skipped a few versions and now I use the peg 35 for treadmill use only. To my disappointment I seem to feel the need for more shoe...maybe I will try these...

Amin Hernandez

I still have a peg 15 pairs

MaDHatteR Unboxing Adventures.

I started with the Pegasus 28, beautiful running sneaker.
Felt so good to run in, soft soul for landing on.

Now im running in 35s, waiting for these 37s to get here in Australia.

Rob Burgoyne

First Pegasus for me was the 28. I still have 3 pairs of Pegasus 29 which have a little life and I use them in my line up for short recovery runs.

Sam Lucas

Earliest pair of Pegasus shoes I had were the 33’s. That pair of shoes got me into running and my daily trainers have been the Pegasus lineup since.

I skipped the 34’s though. Had 2 pair of 33’s, straight to the 35’s, 36’s, now on my second pair of 37’s

Francis D

my first one was the 33, since then 34, 35, 36 and now waiting for the 37!! ?

Jack Sisk

I loved the peg turbo 2 but my midsole split open? so I had to send em back and I got another pair of the zoom fly flyknits, can’t wait to order the peg 37’s!

Russell Moore

Nice! Mine are arriving next week - it will be my first Nike experience, but I'm excited. Almost pulled the trigger on the 36, didn't, and wished I had. Feeling good about making the decision to order the 37 now. Thanks for the info!


damn u got a free pair because they sent womens?

Euan D

First and only pegs I've ever worn is the 35, and that shoe was pretty near perfect. Still go back and wear them even though I beat them to the ground

Christopher McNabb

My first pair of Pegasus were the 29, first “proper” running shoe that I ever ran in. I don’t run in Nikes anymore as I run in ASICS (GT2000 8) and Altra (Timp 2) now. Wanting to try out some Hoka though!

Liam Dennehy

Peg 34s will always be my favorite

Keith Sinclair

I ran in the original Pegasus back in 1983. My favorite Pegasus shoes was back when Nike used their Phylon midsole back in 2000-2004. They used a full length air bag (not zoom Air which I do not find soft at all. When Nike came out with the Pegasus 25 they effectively ruined the shoe. It is too frim to run on the roads with.

Braxton Sheppard

I really need some help here. I only weigh 100 pounds, so I feel like I should grab the womens pair to get a more responsive feeling out of the airbag. Do the womens look different from the mens?? Like could anyone tell I had a womens shoe on instead of a mens shoe?

kai shunider

Is Peg 37 going to be one of your shoe of 2020?

David Borchers

Pegasus circa 1997

Katie Dodge

I tend to have an issue with heel slipping in Nikes over any other shoe :/

George Fillerup

In one your blogs you mentioned you would not use the Xero shoe. Why?

Max Powder

Why are you repeating your words? It’s annoying

Olchert Spoelder

QD: If I remember correctly, my first Pegasus was the model of 1989. Later I had the 1996 and the 2002 models.

Wilson Negrini

I had the Pegasus 2!!!!!!

Peter Stockmann

You did not answer the question in the headline !!


Would anyone recommend Peg37 or Infinity Run? I already had the Infinity Run for 2 months, it’s been good to me, but I feel like something isn’t right with the shoe. It’s too roomy in the front toe box, but tight in the middle of the foot?


Put about 35 miles to this shoes and decided to return them. They feel extremely heavy and rough on the landing. Got hill slippage and blisters on my Achilles tendon.
Not happy with this shoes.


I don't spend $95 on my own shoes! $95 for kid's shoes?

Arthur Meyers

nike.com says 24mm in the heel and 14mm in the toe, awesome vid!

Kyle Sautter

QD:: I'm with you Seth pegusis 35 and 36 .

Peter Boyd

I ran in the original Pegasus (although not the first iteration as it was 1986). Ran my first Marathon in the Pegasus 2000. And now own the 35, 36, and turbo. Tried other versions but those listed above are the ones I’ve liked. They have not all been created equal. The latest versions with the scooped heel tab have been awesome for an aging runner with chronic Achilles issues.

Ryan Akaam

Dera Seth, Can't afford the shoe you show on channel and I wish to have a high quality and premium shoe to run.

Darious King

I actually wanted to know what the differences would feel like because of the psi being different between the men and women’s versions. Looking forward to the comparison

Happy Psycho

Seth, where did you get your cactus shirt? It looks so cool!


you should do a compression sleeve with your merch on it i would buy it


I had these neon green and blue Pegasus in the 90s with reflective stickers on them. Wish I still had them.

Oskar Ekström

I had the Pegasus 34


wait this isn't a take it to the track shoe? what should i get for track then?

Justin Mayes

I’m 18 now and when I first started running my first pair of running shoes were the Pegasus 30


Daily trainer I think would be a good place to put it

Adrian Lim

I am liking d peg 37,if i am looking for slight more cushion,a touch of stability,and a touch faster den peg 37...
Any shoe fits d bill?

Benjamin Wan

The women's colour way is pretty nice though.. anyone could rock that

Seth James DeMoor

?THANK YOU for picking up your running shoes from the "DeMoor Global Running Store". You are supporting this channel's video creation by using the Running Warehouse links below. I earn a small commission through your running shoe purchases, which helps me create these daily running vlogs! We remain ever grateful for your support of this daily running vlog.

• Nike Pegasus 37, men's ($120): https://www.runningwarehouse.com/catpage-MRFNIKEPEG.html?from=demoor
• Women's ($120): https://www.runningwarehouse.com/catpage-WRFNIKEPEG.html?from=demoor
• Kids ($95): https://www.runningwarehouse.com/Nike_Zoom_Pegasus_37_GS/descpage-NP37K1.html?from=demoor.


I was at my physical therapists office a couple weeks ago wearing my peg 35’s and he showed me a pair from the early 2000’s


They sent you the women's because of your weight, 120lbs wet. When you're 170-200lbs you need more of that psi in the Zoom pocket

Jake Hooley

My dad got a pair of these recently, he loved them so much he ended up buying two more in the same colour. I would recommend James Dunne's running programmes, they helped me cut out injuries and improve my running form to bring my 10k time from 42 minutes to 33 minutes. His tips and exercises are very unique, there are courses for runner's knee, plantar fascitis and hamstring tendontis (one I found useful. James comes from Oxford university and is an expert in the runnning injury sector.

Andrew Hill

I started with the Pegasus 33. I’ve went through 10+ 34’s. I’m about the 37’s.

Jon Fernandez

I’m still running on Pegasus 30’s that i never used in highschool. Looking to upgrade soon since I’m a newbie runner trying to get serious!

Jonathan Beckham

I ran in the orginal


can pegs work for someone who needs some stability? or are they only for neutral runners?

ive been using the infinity react as a daily trainer and its been great. would the pegs work for me or is there simply no support so i should stick with the reacts?

Allison Hernandez

Just had a pair of the 37s delivered today. I’m pretty sure I’ve had a pair of every version of the Pegasus since the Pegasus 28 which was my first pair of actual running shoes.

The Faster 26.2

QD: I have run in the Pegasus 35 & 36. Love the subtle changes as my training improves!

Steve Hayes

My first running shoes were a pair of Pegasus from 2012/2013 not sure they had a # ? I loved them but later got hooked on Brooks Revana then later Ghost

Julian Frst

My first pair was the Pegasus 31’s that I wore back in high school!

Matt Brn

My first Pegasus was 29

Taira Amato

I had Pegasus 33


is there going to be a nike peg turbo 3


I was about to purchase some turbo 2s, should I just get the Peg 37s instead. Looking for something to use for 5km up to half marathons and maybe the odd marathon.

Shandy Torok

Hi Seth, I'm 46, I wore Peg 89, when I was 15, that was the first Nike Shoe in my country, coming in roughly 1989, I'm from Budapest, Hungary....the name of the shoe is Nike Air Pegasus 89, light blue/grey version with the black swoosh, that was my first pair of Nike and I ran my first half-marathon in them+ lot's of training runs....

julian keren

So Nike next time - men size means for men (gentlemen) like Seth for instance. Women size means for women or (ladies) like Seth's "True love"..:-) :-)

Run to Boston Marathon 42.195

Just used Pegasus 33 I’m start run 2 years ago


Im running a marathon in a month and wanna get a pair of shoes to break in. Would they be good to get as first marathon and dont wanna fork out to much


Interesting thoughts on the comparison to the turbo! I like the turbo , and I have heard rumours that the turbo is being replaced by the Tempo Nike shoes coming later this year. QOD: I was watching this vlog earlier running on the the treadmill wearing the Peg 35s! I’m Close to 1000 km on them and I’m impressed by the durability. Can’t wait to get the 37.

Jeffrey De Vries

I used the original pegasus running shoe when it came out in 1983, that is what I used when I ran my first Marathon in 1984 (SLC Deseret News marathon)

David Perry


Paul Jones // PMJ104

Had them 2001 Pegasus and have been using them since. Not had every iteration but have a ‘run’ of the recent 30s from 33 to 36.


Ran marathons in 2004, 2005 and 2010 in those years Pegasus

Nathan Custance

Do you think we'll see a Pegasus 37 Trail this year?


Will they make a trail version of peg37

i_run_ far

I did my first run in the Peg 37 yesterday and I wasn’t impressed. Heavy, tons of rubber, meh. Hopefully they break in like my Turbo 2 did. :)

Nick Beucler

QD: I had the pegasus 32 years back don't remember much about them

Skibble Dazzle

Is this good for over pronators


I have these shoes. I am a runner in 36' on 10km, and I do not see myself running a 10 with, or even a semi: they are not made to go fast. On slow gaits (jogging, EF) up to gaits approaching 4'00 ~ 4'15 per kilo, nickel: good energy return, optimal comfort. But beyond these speeds, we feel constrained at the level of the stride, the sole seems to play more against us than with us, hence a feeling of too much energy expenditure. I wonder what the "Turbo" version of this Pegasus 37 is worth at this level suddenly ... Maybe it is more versatile and therefore quite simply a much better choice.

Desmond Ling

Not me but my uncle bought the first Pegasus back in the 80’s and back in the day there was like no Nike store in my country so he had to buy it off his friend who bought it in Australia and he jokes that his Pegasus was the first Nike shoe in his town

Dan Campbell

My first pair was the pegasus 31

Angelo Mendez

Heel slip again!? That was the case with the Pegasus Turbo 2 and the Infinity React.

Claudio Bernardi

i bought a pair of pegasus 37 nad i replace the internal sole...it was very cheap

Sean Forester

Pegasus 28 - one of my first running shoes and still one of my favorite was so bouncy


Bla blaaaaaa blaaaaaa ....JERK ... I still use the American eagle . JERK

Matthew Henry

My dad bought me a pair of Pegasus in 1994 when I was 14 years old, so I've been wearing them "technically" since then. As an adult, I've been through approximately 6 Peggies for running and I've loved them all. The ones that stand out are the 28's and 34's. 36's are my current pair and are a very fast shoe, albeit not very cushioned. If the 37's really are that cushioned I'm probably gonna get some in the next couple days. Any feedback?

High Performance Bodywork

nike peg 2005. white and black. lol. i remember straining my calf in them during a hill session when i was 16 yrs old.

Alex Amparo

are these like the vomero 14s? my vomeros are great and will need a new pair of shoes

David Gorman

Would you run in these for a marathon? I was thinking between these and clifton 7 for a marathon...

Chris Yow

I randomly purchased this shoe. Waiting on FedEx delivery today. Now I get around tot watching reviews on it. I do everything backwards. Also just threw you a follow on STRAVA if you're wondering who the fat 50 y/o from Miami is, who just runs circles around his development's parking lot.

Al Mullen

Had a pair of Pegasus in 1983. First edition? Certainly one of the first air shoes they made.

William Baird

I've been running in the pegasus since #31...great shoes

Juan Torres

Love that hat...East Harlem United Runners!!!!


I'm only 19 but my I used to be a huge fan of the Pegasus 30s, I went through I few pairs of those and almost everyone at my club also swore by them. It's safe to say that I was disappointed when they got discontinued.

Hank Mancil

The waffle pattern was designed by Bill Bowerman circa 1971 at his home using a various chemical mixture, releasing agent and yes, his wife’s waffle iron, the rest as they say is history. It was during the Blue Ribbon days, that was the original company name, later it became NIKE. NIKE came from employee #1 in a dream no less. It is, “ATHENA GREEK GODDESS OF VICTORY”

Franco Dixon

Bandz will make her dance ?