Prison burpee

Prison Burpees: Get That Money! Can't Stop, Won't Stop!

Prison Burpees: Get That Money! Can't Stop, Won't Stop!20 Nov. 2019
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There are no WEIGHTS in

There are no WEIGHTS in this prison system! Maybe the prisons in your state or the ones you observed on television have weights, but this one does not. Maybe the prison that your sister's friend went to had weights, this one does not. You might think that steroids flood this prison system, they do not. I spent a few calendars on the mainline of this prison system so I am speaking from experience.

These cats get swole without weights because they were taken out of this prison system in the late 90's. The food provided by the state is high in fat/carbs and low in protein. When you consider they have no weights, and their diet is lacking in the proper body building nutrients their physical condition is remarkable. These cats would put most licensed physical trainers to shame in their knowledge of working out and building solid muscle.

All they got to work with is water bags, calisthenics, burpees, push-ups, pull-ups, dips, and other bar work. For a leg workout a homie will sit on their shoulders so they can do lunges or squats.

This video should serve as motivation to you to get yourself in top physical shape because you don't need an expensive gym membership or even weights. Start with push-ups and other exercises that use your body weight. Fill two milk jugs with water and you now have some makeshift dumbbells. If there's a will, there's a way if you are able bodied, so stop making excuses and get at it. Put the pies, cakes, twinkies, and soda down and start eating healthy, building muscle, and getting in shape.

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Catalin Cristian

Getting big buffed change my life. People respect me because they fear me. When I was skinny I was picked often, bullied beaten and humiliated. But now when I am 100kg mostly muscle and having real strength and being agresive they become my bitches. Fuck I understand now why I was picked, because is survival of the fittest. Now I am strong. I will continue to watch convicts training methods and movies and I will replicate them making myself stronger. Thank you very much!!!

Parker Jr

Form is terrible

Raymond Jarramillo

I still do these workouts and still have nice size going on

Rogerio Rodriguez

This is a very excellent workout video gentleman

Pubudu Karunasighe

Great guys. I want to do like this. And I am doing it

Windell Pete

This definitely motivates me to get into shape.

Chino's Corner

Where did they a got a phone from in the first place?

My Way

He wants to say get it bae

realniga 301

how come women prisoners never have cell phones


That’s impressive. I usually burp about 4 times a day, unless I drink root beer, then it doubles.

Tony Miller

I just check out this video and immediately started doing push ups. I gotta get back to it. Thanks for the upload. Hold it down homies, stay up

Big Sid Real Prison Talk

I ran the biggest criminal organization in California

fred thompson

Somebody getting knocked out at chow. ???


#SALUTE homie! May God be with you all that are fraudulently locced away by a fraud a$$ system from judges down to the pigs work for em! Luv from 405 OkC EastCyde Rep'N

Marcelina Luna

What money?

Martin Guillermo

Move faster bitch. 'Can't imagine repeat another serie after 2 or 3 push ups

KP Films

I respect this

Natividad Garcia

That's right my nigga!!!!???

jay bee

Meth and push ups is a deadly combo ?

Neo Incognito

That guy looks puff buff and ruff

Queen Kush

RIH Bad Azz


R.i.p bad azz a real crip

Big Sid Real Prison Talk

Get that money

Mike Woods

Motivating me to bust cheeks

Why We Love Film

Wait, how are you recording this? How do you face a YouTube channel??? ???


Doz r not full push ups smh

shamoni *

keep ur head up have hope ❤

live for Jesus

These don't look like burpees. They look like push ups.

Life Is Short

These cats always motivate me to hit the gym and stay on that grind. Peace!

Catalin Cristian

This caTs always motivate me to train at home alone and getting buffed. Yo respecttttttt!!!

Steve Ray Killabru



That shit gone when u out ? no mo 3 squares

Life with Official.lilddub

On hood how u get yo phone in jail blood

Nation TheSadBoy2001

It sucks being in your shoes but stay strong
Much love from Mexico

Rogerio Rodriguez

I like to take the time to say thank you for sharing the knowledge and please have a blessed evening. If you guys have any questions or comments go ahead and check on my channel leave a comment in the comment section and I'll gladly help you guys out if you need it

Gc Cg

Respect from #Baltimore

404k Anime

Keep y’all heads up

Jay70 Jay70

Sic wit it

jay bee

The Raza is prolly a little scurd of this guy

Kosta Todorovic

Stay strong!


God damn, even with nothing much to do it still takes serious motivation to get in shape.

Frank Reynolds

Not impressed 1 bit

Tru American

That ain't shit my lil sister can do alot more then that ??

Hayden Rose

That’s Insane Endurance on the Push-ups. That’s a Savage Routine. High Rep Burpees are as Legit as it Gets.

The LUNA Family Vlogs

CaNt $top woNt $top, will Not be $topped! $HAAAAAAOOWW!!!!


Are all these videos from the same prison

Tiff Berry


NaNa NaBooBoo

100 clip+ ?????????????

Burpees Prison Style

Burpees Prison Style9 Jan. 2020
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Calorie burner and muscle

Calorie burner and muscle builder. High intensity 15 minutes

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Clint Weston

One of the best I’ve seen. I need to stop jumping burpees and hit this.

Ricky Burgos

Orale ???? get it

jose Martinez

Thats right ma boi ??How many of each variation big homie

Nabila Nanou

I just can’t believe how he’s making those moves smooth and light

Lucky Blu3 TV

Keep it up my boi

ITrain MX

Nice. Burpee some diferent levels:

Gainzz Gangg

Get your money my man!! ???????????

Apollo Pathos

You're doing good money here??
I've started doing burpees 3 weeks ago 'cause of your video. Feels great. Much respect to you G?

Rikki C

Thanks for this mate , I'm a middle aged fat Scotsman but your videos are going to help me change the fat part ?

Mihai Karp

Great workout, How many would you do in a row ?


#mandatory .


This shit motivated my fat ass to workout ??

BarXaM Fitness

He’ll yea!!!! Let’s go????

John King

Awesome! Your form is super smooth!

Bearded Badger

My man putting that work in! Much respect im going to get me some!



Chris Shawarma

Great flow and rhythm in the transitions. Certainly something I will take in mind for my sessions. Great channel, sub'd.


how would you program this for beginners ?

Victor M Ramirez Rdz.

Estas perro carnalito ? saludos

Jey Bras

Mad respect. You can tell you a solid vato.

Eyeless Jack

Looks awesome! How many reps a day you reccomend for beginners?

jose lopez

Damm my boy im trying to get on your level pimp i will start right now with mines that's right got that 2 pac bumping for motivation

sizzle dope

Motivational asf bro iv been tryn to lose weight and get muscle with out the gym bull crap and ima use your routine now. I was only doing 1 push up tho seeing this ima make it 3 pumps really good stuf bro!!


Absolutely awesome dude!

Rikki C

I've subscribed

Maillot Fadoua

good job bro i see from france where stat are you from california

Aaron woodhead

Yeh best form iv seen!!

The Cowboy Casanova

Keep making that money. I’m doing mine as I watch this.

lancelotb lancelotb

Hello from Turkey very good Man !


Awesome form... ??


Mate...im a 52 year old Australian male going through a much needed weight loss journey. I've dropped 8kg my first two months walking and came looking for a calaesthenics video for my next step. This is a brilliant video. I can see your form is militant and structured. This has inspired me mate. Thanks.

Oun Hamza


"FEDERAL PRISON BURPEES" - "5 Different Styles" - "FIT OVER 50"

"FEDERAL PRISON BURPEES" - "5 Different Styles" - "FIT OVER 50"29 Jul. 2019
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Unwritten, Unscripted, Unrehearsed, Live and Direct on the 1st take. The Dopest Author On The Planet is at Foley Field in Bloomfield, New Jersey showing 5 of the different styles of burpees he saw in Federal Prison at FCI Morgantown, Morgantown, West Virgina.


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Comments (100)
J Sal

YOU a savage bro

Good Boi

4:04 yep, sleek and polished gyms are for pretty people with more money than sense. I prefer backyard, lots, and parks for my rings and burpees. Get a back pack with a couple weights and your set.

Richard Paulus

Nice work. My fatass is gonna start havin burpees for breakfast. Just did 50 of the white guy jumpin ones and holy shit! Its pure cardio. Get that blood movin everywhere. Once i start getting used to them, ill start incorporating some of these techniques.

Jon Kozak

Fuck ya pimp, get that shit!

alex Montenegro

Dope bro?

Bok Choy


Red Dog 8814

My favorite part is where he starts off his commentary immediately talking trash about white people then doesn't even do full range of motion on his pushups on his very first set.
Haha typical big mouth.

dee orr

You got some JB Smoove in you. Thanks for motivating.

Anthony Beesly

big dogs do real burpees

John Speirs

What’s skin colour got to do way it , prick

Tim Smith

Can you do them every day or every other day?


You would destroy me with that burpee money....
Motivation for me to get busy and add this in my routine.

Eric Mccord

Look at ol sean g, doing g s... P.t. my n.... Its very paramount to be DISCIPLINE im on dem mi self.

Gary Mercado

I love to see that mental switch when you have to talk to yourself to get that money.Salute Sean G!


Yay Disneyworld hahahah


IRON WOLF!! Look him up

Daniel Klock

This dude the truth. Hit that like button. He funny as fuck too, lol. This dudes gold

A guy how watch stuff

I like hit 5 pushes, 5 kicks = 1 burpee.

lancelotb lancelotb

Hello from Turkey my friend very good!


I fuck wit it! LMAO! Working out wit a real one. lol. My guy talked to himself and answered. LMAO Reminds me of my uncle. I definitely subscribed. Keep it up unk, im rocking wit u!

Juan Botello

Damn dawg i was dying on that “wheee” part ? lmao


I will never share this video LOL only because you talked a lot of shit about other people and then did exactly what you said not to do. David Goggins would never say shit like that! You try to build yourself up by putting others down, it probably works for some people but not all… I’m sure you know what you’re doing and This video could have been great… I’m sorry but that’s just my opinion and I think I was spot on

Wesley Lewis

I think u did an extra Navy seal..
i used to miss count too..

THEE All Seeing EYE

One working out in a cell won’t even have all that space. Unless dude only worked out in the yard ?

MC Gnostic

Correct me if I’m wrong but this nigga’s def from NY

Kerry Freudenthaler

Lol wait your not even doing the full motion push ups lol you need to come down and come all the way back up not no half pump shit lol

L. Smith

Forgot about the Mofos with Leggings In the gym..

Jorge Herrera

I had to subscribe when I heard you talk yo shyt mane I love you Sean I love you too. I’m the flyest on YouTube lol I love that shyt imma get on my game now I’m motivated bro ??????

Gainzz Gangg

"No other exercise punches you more in the mouth!" Couldn't agree more with you here bro! ? ?

Friedrich Dostoyevsky

Don’t forget leg day tough guy

Bryan Martin

Da white boy go wheeeee! ?


I love your channel bro been doing strictly burpee routines for a month now dropped weight and only getting stronger keep these great videos coming ?


Good video OG, this shit is a true test of your mental and physical determination

Steven Rivera

Nice vid my brother will take this challenge on tommarow burpees is my weak point ?

Wayan D

Whoowee ! Those were nice my man! I rocked em with your video. Thanks again. Croatia check in.


Nice one, gonna try them “m-fuckers”;) out when i get home. Thanks Sean ?

Shukri Salam

On the money brother that’s how i get my workout 3 days a week I start with 50 pull-ups

Rodger B

I don’t normally like in my videos. But I hit the like for keeping it real.


What is that dance movements you do after the burpee ? Did you make it up ? Hope to add it to my burpees ? keep the heart rate up

George Lodato

Cool! I really like it

Vladimir Georgiev

Man you are a fucking machine for you age.... great body man :) I follow you channel great work

Allah Sakwan

That double elbow block - leg sweep combo from either side is an absolute thing of beauty. I'm def incorporating that into the burpee workout. Peace bro. Keep building!

All Day Donnie

The most realist workout video I’ve seen. But yo, real talk OG... them Spider-Man joints.. I’m takin them!


You’re comment Pushups … You were not doing full push-ups on any of your variations yourself… I’m just saying, your arms never straighten out between pushups,,, ??‍♂️

sq hunter

Good job man that's real shit.


how many days should i rest after i do this routine ? am big fan of yours big bro!


I would like to see a video, were you go all the way down all they way up on those push ups.

Santos Brown

this G is real !!!



Miss Sincere

You have a very good camera.

The Admiral Boom171

God willing lord give me the power to be 50 and have this man's energy and stamina.?my brother appreciate your energy✊?cause I love my self too. #FACTS
Ayo? wait for it yall 19:21
???I thought I was the only dude who pushes himself like this.?

Sangita Shrestha

Don't u guys do any leg workout cuz u all have chicken leg

Anthony M

I hate burpees but damn you can’t deny that burpees is the most effective full body workout. My body is taxed after I do burpees and the shit is free. Fuck a gym membership

Corey Diabo

Get that money gridiron style

El Chino

My uncle went to federal prison and he showed me how to do burpees but he punches his abs every time

Gary Owen

I wish you nothing but success my friend


I love the self talk you give yourself. "I love you Shawn. I love you too, Shawn." THAT is the true jewel of this video for me. Peace

hardbody training!!

You styling with that leg sweep!

Deangelo Scott

Is this good to do everyday?

Bena Wacho


Tony Montana

This routine makes covid19 go away

good luck game face

I'm hooked like a fish. Thank you. Like comment and subscribe.

Marlon Gibbs



Good wreck!! I’m a try these ????

Ground Up

What is that side step called that you do in the first one?

mumbus 27

Brotha has a torn left distal bicep...tuff tendon rupture...respect his pushing on...saw some man hating masculine woman doing these at the gym otha day mean muggin at men in between sets

Rhd_rick _

Navy seals pyramids 20reps down to 1 & back up 1rep to 20 reps is the one ? ? “sound off when u done”

rose swan

As long as people try.

nestor rios

“Yayy Disney world” ?

Craig L

I noticed you don’t get full range of motion on the push ups. Is there a reason or just your personal style?


4:24 - Made my day with that jump :D

beechbashbosh 84

This guy is Mr "get that muva fucking money" burpee right here... Salute ????????

Josey Jones


Ed Mullis

I'm am old, fat, white dude. I could only do 10 of these sons a bitches! All one pump. Straight up asswhippers! I'm gonna try to keep going at it everyday... thanks for getting me off my ass today! You're a MACHINE.

Updated TV

Don’t forget leg day lol

Micheal Dear

Total inspiration?

ElRooster Trumpet

Fuck Disney world, you doing mothefuckers push ups. Hell fucking yehh and i like that line. Brother man you truly inspired me.

david kershaw


Wayan D

Thank you Mr. Sean. I can't wait for tomorrow to add these to my program . I'm about to step up my game. Best regards from Croatia.

stonekings kings

Thanks for sharing this video
I love it


Corporate white people go weeeeee lmfao

Darryl Portra

Respect, Dog! 225 yesterday.. 125 this am.. 62 yrs.. following several of u


Bro that's.. Good money! I'm 26 from Flatbush Brooklyn. I just found ur channel now, funny cause I just started in the gym a month ago, and just started doin burpees today. But from now ima try to do at least 30-40 a day in those variations. Tell me what u think og. Salute. https://youtu.be/5WkD4jiXx9M


Good shit get that money

Big John Stud

iron wolf is the truth..he doesn't edit his videos..let's get that money!

Damian Carrillo

Video is too long to show five burpees


just name it a soccer mom burpee and call it a day ?

Jeffrey Barton

Your funny lmao

Yoga Jutsu

Hell yeah burpees the realiest full.body exercises out. Its free money too so why not ??✔

Rico Swaggy

Get this bald bitch outta here

lonewolf trucker

Weeeeeeee lmao that shit was hilarious, i didnt know why u brought knees up i was just doing it , i see now ill put more importance on them now, these bitchs r no joke for real

Jess E

why name it a prison workout?

Ellen Doll

nobody needs that fancy ass nike shit! if you dressin nice in the gym you not tryna put in that WORK

Sean T

Keep up the videos my dude ???

The Sharp Shooters

Thank u for this shit. Don’t forget them calves too


I ain't gon lie, I was doing them Chevrolet, Apple Pie, Baseball Burpees lol Cuz that's the only type of burpees I've seen. Thanks for the video I will change that style immediately, bless

Vicente Fernandez

Outstanding work out ..just like how I get down!!

Juan Botello

Do you guys really want to see hard-core workout just look at Mike Tyson’s workouts. Say no more

Allen Dempsey

I saw Iron Wolfs burpee videos when the Coronavirus lockdown started. Let's just say I'm up to 500 3pump burpees in a fuckin single session. I'm a white boy that comes from the trash of Missouri. Level up on these hillbillies and yuppies.