Low box squat

low box squats

low box squats3 Sep. 2010
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Low weight... not really

Low weight... not really demonstrating strength just mobility if anything...

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this guy is in contact with the eart...Looks like an indian, ass to the grass, and the awesome shoes xD

admon hedo

katty perry xD

David Mary

There can never be enough negative replies to the blanket statement in jasonking44's comment. However, not everyone can squat like this, and those who cannot will know because they'll always fall over or drop the weight when approaching their limit ROM. So anyone who squats like this should do so carefully, but definitely don't be afraid of bigger weights.

Ben S

It all has to do with your hip mobility as well as pelvic control. If you can squat ATG without your lumbar spine tucking under, you are set for squatting heavy weights safely. Every strength coach will explain how with pelvic control and hip mobility, the deeper the squat, the healthier it is on the lower body as a whole, going through the full ROM

Ahmad Sofian Zainuddin

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that's insane!!!



Leslie Zhang

Next level flexibility


great flexibility Timbahwolf


Probably, yes. I guess you have iliopsoas shortening and trigger points. Thatts my case, too. Hehe

Baldó Buczi

with 100 kg on their neck :O u right...

Sahar Dahan

poor knees


CT Fletcher is the man. On a side note. I couldn't go that low with 0 pounds, lol.


Did these today, talk about feeling the burn


It may even be the case that the increased stress strengthens the ligaments and overall your joints will be healthier (more stable). I am not arguing that it is unhealthy, but there is definitely more stress on the joint.

Chuck Cheese

This is good practice for being gay.

Tovia Singer

dont go heavy with these, as thats the not the point, uness you are carrying lots of muscle mass (larger muscles0, for cut muscle, like this guy, or smaller, use max 100kg or less. Thast mroe than enough, as it puts pressure on yoru spine remember,


IF you dont get ur knees twisted that is, or am i wrong? I know A2G aint damaging but then you`ll have to keep them knees in a straight line?

Pavel Gotovkin

Tell that to Olympic lifters. All they do is ass to grass squats.

David Mary

The point is to disengage the muscle and not rely on the stretch reflex. It's useful for building starting strength, although not with the amount of weight he's moving. He could take his mobility demonstration further by removing the stepper and touching the ground instead.

onnoori lee

you'll have no problem shitting in the woods

Swole Fucking Meatball


Brian CP

Guy on the bench at 1:20 is mirin that ROM.


All you form nazis that just run your mouth on Youtube, check out CT Fletcher. He'll straighten you out.


and both the dudes in the background are benching sweet fuck all

Jenny Gutierrez

beautiful squat,you go low, its awesome! :)


Low squat is a primal movement pattern. How do you think we picked things up off the floor that are heavy, you squat down, try lifting an atlas stone without having to go into a low squat. Go to the gym and don't apply pressure nowhere then, do a bench press without the bar, a row with no weight, like to see how far you would progress. Stop embarrassing yourself.


i cut a whole in the floor at my gym and set my ass in there so i can go nice and deeeeep


is this real life?

Patrick Huy

Doctors and Fitness Professionals are people of two different expertises. Neither should be advising their client about what the other should be. That said, a lower [proper formed] squat is better; stress on the knee when squatting is caused by improper weight distribution, collapsing knees, and initiating with the knees instead of the hip.


It would tend to seem that way anytime if you put the camera right in front of the benches...


Crazy clip. Amazing movie. My uncle was once an overweight guy. He changed his body from 290lbs of pure fat to 205 lbs of total lean muscle mass. I realized I was amazed. I just registered personally because I'm trying to get heftier muscles. He used the Muscle Building Bible (Look in Google)...


No I'm not implying that perhaps if your IQ where high enough to interpret a comment in context you'd understand? Spin class? How about not being at the back of an actual class.


Yes, let's ignore the weight. Our "ancestors" didn't take shits with 135 lbs of weight on their backs either dumbass.


I keep getting pain in my hips on the front of my pelvis when I bent down low. Is this a flexibility issue causing inflammation or something else? Help appreciated.

Retired Shitposter

lol I don't know why but this video remind me when my dog used to drag its asshole along the carpet


this reminds me of jar squatter

Alex Papas

This is just a disgrace to the Back Squat.


if that's the case, how did your ancestors take shits, standing up?


Hey timbahwolf, why do you take that brief rest at the bottom of the squat? I love that you go so low, and that's the way squats should be done, (well maybe not THAT low all the time) but i have seen others perform that rest while using a flat bench, and I want to know the reasoning behind it ( if you know). Thanks!

J Sickels

great flexibility!

Christian Hernandez

Lower fa.....wait.


If your knees aren't touching your shoulders, you aren't going low enough. LOL

Joseph Favia Powerlifting

Not even close.


The significantly greater risk of injury and long term kneejoint health risk far outweigh any advantage this exercise form may have. DONT SQUAT LIKE THIS.

Joshua Naterman

That's kind of like saying that driving is safe, as long as you don't drive on the wrong side of the road. Not bad advice, but that's kind of implied. If someone doesn't know how to maintain proper alignment when squatting, they shouldn't be squatting until they get proper coaching.

Raul Carmona

Oh yes you are right man, that´s why we can watch millions of videos of professional people doing squats in a diferent way and you think you are right hahahahahaha, wake up man the more you strentch your knee the harmer is for your knees, we can see you are a pro hahahahaahaha


Where can I get shorts that cover the knees like that?

Robert McGee

Guy below me you should know that in box squats the purpose is to loose tension maybe you should research before you comment jack ass... Now google Louie Simmons from westside barbell club and learn a thing or two.

Don John

Literally ass to the ground


You look like Black Eyed Peas' chinese xD

Colin Robert

Now do it with a wide stance

Devin Reed

Just an inch above the grass, nah nice squat man

David Mary

Of course, some who can't squat like this NOW may be able to in the future if they work their ankle and hip mobility diligently and responsibly.

Jamie Mc Namara

Y ???


It's a commercial gym, 90% of rats there do only squats.

Chris Barrett

Yo Elliott!


from both a strength and size standpoint, you are completely wrong evidence: the dude's skinny ass legs.

Dost thou even operate brethren?

they pretty badass bro

fook yu

Hmm ok. How is it healthier for you? Does it makes the knee less injury prone somehow?


Incredible knee I ever see , awesome !


those guys in the background benching...NO LEGS!

Benjamin Harris

google "go fuck yourself"

Safa Karimi

must have been monday at the gym everybody seems to be doing chest

Ollie Barbor

My dad used to play rugby for England B and was made to do Squats this deep and it fucked up his knees after a few years of doing this No thanks jeff

Nick Swanson

should I do these weekly for building big legs?

Harry Houghton

started goin down this low after seein this a few months ago and my kicks in muay thai have got so much more powerful without making my legs feel tighter/less flexible....also my sprints feel alot faster and stronger....back and core feel strong as shit too.... dont skip leg days friends!! go low or go home baby!!

Daniel Mcilhagga

this is so so impressive... mind blown at the mobility

Joseph Favia Powerlifting

Someone likely gave him incorrect advice about foot positioning, toe angle, or some other facet of the lift. Because of the variety of body types and lever lengths out there, you have to find what works for you. The majority of these so called squat-induced knee problems are from doing them wrong. A common mistake is keeping your toe angle point straight. You have to keep your toes pointing the same direction your knee is pointing or you can cause undue stress.

Josh Roberts

need to go lower

Ante Klisovic

Used to do only deep squats when i was younger but now i not squating deep anymore. First thing is that when you squat like this, im saying from my personal expirience , is that the hamstring is relaxed,when going deep  enough, and when going up , there is a lot of stress on the knees. So now I go only to lets say 75 degrees in knee angle, so the hamstring and quad is still contracted when I decice to go up...Thats my theory. who knows maybe it's wrong :D


Screw that!! If I got down there I would never get up!

Victor Nge

He takes ass to the grass too literally


Yeah i was thinking this is a streach move more than anything I wouldn't be surprised if this guy is a martial artist.

OneButton Dash

what this guy is doin is very good, he's actually burin the muscle and tearin it down MORE with this amount of weight rather than some guys that do 3-4 plates on each side and go half way down. these are not easy


Then your dad used some fucked up form. It's scientifically proven that lower squats are better for your knees.

Problems Solved

beast lol , that's low for sure

Patrick Newman

You fucking spastic.

Denise Birza

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can you show this in a video or link a video that does? it's really hard just picturing that. would really help. thanks.


you show it Phill Heath :D


Thought that degree was in bio, not psychology. The only thing that'll be "therapeutic" for me is when people read properly and respond in kind.

Ben S

@ollie barbor, you can still go this low and injure your knees . It also depends on the alignment of your feet in regards to your ankle and knees.

Wayland C

Everyone take notice of the bracing/stabilizing of the trunk. That is how a squat is done.


Those gotta suck.


Who the fuck cares what degree you have from whatever university? Go back as an alumni and ask one of the philosophy professors what false equivocation is. There's such a thing as an educated fool, and you just may be one. A degree in any concentration only means you studied what's related to that concentration not that you're actually intelligent. Which brings us back to the fact that you were unable to interpret the context of a simple comment. Once again that phrase is "false equivocation."

qt pie

doctors think everything is dangerous...


Haha, are you Indonesian? =P


Do you ever just stop and think, "Wow, not only is no one going to pay attention to my shitty ad but maybe I am wasting my own time writing an ad for what is most likely a shitty product."


This doesn't even begin to make sense... I am not even saying this is unhealthy. There is definitely more stress on the joint though. Very quick thought. If you go ATG instead of 90deg.. you are still passing through 90, and then on the way up your going back through 90 again, so your getting that same range of motion and stress + extra. Also with such a wide range of motion you have to apply more force at a stronger angle to reverse the motion, putting more stress on the joint



Benjamin Harris

are those deadlift scars on shins??? epic respect i have those aswell


Crazy clip. Good video. My older brother used to be a fatty. He went from 283lbs of pure fat into 213 lbs of real muscle. I couldn't believe it! I just subscribed myself because I'm trying to get big muscle mass. He made use of the Muscle Building Bible (Google it)...


yea, my ancestors took shit while holding 200kg on their shoulders.

Ben S

Exactly, it is always healthier to put the body through the full range of motion rather than half assing it and only going partial.

Pavel Gotovkin

what's the point of sitting down on the stepper? stay on your feet.


Cool, now do that with 150 kilos without blowing your back.


I do box squats about 2 1/2x this height with 315, bout to step my game up go as low as you lol

Dan R

Knowing me, My form is so bad I would probably end up with that barbell stuck halfway up my ass if i attempted this exercise.

JF Grenier

Now that's great hip mobility and flexibility. Good work bro.

Low-Bar Parallel Box Squat

Low-Bar Parallel Box Squat15 Sep. 2019
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Sham Wow

she got a boyfriend?

All Athletes Should Low Box Squat!!!

All Athletes Should Low Box Squat!!!5 Oct. 2019
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Jerry Cohen

How about olmpic lifters?

ray hanes

Will you put front squats into your program in the near future? Have your thoughts on the lift changed? I just started doing them again and they felt good.


If you did a 3 day full body workout with an A and B day, and did the deadlift on only one of those days, wouldn't your deadlift eventually fall behind your other lifts because you're not progressing on it as frequently? Or would you just be able to progress on it longer without stalling because you're not doing it as much as the other lifts?

Doug Markwith

Most legitimate bodybuilders would have something to say about you dismissing them as athletes. That being said, I agree with you on low box squats. They're better for developing overall strength.

Casper Hansen

Great box, Squat.

Hanna Tannus

In addition to your point, if you normally do deep pause squats then you’ll be able to adapt quicker to this exercise and experience just a slight awkwardness initially.

Octavius Castillo

Coach what do you think about a box at parallel or slightly above. My left hip hurts everytime I bb squat but for some reason box squats doesnt hurt. I do them with a barbell or safety squat bar. Ive been doing this for about 2 months And believe it or not, my regular squat went up by about 40 pounds.


What do people think of the front squat box squat? Just started trying them and it is humbling.

chris green

I got a cambered bar from TF that I've implemented low box squats with.

Max Mustermann

I just did them with 200lbs and that was shockingly hard!

John Schmitt

Highest rate of force production for whom? Does it have the highest rate of force production for long femur athletes with really small hips that don't have the best connection to the back? These things are so subjective, it's the same with food studies. At some point they don't make much sense.

Ladies' Man

Should I go watch joker coach?


Will you ever record your gpp training?

Justin Montagne

High bar more practical than low bar?


low box squats is a MUST

Andrew Bens

bah dee building xD

joel hamilton

Did pretty wide stance squat off of a 13 inch box today at 6 foot 3. I can attest to the box thing. I can raw squat 500 and 225 for for 6 was tough for me

Rangerfan 2019

Is box squat better for hamstring development?


low bar or high bar?

Samo Železná Terapia

Low box is the opposite of the height you want to be starting your jump, stride, etc. as an athlete. Slow eccentric is the opposite of what you want to do as an athlete. Trap bar deadlifts + Banded jumps.

Intergalactic Caravan

Very educational, casserole


How does the box squat compare to the pin squat?

XxAztec WarriorXx

Front box squat, thoughts?

Bobby Van Buren



Great video coach. Every lone who trains needs to do so with the goal of maximal force generation as quickly as possible. Not only will it make you a freaky athlete but maximal hypertrophy comes with it.

Brandon Hughes

Would you say this is better than performing an iso pause in the bottom? Also is this better suited for dynamic or max effort days?

Thomas Howard

12" box no matter how tall the athlete ?


I dont think someone who is 6 foot 4 would be squatting to a 12 inch box... As the general rule how far past parallel are we talking about?? Does not look like this is quite Ass to Grass but definitely breaking parellel line...

Rangerfan 2019

Would all the same benefits of box squatting apply to the floor press as well?

Randy 678

Must be an amazing glute builder.

Niels Hoogendoorn

I usually don't comment on video's, but Jason, thanks for all the video's you put out. I've gained a lot of knowledge through your (and others of course) content. While I might not train the exact way you do and don't agree with everything you say, I've implemented loads of your tips into my workouts.

Needless to say, I've purchased a 12 inch box to give box Squats a go.?

Keep the content rolling man, love the positive attitude you've lately shown.