Kettlebell conditioning circuit

Strength and Conditioning Kettlebell Circuit

Strength and Conditioning Kettlebell Circuit24 Jun. 2016
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Kettlebells are fantastic

Kettlebells are fantastic for moving seamlessly between exercises. This makes them ideal for building endurance and fat loss. Try that same circuit with a heavier bell and voila! Explosive strength and power!

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Jasonjjw west

Looks fantastic and challenging, I'm going try it tomorrow. Thanks.

Kaptan Haddok

I have 36 kg kettlebell and also 28 kg

Mubarak Mado


Cordelia Blakeslee

Check Unflexal handbook if you want to learn about workouts much much more.

Adam Sue

Keep up the good work.


Going to try this tomorrow morning

Ian Fannin

Another great vid. Thanks a lot. Please keep it up.

Jamie Ashton

Great workout cant wait to try this. don't think I am quite ready to use my 32 for this just yet.
All the best

Kelly K

Awesome squats, Crazy pause!! Can't wait to try it! Thank u for sharing!

MMA Kettlebell Workout for Knockout Power and Fight Endurance!

MMA Kettlebell Workout for Knockout Power and Fight Endurance!14 Jan. 2020
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Thanks everyone!

Bio -

Phil Daru is the Head trainer for some of the top athletes in the world and creator of Daru Strong Training Systems and founder of Daru Strong Performance Center. Daru has degrees in sports medicine and exercise science from Alabama State University where he played division 1 football. Holding certifications with Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) Certified Functional Strength Coach (CFSC) Functional Range Movement Specialist (FRCms) and Kabuki Movement Specialist (NSCA-KMS).

Daru then began a career in MMA and turned professional at 21 years old where he then developed his own systems for training fighters. Daru has also competed in strongman, bodybuilding, and Bjj Gi and No Gi and currently competes in powerlifting. He has worked with well over 200 plus fighters including world champions like Joanna Jedrzejczyk, Dustin Poirier, Edson Barboza, Junior Dos Santos, Frankie Edgar, Tecia Torres, King Mo Lawal, Andrei Arlovski and many others. Coach Daru is a two time award winning Trainer of the Year for the Florida MMA Awards and Nominated for the Trainer of the Year for the World MMA Awards. He has been globally recognized for his contributions in combat sports performance and has traveled to over 10 countries teaching and mentoring. We want to welcome you to this channel and hope you enjoy the content!

MMA Kettlebell Workout for Knockout Power and Fight Endurance!

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Jiayin Huang

I kinda want to see this guy fight MMA, we all know why


How many times per week? 2-3?

Kenneth Scarborough

I'm going to try this workout routine ?

Jacob Womack

Training for my next fight gonna use this thank you so much!

Slick TrillaRReal

I clenched my knees every time that kettle bell swung by his knees during the rotationals ?

Shawn J

Gonna do this right now, looks awesome man, look forward to watching more of your content.

Rocco Delong


Beebs Magoo

Love masculine energy

Matthew Franco

I love Kettlebells. Definitely has helped my power shots and overall strikes.

Ali Shah

Solid work i rate you very highley ps (ali boxing coach)

Silver&Black 831


Charles Martin

This is the best kettlebell workout .

Omri R

Guy in red shirt has terrible form, like he's demonstrating every classic kettlebell swing mistake. I think at least a few words on what to focus on when you swing would have been beneficial, especially since the instructor is solid and it looks like he knows what he's doing with a kettlebell. I like the channel anyway!

Michal Saidov

3:10 isn't it a bad thing to lock the knees like that ?

Sloppy Jonuts

3:44 ish. Is that MaC from sunny? :)

L Vaz

Just what I've been looking for.. Can't THANK YOU ENOUGH.... GOD BLESS AND. GOD SPEED!


I thought the goal was to bring the bell up to the height of your head. Is this wrong?

Moebius c64

It looks like with the 2 arm swing your arms stop around your chest. And with the 1-arm swing you get it higher . Is this for a reason ? Reason I ask is because my PT says I should get them higher and the guy next to you also does that. Thank you for this awesome video


What's the name of these kettlebells ? Manufacturer/model type ?


Daru, whats the weight on the kettle bell you using for this workout ?


That is a. Big strong dude....

jordan rowland

Red shirt homie has terrible form. Someone should really work with him, cause he's gonna hurt himself.


How do I get my thighs that THICC?



Greg Farris

Hey Coach Phil! You said not to bounce while doing the shadow boxing footwork. What is your reason behind that?

Matthew P.

very informative video, good editing and great workout too.

michael morrow

Kettle bell training has improved my keyboard game immensely.....I knock out emails and memorandum with such power....excel game has leveled up .. I'm pumping through pivot tables and sorting data with killer instinct.
Just gotta improve my heavy club skills .....

Soul City Original

Glad I found the workouts...tell the database administrator we could see him in the mirror.. ?

The Kungflu

Honestly, your thighs are thicj, but your calfs are ridiculously thin....
What the fuck could you really teach anybody about anything?
How to have a disproportionate body? How to be ridiculous? How to look like a chicken?
How to do kettlebells wrong?
People, go to Pavel to learn Kettlebells, not these clowns...


Love kettlebell and this program.

Rocco Delong

Leg Muscles Awsome!!!



Frank Lange

Since I'm a beginner at 43 .Is this a routine I can perform safely every day ? Or should I do it 3 times a week starting out ,I did this routine with a 31 pound kettle bell.

Antonio 156


Nas Holston

Man I'm so jealous of those quads dude

Гиревой спорт Мозырь


troy kidwell

Love the rotational swings! My baseball player will greatly benefit from this exercise. Thanks!

cole jevonanthony

How long should I shadow box in between sets

Anita Delph

Heyyyyyy I never knew of the kettle bell swing rotating side to side.. Amazing!! In addition to my quads & glutes, I can just feel my abs being engaged!

Sb Computers

i didnt got that time??? when to shadow box time and again repeating???


Never skip calf day

Braden MacKinnon

Can’t wait to try this.

de_ joker

Would this work with a dumbell?
appreciate ifsomeone could help me out.

Vincent Martinez

You are either born with knockout power or you don't have it. Just like having a good chin. You either have it or you don't.

Cam Kartaschew


Dingo 1978 Karlsruhe

Never really never. There are more effective especially for boxing. What about that fake without a purpouse shadow boxing? I don t want to be a complete ashole:
Number 1: 30 sec very fast running with 1 pound or 2 pounds woman weights. Resting time 2- 4 min. Do this more than 4 times best is 10 times. This is best exercise ever!
Number 2: Go sprinting on empty stomach like number one you need a faster metabolism to be more intensive only then your speed and reflexes improve. Ask your doc!
Number 3: Because your heart is working on higher pulse region you need more relaxation /1 hour Yoga Nidra done properly.
Best about is your reflexes are also improving. In 2 to 4 weeks you destroy everything with ease.

Lionel R C

Gonna try this after skipping rope.

Tebogo Hamese

When he S/O "shadow", I jut want to sign up as a student.

Kebab boy Redside

Make this workout me better in fighting?

Hannes König Winqvist

So is there a reason for the bend in ur arms on the straight swings? Lat tension? Vore activation? Awesome routine mate


Tks for the great info Phil!!

анатолий dangerslugger


Moo Tube Channel

Love the power and endurance workout. What do you think of mine? https://youtu.be/t56LFibmBvg

Ty Kam

Love how the camera goes off of the dude in the red shirt doing every single movement completely wrong.


I love your exercises

Heaven On Earth

Every fighter this guy trains is a human punching bag that always gets their ass whooped.

Cameron Howard

Great channel. You didn’t seem to teach your trainee to swing though.

Noe Marquez

Pésima técnica, ejecución y ejercicios....si alguien quiere lesionarse hagalos. Saludos

Alan Kraskow

Joanna Jędrzejczyk and JDS downfalls since they started training with this dude are speaking for themselves...

Matthew Heiser

Thanks man!

Mike Mumford

Great workout thx??

US Patriot

Do you have any kettlebell techniques for explosiveness in a golf swing, please make a video of it, thanks!

Death MetalGuy1191

What shoes you wearin?

beefy gains

is shadow boxing the best exercise to win in a fight?

Anthony Carlino

Excellent work boys

Ravi Ravi chandran

Nothing in this video, waste of time and Mb

Phil Daru

Train like an Elite MMA Fighter:


I like the shadow in between . Rest but keep the engine going.


What weight kettlebell should I start with?


This is the MAIN MAN for Core training and knockout power!!! Thank you so much for your free advice and videos !! RESPECT Straight Outta U.K !!!!

Tom Maglaras

Great video buddy thanks??

Fred Love

Fighters and trainers need to pay attention to their structure and balance. Throwing punches that have your back foot coming off the ground while you lean in is not good form. The punch should be started from the foot through the the hip and then into the fist. Tightness and heavy weights can actually take away punch power. Not saying that toughness is not a factor.

Jason Smith

Would have liked if it was more real time, especially towards the end!!! When it mattered

Andrey K

All cool, but what is wrong with dude's left hand? He only works with his right when shadow boxing.

A living body

Amazing video I really liked I also have similar content you are an inspiration to me

Barrett Leverette

I loved this one Coach much respect you are Awesome.


Short but great work out. Very efficient when done correctly. Awesome stuff


this is all bs .. all old school boxer and fighter did not have all that in they training and they all have better condition, power and speed.. working on heavy bag and sparing is only what u truly need for "ko" power

Derrick Knighton

Watching you gives me inspiration 2 do wat i know i should b doing... Thank you 4 helping humanitarian gudness ?

Therock James23

U ever been in a fight and u see a great opening and these hits make them stop I hit like that now adding power even I'm so true storyteller I wish I could lie. Thanks for these tips man.

Philip Sta Maria

Nice. I'm glad I came across it. Thx


Thanks brothers

Brainy Meathead

Watched the vid earlier today and incorporated it into my workout this evening. Good stuff! No surprise you train pros. Very clear instructions. Thank you Phil.

Jeremy Wright

This protocol is almost exactly what I found from an older article on scientific-based conditioning. The only difference is this one has a bit more variety (the one I found was just 10 kettlebell swings on the minute every minute for about the same time). If you used this in the same way, you would do this about 3 times/week for conditioning in addition to strength training.

Nate Perez

Phil darude sandstorm

Madelynne and Brett Cain

Legit video. Thanks so much. You're a great coach. Would love to see more like this.


Way to much talking bro

lin lee

nice learn a lots Thanks

Sean Fleming

Quite the resume already subbed at 0.23 seconds ?

Texan Football Houston

Training hard again is hard dam. So cool tho sir. Footwork n everything practice again n again. I do love it. Thanks going to read a comic book. So cool


Is this routine customizable? I am over 50, a woman, out of shape, overweight, and looking for a full body exercise routine. Does this routine work everything? I don't want to do a lot of different exercises.

Muhd Farisan

How to know what weight is suitable?

Favorite Kim

This is one of my favorite workouts!

Rene Chang

Wonder if he ever fought professionally.He definitely is a pro as a trainer. Appears to be a really great coach. Amazing technique.he flows naturally.


I love the no BS approach to getting strong and fit. Plus the thorough explanations of why you do what you do and how you do what you do.

josh hall

No wonder why you have a losing record because your boxing is pure shit like the rest of your training.

Mike Colz

You’re a savage. Love the work ethic.

Ferny Fresh

Thank you!

LV999 Sozkyy

That was awesome, instant Subscribe

Al Mac

New to watching your videos. For a min I knew you as Shadow. Thanks for your videos

Brutal 30 MIN Kettlebell Workout / EMOM Follow Along Circuit

Brutal 30 MIN Kettlebell Workout / EMOM Follow Along Circuit24 Dec. 2020
31 708
Funk RobertsSubscribe 438 721

Brutal 30 MIN Kettlebell

Brutal 30 MIN Kettlebell Workout / EMOM Follow Along Circuit

In the 30-minute kettlebell workout, Funk and Angela take you through a follow along circuit using EMOM protocol, Every Minute On The Minute to target your total body using a single kettlebell. This kettlebell workout uses the 6 main movement patterns while helping your burn fat and build strength.

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Kettlebell EMOM Workout

This workout is broken up into 2 separate EMOM sets. The first one is a 15-minute EMOM that combines KB exercises with bodyweight. The seconds EMOM set is a 16-minute total body circuit.

SET #1 - 15 MIN EMOM

Perform each exercise at the top of each minute one after the other for 5 straight rounds

1. 12 Suitcase Squats (6 per side)

2. 12 Goblet Front Lunges (6 per side)

3. 12 alternating swing to swing squat

SET #2 - 16 MIN EMOM

Perform each exercise at the top of each minute one after the other for 4 straight rounds

1. 12 Alt Push-ups on Kettlebell

2. 12 Pullovers

3. 12 Dead Bug Leg Raises

4. 6 Push Press per side

Join Our Kettlebell Spartan Academy for just $1 and get NEW monthly home kettlebell workout videos, nutrition, coaching and support – click the link - https://over40shred.com/kettlebellspartan

Music Courtesy – NAS KINGSTON



Comments (79)
Dārē tø Lēāp


Jack o lanter

Loved it!! Great! Thank you for your amazing videos! Merry Christmas to both!

Feliza Greenwald

Happy New Year. My favorite type of class. EMOM ❤️

elena fiorellino


The Kaurs Squad

Merry xmas funk family! I been following u since mid march when he UKs 1st lockdown started and it's been a game changer for my health and mindset !! Happy holidays funksters!!

User Grade

Doesn't seem like it would be as hard as it ends up being. Good workout.

Valas Kialf

Merry Christmas Funk! Get after it!

Remove Before Launch

Keeping my Christmas excess in check?


What is a good starting weight for kettle bells if you never used them before but have done many body weight circuits?

SGladson Observador da Humanidade evoluindo sempre

Mr.Funk Big Thankyouuuu !!!!

Paul Stewart

Man! That one is hard!

C Mamba

I used to go to the gym using the classic routine one body part or two a session. But since the pandemic, I had to be creative and change it up to be more efficient. Your workouts are engaging and very effective. I got 5 kettlebells and a couple sets of dumbbell amd resistance bands. I would like to thank you and your wife for helping me with my different workouts. It helps me stay motivated and keep fit. More success to you both. Godbless.

Carl Wimmer

Question: If this is an EMOM why is she not resting all the way until the top of the next minute? Something is off on the timer, someone please explain.


Grazie vi amo ❤️??

Carmen Salomé

This was my first workout of the new year! Great workout!!

Antonella G

Funk and Angela you both rock!! Happy Holidays!

Jackson Lin

Hoo weee! 35 lbs. all the way. Whole body shaking! Time for an X-Mas jigsaw puzzle!

Mariela Dresch

Felicidades!!!!❤️? Muy buen EMOM!!! ???

Hamed Chaoui

thanks for your time, hey! funk today you got away, merry christmas everyone

Mike Green

I made it through this amazing workout thank you

joachim neumann

ALWAYS amazing workouts...! Thanks guys. Merry Christmas ??⛄?⛄

Lawson Plummer

I’ve never been a fan of kettlebells, but then again I’ve never used them. Always figure I could do the same exercises with a dumbbell. But after watching this, I think I’m going to get me a couple kettlebells and try a workout.

Melissa Perry

so good??

Jeremy Kok

Merry Christmas to you Mr. & Mrs. Funk!! God bless!! ??❤

Bryant Low

I really appreciate that you go the extra mile to outline the workout in the description. Helps a lot. Thanks for another great workout.

Chris Mar

Merry Christmas chief! Thank for giving us workouts even these days ❤️❤️?? ( probably this is one of the few moments that Angela spoked in the video)

Diagoras Ródos

Sir, thanks for your videos. They have truly changed my lifestyle and improved my health like never before. 100% legit game-changers and energy boosters. Please, keep posting these great workouts that I'm ready to engage them. Regards from Chile.

Martha Helena Otálvaro Benjumea

Excelente alumna!!!!la seguí igual....logrado!!!!! Gracias.....

Sokratis Ell

Mary Christmas from Hellas !!!!

Kwstas Zaxariou

Marry Cristmans.Thanks for all ten years following us.Get it done.

Graham Bremner

Great workout, thanks a lot Angela & Funk.

Niels Hamels

funk, is it ok to do some 20 minutes of cycling after this workout? Or will this decrease my musclegains ? thx in advance , greetings.


Your timer burn on the screen is running slow. After 15 min of workout it says under 12 min.

Robert Jeffries-Jones

Great workout guys but the timings are off with the clock and the principles of emom. Thanks for the ongoing content....really inspiring ?

The Carlos Method Fitness TV

Great instruction, Funk. You always give a lot of good coaching tips to everyone and help people to understand the movements better. We hope you both had a nice Christmas. Carlos & Bex

Lazette Jackson

Awesome workout! Thanks for the Christmas gift ?


Great job you both did great ? pushed through to the end

C.Z. 75

Just wonderful. Thank you guys!

Roger Mupas

Can't wait to give this a shot. Merry Christmas, Peace and Blessings to everybody!!

Scott Hermon

Yo, Funk knew to sit this one out & Just coach Angie!!!??? I did one of these guys E.M.O.M workouts b4, it was murder!!!??? Big ups to Angie, smashed it as usual,??imma do this boxing day. Lord help me!??

Funk Roberts

Grab YOUR Kettlebell and get ready for this awesome EMOM circuit created by my awesome wife Angela that targets the entire body so you can burn fat, build muscle, improve strength, increase explosive power and sculpt abs - Make sure you LIKE, SHARE and COMMENT below.....Let us know how you like the new video format as well - MUCH LOVE....I APPRECIATE YOU and HAPPY HOLIDAYS TO YOU AND YOUR FAMILY - Mr and Mrs Funk

Charles Martin

I told my wife about your wife . Hope she can last.


Unbelievable. As I’m already part of the Over 40s Alpha group I’ll be now hitting those Tabata Abs.

Get it done ??

Susana Reid

Merry Christmas Guys!...??????????? thx. For all your workouts! ❤️??

Jonz Wikk

Nice one. Angela's kettlebell looks heavy

Павел Душков

Great Christmas workout! I must say thank you Funk Roberts, your workout are exactly what I am looking for - their intensity is very well calculated. They are pushing you just little bit over your borders, but without leaving you desperately grasping for air, thus leading to a more difficult recovery. Just one remark - I think the counter on your screen doesn't show correct time. Merry Christmas everyone! Stay safe and be happy!

Henry Stowe

This is my favorite one.


Damn, in the second Circuit, the only exercise i can do with 16kg is the push up.

Tiger Lee

When u wanna a free coach. Mary a coach?

paola t

que buenos entrenamientos brindan hacen una buena dupla tienen un cuerpo de ensueño los 2

Blanca Ureña

Hola Coach Robert! how always excellent training thanks for sharing,Thanks to his wife for the demonstration.


Adamsın aslansın maşallah funk reis! Türkiye den selamlar

Chadd Lackey

Love working out with you and Angela. Thank you for the great coaching and the effort you guys put in to make these videos.

Thomas Morris Brown

Brilliant and brutal. Thanks so much for the great kettle bell workouts, keep them coming!

Josh Diesel

Don't think you guys understand what every minute on the minute means.

Valerie Prescott


Peter Jaffe

Superb way to get ready for Xmas lunch. Happy Holidays !! Love the commentary. Helps keep the form.

Elba Estridge



Another great video! Thanks and merry Christmas all x

Darren Heard

Great workout. Core is sore!

Rodney Bland

Wow...things just got real! I appreciate the constant coaching and focus on technique to fight fatigue. Hoping to try soon.

Shantanu Sapru

I don't see the point of doing suitcase squats! It'd be much better to do/use the usual rack squats, and maybe add suitcase deadlifts (if needed). Not a sign of good programming...
Rest all is fine, though...


It figures ?

Lady De

Merry Christmas to you and your family

Dennis Ngai

great workout funk!

Valas Kialf

Great workout! Love Angela’s advice and prospective in this video. ??

Alberto Landa

You guys rock!!

Alun Passey

this is a great workout - but your timer seems to be set to ~48 seconds...? Are you trying to trick us into doing more reps?


This one had me like Neo in the Matrix fighting all those agent smiths. Beast Mode! Respect ✊? Angela.


Angela, This was fantastic this was it for me... all gains! New to the channel shared on my fb page. Love the interaction btw you hubby that’s what got me thru this. Enjoyed to the fullest.. I will hurt tomorrow ?. Angela, I need you in my workout. You nailed it for me. Every two weeks please new video. Will take me that long to master each move to be ready for the next. I’m here for it. ???????? ??

Benjy DP

awesome! Nice one, A bit sketchy:scary on the kettlebell squad combo. I would lie to have this one explained in detail if possible!

Baruke Griffin

Thank you !

Workout Clarity

Merry Christmas bro!

bright jason

02:33 ?? Great workout! Love Angela’s advice and prospective in this video. ??

Alberto González

Greetings from Costa Rica!! If you ever come, let me know to treat you a cup of good coffee!!?????

Puneet Sehgal

Funk, Angela - hi from Mumbai on this day after Christmas. Awesome workout, loved Funk’s coaching and Angela’s form!


she has done a great job! awesome!! Merry Christmas guys!!

Volac Nehrghal

A dislike??? Why???

benjamin revay

How old are you Angel