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Women Using MMA Battle Ropes - ONNIT

Women Using MMA Battle Ropes - ONNIT27 Mar. 2013
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Glenn Holmes @ Onnit Academy Battle Ropes Certification

Glenn Holmes @ Onnit Academy Battle Ropes Certification5 Jul. 2016

Clip of Box 'n Burn

Clip of Box 'n Burn trainer & gym manger Glenn Holmes @ Onnit Academy's Battle Ropes Certification course in Orange County, California.

from me:

The Onnit Academy Battle Ropes Specialist Certification was amazing. An absolute must for any fitness professional. Learned so much in 2 days w/ Aaron Guyett & Shane Heins of Onnit.

Now implementing the course knowledge in my sessions at Box 'N Burn as an Onnit Battle Ropes Specialist!

from Onnit:

The course is designed to provide tools & a system to optimize physical adaptations of power, strength, endurance, stability & mobility through the use of battle ropes. Battle Ropes are a unique & dynamic tool that uses gravity and frequency changes in the ropes to uniquely load & challenge the body, improving all areas of physical performance. If you are looking to increase your understanding of energy system development, cutting edge methods w/ endless possibilities and the principles of total human optimization, then Battle Ropes Specialist cert is for you.




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Onnit battle rope Review

Onnit battle rope Review28 Jun. 2016

review of onnit battle

review of onnit battle rope



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