I cant do pushups

How To Do Pushups Step by Step | Advance Pushup Hiit | I Cant Do Pushups | Technique for Pushups

How To Do Pushups Step by Step | Advance Pushup Hiit | I Cant Do Pushups | Technique for Pushups20 Aug. 2020
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How To Do Pushups Step by

How To Do Pushups Step by Step | Advance Pushup Hiit | I Cant Do Pushups | Technique for Pushups

Learn How To Do Pushups Step by Step | Advance Pushup Hiit | I Cant Do Pushups | Technique for Pushups

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When joining me for this workout video, you need to take some precautions as your health and safety is the most important. To avoid any injury or harm, you need to check your health with your doctor before exercising. By performing any fitness exercises without supervision like with this video, you are performing them at your own risk. See a fitness professional to give you advice on your exercise form. Darshan Mehta will not be responsible or liable for any injury or harm you sustain as a result of this video.

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NEVER Do Push Ups Like This - Avoid These 4 Common Mistakes

NEVER Do Push Ups Like This - Avoid These 4 Common Mistakes14 Sep. 2020
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Never Do Push Ups Like

Never Do Push Ups Like This - Avoid These 4 Mistakes

While push ups are a basic bodyweight move, I think they are one we often take for granted.

And all too often we do a more advanced variation than we’ve actually earned.

That’s why today I want to share 4 common form mistakes I see and how to correct them!

Need a Coach?

? https://redefiningstrength.com/private-coaching/?sl=youtube

00:00 Intro

00:30 Mistake #1: Letting Your Elbows Flare Out

02:21 Mistake #2: Rocking Out On Your Hands

03:43 Mistake #3: Jutting Your Head Forward

04:57 Mistake #4: Turning the Push Up Into The Worm

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Nicole Smith

Thanks girl!! As crazy as it sounds, no one has ever actually explained that to me before!

Greg Di Leo

I am curious as to what your background is as far as your study goes. Your explanations are the best I have ever heard, you are super clear, detailed, and concise. Did you go to school for this or was it just a passion that you went after and mastered. Great job, I've added a couple of your videos in my physical education classes. Thank you for your great work.


Do not EVER do mistake #4 in front of an army or marine drill sergeant.

Marc see

flaring out elbows is no no but these kind of push-ups help to ride MTB where you need to go close to bars with very wide elbows.

Anthony Mak

Doing press-ups on the first two knuckles of each fist is a good way of avoiding wrist problems. It hurts a bit in the beginning but your knuckles toughen up pretty quickly. At my peak fitness I did 50-200 of these everyday for about 5 years.


Also think of a bench press it’s the same thing, think pressing the floor away rather pushing body up. Haha as I type this you say it lol

Broke but-Ball'n

who the hell does pushups with their hands/wrist turned inwards like that... first time iv ever seen anyone do that..ever..

Johan Stander

Who is you? Why should anyone listen to what you have to say? Your body is not quite a testimony for success. Work on that?

Richie Garcia

Did thousands of push ups during army days... starting again and appreciate your detailed videos


If the triceps fatigue first is it a technique issue or just weak point of the chain?

Margarete Kromar

Very helpful thank you ?


How do you feel about using those push up handles?
Do they take anything away if you have good form or are they considered cheating?

YiYu Chang

I see two things which aren't optimal in your instruction video, you shouldn't fully stretch you arm when going up to avoid injury and also to make sure you don't ever relax your muscle for optimal training. Secondly, you should go up faster and go down more slowly to strain your muscle more.

david calvet

thanks for the advice. I will have one question. I have a problem with my rigth hand and can not put it flat on the floor. So when i do push ups, I do one hand flat and the other in rock position (like scisors paper rock). I allways wonder what to do with elbows ... outside or inside body. And hands separated or more close ... thank you

Mohan Ramnath

What do you recommend for people with sciatica or if possible a video of safe pushs ?

George Anastasopoulos

I like this training video! Many important, helpful tips, and productive advice on the push-up.

Balaj Prasanna

Just came for a double check. I am happy that my form is good. Thank you for the vid :)


she's such a square - doesn't want us to rock out. Must think it's satan music

Shelby Christie

Bless this video

Vladimir-Ioan Vararu

Nice, thanks for the tips

Hari Madhavan

Very informative, thanks. Strange that I seem to come to womens' channels for form advice, but there isn't so much crap before getting to the point, and even after the point. Thanks.

Abishek S

Raise those abs, flex those quads and squeeze those glutes. Didn't that one liner drive it home.

David Zhao

rocking out could be a good thing sometimes

Indiana Gividen

What are the draw backs from doing pushups on your fists?

Ezio Cutarelli

What do you think of tweaking the push up to focus on upper chest activation? For instance, when trying to target upper pecs, people will put their hands in a diamond shape up close to the head, and, they will perform that push up with their feet on a higher plain. Is that a worthwhile push up, or not?



Humberto Teixeira

Great Video!

May I know what mic are you using in this video? Sounds good.


Great video, you don't see this much on push ups


what about push ups with your fists?, I think those work too.

Erin H

Love all your videos! Super helpful especially with the visuals and stretching. Also love the back wall in your instructions. Did you build that wall?


....but what if I like to 'rock out'? ???

Skibble Dazzle

the incorrect ways are so funny. Nevertheless, great video. Thanks.


Good tips. Just getting back into body strengthening work after a bad elbow. Like the paper suggestions


Good tips. Just getting back into body strengthening work after a bad elbow. Like the paper suggestions


also its bad to make push ups with that smart watch on your hand....

Dimo Dimov

I want to know how many push ups she did in total making this video :D

Branko Jagodic

#5.cervical spine extension
#6.excessive adduction or abduction
#7.flexion in the hip and knee
#8.too wide foot posture
#9.head and neck protraction


The heel move was a real surprise benefit for me - made quite a difference. Thx


The worm bit absolutely got me ? Thank you for these wonderful tips!

Goat Bloat

I worked up on some pushup challenge until could do 3 sets of 100. Then about 3-4 months after the challenge (with daily pushups) my shoulders got an injury. I changed my form and I can do less but I am less interested in the count now. This all seems like great advice. I was doing the T-form she said at the beginning of the video. It took about 6-7 months but inevitably I got an injury.

Hans Schotterradler

I like to use small dumbbells when doing pushups. It seems to be easier on my hands when I grab them vs. putting my hands flat on the floor. Are there any issues with that?

Znows Pappa

super helpful! Thank you


do you have squat videos up here? I am trying to clean up my movements....
You know the average squat that squat with one leg in front and one leg in back.


Nice! check out my 2021 press-ups new year challenge https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oSOW5vHDb8U

Kevin Clapson

Just started working out again and immediately see myself making two of these mistakes. Great video

Otto Beumelburg


byron .tuggle

Don't worry, I'll never look at you again, for sure! Looking totally pissed off really helps I guess.

Ashley Walls

I thought you were gonna say, "with your tongue poking out, looking like doofus."


take for granite?


If you have shoulder problems/injury you can do a pushup if you try to keep your elbows close to your body. That helped me alot after I injured my shoulder and had to rehab it by hanging and doing these types of pushups

sey eeet

I have disability in one of my shoulders and scapula, 50% parallelized due to nerve damage. can you please tell me how should I start doing push up? I cannot do normal push up :( it is too hard for me, how should i start?

Johnny Wallace

I actually do the first mistake a lot so now I know not to do that anymore. thank you for this it was very informative.


i think this is the best explanation on how perform a propre push-up

TM Fitness

Great video. Really clear and efficacious advice.


"Dogs are forever in the push-up position" ~Mitch Hedberg

Mike Carmean

You Sure Look Good ✅ Do It Right or Don't Do It

Matthew Weng

Rock Out on your pinky fingers ?

Anton Boludo

They are now saying this about every main exercise.

Rich Redman

I've been doing pushups since I was in the Army over 30 years ago, and I learned useful things from this video. Thank you.

Richard Hyde

what crap

Zacharie Nelsen

Subed !


Bro her forearms are HAIR E!

Alexandra Sinclair

After seeing this, I realise I've probably been doing these wrong all these years...

shreehari J

what is correct breathing pattern for push-ups


As I have vulnerable wrists, I highly recommend using pushup bars or (stable, not entirely round) dumbells. This allows your wrists to work as if a barbel was placed properly on your palm. Believe me, I have never experienced wrist pain again.

Off Grid Madman

What do you think of using the "Perfect Push up Pro" device or similar equipment that you grip to keep the wrist straight? I do a lot of push ups and I don't want to damage anything. I'v found them more difficult using this equipment but no pains. Yet!

Titan X

Sorry but this is just retarded...As long as you do any kind of exercise it will be good for you overall...Optimally you always want to keep your form etc but this title is just bullsh*t :D


Very informative video. I've seen lots of exercise routines that include "dolphin pushups". Do you recommend them? This pushup requires one to hold their body in a downward dog position with the top of their head almost touching the floor. This type of pushup is supposed to work the shoulders. I personally find them to be uncomfortable. I would like to know what you think? Thanks.

Su N.

Some of the best tips I’ve heard on proper push up form! Thank you!

Gary Valencia

I would like to see varieties of hindu pushups


Knuckle push ups all the up & down!!

Ishaan Parmar

suchh a good video

g. d.

Next video: how to correctly climb stairs (hint - don't forget to use those glutes to avoid common mistakes) ... smh


Such a good, concise video. Wish everyone would make 'em like this. TO THE POINT with visuals and voiceover together. Thank you!

Steve Twids

I’ve watched loads of videos on press-up form. I’m 51 and do reps of 40-30-20-10 for a neat 100. Seems to be keeping an older man in ok shape, but this video was very informative re form, far better than the usual 20yr old lads trying to make out how smashing they are. Thanks for the video. I’ve subscribed. Good luck for future ?

Edward Lindon

This video is superb. I love everything about it. The visuals are perfect and the instruction is clear, concise and on point. I also really appreciate the lack of macho nonsense and "humour" that you find on other channels...

robert flores

I never even thought about engaging my back!!...I never knew this....

Valerio Giarrizzo

Ho cambiato appena ho visto che braccia pelose che ha hahahaha


Great vid...what about pressups on knuckles in your opinion?

Vin Chung

Stupid. These 'mistakes' don't exist for 99% of people. Push ups are pretty easy by feel.

Deva Desta

You're videos are so inspiring to correct myself and try again.

martine scincotti


Tracey Lennon

Regress the movement to progress the movement... Brilliant!!

Dysatisfunctional TV

great tips thank you. I didn't realise I was rolling the outide of my hands

Jean Bruce

you are the best at explaining moovements ! I have been spending 30 years doing wrong movements.

Greg McCormack

Great vid very detailed explanation, I didn't realize foot grounding and position could be so important Cheers!



I used to do 500 push-ups (not continuous but 5 sets of 30 rep + 20 rep) a day for 3 weeks in a row (Sundays were rest days mostly) and from 4th week onwards I switched to 100 push-ups a day to include other exercises in my regime.

Didn't do any of the mistakes you mentioned, however, I observed sharp chest pain in the middle bone and when I stretched it popped.

So basically, it is sternum popping, I was wondering if you have come across anyone who encountered the same problem after doing push-ups?
Secondly, do you think I am making some sort of mistake while doing push-ups other than what you have mentioned?

Many thanks.


Thank you for the info. I'm guilty of doing #3 a little. Good video!


Athlean-X explains this a whole lot better, its like ppl look at random exercise videos take the information they need and lets make a video but with my own technique.

christine miles

Don’t agree right angle push ups have improved my rotational cuffs .
As a 66 year old I’ve succeeded in improving them it may not suit others but that’s the problem with generalisation you must tailor exercise individually.

Zygfryd Homonto

is there any long term difference between 5x 20 push ups vs 2x 50?


I've never been able to do push-ups without having intense wrist pain afterward. It wasn't until I watched your video that I realized that I've been doing push-ups wrong my whole life. Thank you so much for sharing this information with the world!

Kristian Regalado

underated channel

James Jennings

"Redress the movement to progress the movement". I like that.

Jolyon Greenaway

It hurts just to look at those flared elbow T pushups

Gail Greene

No one has EVER been this detailed it absolutely appreciated and needed, finally someone recorded from above to ACTUALLY see what our hand placement should be. I get so frustrated with not having the security in my form to FOCUS on the execution of the move and normally just uncomfortable and to weak to lift.

Gordon Warlow

Pushing the "Like" icon is so easy. Try it everyone! Thanks for a wonderfully instructive video on a basic exercise often performed incorrectly. Cheers!

Cuervo Web Design

Jesus, think about the amount of push ups she did just to record this video.

Dominik Olszewski

in prison i do 100 push ups in row, but with you technique my max is 60 :D and chest get burn

L Dean

Any tips for doing pushups on knuckles?



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our own mics

Awesome sir nice teaching us ????❤