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5 Essential Plyometric Exercises for Footballers

5 Essential Plyometric Exercises for Footballers15 Jun. 2018
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About Me

Name: Matt Sheldon

Age: 25

Nationality: USA

Job: Professional Soccer Player

Current Team: Waterside Karori AFC

Last Team: Saint Louis FC

Position: RB/LB/RW

College: UC Davis


Cameras: GoPro Hero 4 Silver, Canon 80d, DJI Mavic Pro

Editing Software: Adobe Premiere Pro

Essentially we are following Matt Sheldon's daily schedule. Showing you his exact soccer training sessions, his workouts, his weight lifting/weight training programs, his diet/nutrition, and mentality as he progresses through his first professional offseason. We want you guys, to be able to learn, be inspired by these videos, to gather information from quality professional level training sessions and to apply this knowledge to your own life.

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Comments (100)
Manju Singh

matt did your last game went well?

Salman Yonis

Good shit Matt. I like videos like this, keep up that grind ya hurrrr??

Patrick Barry

Amazing video ❤️

Eric Hui Athletics

Definitely need to add those kneeling start ups for box jumps and the lateral exercises for me

Danyal Khan

Great video, dude

Talha Hashmi

this is amazing. thanks bro. can't appreciate more for this video. lovely.

ProFormance Global

Nice plyometric workout! Great for our ballers!

Its Unique

Who else thinks that Matt always finds amazing places to train?

Anders hund

Fav youtuber❤️


I can flyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

Raghu Veer

matt u da best

Kyle Adams

these are great simple videos, thanks man very helpful

akshay hurria

Hey Matt , you should come to India and play in the Indian Super League here , you will love it.


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Nicholas Chance

You should pause a bit more when you land during the lunges, skater jumps and broad jumps to better load the muscles. This also really helps with stability. With the box jumps you should spend as little time as possible on the ground in between jumps for explosiveness. Variation for kneeling box jumps could be jumping off a higher box, landing and quickly jumping onto a box that's a bit lower than the one you jumped off of.

BST Performance

Love what you do!! Keep up the hard work. Any advice for a new soccer vlogger?


Can you please make a video on football related gym work

Dope Bricks

My legs r tired just watching this

Ftbol Beast

Awesome video but I have a question , would these exercises help me in improving my agility n leg power ? Pls help me out..

lancedale peterkin

Hey Matt huge fan love your videos and all the hard work you put in but do you think you should do these drills every training session or no


Yo Matt could I get ur help on something ... I'm really nervous starting college d2 soccer in Kansas far from home (Cali) and I don't know what to do, I have super bad anxiety but I'm a really solid keeper and just worried about being homesick and not having my parents around at all :/

Nicky Mounkhaty

SERIOUS QUESTION: just joined one of the top soccer teams in the nation and i joined recently and when I went to training they were preparing for nationals and their shit killed me. They had to run a mile under 6 mins 3 times, and I passed the first time but was like a minute late the last 2 times, I vape a lot but i decided to fully quit, I can tell that shit has an effect on my lungs and stamina, how do I regain my stamina and get my lungs back to normal cuz I want to go back and compete at a high level. Is it too late? I hate myself for doing that and I wanna play at a high level. Plz any answer helps.

Agario Pros

Hey just a few question im going to do these excercises myself but for the first one you said 3-4 sets 5-8 reps for each leg, so does that mean like 5-8 times with the left and 5-8 with the right or 5 or 8 combined, and also how much should you rest between the sets? And with the fifth one its 4-6 reps but you are doing 3 jumps each time so does that mean 3 jumps, i go back and do that again for 4 times and then rest and then do that again for 4-5 times?



Ahmad Shohab

Why don't you answer your email?


Love these type of videos keep it up. Love the way u tell us how they help and the amount of sets and reps to do. Can u do a video on proper sprint technique wen turning corners and straight sprint . Thanks ?

Matti Isoherranen

What is your vertical

Lois Fernandez

You`ll be able to understand hard work if you follow this vertical jump plan. Seeing the results will need you to follow and execute a tough exercise routine. It break you down to rebuild you much better is i would put it. It took me two months to add Ten inches in my vert. I found this jump tip on Google. It is Julian Jumρosen
every good wish

Gustavo Fonseca

Could you explain the technic to not get injured in your next video?

Just for the lols



Love these type of videos keep it up. Love the way u tell us how they help and the amount of sets and reps to do. Can u do a video on proper sprint technique wen turning corners and straight sprint . Thanks ?


Nice bro ?

Giovani Ramirez

You should do sprints again but without the sand


he not ballin ballin no more

Regan Branch

What exactly is Episoketren System? How does this thing really work? I see lots of people keep on talking about this popular training program.

Michał Lewaszow

When do you practice plyometrics during season? Closer or far from game?

MC Fitness

Recently just subscribed to your channel as I’m looking to get back into football again. I’m a self-employed personal trainer so often struggle to find time to play due to losing out on a lot of business.

However, watching your videos has really inspired me to just focus on what makes you happy. I’ve changed my training routine to focus of functional performance, rather than just building muscle. I’m loving my training and I’m improving each day, keep up the good work, love the channel.

Roberto Quaresma

What will this benefit in


Great stuff man! (Skillshare too). SUBd

Andrew Schagen


weissam eid

Great exercises, thank you. Just one thing for an exercise to be called plyometrics u want to limit the aromatization phase as much as possible. The that transition from up and down , up and down need to be quick as possible for plyo. Example the skaters should be much quicker instead of pausing on the bottom.

Gylex Mainam

Next time, please do a video of your cleats...like real match and training cleats...

Utpal Bordoloi

Matt can you make more video on your match analysis cuz I'm right back too.. plzzz Matt... plzzzzz...


What does these things help you in the pitch?


It still amazes me how few views this video has.

Florent Lacasse Running coach

Good exercices ??


Matt Imagine you could go to your lectures without leaving your bed
Coronavirus Your wish is my command

Jupiter Waikhom

Hey u can you please tell me how can i start my training session from a long injury

Ved Sriraman

nice vid bro

Joshua Maurer

Seated box jumps, weighted box jumps, and single-leg box jumps are great alternatives

Asaf Iron-Jobes

How long would it take to do all of these

Arlo Crisler

What is Episoketren System? I've heard many amazing things about this popular training program.

Andrew Nguyen

It's good to see that your recovery is going smooth now, and that you're out and about with the plyometrics.

Juzz Tech

The second exercise is not plyometric

Nothing muchhh

Can I do speed drills after explosive

Chris Clarke

Do you have a degree

Eric Hui Athletics

Just in case you were running out of ideas for videos.... maybe you can go over your process of how you write your goals


Matt, your pick to win the world cup this time??

Kirby Russell

Keep doing them

Руслан Пилипюк

Good job again

Best friend 19 Pelilo

Jump lunges Stair jumps. Skater jumps. Broad jumps

Goals & Highlights

i'm here one of the 500


Nice bro ?

Rob Tranzen

Dude thx for the video I increase my vertical jump by 5 inches in 3wks. I translated to basketball now im a rim gazer


this is brilliant mate love this

Zachary Pearce

Great video Matt it’ll be saved to my soccer playlist to get better ?

sam fitzgerald

Could you do a video on resistant band exercises before game/training

ginger gaming

Please talk us though your diet

Daniel Milton

what sorta rest time we taking between sets?

Austin Driver

Amazing feeling to wake up and see that Matt uploaded

Robin Danielsson

Great Video⚽️?


the last exercise matt looked really funny when jumping:)

Mister Andersson

For how long would you rest a bruised/sprained big toe? Keep the vids coming!


Great video! Thanks!! ?⚽


Great vid this Matt will be doing this as part of my morning sesh tomoz

Joel Mendes

PLEASEEE continue with this series!!❤️?


Hey just curious! Do you think that bladed studs will affect the way I play in the midfield?

Zach Sietsma

I love these 5 thing videos they have really been helpful

Max Z

Can we get an essential ab workout plan/six pack plan for soccer (although I know it is not necessary for soccer)

Nick 8

Great video Matt, I’ve been watching you for around 2 and a half years and with the help of your videos I’ve become a much better player


These exercises are good to do but the title is misleading. The reason why is because these are not plyometric exercises, they are ballistic. The reason why they are ballistic and not plyometric is because the ground contact time is far too long to be considered a plyometric exercise. Therefore the key phase of plyometrics is missed out.

William Neves

Dam u jumpe far


Helluva video. Got a 16 year old and a 10 year old who both play soccer. Gonna have them both do this over the summer.


I suck at jumping high ? I need to practice

Robin Danielsson

Rest time between sets?⚽️?

Hayden Mann

What are you’re thoughts on the games today. The Uruguay vs Egypt thriller, the own goal, and Ronaldo’s harry?

Roberto Quaresma

What will this benefit in

M Parfait

Adding these to my to do list to when I’m all healed up

Amal K RAJ

HAPPINESS is seeing a notification that says "new video from Become Elite"... You are really wonderful...

Roberto Quaresma

Will this help with your speed

Daniel Skerritt

Matt, sometimes im not even tuned in to your videos i just have them playing in the background because i love your energy, it gives me life and inspiration that i need, dont get me wrong your videos are really useful but, without you even trying, you spread love. Thank you.

Jarryd Chen

If I’m squatting 3x a week with increasing load (5x5) do I still need to do plyometrics?

Flying Raijin LEVEL3

Plyometrics phase of off-season sorted !

Aditya singh

how do u find empty fields to train ??

Zaph F. Castillo

Matt, have you considered playing in the Philippines???

Liam A-p

Thanks !! Great vid

Aditya Prasad

Link to the intro song pls

dayo dairo

hi mat, am a pro player myself n I just recovered from a patella tendon injury similar to yours, just wanna know how u eased yourself back into active training cos am kinda enjoying d feeling from the recovery n scared of flaring up the injury again, thanx


No one cares

Jack Plovanich

I’m here boys

Strength & Plyometrics with Stéphane Lambiel | KEEP TRAINING

Strength & Plyometrics with Stéphane Lambiel | KEEP TRAINING19 Apr. 2020
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Comments (70)
Laura Brusa

Thank you ?

Karina Estevez

im in heaven

Sofi Cantu

Thank you!

Alejandra Rodrígues


David Faz

My wife, daughter and I got through 30 min, we"ll eventualy do the whole excercise.

Lisa Lartseva

It was amazing!! Thank you, Stephane ♥️

Violet Sand

I guess we all agree we need more of that, and more of Stéphane

Victoria V

Thank you very, very much. You gave me a boost of energy and good mood.
Best regards.

Elena Shkvar

Awesome workout! Thank you Stephane, Denis and everyone! Great stuff!

Кора V

I am an Amateur skater. Today I have the opportunity to train with great athletes. I am very excited about the opportunity that I have. I thank you from the bottom of my heart.


Stéphane...you're the heart of this sport!!! I wish Someday I could finally meet you. You're the best skater I've ever seen ♥️♥️♥️

Heather Little

Thanks Stephane, what fun to train with you all the way from Australia ..

cupid Aphrodite



thank you Stephane. it was awesome....i loved this. i will do this daily for a month...thank you for the motivation. say hello to everyone :D


Happy to have Stéphane as my trainer!

Ирина Тарасова

Thank you, Stephan!!! Спасибо, Татьяна и Максим! Thanks everyone!

laitila frey

Oh my God! Thank you very much for sharing your knowledge with us, I feel so happy to be able to watch this and exercise next to the best athletes, Thank you, guys!. <3 I love you-

Karina Estevez

Soy doctora, y debo darte las gracias muchísimo. El trabajo en medio de esta crisis es de por sí cansado y aunque mi rutina de ejercicios ya la hacía, no encontraba gusto y he de admitir que en varias ocasiones me la salté, estresada y agotada. Pero siendo aficionada del patinaje artístico y ansiando alguna vez poder conocer a todos los patinadores que vi en este vídeo , en especial de Stephane, sé que cada uno pone lo mejor de sí en esta pandemia, y precisamente porque debemos resistir y porque debo permanecer sana, volví a hacer ejercicio como nunca en mi vida. Salté, brinqué, me divertí muchísimo y sudé a mares, al terminar me di cuenta de que era justo lo que necesitaba. Gracias por esta hermosa iniciativa. ¡A seguir peleando! :D Posdata: los amo Maxim y Tatiana, siempre aspiraré a un amor como el suyo <3

Dania Carolina VA

Loved it!!!! Thank you Stephane and students, thank you ISU. I hope to see more videos like this one in the future, amazing!


I just watched the vid by Aljona snd Deniss, and it is also great. Full body workout in just 30 minutes, containing stretching, strength, and a lot of balance and coordination.


This was delightful! Thank you so much!

Danny Kitty

The jumps is very good to lose weight , I think Nice job guys

Simply Sookie

I loved the life stream! Everyone was incredibly nice and motivating! I was DRENCHED in sweat. Great workout!

Nyah Andersson

Absolutely great idea streaming these amazing off ice videos by amazingly talented skaters. Kudos to all involved and thank you for sharing your valuable knowledge, time and generosity of spirit xxx

Silja Horber

It was amazing!? Thank you Stéphane!??? It's nice to work out with all of you!???????????❤ keep strong.

Kaye Rubio-SanGabriel

We tried Maxim & Tatiana's "bicep curl". Epic fail! ??

Hiromi Happy

This is incredible!! I never imagined that I could do exercise with Stephane! I'm so encouraged to work out even it's hard(^^♪Thank you so much♡

reliktovyj gominid

Стефан просто ☀️


Loved it. Bring him back!

Berika •

Hello @SkatingISU will we see any more videos with Stéphane?


Thank you guys - so happy to see you all healthy and well! It was such an awesome morning routine (I will be totally stealing that last stabilisation jump and incorporating in my regular home-gym sessions ;) ) Overall - waking up to do a live class coached by Stephane with some of the top skaters in the world - not too shabby for a quarantine Sunday! Take care and hope to see you on ice soon! ?

oana alexandru

I believe it's not easy to speak and think what you are speaking while doing those exercises. He has a great coordonation mind -body.
Stephane is such a great skater and I'm sure he will be a great coach too for all the skaters he coaches. A great guy. Can't wait to see Shoma's programs , I think they will make a wonderful team.
Thank you for beautiful video! Good luck and have a Happy Easter!


Thank you Stéphane! It was great to watch you all guys!

Евгения Костина

48:40 давай давай давай
54:30 давай давай давай бистрей

Tidal Waves

Helped me lose 10 pounds! Tysm!

Svetlana Merlichenko

This is awesome, thank you. Question, could I use this workout for young swimmer and gymnast? Or this is just for ice skating athletes?

Erika Sono









Anne Ruel

Ah wow merci c’était génial! Je m”entraîne tous les jours à la maison pendant ce confinement, avec des programmes d’entraîneurs certifiés, mais ce n’est pas pareil comme un entraînement spécifique pour les patineurs. Un gros merci!


Wonderful exercises. THANK YOU!

Rachel Burgett

My daughter age 9 loved it. It was hard but worth it.

Doreen Pimpl

Great, our daughter 8 joined the Session it was hard for her but she really liked it

Кора V

Я-любительский фигурист . Сегодня у меня есть возможность тренироваться с великими спортсменами. Я очень восхищён возможностью, которая у меня есть. Я благодарю вас от всего сердца.


Wow I really can't do a bike jumps at all but I imagine my body somewhat appreciates the attempt


Thank You so much for this opportunity!!! It's really keeping us motivated, happy and healthy! Can't wait to continue with the rest of the week. Mr. Stephane is great, loved the optimism. Greetings from México! ??n

Ксения Туманова

Amazing!!! Thanks for this wonderful session!

Ula Zawadzka

That was great! We need more trainings with Stéphane ??❤

Nauka Łyżwy

Thank you :) #stayhome #figurujewdomu #zostanwdomu

Lauren Kho

great exercise

Ariadna Cabanillas

Merci beaucoup Stephane. J'ai bien aimé.

Bella Buonomo

"how was it?"

Musical Tales

I love you, Stephane, always))))


I loved it! Thank you all, guys!

Eve Privitera



That’s amazing! Thank you!❤️

Lisa Bradshaw

That was terrific! Thank you! Love your skating too.

Viktoria Ragulina

Thank you very much! Is it possible to make more training sessions with Stéphane?? Many people liked it a lot!

Christina Lui


Simply Sookie

will these videos stay online, or will they be deleted after a while?


Best experience of my goddamn life

Elvan Melek Erturk

It is very nice of you to share your experience with everyone... Thank you.

Thu Lekovish

Oh la la, my knees and my back! Just kidding. Great exercises. Merci, Stephane.

oana alexandru

He is also a very good pedagogue, he appreciates each one of them as they are doing the exercise, he pronunces their names and encourages them and that's a great thing for their mood - through this he is a very good psychologist too.
Wish he will get the best results with each one of his students.


Thank you, Stephane!

Morgyn Ember

Inna Litvin

É muito prazer ver o nosso amado patinador artística Stéphane Lambiel e seus alunos e amigos em boa saúde e receber do Stéphane um maravilhoso conjunto de exercícios como presente. Vamos tentar executa-los todos os dias Obrigada!

belgium fan

He is a really great teacher!

Karolina Sanchez

Muchas gracias por esta oportunidad

Doctor James

I'm getting through 10-15 minutes of it each day, working up my way to doing the whole workout at once. Thanks for this!


That was great! Stephane and Deniss are in a very good shape. I wish they all could get on the ice as soon as possible!

Carol Petrie

Thank you for this!! :)

Plyometric Progression - Matt Reboltz - Pop, Pop, Stick

Plyometric Progression - Matt Reboltz - Pop, Pop, Stick7 May. 2012
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