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THE GUARDIAN-Treading Water

THE GUARDIAN-Treading Water11 Jun. 2020
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The class is put through

The class is put through another early swim test. Treading water for one hour. #coastguard

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Michael Kelso finally got his act together.

Bruce Courtney

We treaded water for at least an hour in basic training. That’s not that hard.

14530 Old Guslander Trail North, Marine on St Croix

14530 Old Guslander Trail North, Marine on St Croix6 Feb. 2018

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Hiking with a U.S. Marine

Hiking with a U.S. Marine31 Jul. 2020
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Hey guys! My name's Matt

Hey guys! My name's Matt Mcdonough and I'm an enlisted active duty U.S Marine. I am very passionate about the Marine Corps, fitness, videography, and last but not least, my family. I have a 1 year old daughter who is my WHY and my motivation for everything I do. My workouts usually consist of mostly bodyweight , strength, HIIT, and bodybuilding. I am all about functionality, strength, and mobility.

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thank you for being a part of unus annus. memento mori. <3

Isaac Housley

Remind me, whats the point of this hike? Yall are MT/UT from what I can tell, so when are yall going to be hiking when deployed? The answer, never. Prime example of when moto surpasses common sense.

Marian TV Opetina

So nice and great

Mariah Perez

What are somethings you can do to prevent getting blisters on ur feet while hiking?

juan carlos

Coming from the unus annus grief, lets go!!!!


Man I miss that lot lol oh the many memories made there with supply ????

don trotter

So why 3-19-1966? doesnt matter what mos this guy is, he was running quite aways with the load he had. Stupid blister from bad socks.

Kevin Snell

Okinawa 50 pounds of sand in your pack Running on the sand beach 5 o’clock in the morning But what else was there to do their 1/9 Grunt Don’t want no teenage queen all I want is my M 14 Who we are Marine Corps who we are Marine Corps


I'm here, because I saw your Instagram


7 godam esb

Brian Bell

No helmet, flak jacket, web gear??? You mean smarter not harder?

Devan Grogan

Oh shit, is that 7th ESB?


This man looks like BJ Blazkowicz but younger.


So tramping for a civilian, beutafull views, come across beutafull girls, you guys, no beutafull views, no beutafull girls, just you guys. Ugly

Randall West

Ugg freakin road marches


Some psycho is going around Tinder with this man all over their profile pictures.
I'm a fan of google reverse image search so I was able to figure it out quickly, but I feel sorry for others who will fall for it. ?
Beware of Nicholas McDonough.


Yo I have a serious question and I really want you to be honest all bull shite aside

Yes Man

They said hiking in the outdoors make you happy...

Mr. Glassman

This guy got NJP'd for breaking ROM like a dumbass boot and lost rank. Better luck next time, dingaling.


Hey, I have a doubt ... foreigner be part of the American army?

Cąrolinę Refo

Very nice bro

Dayshaun Martin

Mr matthew have u visited the bahamas before


Momento Mori ;) Have a nice day!

Norm Borger

I have short legs. Hikes were always jogs for me especially when the column starting doing the slinky. Would not have traded it for anything. Good memories.

Lee Scott

What is your mos


hey mathew am from kenya and joining he marines has been my dream so can you please help me

Brian Bell

They should have rear road beards to relieve you so you don’t have to sprint all the way back to the front like that

Rize Ravens

Yooooo my boy thomas is in their! Small Marine Corps

Mr. P

Good Stuff ..... Your videos are the whip! Thx you for your service! ??

Dennis Tedder


Chris Zablocki

I'm going to need him to bring a notebook. And write down what he's upset about, read it to himself, and then read it out loud before he acts on it.

Dan Marine

Survivor of the 41 mile force march (full battle rattle) in 24 hours. That was in the NTA Okinawa, back in 87....eeekkk telling my age ?


Great channel!

Shade Tree Genius

Marines don't hike we HUMP

Lance Velez

cool video other than you waking up and routine don't need to see that lol good luck to you and your kid thanks for your service u joined the best enjoy partaking in all the activities looks like a lot of good times

Milesritz Vlog


John Ramirez

I'm falling the fuck out already just watching


what does your chest tattoo say? I thought up of March 19, 1966? and thanks for making this video! been struggling with ruckmarches(hikes) for a bit but i'm trying to get up there.

Fortners Frontier Leather

I never went on hikes. We went on humps. :)
3/8 India

Kenneth Tabor

You're missing the obligatory EGA tattoo on the bicep. Square that away Marine.

Milesritz Vlog

Good job babe ❤️

Frankie Rodriguez

I remember a 70 mile force march in three days back in 78/79, with 2/7 at Pendelton at the time, full gear and all equipment!! Ended up carrying a mortar base half the way for a Marine in weapons platoon. Some poor s.o.b. tried to pass the line of deuce and halves and lost his life. As well as the lives of a couple of other Marines, when the accident he caused, made a couple of the trucks flip trying to avoid it. My brother M.E. Collins getting a medal for rendering aid to those trapped in the vehicle's. Love to all my brother's.

aidan wroth

m16's, female marines. glow belts, no kevlar, who TF is this pog

Pie Girl

Thank you so much for helping with Unus Annus!!

sophia sommese

yo what’s up i was sent to subscribe from unus annus

Carlos Rojo

Only POGs do that shit

Jeniffer Bueno

Hi, how are you? Please enable Portuguese subtitles for the video ... thanks

randy rogers

have you been to bridgeport yet

Tevo Beats

whats your mos?

Aliza Ford

Love your videos!

grocery shopper

How heavy is the hiking gear

Nick 6 for 6 Degillio

Not one fuck off hill was seen this day. POG


Momento Mori, we have been summoned and now we are here. Unus Annus.

Lil Jojo

I’m in the army and currently at my ait and have literally the same mos as you it’s called an 88m in the army. I love your vids man you inspired me before I joined keep up the good vids!!

Wanheda_ 406

Think I’m gonna go motor t thoughts ?

พรทิวา สุมานิตย์

I miss you

Tamara Bukta

FYI there’s some one on fb trying to pretend to be you and trying to catfish women

Jen W

6:18 forest gump cruises by

Bradley Thoman

I’m not in the service but I do harder hikes then that for fun up in the mountains and camping all weekend, now I’m not carrying as much only like 60 to 70lbs and I don’t carry a gun either. I don’t remember hearing how far you hiked, when I go camping I go 6 to 10 miles into the woods

Andres Coronel

Whats you’re MOS

Roy Bladea

I remember the humps to combat town.especially when carrying upper receiver of a 50 tied to a aiming stake by a rag and 2 of us carrying it.the 5 ton and a jeep following.


love it. if I get a chance to listen to some music when on my hiking trips I always choose music like Delta Parole or Guns N Roses, the rawness is the best with nature.

The roadrunner Jarhead

My first battalion 20 mile hike was when we were training before going to Okinawa for 13 months. Our battalion commander was a tall guy and I was only 5’8”. I was practically jogging the whole time. We humped in company formation.

Jacob Gallagher

What is your mos

Daniel Sayers

1995 my last battalion "hike" was a 3 mile walk in the park at Camp Hansen. MP Co, HqSvc Bn, MCB Camp S.D. Butler, Okinawa. Soft covers, H-harnesses, no weapons LMAO!!! XD

Jamie Bailey

Yes you finally made a video I thought it would never happen........, Meaning I ended up re-watching all of your videos mah dude

Grim Phantera

Hi! Just dropping by to say, on behalf of Unnus Annus/ Mark n Ethan, we ty so much for the help n joy u gave us by helping them with their videos. ?

The channel ending soon but the memories will forever goes on. I hope u n ur family staying safe n well during this pandemic. We love u! ?


Chuck Mellette

cant beleive the doc decapped the blister during the hike. man leave it alone mole skin or rigger tape to finish.

Panda Love

Thank you so much for helping unus annus?

Jenika Horn

He´s hot i am married to him

John Hermesmeyer

soft covers not flaks or body armor....what kind of girly hump is that

Joseph Thomas

I don’t remember ever going on a hump and being that happy or talkative...I guess it’s different with a grunt unit...Semper Fi

Papy Wapy

Hello, I am here to say thanks for being a part of unus annus, the video was very entertaining, I hope you can grow your channel, and Momento mori!

Chuck Mellette

at 29 stumps, used to get at 0330 to watch litte rascals on ktla


Matt do you know how long it take to become a mechanic?


my name is ape I wanted to know if I have to have a high school diploma from the United States or can I also give a high school diploma from another country. I just wanted to know that I hope you answer me soon, thank you.

karanasan Sa buhay

From Instagram going here in YouTube:) I'm new friend :) keep safe always and godbless

Noah Gonzales

East coast marines talk shit about those mountains until they hump em themselves


Pounding a couple table spoons of salt before a hump always helped me not to cramp up.... old smokey, mt. MF, concrete reaper......of course these were on MCRES not strolls in the park....j/k Semper Fi


Memento Mori :DD
thank you guys for being a part of Unus Annus
you guys are fun :]

Good2Go Auto Detailing Vancouver WA

Motivating vid Devil Dog, nothing like a morning hump to get the blood flowing.

Tristan Caldwell

How big of a pack do you use?


I learned more from this guy than I learned in school

Colbert David

That was awesome!

Joseph Levi

Gotta grab some vigilance elite gummys next time ! Good stuff?


Memento mori unus annus


This may sound stupid, but you should do a series of videos on the various MREs. MRE breakdown videos get a ton of views for some reason. Also field gear breakdown as well. Civilians love that stuff, like what a typical ruck load consists of


So no shower?

Jamie Carter

Love the videos, do you know who I am?

Joseph Levi

Wheres the HIIT vids !

0431 Barner

Your literally a boot who hasnt done anything or gone anywhere lol




Up on the quarterdeck before sunrise... still standing around on the quarterdeck and the sun is up

xeno R

You’re motor t you know nothing about hiking

Carter Falatko

yo matt i’m a poolee and want to cross train weights (and bodyweight) with running, do you have any specific points or advice?

Officially KingG

Bro I finished my gas mask hike like 3 months ago and hoss won't send it to me ???.

Marian TV Opetina

Hi hello I'm watching from Philippine

jason graves

I am always amazed watching the Marine Corps ruck. They are always close together and not wearing and of the IOTV or their helmet.

Sarah Breaux

We need more videos!!

Francis Harvey

Your body and hair reminds me of guile from street fighter a little bit lmao