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People With “Street Smarts” Share Their #1 Street Tip (Reddit Stories r/AskReddit)

People With “Street Smarts” Share Their #1 Street Tip (Reddit Stories r/AskReddit)16 Jul. 2019
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Doggo WPV

Have a tactical knife that you can twirl then turn on heels.
Dear lord thank you for my next meal then charge them.

Sandy g.

Be aware of other’s mannerisms/body language when interacting with them. That’s more telling of intention than the words out of their mouth, most times. Also, do not assume everyone is good natured and have your best interest.


Mine would be, look like a homeless person/ junkie. The downtown district where i live has tons of homeless people and junkies, nobody really goes there for fun unless it special events, its always work, college or having to do legal stuff. The homeless/junkies will harass everyone for money, by trying to talk about god or politics, but i found that wearing a backpack and dirty tattered clothes and doing red eye makeup like junkie eyes, keeps everyone away.

bruhhhe brooo

always listen more than you speak, and dont overshare information. you have two ears and one mouth for a reason.

no dog that aint me

Always keeping one headphone off and keeping that music low. 10x your awareness


Yep another tip when going to places like a lake camping bring (if u have access to it) first aid kit, pocket knife, matches/flint rod, and a compass. Or just keep it in ur car that works too


Balance like the doggo

Jesus Pedraza

If animals trust their insticts which helps them survive...We should too.

Patricio Gaming

Not gonna lie, this is actually a very helpful video, I’m gonna save this and go back on it if need be, as I’m honestly more book smart rather than street smart


Red lights are dead lights


balanced doggo

Mihail Gorbaciov

balance like the doggo


hears about secondary Locations

John Mulaney busts in STREET SMARTS

Random Sandwich

''If you have something to be happy about, thats something someone wants..''


yo ma'am

Biting and licking isn’t expected in a fight and if you reach the right places (I recommend going for the elbow) then somebody will drop you. People expect you to fight civilized so act like an animal

Demented_ DjBlaze7

“balance like the doggo”


I don’t know why but whenever I walk past strangers I don’t trust I just pretend to look at my phone while staring in front over the top so that if anything happens I’m already and can do something

very discheesed

balance like the doggo

chris zanotti

Lmaoo y’all are dumb

Peace Tranquility

Balance like the doggo

Golden Carter

My dad always said there is no such thing as a fair fight. Pick up anything you can and just start hitting whoever is coming at you. I was attacked by a girl in 8th grade right after getting off the bus. She started hitting me from behind. I had a hairbrush in my hand and broke it over her face. She actually looked shocked and had the nerve to ask me why I did that. I was pissed at that point and just went for her head. I had her in a headlock (I have 5 brothers and we fought all the time) when a guy came out of his house and pulled us apart.
Bitch never tried that shit again on me.

Twoheaded Chicken

when running from a cop there less likely to tazed/shoot you if your not black so try not to be.
that was a joke now for the real fact if you where headphones they won't think you can hear them yelling at you so keep running

Top hat

1:21 is the most frequently used move ever. I still use this till this day.

Bitcoin Buddy

Avoid going to your home at the same time from school or work, there might be someone trying to determine your routine and know when to attack

Alec MácCnáimhín

I can relate to the stealing thing. One of my supposedly ‘best friends’ stole something from my room that cost me €2.50. We’d been friends for about 4 years, but I cut him off over it. If he’ll steal something small off me when we’re both broke college students, he’ll steal something bigger when I’m the finished Law school

ThatPandaSamurai SamuraiPanda

One word and one word only “guns beat karate”


If possible, when crossing, stick to a group. A car trying to turn is more likely to notice several people, than one.

Also, if there are no wall, or bushes, stick to one side of the sidewalk so you don't get runover by a bike. At least where I live, those guys are jerks and will absolutly run into you as punishment for using the sidewalk.

Creative Username

You get yourself a money clip. You put a fifty dollar bill in it. When someone tries to rob you, take out your money clip, and chuck it away. Yell “YOU WANT IT? GO GET IT!!!” and run in the opposite direction.


bruhhhe brooo

one more thing. If youre ever being grabbed, this is where being bigger becomes an advantage, and i say this for a reason. When youre being grabbed by someone, lets say a stranger in the middle of the night, theyll have an easier time getting ahold of you and carrying you to a van if you're, say, 90-120 pounds. If you're over that though, then theyll have a harder time pulling you into a van that will take you away, especially if youre athletic and muscly. plus if youre ever in a fight, just pin them down and sit on them.

Tato Tate

In a fight, protect your fucking neck. Along with your exposed abdominal area and back. If any of that shit gets nocked to hard, you are fucked.
Also Elbows, a great weapon.


If you are driving in an unfamiliar city and to start to notice that of several houses have burglar bars on their windows and doors, you are in the wrong neighborhood, if you pull into a gas a station and the clerk is behind 4 inches of bullet-resistant glass, get out of that area, now.

PackersSquad :D

If I see someone behind me that is sketchy look back to show you are aware

Shadow Wolf

If you comment on all the vids your life will be perfect lol

Mlg Sty

4:24 this really depends on country. For example in my country Finland when snow has almost melted and it goes for back to minus again for few days roads are very dangerous to walk and drive on.
But I guess this is most dangerous for countries without snow and ice.

Rick DeWitt

If you are in a confrontation, someone wants to fight you, getting mugged, etc don't say anything like you are telling them what to do ie "Calm down" or "Be cool" or "Chill out". Say "Everything is cool", stuff like that. Keep your hands up and open, palms out, about shoulder-width apart and at face level. This lets them see your hands, keeps your guard up, and you are in position to attack or counter if need be. Keep space between you and them. If they have to close space, that gives you more time to react and retaliate first.

William Dunhan

My father told me of a BRILLIANT phony wallet idea.

Have your wallet and a cheapass wallet. Keep YOUR wallet in a secure place away from normal/ stereotypical places that way the pickpocket won't get it, if your mugged give them the phony wallet. For salt more to the wound put a message in the phony wallet, like say "FUCK YOU! MOFO!"

I love my father.

Pheodor Sands

Balanced like the doggo

charles Mccoy-williams

Trust no one only believe what you see keep your business to yoself don't get involved in gossip keep a weapon at all times switchblade firearms wateva you can afford if physical confrontation is unavoidable you swing first


10:54 is plain stupid.
I've stolen (borrowed) lighters from people but it has not and has never crossed my mind to steal their vehicle, money or jewelry. I've also never stolen somebody's weed. You literally cannot compare these things.

B Jonesy

Balanced like the doggo


I thought this shit was common sense, no one taught me but to the ones that apply to me (mainly all) I already have these "smarts"

Sam Hook

Balanced like the doggo


>balance like the doggo


If anyone wants to know how I know this i live in a terrible state gotta have the street smarts to stay alive on the streets

Mlg Sty

I feel like many of these people have paranoia. Must be terrible that they have to worry about their safety everytime they are out.

Xion Memoria

There is no piece of advice more deadly, especially to young women, than "respect your elders". NO. If an old man grabs your ass, you take his cane and break it over his head. If he propositions you for sex, you SCREAM that you're being accosted by a pedophile (if you're young enough to get by with that), ditto if he is insistent that you go with him somewhere. If he makes a sexual comment that makes you uncomfortable, you SCREAM "Get off me, you pervert!" Even if he has not touched you. You treat everyone with respect until given reason not to. When that reason is given, the gloves come off. Publicly shame the old bastard into leaving you alone and then RUN, and do not be afraid to break his hip with the nearest broomstick if he gets physical with you. If he actually is the rare random old man with dementia you feel pity for, he's still not entitled to accost you and won't remember the ass whipping he gets from you anyway. Never put yourself in danger to be polite. Politeness in the face of unreasonable behavior is not the rent you pay to live as a female.

When I was 15, my aunt introduced me to her older boyfriend. Immediately, my every instinct said "run". I didn't, but I did avoid him at all costs. If he spoke to me I kept my answers short and neutral to the point of rudeness. My mother was constantly giving me shit for it. Within a month, he drugged and raped my aunt. He then mailed ME a photo of the top of my house, several expensive gifts, and asked me if I'd like to die rich. Reminder, I was 15. He eventually did get busted for pedophilia, but served no time. I STILL rub that in my Mom's face.

2 years later, I had the same feeling about a teacher. I never felt that I was in danger personally, but I knew he wasn't right. I refused to go to his office for help alone. Mom got mad about this, said I was judgemental. This teacher's name is Lonnie Vann. He was in the news for murdering a woman because he wanted to kill the witness to his pedophilia, but instead of the witness being home, his wife was. He killed her, dumped her body, fled the state, staked out a hotel, and held an elderly couple at gunpoint for days in an attempt to hide himself.

If I have a bad feeling about someone, Mom now keeps her trap shut about "respecting your elders".

ShitHappens 68

I'm a country boy from Missouri but I got to go to Atlanta for a school event. We ofc were dumbasses and snuck out of the hotel and walked around at midnight and the early morning in downtown Atlanta where it's sketchy, but I did do one smart thing. I kept a little over $10 in my pocket and kept my wallet in phone in my boots. I figure someone pulls a gun on us (4 white kids in Atlanta is probably a good target) I'd only lose a little money and be able to have a phone on hand. We also ALWAYS stuck together. Was kinda weird but if one dude had to piss, someone else also went into the bathroom.


here's some of mine.. and a tl;dr in the end.

sketchy neighborhood rules:
- don't make eye contact.
- walk with determination, like you know exactly where you're going.
- don't carry big bags/backpacks. if you have to carry something, put it in your pockets; if it doesn't fit, just use a shitty plastic bag instead (for like water bottles and stuff).
- if anyone asks for anything (light, change, smoke), don't stop. just say "sorry" and be somewhat polite, but don't stick around and don't try to explain yourself.
- avoid attention; don't play crazy like many might tell you. just don't wear clothes that are too flashy and keep to yourself.
- don't freak out. if you see something weird ahead, don't stop or turn around. that'll just get their attention. keep your eyes down and take the next turn to avoid what's ahead. if you feel vulnerable, you can then run and get some distance when they don't see you anymore.
- if you want to make a clean getaway, you can just pretend like you're going home by turning into a random yard. walk through people's properties if you feel like someone's following you or if you feel like the streets are too active.
- if you have anyone to walk with, go together, but still try to keep a low profile.
- in my neighborhood we have a lot of gravel paths, and i always make sure to walk on the grass on the side to make 0 noise. the gravel makes a shitload of noise..
- look like a low value target. i walk around in the hood at night all the time, and just carry plastic bags that i fill with recyclable bottles if i'm going anywhere. it's good extra income and makes me look like a fucking hobo.
- don't be a hero. thieves and robbers are usually junkies with blades. just observe and report if need be.
- keep a fake wallet with you. just put some old credit cards in it, maybe a couple of bucks and receipts etc., and hand it over if you get robbed. it's a high stress situation for the robber too, so they aren't gonna check them carefully. last year my bro got robbed and he managed to save all his cash & phone, because he gave him a fake, and said his phone is "chinese shit". lol
- if you live there, make sure you change the locks when you move in.
- also, if you live there and you feel like someone's following you, don't lead them straight to your house. lose them by taking too many turns and maybe going through random yards
- i sometimes walk with a limp. this may make me seem like a weak target, but it actually makes most people avoid me. i'm not sure why, but maybe it just gives off the vibe that i fight back.

tourist rules:
- look and act local. don't carry so much useless shit, get to know local customs, and act by them.
- when taking a taxi, make sure it's official. if you're in a less developed country, don't take ANY taxi from tourist destinations/airports/metro stations etc., they're almost always stalked by scammers. make sure you see a license number, taxi number, license plate, preferably a meter, and ASK FOR THE PRICE before you get in.
- don't accept anything people try to give you for "free". they're all scammers.
- learn to say "no thanks" in the local language. if you say it convincingly to scammers, they'll leave you alone immediately. they focus on tourists only.
- if you get lost in a sketchy place, just go to a delivering restaurant and ask them for directions. they have maps and they know the area.
- don't go to any restaurants/cafés in the main tourist streets. just walk a couple streets away from the busiest places and go there. the busy street cafés are expensive and often low quality tourist traps.
- if you're travelling by train, you can always immediately go to the railway info desk and get a map with drawn directions to any place you're going. at least in most places.

other general street tips:
- pay attention to your surroundings and learn to read body language. this is a generic bullshit tip, but still most people pay ZERO attention to it.
- if you're listening to music, put the wire of the earbuds behind your ear and let them hang outside of your ear. you can still hear the music if you tweak the volume, but you can also hear everything around you.
- carry a plastic bag in your pocket. vital for long term street survival: collect recyclables for cash, haul in dumpster diving treasures, keep stuff watertight/clean

TL;DR: don't stand out, just act like you belong and keep your eyes open.


Balance like the doggo~

leaning to the right

9:46 this isn't going to work, whenever me or my friends get preyed on by creeps In clubs/shopping centres, we tell them 'we all have bf's' and they just smirk and reply: "he doesn't have to know ?" or "I can do better than him, I'll show you a good time"

Nii Kojo

Me and my aunt stepped into a strangers car after a day at the beach, I was confident because i was the biggest dude in the car and I said we should allow him to drive us home. She should've ignored me because I was the youngest but she trusted me because I was a local at the time, we were in africa and the only reason why he did something so kind is because she was hot. I sat in the front and we made it home alive although we could swear we saw his car like 30 minutes later.

bee pot

For as long as I can remember my dad has told me "keep your head on a swivel". I was lucky to have parents who taught me to trust my gut instinct and it has kept me out of many situations.

Boris Katzmarzyk

"I use windows reflections to check who's behind me"

My monkey brain: that sounds like a pretty cool app is it free??

Phoebe Kardashian

Chicago life hacks

Elliott Colledge

Something that has worked for me is if you feel as though someone is following you, do not have you hands in your pockets. Or if you do, take them out of your pockets, the person behind you will know that you are being followed by them. It lets them know that you are prepared for whatever is going to happen. Saved my ass a few times.

Cory Robert

I use to hang out with a lot of drug dealers. They taught me a few things and I learned a few things by being stuck in....uncomfortable situations.. 1. If there is a person in your group that is loud or thinks without speaking, do not invite that person to anything illegal and do not hang around them if they are on any substances. People who don't know how to control the volume of their voice or talk about what they are on in general public without regard of others hearing are a huge danger to you and anyone else around you. If drugs are involved that person will more than likely only speak louder and become even less able to control what they are saying. Either keep them inside or don't bring them with you. 2. If cops ask you anything, say nothing, and if you have to give any answer say Yes, Sir/Yes Ma'am or no sir/no ma'am. Not only will it make you seem a bit more respectable than the average person they are talking to, it will keep you from getting yourself in trouble by giving out too much information. 3. Trust your gut. Don't do something if you have a bad feeling about the situation or what you are going to get into. 4. This should go without saying, but never ever do anything if a child is near to where you are or in the same home. 5. Don't talk about illegal things with people you've just met and don't talk about illegal things around them in general. You have no idea who is a snitch or undercover. If your friends say they've only met that person in illegal situations and not in general day to day life like hanging out or at work then that should set off a red flag. Be quiet. 6. Never do anything with people you don't know or in new surroundings. You can be robbed very easily if you are fucked up and in a place you don't know. You can also easily find yourself arrested by talking to the wrong person because of impaired judgement. 7.All in all, stay away from anything having to do with cooking spoons, injecting needs, and that has a tendency to make people sell all of their possessions and screw over the people they love. 8. This should be the most obvious of them all, just don't sell drugs. I have friends I will never speak to again because they screwed people over by snitching thus sending people to jail, are spending decades in prison themselves or tried to sell me things after I got sober because they cared more about the money than my health. I watched one of my long time friends loose his car, his house, and his kids within a month and then get sent to prison for years. He got out on work release but will never see his kids again. If you made it through all of this, good for you, keep your nose clean and just do the things that are legal. Move to a state that has legal weed and you wont have to worry about any of this.


Balance like the doggo

JaQuan Franklin

Basically people that haven’t been through anything answer questions


Here’s a bit of a tip if ur being followed walk to a place like a police station a hospital or a fire department rather than your house cuz then they will know where u live


balance like the doggo


If you ever need to fight and u have your house or car keys you can use them as a knife trust me it’s more effective than knuckle dusters

bruhhhe brooo

balance like the doggo


Stay away from blacks

Annabel Sassi

someone better get this:

Get yourself a money clip (you can get these at any haberdashery) with $50 in it, so that when you get mugged, you can throw it and say “you want it, go get it!” and run away. STREET SMARTS

it’s John Mulaney, in case you don’t get it :)

EDIT: it was actually included in the video but it’s still funny

darn its the vivian

Me: in my room, in my home, in my suburban neighborhood, watching these kinds of reddit videos at night
Also me: scared


Ballace like the doggi


Another tip from the doge of war keep $20 in ur phone case in case U get robbed in case or u lose ur wallet and need gas money/food and water

KT what it is

Lol my dad told me if u shoot some1 dont stay around to see if they lived


The cigarette asking thing happend 3-4 times, they just wanted a smoke, nothing came of it or i look intimidating ?‍♂️


My area must be really top notch because I can't think of any situations where I'd need most of these tipps

Colin Brereton

Balance like the doggo


Anything and everything can be use as a weapon

somebody ugly

keep a rocket launcher on you at all times if the cops try to detain you or something shoot them
its usually harder to survive a blow from a rocket launcher than a knife or gun

Bese Andó

lol I'm doing the shop window thing subconsciously

mr. zero

balance like the doggo

Onni Sarpo

Protect ya neck?

Ultra Instinct Garfield

Oh yeah

Balance like the doggo



Summer Dais

Be careful with choice of footwear. I was wearing slippers one night when a woman backing up couldn't see me. I tried to run and was hindered by said slippers. I got out of the way in the nick of time while trying to yell my fool head off.

Also, especially as a pedestrian, don't assume someone will stop for a stop sign. I wasn't so lucky that time. Ped vs hit and run MVA.

For that matter, hesitate at lights. My situation was made worse when my daughter, an inexperienced driver, assumed the other driver would stop on red. She had a blinking green left turn arrow. My side of car was hit at 55-60 mph. I suffered a TBI with permanent defects.


Crappy excuse for not being well educated.

Bridgette Curley

Balance hehe


Incoming text wall, so sorry beforehand. My dad is former law enforcement and US Army, so some of this is shit he's told me over the years.

-Be polite, be respectful, be courteous, but have a plan to kill everyone you meet. Even if you dont intend to act on that information, keep it in mind.
-When it comes to protecting yourself, it's better to have a thing and not need it than need a thing and not have it.
-Any time you enter a place, identify everyone inside and every exit. Do not be obvious about it, but take in everything from body language to clothing and even purchases.
-Walk with purpose, keep your head up, back straight, and chin forward, but never look down your nose when talking to someone. Even if you have no idea where you are act like you're supposed to be there.
-Any time you go out late at night or enter a big city like new york, buy something super cheap, like $0.50 gum, and keep the receipt. If you get stopped by the cops you'll have something to prove where you were at a specific time.
-In an emergency, condoms can be used to store large amounts of water. If you find yourself in need of something to carry water and dont have anything else, those will suffice. This also works for keeping electronics fron getting wet.
-Any time you have to go somewhere you don't feel safe, leave your location on and text a friend or family member the address. Tell them if they don't hear from you by the next morning to call you.
-If you must go to your car alone, put your keys between your fingers on your dominant hand. If someone tries to snatch you give em a hard punch to the stomach. If you cant reach that, the groin is next best with any fleshy bits in the face right after.
-In a confrontation with someone stronger than you, if you can get your hands on their face put your thumbs underneath their tearducts and push them into their eyesockets. If you hook your thumbs outward and pull out you'll likely pop their eyeballs out.
-There are no rules to a fight. Ol dude wants to start some shit? Pick up a pipe or a bat or anything remotely similar and break his fucking kneecaps. Or you could pull a beer bottle out of a nearby trash bin and bust that bitch up. You do what you have to in order to survive.
-Any time you leave a building make sure everything you do is in view of cameras

A lot of other shit has already been covered, but these are really important I feel

rochelle thundercloud

Mine are very simple.
1.no nudes,racy anything with anyone,for any reason,ever.
2.be aware of surroundings
3.do not count money in the open

horrid CAM

I use window reflections constantly thats cool to see someone else mention it. I always did it on instinct. And it actually saved my ass TWICE.

Tania K

That’s sad for the girls who have to do that. Wear sandals and heels and be able to have an exit plan to run . ? I think about it sometimes because I love shoes

That1Guy 32

5:43 ok, the 'always need to be able to run' is basically how i dress. I dress like a grey man but wear sportier/cross country shoes in case i have to run and dress very minimalistic (blue jenes, grey/black plain t shirt) and usually a baseball cap. Thing is, i carry a large but concealable knife on me and have atcually been a target for a mugging but pulled out my knife and said "do you really want to go this path?" And he backed away with his hands up by his chest. This was later at night when i couldnt sleep so i just snuck out and walked thru the city.

Athena Baldursdóttir

balance like the doggo


When i hear all these things, all the things that people probably have to live with, its just a big WTF for me. Here where i live, there is no fear of nothing.
Fights? Nope. Muggers? Nope. Scammers on the street? Nope. Gangs? Nope. Nothing, really, nothing. The only bad thing that can happen, is that you run into someone that is really annoying as a person or really boring.


lmao these people are talking like they live in guantanamo bay


In regards to not getting into a vehicle, for as long as I can remember my mom told my sister and I that even if they threaten to kill you if you don't get into a car, it's better to die than have to deal with what they'll likely do to you. Draw attention of course, but chances are there isn't a plan B for them--a criminal isn't going to risk getting seen and probably wouldn't like, shoot you broad daylight.

Endo Chronic

believe it or not a bright a** flashlight can make someone go away it can be intimidating to get lit up by something that is 500 lumen+ also they can be used to hit people and blinds them it can also be used in a emergency though i do not suggest flashing it around because it literally makes you a light beacon

Toyo Senpai

Here's the ultimate tip. Be black with dreads.

no dog that aint me

2:42 this has become way easier with all the plastic barriers, now you can watch your back at the register

Manny daBoss

"balance like the doggo"

Hooch zilla

Balance like the doggo

somebody ugly



These videos make me unnecessarily paranoid. I live in Canada ?

Mike Hunt

Just get a gun


often wearing heavy cowboy boots or heels make you look taller and more intimidating also kicking someone is WAY more effective than your pair of Nike airs in a fighting situation although good luck running in heels :/

Live Life

This is great and hilarious at the same time ???. Siri’s man is dropping knowledge and gems on this one. Thanks for the video

What Is Your Best Advice To Become Street Smart? (Reddit Stories r/AskReddit)

What Is Your Best Advice To Become Street Smart? (Reddit Stories r/AskReddit)23 Jul. 2019
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Comments (24)
Dino Gomez

Just walk around with an ar15. Even in places where it's illegal, you'll be fine


I labor this so much

Saige Mrosk

The "look like you belong" thing is probably the best advice. We play this game in gym at school that is like capture the flag but without a flag. Half of each team starts off in jail and whichever team gets the rest of the team out of jail first wins. So my strategy is to go to the other team's side when no one is looking and I just act like I belong and no one questions me. And then when they least expect it, I get someone out of jail. So basically, if you look confident that you are where you are supposed to be, nobody will question you.


5:25 yeah, i agree about the knife thing. if you pull a knife there is a very strong chance you might even get killed with your own knife, but guess what? imma pull the knife because i'm not afraid to go kamikaze on their ass, as long as i make them hurt i don't care if it kills me. also, maybe if i can stab them in the throat before they're really expecting anything, it might just be them dying... idk :p

Drew Insur

learn at least little bit about body-language/facial expression, social behavior/human psycology etc. this kind of knowledge have unmeasurable value when combined with practice on the field. book AND street smart... give it time tho, it takes a good number of years to become a good 'human-reader'. its like social muscles, you will become stronger and start to "bench" more stuff at your favor.

we brazilians are by average, a very warm-welcoming everything-is-just-fun-extrovert people, and this enviroment gives more experience for malicious persons, but also valuable social skill for the good willing. this country is harsh, the presure makes the majority of us pretty friendly but aways with a step back, because another relevant number of people becomes deceitful.

SadSavage Something

Giddy up Pupper!


I rlly like the one at 3:24. The way he phrases it just sounds professional in a way. “Go for the breathing, the vision or the motion”. and it’s a good tip in general.


"Giddy up, Pupper!" ?

Our Lord And Savior Pete

If you walk with confidence in the school hallways you wont get questioned


eww a dog


Scream at the street until you intimidate it and tells you secrets

Darth Musturd

Surrounded by guppies? Pull a gun and shoot one where he’ll be injured and scream. I’ll scare them all off

Richard Comshaw

If your ever somewhere shady act like your the shady person so normal people walk away and if someone comes to you you know there probably not trying to be nice

Gold maple


armored milk man

shit this new

Fateful Brawl



Keep a money clip with $50 in it. When apprehended, show the clip and then toss it away. When the guy runs to get it, you run in the opposite direction, yelling “STREET SMARTS” as you go.

aesthetic ravioli


Bored Guy

90 percent of the time you're not gonna have any trouble. But when there is, be prepared. Look into a CCL/CCW if you live in the US.

chris soto

I keep a large Bowie knife hidden in my jacket and laugh to myself just act insane.

Cole Young

got here early and not even notification squad wow i watch to much reddit

Runaway Cat

Jog every other day, build your stamina until you're a cross country runner, now they wont be able to catch you

Internet in a Nutshell Channel

Always punch first. Then if possible get grunts to finish the job.

Angel Lee

Thank you!!

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Compilation of Life Pro

Compilation of Life Pro Tips from Reddit! Life pro tips for men, life pro tips for women, life pro tips for everyone! These are some Reddit life hacks to help make things easier in our daily lives. Some very useful content here. Don't miss out!

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I just disliked so dislikes are more than likes great content btw


Don't apologise and talk about your screwup. I'll tell you that you should've been sorry before you did somethin wrong. I don't accept the apology. I have mental issues too so stop using your mistakes as a way of excusing your screw ups.