One legged push up

Single Leg Raised Push Ups - One Leg Pushup Technique, Form & Benefits

Single Leg Raised Push Ups - One Leg Pushup Technique, Form & Benefits14 Mar. 2019
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Learn how to do single

Learn how to do single leg raised pushup, one leg raised pushup technique, single leg raised push up form & watch single leg push up demo.

The single leg raised push up exercise is great for strengthening chest, arms, shoulders, hips, glute & core muscles.

This tutorial is good for beginners, seniors & older adults - both men & women.

Majority of the people don’t know the push ups with one leg raised technique & form. This video will teach such people all about how to do one leg raised push up for beginners in good form, using right technique.

You can also visit this link (https://justfitnesshub.com/single-leg-raised-pushup) to know much more about single leg raised pushups form & single leg raised push up benefits.

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Sandeep Nangia


Rozy D'souza

My trainer recommended that as I can do now 20 reps of the standard pushups, I should progress to Single Leg raised pushups.

Fitness Buffhq

If you want to progress from the basic level pushups to an intermediate level pushup variation then we recommend doing pushups with single leg raise. This video teaches the right technique to do one leg raise pushups.

One arm/ One legged push up

One arm/ One legged push up11 Jan. 2008
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I've done these before,

I've done these before, but this one was pretty clean. I can still see room for improvement, it's a work in progress.

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@jordanvezina correct, i got the opportunity to read that book once, and yea, theres a lot really helpful advices.

Raphael Rybarczik

Now this is waaayyy better than mine. Work on keeping that shoulder girdle straight and it´ll be perfect.

Shannon G

that makes sense ill fix that next time i do 1 arm push ups thx

Jordan Vezina Actual

Great work. My pistols are definitely lagging, I need to get back on them.

Joel Bell

i just read naked warrior. pavel reckons that you'll feel almost all upper body muscles working, can anyone confirm this? Against the wall i can feel abs, lats, shoulders, triceps, but no biceps or traps? does this change when you do a 1 arm 1 leg push up?


i thought it was gonna say Army Strong at the end


Lol, what'chu watchin that for?

Hunter Hackney

Bro. I can do a no arm no leg push up.


Good job bro! You workin Pavel's system too huh? Ive incorporated it into my gym/outdoor training it's incredible. Im up to 6-8 CLEAN pistols with 30lb dumbells in each hand

True Earth Yeti

YES! im doing Naked Warrior, and it is really good, you get so much stronger and its just great


@jordanvezina Lol... irony probably lost on previous poster.


what do you mean "one-armers"? he did it only one rep!


if you have your legs higher than your head then you probably have your head lower than your heart, so that could be why

Vincent Goeman

i can do 20 push ups with 1 arm, never tried with 1 foot tho

Shannon G

blood rushes to ur head when u do 1 hand push ups for some strange reason

Erik Wahlberg

I just tore my ACL and have been doing one-legged push-ups. Now I'm going to do this! Thanks!

Secrets of Longevity

Nice, it's fun progressing with the Naked Warrior program.

Vincent Goeman

its nice


@jackstone5291 pushup* lol


when are you gonna post your improved one arm one legged pushup video? i would like to see if your training progressed since uploading this video!

Justin Lyons

I JUST started to be able to do these... I started approaching these with my arm extended then go down, and up. And in less then 10 minutes, I learned how to do them but starting with dead weight on the ground. Then lift one leg up, tuck my other arm on my back, then push. It's a little harder, but you will find the balance. Try it out, then post back and let me know!

One Leg Bridge Push Ups

One Leg Bridge Push Ups12 Sep. 2009
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A combination of a

A combination of a strength/conditioning and a mobility exercise - offering an active flexibility tool much supperior to pure passive flexibility work.

I use this type of mobility work extensively, making sure that there is strength where there is flexibility.

For more info: http://idoportal.blogspot.com/2009/09/bridge-push-ups.html

For further training info:

1. Email us at [email protected]

2. Visit www.idoportal.blogspot.com

3. Subscribe to this Youtube channel

Creation: Ido Portal

Performance: Ido Portal

Music: Brad Mehldau Trio

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...love the Jazz-Baroque track combined with the exercise!

Quit Kina

Best alternative to dead lift.

Glen Watcheston

What does this work out improve on the body..?? Does this have anything to do with balance???


Most people will forgo the notion that the lock out of the arms is easier to achieve with the head looking towards the floor unlocking the 'upper quarter'. Shown in the video is a harder variation- because the upper thoracic vertibrae are locked neutral in position, thereby challenging more ROM out of the shoulders, and lower-to mid-back regions. 5* Brother


THEBODYPRACTICE: thanks a lot for pointing it out, i have never understood the point in doing bridges looking to the cieling. I will try to work a bit on that now. :o)