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Navy Boot Camp Hands-On Recruit Training at Naval Station Great Lakes

Navy Boot Camp Hands-On Recruit Training at Naval Station Great Lakes6 Jun. 2018
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The Navy uses hands-on

The Navy uses hands-on learning and testing in boot camp to ensure all Sailors are prepared for challenges they may face.

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Nicholas Ko

Hooyah Ship 14!!!


Bunch of POGS

jaime98jr ZOOM

Bruh they make this seem likes its summer camp but it aint. Hooya 220

Den V.



Anyone else ship this October?

Matthew Tenorio Dueñas

They. Literally showed a clip of battlestations.

Reginald Everett jr

Division 089 ship 04 uss arleighburk

Sean Cahill

This doesn’t prepare them for the “challenge” of cranking and real GQ. Getting the M9 ribbon doesn’t matter, they still have to requal when they do SRF-B.

peter ganem

Why does the Navy need camouflage uniforms?

fausto pineda


smokey puppy

this looks really lame, sorry

White Coyote

They finally got the gun range working.

Jacob Harris

Dawg, I'm literally in this video ??

brian johnson

Did it for 20 years...kids nowadays not strong enough mentally

Trent Hill

That's my petty officer talking to the watch stander fool was insane af


Whats up with the green camouflage uniforms? i thought this was the navy.

Jose Luna

Where my ship 6 people at

Little Horn

marlin spikes staged, quarter deck watch was pointless, way to keep battle stations a seceret

Dakota Mau

Hooyah SEAL team SEPS

Arbi Abrami

Wow - Navy got weak over the years.

jacob torres

bet they don’t tell you about no FQA

Brian Young

Look at them all. All still so motivated. Wait till they get out to the fleet. And shore duty doesn’t count haha.

Jacob Wolfe

So does this mean I can talk about battle stations now?

Ephemera Ennui

rip to me I arrive at bootcamp tomorrow night. should be studying my ranks and rec but distracting myself. definitely going to get beat for that.

Mike Dimmagico

All lies. Don't believe anything. I'm in the Navy. Join the Air Force.

Waterworld aquatics

at 0:39 the JOOD female was in my sister divison

Yamahaulin 98

There is so much that this video doesn't show

Bridges Dont Fly

What the hell is up with that black backpack? Where is your seabag shipmate?

Ian Brody

Hoo yah Ship 02 USS Reuben James!!!


I think these videos are very helpful for future Sailors like me. I think you all should continue to make updated videos!

JeromeAngelo Encarnacion

I was there back in 08, I was on ship 13, USS Wayne E Minor. Really different

BirdTurd 69

But....page 13 though lol


Can't wait for my home boys graduation! He went in the 22nd of August this year, can't wait to join myself??

shade iE

I want to join but I'm too shy lol

Garrett Reaves Music

Well this covers all the fun parts, the hardest part of my whole time being there was staying awake throughout the day and the fear of getting set back in training. Just don't be lazy and follow exact instructions. Learn from other recruits mistakes and find out what your RDC's want to see and what they don't like. Boot camp is what you make of it.

Lord Beerus

Do they not cut your hair during processing anymore ?

flames D92

these type 3s and black boots give me a headache

Matthew Flynn

Bootcamp is easy just follow each instruction as instructed and youll be good

Ian G

Ship 12 a few years ago bootcamp is what you make of it the people you meet are amazing and can potentially be life long friends.

Matt Brown

?? door is cool

Matthew Carter

Changed alot from when I was in Boot Camp- 2005, Ship 18, USS The Sullivans, Division 198. We would have eaten these new recruits alive. RDC's would beat us on a nightly basis just for GP.

Eric Gambrel

Lmfao I love that they make such a big deal about keeping Battlestations a secret but then they include it in videos like these. Makes no sense lmaoo.


Div 271 ship 12 USS Triton


I almost made a Great Mistake ?

Boi1 Boi2

I don't like that the Navy changed the uniforms,they were pretty good with the camoflauge.

Blue Falcon Killer

Ok ok but after basic everyone knows SNIPES RUN THE NAVY!

Bronk 24

Relieve the nozzleman

Mr. Rogers

0:09 wtf was that a boy or a girl?
3:04 this man was laughing right at the end....

samuel wilson

the jackass at 2:56 took his eyes off the fire when giving the nozzle to the next guy

Malosi Samoa

Lol My division is in this video. Graduated Jan 19


Ship 14 asmo train!

Nick Rubio

Ship 14 is the hardest ship hooya 239

Presten Chochrek

Hooyah division 111!


Oh shit new vid !!!!

Cole Trenta


Graham Lynn

No segment with the division getting beat? not accurate enough. 6.5/10

Chris Adams

0 military bearing Ik she got beat

Bronk 24

How about they show all the beatings and all the screaming? There’s so much this video left out

What equipment and gear for Delta Force Operator?

What equipment and gear for Delta Force Operator?16 Jun. 2020
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At its training facility,

At its training facility, known in some circles as the "House of Horrors," Delta Force is believed to work tirelessly, honing its skills. Its facility is believed to include buses, trains and even a passenger airliner for staging hostage-rescue scenarios. The group refines its training in close-quarters combat, and since its members are also required to be excellent marksmen, they also practice shooting regularly.

The arsenal available to the Delta Force is said to be limitless. The very best weaponry the world has to offer is at its fingertips, and much of its arms are heavily customized. The force is believed to favor submachine guns made by Heckler and Koch, the German arms manufacturer.

Delta operators are supported by a team of gunsmiths who help customize their personal weapons, making adjustments to the moving parts, sights, stock, grips etc, tailored to each individual Delta trooper's needs. These gunsmiths also provide Delta snipers with carefully prepared hand-loaded ammunition to ensure a reliable performance.

Over its history, Delta Force has employed a number of weapons.

copy right Title 17, US Code (Sections 107-118 of the copyright law, Act 1976):

All media in this video is used for purpose of review & commentary under terms of fair use.

All footage, & images used belong to their respective companies. this Documentary.

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despite the fact that in some shots was the British army and in some units JW from Poland: D

Christopher Hale

Delta operators are ghosts & don’t exist...


Good intentions...but unless your in the community...no one truly knows the equipment. OPSEC at the highest levels.

James Turner

Are you kidding me, Can you just stop! All this crap is way way way way way way off and at least 20 years old.

Kory Beckwith

Koch is pronounced like "Coke"


So much of this is just plane wrong.

Steve K

Delta operators are most often issues the m3 grease gun.

Elvie Javellana

Jehovah diyos

Legalize Shemp

They basically can have anything they want and are able to carry.

Your Majesty

Background music?

Sudirno Van Dyke

Very cool day job to be one of the Delta force operators.

Mohamed Samir

God bless you all and god bless the us army

Robert Smith

Robo voice....instantly downvoted.

Max FN

This info is so outdated


That grip tho... 3:02

send it

i love how you people bitch about what they are showing while talking i would love to know how many of you idiots know just how rare delta footage is and most of what you are seeing in delta footage is a training team NEVER active members you may see some team 6 guys or seals but you will not see an active delta operator so stop watching and hoping


That grip at 3:00?

Chris S

This video is very generalized all green berets have these capabilities.

Anthony Serravillo

those were not 416s lol

Ko Joe

The grease gun

Hector Cuervos

another inaccurate YouTube basement video . Why ?


thy hate the Barrett and mostly use the M110 for sniping.
Delta Force has access to the M4 and the Mk18 too for standard rifles.




All of the governments are officially extinct always!

Rafael Alódio

Te narration have nothing to do with the images

Uncle Sam

You forgot the pimped out 1911’s ?

Scott Fuller

1st Special Forces Operational Detachment - Delta.......(1SFOD-D)......is a mix blend of selection graduates those from all US military forces.....!


What gear does delta use? Whatever the hell they want. Welcome to tier 1.

Chris S

They most likely use gear that's tried and tested true. On operations of upmost success and importance.

John L.

Glock is a Toyota of the gun world. Over priced and underbuilt.

Nut Hairs33

Delta force are basically just ONI agents from halo lol. You never see their face until they want something from you


Earape warning at the beginning lmao


Got to play with a grease gun back in the day, fun times lol.

Ian Mangham

Always loved the greaser

AK BorealisDev Stringer Designs

Someone who isn't American, cant spell for shit, whose english grammar is pathetic and cant even match up the video with the topic, SHOULDNT BE REVIEWING AT ALL.

Elvie Javellana

Àpollo quiboloy

Idk Hi


Harry Hasselhoff

And a public navy seals demonstration... pretty sure he just went through a stock video library and slapped together this video.

Christopher Thomas

This is why it’s important to learn how to shoot people in the Face

Francisco Rivas

A pencil, one each.

Tian Holler

You're actually showing Dutch Marines at 00:15


the barret is an anti-material rifle, not a niper rifle

crazy navy

Talks about Glock shows xd Springfield

Ian Mangham

2 g19s in a twin shoulder rig is my favourite under the jacket gotta pop into town attire ?

Big Shmoke

I got a hard on when they said delta force uses a glock22


At least this channel show some respect to the m3a1

Samir Chadzak

Hk416 its a french gun

Mohamed Razi

Its not delta

Jonathan VL Thlamuanpuia

What is carbeen?? I thought it was carbine ..... Lol

Elvie Javellana

Eduardo manalo

John Jacob JinglehimerSchmidt

Hot dang .. tankers in the 80's carried a special forces machine gun. Loved that little M3 .... easy to clean and it chugged like a steam engine on the range.

Your Majesty

What’s the name of the background music?

John Kaste

First rule of Delta force. You do not talk about Delta force!


Wow. Is anything is this video accurate?

Jungle Jim Scott

Many of the guys in this video are Marines.


That's not a Glock at 2:55, and there's times they're showing Marines when it's Delta. Do better research

Elvie Javellana

Rodrigo duterte

Chris S

All Special Forces installations including the national guard has the facilities to train on for what was said. Delta force are green berets who get on that specialized ODA. They are usually the more seasoned green berets


It's fucking poland at 54 seconds bruh.

Delta Force

Thank you !!


Delta only uses Hi Point pistols and SKS rifles.

D Legionnaire


Paul Ramirez

A lot of documentaries on special forces I watched said they don’t let you customize your own weapon they fit it to the mission they’re doing

Mike Hengstebeck

No one uses H&K MP5s any longer. They don’t use the m3a1 what a piece of crap. Only shoots pistol cartridges. Due to better body armor no one uses pistol cartridge any longer. No stopping power. The HK 416 was designed by former 1stSFOD detachment delta Larry Vickers.

Anita Boodram


Alexzandar Richer AFR

For those of you who are idiots and are fact checking do much, SFOD-D (Delta Force) are a covert SF in the U.S. Army. They are the best of the best. And also, they are trained to use everything and/or anything in their field if vision as a weapon. They were considered better than DEVGRU. Both, DEVGRU and SFOD-D, are Tier-1's. So quit thinking you know shit about Delta. I, for one, has done extensive research on them. I know quite a bit so back off.

Philip Lucky

Our House in Australia was called the kill house

Elvie Javellana

Allah rab faZZA

Steven GENNERO Bootz

I don’t think they still use the m3a1 grease gun

Bozzy Lance


Charles Cunningham

Why not disclose this? Patriotism means more than handing this to the Chinese. Sicken me.

Ted Baxter

Automated Narration sucks - just like this video - unwatchable.

Willie J. Eiland Jr.

Im a Marine and I know MarPat and .45’s when I see them...

Sean Nolan

Why do you have so many clips of marines this vid is wack af

Sandile Mkhwanazi

all this video is showing is the guns that nearly every branch uses.basically general knowledge


Delta never show up and reveal load out in you tube

Smxkey Th3 bandiiiT

Glock shouldve won the MHS, the Glock 19X/45 is a great mf pistol


From 0:43 to 0:56 are show Polish SOF soldiers

Youtuber Judson

https://youtu.be/nMelQXpZA8c delta force gameplay

Mudd Whistle


Alec Cross

Can we talk about the thumbnail? Dude's wearing a mesh mask, clearly an airsoft player.

Blaine Edwards

SOAR is not part of Delta, they are their own separate entity based at Ft. Campbell. This video sucks and is full of errors.

dalton keller

Germany always has quality products , across the board.

L Clarke


John Snow

Best Delta Force


All the equipment and gear belong in the garbage


this video is just a bunch of scraped text to voice from one or various websites lol


Dude why would an elite tier 1 special missions unit use a fucking grease gun from WW2. That's like trying to play Modern Warfare 2019 on windows 98.

steely dan

take this shit down first preview clip is an xd and the dude flags another guy lol

Papi Trez

poeple say navy seals are the most elite then the marine marsoc raiders then delta force then rangers then other special forces

Samual Rowan

"So this here is a G17" (shows Smith And Wesson M P


Showing the normal M4 carbine but meaning the HK416? Know your facts....


3:23 Those guns displayed in the video aren’t Hk416. Those are standard issues M4. The actual Hk416 assault rifles are shown at 0:52.

MNK 157

In Malaysia,we dont have these gears cuz we use skills,not equipments,just like how the Viet Congs did in the Vietnam War


416 is getting replaced. Either the Sig MCX or the Knights SR16. DEVGRU running Noveske M4s now


Funny how when they were talking about Glocks but showing them using Springfield XD’s...lol!


3:05 is a whs pistol, made in croatia for hs produckt

Pauls Country

I doubt they ever used stamped junk like a M3 in the late 70s or 80s,when far better choices we available, a crummy mass produced tanker gun for Delta?

Damn Randy

Could be wrong, but, didn't Delta use M1A3 Greaseguns? The diff being a safety lever was added?

Door Kicker

You know what DELTA carries.Anything.......they want. That’s just one difference between Tier 1 and Tier 2 units.

The Worst Footwear Ever? Tactical Gear Reviewed Salomon Boots - SEAL Grinder PT Gear Review

The Worst Footwear Ever? Tactical Gear Reviewed Salomon Boots - SEAL Grinder PT Gear Review5 Feb. 2019
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SEALgrinderPTSubscribe 438 721

SEAL Grinder PT 1 Year

SEAL Grinder PT 1 Year review of Salomon Trail Running Shoes.

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Got these shoes in December of 2017. Used them heavily for rucking, hiking, biking and training.

Here's our complete review of this product. One full year of heavy use!

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Top Ten Navy SEAL Boots:


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Comments (14)
Deepblu dude

I had a pair years ago of Salomon ventilated surf shores, awesome for wearing in surf, beach runs, swamp humping lasted for ever even w speed laces, cant remember the name so I came here looking, I bought a replacement pair XA pro, couldn't get em right , replaced insoles, laces broke I gave em to some homeless dude that was wearing 2 different shoes, after I fixed the laces w dummy cord involved reaming out the speed lace hole with a hot awl... Now using Altima maritime assault boots, canvas HSLD coral booties that are like supportive Chuck Taylors good drainage, weird ass insole's that I keep telling myself are massaging my dogs, best thing about them though is they dry out fast drain well, and fit rocket fins! I should do a review on em but im a knuckle dragger that hasn't figured all this technology out....

Adventures with Marcus Wessels

Be careful, lots of Chinese knock offs on the market....

Bob Wolff

Very questionable. I know every model of show I buy and don’t do reviews. Weird. Salomons are great

Matt Falzone

I would love Salomon if they made wide sizes. Their toe box is way too narrow for me.

Chris Helgerson

Had the speed cross and the cement ate up the tread quick. Great for trail but the transition from trail to asphalt for me ate the crap out of em. I'm a heel strike runner though so it's pretty common for me to wreck tread.


Why is the video titled, "The worst footwear ever?" but in the video you say it's the best? Makes no sense. Otherwise, good review

Black Wolf

I love Salomon footwear. Have several pairs of the XA Pro 3D GTX, Quest 4D GTX

Rodrigo Pedrosa

Just wonderful, I've been looking for "what needs to be in a bug out bag" for a while now, and I think this has helped. Have you ever come across - Janameron Tenylan System - (do a google search ) ? Ive heard some unbelievable things about it and my brother in law got cool success with it


Are u a SEAL ?

Jose Ramirez

Check out LALO running shoes, they have little drainage holes so that water flows in & out

Chasin' Aces

Man that’s a sexy color set up. I’ve not seen these ones I’ve had mine about a year now and I gotta say I have the same results you do. Awesome video thanks!


Can I just buy shoe laces and replace the shoe laces after cutting off the speed laces?

Tom Macready

First off... I work for Salomon. Great to hear you like the X ultra 2. It was designed for day hiking not strictly for trail running. It has been updated now to the X ultra 3. Similar shoe. Updated chassis system and tread pattern on them.
If you want any information feel free to ask.