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What is gynecomastia and how can I get rid of "man boobs"?

What is gynecomastia and how can I get rid of "man boobs"?31 May. 2019

If you're a man who's

If you're a man who's afraid to take your shirt off in public because of how your chest looks, you're not alone. An estimated 50 to 60% of men have gynecomastia, or enlarged breast tissue. Male breast reduction surgery can permanently remove excess fat and breast tissue from the chest, helping to restore a firmer, flatter masculine chest.

On this KATV Good Morning Arkansas segment, Little Rock cosmetic surgeon and male breast reduction specialist Dr. Rhys Branman talks about his minimally invasive technique that uses liposuction to remove excess tissue and reshape the chest with virtually invisible scars.

Note: This video originally aired January 24, 2018. Any promotions mentioned are no longer available.

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Skorpija BG

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etam sanbary

if a man is ashamed took his shirt off, he is not a man

How To Get Rid Of Man Boobs - Moobs & Gynecomastia | Dr. Bill Johnson

How To Get Rid Of Man Boobs - Moobs & Gynecomastia | Dr. Bill Johnson24 Aug. 2010
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http://www.innovationsmedical.com/male_breast_reduction.php 214.420.7970 Dr. Bill Johnson of Innovations Medical sits down and talks about the subject of Gynecomastia. It's possible to fix this embarrassing problem with a simple 1 hour procedure. To find out more about the moobs gynecomastia removal procedure, call 214.420.7970

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kevin j

you dont have pseudogyn you have gyno..you have breast tissue in the chest and your only option is surgery. if you consistently have a caloric defecit diet and do incline, decline and bench press + other heavy compound movements then psudogyn can get taken care of.

Andrew Smiley

Yeah, this surgury is only $4,000 at a minimum. I hope that all of you guys are rich bastards that can afford this surgury because if your not then keep wearing dark heavy shirts to cover them up.


lol no you won't. Granted, some of those people in the video are just obese and the moobs are truly fat that can be toned with exercise. The guy at 2:28 will not lose those titts with weight loss. Trust me, I know from experience. I weigh a normal 160 pounds at 5'10" and have moobs like that. Wish I could afford the surgery. Working out only makes them pointier.