How to get back into running shape

Best workout to get into running shape!

Best workout to get into running shape!15 Jul. 2019

The fartlek: this workout

The fartlek: this workout is a great workout to get right back into running shape or just to increase your Endurance. This workout is something I do every year to either mix up the runs and increase your pace. Doing this will help improve endurance, and speed, along with multiple health benefits.

Recommend workout approach on where to start then slowly increase from there:

Beginner: 120sec slow walk/30 sec fast walk.. alternating for about 5-10min

Intermediate: 3 min jog/1 min run.. alternating for 10-15 min

Advanced: 1min run/ 1 min fast run alternating for 15-20 min

Leave a comment down below and let me know what you think.

I will continued to produce running or endurance related videos weekly after I get the hang of this editing thing haha. Thanks

Keep running!

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Lexi P

great video man keep it up ?

Gymnast Home Workout - How I Get Back into Shape After Christmas

Gymnast Home Workout - How I Get Back into Shape After Christmas6 Jan. 2021
Nath ComberSubscribe 438 721

In this video I firstly

In this video I firstly explain why I feel it is important to have some form of break over Christmas, and then detail what my training typically looks like for the first few sessions back after such a break, geared mostly at rebuilding strength and flexibility and losing fat.

This is the instagram account I referenced near the beginning highly recommend following if you're into running :) https://z-p42.www.instagram.com/chris_mac_fitness/?hl=en

Todays workout lasted 2 hours and consisted of the following:

- 7k run (45 minutes)

- Thorough head to toe maintenance stretch (45 minutes)

- Upper body and core muscular endurance circuit (30 minutes)

I will probably do this style of session roughly 3 times before beginning more specific and more intense strength and flexibility work at some point next week :)


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Kamil Sobota

what kind of headphones do you use ?

Sara Watkins

Proud of you ?