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MUST HAVE GYMSHARK OUTFITS | Black Friday Essentials | Zac Perna

MUST HAVE GYMSHARK OUTFITS | Black Friday Essentials | Zac Perna12 Nov. 2018
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Outfit 1


Outfit 1

Heather Tank (Light Grey Marl) 70% off https://gymsh/ShopZacHeatherTank

2 in 1 Training Shorts (Black) – 30% off https://gymsh/ShopZac2in1Shorts

Outfit 2

Ion Stringer (White) 30% off https://gymsh/ShopZacIonStringer

Element Shorts (Aegean Blue) – 20% off https://gymsh/ShopZacElementShort

Outfit 3

Linear Drop Arm Tank (White) 20% off https://gymsh/ShopZacLinearTank

Sport Shorts (Pale Green) 20% off https://gymsh/shopZacSportShorts

Outfit 4

Statement Stringer (Full Red Marl) 40% off https://gymsh/ShopZacStatementStringer

Tapered Bottoms (Black) 40% off https://gymsh/ShopZacTaperedBottoms

Outfit 5

Central TShirt (White) 20% off https://gymsh/ShopZacCentralTShirt

Ark Bottoms (Aegean Blue) – 30% off https://gymsh/ShopZacArkBottoms


La Mont Backpack 20% off https://gymsh/ShopZacLaMont

Hey guys, on today's video I show you my top give gymshark outfits if you want to save on money and get the essentials! Hope you guys enjoy!

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MUST HAVE GYMSHARK OUTFITS | Black Friday Essentials | Zac Perna


Zac Perna


Comments (100)
Cameron Godin

You must of had a hard time taking that cutoff hoodie off?

Dawie Smith

How is the bulk going?

sam lombardo

You're honestly the most versatile and spot on youtuber around with your content and style

Good effort bro

Shattered Molecule

Meanwhile I'm freezing in -20 degrees.

John Doe

Tbh with you I hope you don’t take it the wrong way but me being a 5’9 guy I feel short and knowing you’re 5’7 really idk makes me feel better about myself especially cause of how handsome of a guy you are just letting you know you’re an inspiration not only for that but ofc many other way important things.


You seem to have money of your own -- why do you bow to Ben ( gymshark )? Why this need? Dude... It is just clothing. Most people buy store front Adidas, Nike. Wake up. It is utterly annoying. Every video now. Gymshark this, gymshark that. Stop. Annoying af!!! Geez every video bla bla gymshark gymshark. Its just stupid heavy cotton garments! And actually, very heavy to use at a gym! Out of fashion and uptight!!

Tamad Tamad

Where is the uncencored version?

ning Chen lion

how to buy gym shark in Canada??

Christian Vera

But are they squat proof ?


i am both horrified and entertained ???

Amir Akhmatshin

Wow! Zac, you are realy massive)


Please restock before the sale

M Judah

Bcc music


Always entertaining, love outfit 3 definitely gonna cop that i think


Shame I'm too poor to get any of them... They all look sick


How can you live in Melbourne and know nothing about footy or cricket? ?

Zeus Azn

Outfit 3, makes u look like a chef lmao.

Jordy Dota

Why its black friday but its on monday

Matthew Miller

Tank top or shirt and joggers or shorts for under 100 bucks.... well I fuckin hope so....

hayden cottrill

Do you shave your legs

Jeff B

What size are the sport shorts?

y Y

Hi Zac how are you? I need your help! I'm passing thru bad time... Not eating 3 to 5 times a day sometimes just 2 or late to eat! My training becoming bad to shit. I'm trying to do my best but what I'm going thru in my life since 4 month make me in bad mood and stress. Hopefully I'll get back to my life jan2019. My body is good but I need to continue my gym routine I need to stay motivated. What you advise me to do in my case? Please help.

Mark Daniel Enad

How I wish gymshark is in my Country :(

Ian Chumba Fitness

Wow, looking good in those outfits

Kevin Navarro

Zac, what do you think Is the biggest reason for all your gains, or are you a genetic freak? ??

Alister Potter

I was just choosing my items that I was gonna buy and then the sale ended as I was checking out :(


fucking love you bro

Nicholas Hassall

Amazing video Zac I loved it

Edwin Vargas

wonder how fast things r gonna sell out

Jawad Abdullah

What’s your height bro?


Why am I not seeing the sales on the website

Chancey Wyrosdic

??? gd, that shit got me good!

IW Nunn

Gorgeous eyes. Do u curl your eyelashes??

Kevin Porcalla

Are the prices on the website now with the discount or its going to be 70% off on the blackout sale date from the price it is on the website now?


Yo guys I have a question, I am 180cm and 85 kg which gymshark size should i order?

Hieu Thai

OMG you sell camel toe patches too? ? ?

Antonios Gialouris

Do you have a discount code or something?

Antonio Shano

bonus outfit # 1 doe

Hannah Mei

Ahhh fuck. I love your videos. Make me laugh ?

Karina Duarte

okay, I think I am obsessed with your accent & humor ??

Leanne Molineux

You suit everything so well! ?

Oscar Johansen

7:17 best review ever lmao

David Goult

The last outfit wasn't in the comment mate what's going on lol


Yep, I am fine if you do a Boyfriend-tag at the end. Love you always!


How long are your legs? :o

Jonas Kalstad

You should try tucking your tanks in under your pants, it will look cleaner. Good vid!

Tuhiti Y-Fouk

The bonus outfit was the best on my opinion bro ! XD #datsenseofhumorISSICK #staymassive

Jorge Saenz

I went ahead and bought a pair of Sport Shorts. I was in need of some, thanks for showing how cool they are. I went crazy and got the pale green just because I thought they look pretty cool on you. Greetings from Texas!

Brobi V2

I have the strangest physic

Sárközi Balázs

Zac! you've been a good big man, you're a guy.❤??It is unbelievable how many work you've done in a couple of years and how much you have achieved.Grt..???

N. Beans

? looking good, Perna


Also, how do I get striations in my legs? Is it due to less water retention? I’ve been hitting them hard, and getting big legs come easily for me, but I want to get those definitions in them!

Shahid Afridi

Zac your body is best bro

Alex Mariscal

You owe me a drink due to the side commentary making me spit it out! Very funny and very informative!


Perfect time for this video. Seen Gym Shark is having a sale tonight and you bet your sweet ass im using your discount code. Comish for days. #massivefam

The Card Trick Teacher

Amazing video mate ! #massivefam. ❤️❤️

Power Couple

As a man stop putting stuff on your eyelashes

David Nagli

What shirt / hoodie (can’t tell) are you wearing during the voice overs??? It looks really nice!

Maarten The King

8:04 Why you shave your armpits? It's weird. You are a man.


Is there a complete list with all the sale % noted?

Angel Sanchez

Yooo you look huge man I remember how you looked a couple months ago and finally having free time to watch your videos again ok gotta give you mad props man looking massive ?? keep up the good work man !

Cavan Smith

I honestly think that you must make a video on what goes through your mind when making a video??? I can’t deal with this???


Those eye lashes tho

Thomas Pitaluga


Serban Lucian

what size do you wear on central t-shirt?


It’s my favourite Australian. My favourite Perna!


What app used to count calories?


That part was so ....bomb.Specially ..let me get this off before I reconsider my life...Eventhough you can reconsider your life, but you never be able to find any kinds of ‘the moody cameltoe(??)outfits’???????????

Nick Kho

I wanna be a giant orange too man

Justine Laxamana

Cricket = Ok that’s pretty good | Giant orange = lmfao

Rafin Ahmed

If it was someone else doing this kind of video I’d prolly be petrified.. but u pull it off .. keep it up bro

George Tisdall

Do a full upper body workout

Mushirah Joorawon

I’m definitely buying this bomber jacket ???

Adrian Manuel

Shit her voice is so deep

xFLpride_- 813

How tall are u

Andrei Baloi

If you need S i will need 3xs :((

Oscar Johansen

what about the black one you are wearing?

Mack Grass

Lol you say cheap but I'm still too broke for even those bottoms

Tiago Melo

this was the only clothing haul i tolerated to this day ahah

Louis Maguire-Diamond

Posts this as soon as the 70% sale is over...

MA Riviera

Absolute legend ! Only fitness youtuber that makes me laugh during what should be a "boring" clothing haul. #staymassive

gianila 3

The video I needed??

Joshua Faranda-pluke

I think you did a better job reviewing the womans clothes over the gym sharK clothes. You should leave your SPONSERSSHIP with gym shark (give it to me) and go and be a cross dresser. You would probably make better money when the content you post is fit for the same audience????. LOL did not even intend this to be such a big roast....

dogbone kurosaki

daily dose of vitamin c just by wearing a shirt #beavissionary


What other items will be 70% off?

Josh Heberling

No moose knuckle here. It's crystal clean. I'm dying ????


Bro how tall are you. That white medium cut off is too long. I just got mine today it’s a large and same shit. Toooo long

Vihan R

Gymshark sale today. I see you Zac and Gymshark ?. Still taking the bait though ?.

connor Branley

Yo Zack can you do a video making a diet plan and workout plan bulking for people who work lots of hours I work 60 hours a week an I’m wanting to start the gym and try to bulk also what’s your thoughts on a bulking shake? Like a mass gainer?


Cool video, your impression of a woman was hilarious! I could have sworn you take a large for tops and medium for bottoms. Why size small though?

Nick Kho

Are these fits going to be available for the blk friday sale?

Leo Sey

Surely do a gym shark giveaway

Ben Brudner

havent watched u in a while jeez bulk doing u wonders


Love the content, but we need to address an issue... your calf’s are way out of proportion to your upper body fam ???‍♂️♥️

Jonny Sherwill

Hey good dad jokes buddy

Craig DeBlock

Nothing for Bear?

Chris Gennusa

Hey Zac
Want to sign up to a package...
Unsure which one.
I'm starting to workout after a decent break and I'm not sure to start with a cut or bulk. Should I go with the beginners pack then ?

gianila 3

The video I needed??

Josh Campos

Thank you

Brian Bond

What sizes are you wearing.

First GymShark Haul of 2020 | New Collection

First GymShark Haul of 2020 | New Collection30 Jan. 2020
4 518
Mark ZavalaSubscribe 438 721

Bought some new clothes

Bought some new clothes from Gymshark I am 6'0 and I wear size medium so if you need help trying to find your size I recommend going a size down on stringers.If you are going to get shorts tanks or joggers they are pretty much true to size I also wear medium in those items.

Comments (3)
Jordan Young

Those shorts r for flexing the quads

swole body SEBAS

What are the shorts called

Kendrick Cuyos

is the shorts about 7 inch in length? or more like 6 inches in length

Gymshark Clothing Review/Haul *NEW RELEASES*

Gymshark Clothing Review/Haul *NEW RELEASES*24 May. 2020
3 259


--- NOT SPONSORED --- I did this with my own money for fun.

Ive never done something like this, i saw a lot of things i can improve on in the future. i will be doing another one soon for some upcoming releases so subscribe and stay tuned!

Links to everything i reviewed:

https://www.gymshark.com/products/gymshark-tpt-cutaway-drop-arm-tank-black (Started video wearing this)










Follow me on instagram @BryanHoganOfficial

Comments (8)
Ron Mb

Definitely gotta pick some up ??

Eduardo Solis

What size did you get in the 5” arrival shorts?

Jeremiah Serrano

The blue tank was ??????️


Is arrival shorts 4-way stretch material ior no stretch? Thanks~

Rene Romero

Thinking about buying some gymshark shorts but do they have linear inside like the nike shorts ?

Anna Cooper Fitness

So proud of you and your hard work ?


Awesome review man! Was really focusing on researching the Arrival shorts. I needed to find out if they have a liner in them. It seemed to me that they don’t since it looked like you were wearing underwear when you tried ‘em on.?

Pat Pogi

Hi, what your height and weight? Just for reference thanks