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"Stuck On You" - John Rainey

"Stuck On You" - John Rainey25 Jun. 2010
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A request! Hope you all

A request! Hope you all like this one!

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@SugarCandyCherryKiss Thank you my sweet Angel!! ;~)


Wonderful rendition John! Really enjoyed this! BIG thumbs up. Goes to playlist!!


@IMTheMagicRat Thanks Clarence!

me me

Are you for real dude why are you just singing on YouTube I just found you probably 30 minutes ago and have listen to more then enough songs to know if I had a record company I would come find you. You need to be on a stage ASAP.


@pun2k Thanks! Always a pleasure to meet another Elvis fan! Look forward to a vid from ya!!

Nathan Vanparys

amazing voice dude!

Cintia Escobar

Mandale gordoo permitite sentirte sexy te amooo

Drake Leask

Dude you're a beast

René Fousseret

Great version of the song! Loved it. ?????

Kevin Swann

Another great tune bud

Sam Briacatu

the King told me he is happy about it :)

sergio cruz



@katrinagrg Aww...thanks sugar! I'm gonna run my fingers through your long black hair....*growls* ;~)

Sammi Chiu

Hello~~~ I love your performance very much!!!
do mind can share your guitar tab or chord to me? I wanna learn from you like this.
Many thanks~~~~

george james

so far, 3 people have no taste for good music.....and a great cover!!!


Loved It .. Haven't heard that song in ages .. going to playlist for sure. Great Job.


I`ll try to learn from you man! great performance

Samuel Peters

great job very cool! Would you please post tabs??


@Tresisme1 Thank Wendy...glad you like it!!


Nice John. Love your guitar playing on this! Try mine one day. Like you, I love to sing Elvis in my own style. Thanks. - JG


@MegaSugarlump Thanks Jim!

Scanlon Pat



@fishfacebabe Thank you very much


@dmljm2 Thank you very much Danny! My dad tried to teach me when I was about 13 and I just wasn't interested enough if you can believe it! I didn't learn until about 10 years ago when I was 21! Do you have any videos of you playing the drums? I'd like to see that!

jonah swank

make tutorials!!!!!

Brian Crafton

Just wondering when are u doing anouther video of elvis?


Great man !

Stephen-Andrew Dunn

Awww yeah play it dirty play it dirty son Love it :D your voice & your guitar are just match made in heaven


@hysonly It loves you too Dorte!!! hehehe And so do I! HUGS :~)

Mrs. Hickey

Amazing. Such a great voice ♥️


its been a long time since you past my screen ,
still got a good voice and vids ,like it man thnx
all the best from the netherlands


I love it!!! :)

randy smith

how about some gary allen....the name of the song is.....today


Wonderful rendition ,Have a great day,John!

Benjamin Ortega

Wow i love the way you play and sing all the Elvis and Garth songs. I wish i was as good like you with the guitar, I'm barely learning how to play.lol


@FeelTheDoctor Ah yes......the little engine that could. Tell me Doc, what do you run on? Maple syrup?? HA! You're the best buddy!!!


@OldieLover1964 Thank you very much Mitch


@RuthTCB Ah...thank you very much Ruth! I appreciate that! Glad you enjoyed it!

Rhea lynnski


Alexis Martinez Garcia

his have seem tone voice of elvis.


very good


Another great job, well done John.

andy Treac

Got a YouTube wall full of elvis since listening to you lol , keep up the good work it sounds amazing

Fabrice Molinari

I like your covers, they are simple but effective ! They help me playing our King :) 
Fab, from France

Luisa Rojas

Cantas increíble, felicidades.


just loved it john,keep em coming my friend


Fantstic cover! Greetings from Poland :)

Anthony Carollo

Fantastic man!! TCB


Glad you enjoy it. Thank you very much!

Ryo K



@amyjones391 Thank you very much Amy!


@IndyTheCrocWrestler Yes it did! I've had quite a few people tell me that you sent them. Thanks again buddy for all your help! I certainly appreciate it, and your support is greatly appreciated Indy!!!


Great job, im learning this song at the moment, im 26 and a massive Elvis fan, when i'm good enough i'll post a vid! keep up the good work mate!


@MsMoodyBlue Thank you very much Kathy!


@spirit2dance Thanks!! Glad you do! :~)


I play a little guitar on some of my videos, VERY LITTLE! Everything works on this one. Your singing and playing pull the song together! With our King did this live but he had contempt for it, once heard him call it "Stuck IN You". While in Vegas, but I love his 1960 single and you, my friend, did it justice! With thanks, Guy @ Eye, Singer of all songs Elvis

Sandra Simard

yesyes i did as allways love  ya keep up tyhe good wo

Josée Lanteigne

Awesomeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee John you are the treasure on my youtube favorits kissss from New-Brunswick ,canada xxxx

Giuliana Santoro

amazing!!!!! i can't stop listening to you my husband is getting jealous ahah


@freedencevia Thank you! Glad you enjoy them



ben palmer

Andy Ruiz?

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"Money Honey" - John Rainey - ( For My Mom )

"Money Honey" - John Rainey - ( For My Mom )17 Feb. 2011
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A request from my mom.

A request from my mom. Hope you like it Mom, and hope you all do too! Thanks for all your friendships and support! I love you all!


John Rainey

Comments (33)
Kurt Arnold

Rare raw material


@RuthTCB Thank you my dear Ruth!! My mom enjoyed it! lol Hugs to you! <3

MarkRogersTV College Football

Keep rockin'. The King would be proud. A few requests - You're Right, I'm Left, She's Gone....Baby Let's Play House....King Creole....Ain't That Lovin' You Baby.....Big Boss Man


Super cool performance::)))


@gangstaboy365 That means a lot to me. Thank you very much my friend!

dan mullin

I was waiting for you to sing this awesome song from Elvis and you did a Awesome Job Brother ! Your guitar playing is awesome to John and you have a set of lungs and pipes that won't quit bro. Thumbs Straight Up ! TCB DANNY


Well you definitely got some mom points there.


@fishfacebabe Thanks my friend! Hopefully I'll be around more now that I'm feeling better!


@chrishayrider68 My mom did enjoy it! Thanks my brother!!


Sounds great!

Teresa US777

Fantastic Singing John! Very sweet to sing for your mom :-)

melvinfairfield fairfield

do you play anywhere i would love to come and watch you? your the best


@elvispresley30 Thanks!


you ROCK! man!


@YTGreatEntertainers Hey John! Thanks so much my brother! I certainly appreciate that! Love you my friend!

pattarasila kantamara

Great perfomance of this great song. Thanks for this talented shsre.


@fishfacebabe That's very kind of you my friend! Thank you very much!


Great performance John, im sure your Mom loves it. Been wondering where you been of late. Well done my friend.



Kevin Swann

That was awesome bud


John you sing Elvis songs better than anyone else,, 2nd only the the King.


♥ Magnificent performance John! I'm sure your Mom is very proud of you!! Allstars, Thumbs Up High & of course Faved. Hugs, Ruth ♥


@dmljm2 Thank you so much Danny!! That means so much coming from you my brother....always does!! It's so good to see you around again!


@elvis2phyllis1 Thank you Phyllis!!




@elvispresley30 Yes I've done that one many times. Someone requested that one before. Was that you my friend? I will try and do that one this weekend!


@shawent Thank you so much Sharon! Yes, my mom enjoyed it

alain boivin

Super ! u are the best ! tu es le meilleur ! Merci !

alain boivin

Hi John ! Please sing burning love !


Great job John!

Dennis Wood

Great job! You made your mom proud!


Hello John! YAY...it sounds like you are back 100%!!! Wonderful, Wonderful Job!!! I am sure that your mom is just soooooooooo proud of you! You definitely have a good Rock 'N Roll and Blues vibe going on here! LOVE IT! THUMBS UP! Take care and tell your mom "hello"! : ) Hugs and Kisses! Love, Georgia ♥

Joe F

I would pay whatever to come see you play in a bar all evening..just you and your guitar. You're great!