Matt damon diet

Matt Damon Body Transformation

Matt Damon Body Transformation11 Feb. 2021
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Push Ups

Push Ups Program:


Matt Damon got back in shape for the 2016 smash ‘Jason Bourne’ movie which meant saying no to the carbs!

0:00 - Ripped Matt Damon!

0:10 - Matt Damon Body Transformations

0:30 - Before ‘Jason Bourne’ physique, training and dieting

1:03 - No pasta and wine!

1:15 - Matt Damon ‘Beef’!

1:38 - Push Ups Program to get ripped!

1:50 - Training at 45

2:12 - Director says get ripped!

2:25 - Low Carb for movies!

2:57 - Matt Damon Diet

3:17 - How Matt Damon got ripped for Jason Bourne

4:12 - Matt Damon’s diet is ‘work’!

4:34 - Jason Walsh talks Matt Damons diet!

5:00 - First cheat meal for Matt Damon?

5:07 - Matt Damons cheat meals to add 20lbs!

5:41 - Matt Damons workout!

5:48 - Jason Walsh talks recovery

6:17 - Matt Damons workout!

6:40 - Matt Damon on the Versaclimber!

6:53 - Push Ups and Pull Ups

7:15 - Matt Damon Body Transformation

7:40 - Matt Damon ‘buff’ at 45

8:24 - The Informant!

8:32 - Matt Damon at 200lbs!

9:00 - Matt Damon, 29 to 45 and still ripped!

9:42 - Matt Damon, MMA!?

10:06 - Push Ups Program to get ripped like Matt Damon!


Push Ups Program:




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is this guy legit? Can I really look like him if I do diamond push ups and lower my body fat?

Dominique Powell

Welcome back Will

Tre' Mcgee

Hell yeah!!!!!!!!!! Lets go

Will Cozens

Get ripped like a hollywood movie star! https://muscle-forever.myshopify.com/products/the-diamond-push-up-program

Allison Walker

Interesting video!??

Christopher Nemergut

Great to see you back! Great video!

15 Minutes of Brad Pitt Eating

15 Minutes of Brad Pitt Eating18 Jul. 2019
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There are certain things

There are certain things that some actors always do. Tom Cruise runs. John Cusack stands in the rain. Sean Bean dies. And Brad Pitt eats... a lot... in almost every movie he's in. So we figured we'd put together a supercut of Brad Pitt doing what Brad Pitt does best. Eating.


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Comments (100)
anna grace

I feel like he’s always eating


I wonder if he has ever eaten Angelina Jolie.

Abdul Ahad


Nobel Andrew

So the plan is to quit smoking, get increased appetite, eat on street and do lot of workout.
Seriously, this guy make eating cooler than smoking



dumb ass

Brad: What do i do
Director: Just Eat

Daniyaal Noor

I'm watching this so I don't feel alone as I eat


Bread Pitt

Jenna Henni

Euh I’m alone to think is weard ? ?

egg nana


Hailan Johnson

jesus he really does eat in every omnibus

nerde paçanın devamı amınakoyim


Chandrika Das

Jesus Christ. This man looks good doing anything ?

Anthony Prieto

Shameful. Not even a mention of brad pitt eating a bag of chips over the phone in fight club

Right Uppercut

He’s not a good actor if he eats in the same way in every part he plays.

Olaf falO

If someone accurately counts the calories I'll pay

Nevermore -

hmm interesting

Taylor Stark

I just stopped the video, went to the kitchen and began eating a bun.

Brian G.

Does he ever eat in Fight Club? I forget


i am trying to understand why this video edit exists

Raj A

If I eat like that , I'll be Fat Pitt!

Swastik Nandgaonkar

Director Cut:- Brad Pitt * gobble gobble
Director Action:- Brad Pitt * Gobble gobble*

Gaming Neko

I can't believe I watched all of this

Mark Aparri


The 3rd Agency

Is nobody gonna talk about how I’m fight club he was chomping the hell out of chips on the phone

szubert - max

Do Michael Bay's explosions 15 hours

tom brick

Brad Pitt - the OG mukbanger

Jenna Fryer

When brad Pitt eats: Looks like Greek god fueling his body for war

When I eat: looks like a walrus screaming with fish in its mouth

Rhys Hall

i watch this while eating to tease my mind to remember this when im not eating

Peter Vlčko

I enjoyed every single bite.

Red Lash

fury and coldlamb sandwiches in meet joe black are so iconic


Dad, please.
Could you call on a Japanese medical institution to send you gloves?
I'm in trouble because I'm running out of hospital gloves.

MD. Ragib Noor

Idk why am i watching this. Not that bigger fan though.

Floare de Colt

Where is "Give me the Yams!" - Friends ?

Darth Vader 1980 The dark side

Brad Pitt eating and he’s still in Great shape.

Perpetually annoyed

More than million views on this... The internet never fails to amaze me..

Terrianna Lannigan

Famous face smash.


We are literally watching a man eating.


1:32 is the most American thing I've ever seen in my life!

jose Santa

I've to say I was genuinely curious

Gogo Shagara

Those acters and actresses how they can eat like this in front the camera ..oh. this is embarrassing for me I can't do it..


YouTube “15 minutes of Brad Pitt eating”
Me “sounds good” clicks on video

Jerome B

For most running gags in Hollywood, I’d only expect this vid to be like 10 mins long at the max. 15 minutes is a lot of damn food!



Sonny Crockett

If Tom Cruise runs, Brad Pitt eats!

Tomevone Lovone

Compensatory for average acting



Movie『Sleepers』When I was performing
I like the role of Michael Sullivan the most

Rapidgirl07 D

13:41 ???



S. R M

Petition for Brad Pitt to start a mukbang YouTube channel


its that fucking jaw man. it just looks so good when he's eating


lucky fingers,,,

Mohamed Ayari

Imagine he had to eat at every scènes many times

Helony S.

He eats like my dad

Redd BlaZe

2:35 ... steamed dumplings !

Eunicep Brown

That's my king ?Brad as he looks amazing hot ?as he loves to eat in his best movie career ❤???????????

Zack Tobin

Just realized how weird the drama behind Mr. and Mrs. Smith was. Brad Pitt left Jennifer Anniston for Angelina Jolie, and Jennifer Anniston rebounded with Vince Vaughn.

Ashish Manocha

and these are just the final takes..!

Candela Pérez

Oh My God Why he is so handsome????

Ferreira Ezequiel

HERMOSO Gracias BANZAS por la escala



Debu Aich sm

My father is 10 years younger than him and looks like a potato and I look like a momo


I can't believe I was asking myself if I was really watching this ENTIRE video while continuing to watch ALL of it.


I see it many times for some reason?

rangga fahmi

What movie is that with Vince vaughn?


Dad, please.
Could you call on a Japanese medical institution to send you gloves?
I'm in trouble because I'm running out of hospital gloves.

Chris Harrison

You forget the flightclub eating crisps over the phone scene

Nobel Andrew

Before my son will start to smoking, doing drug to look cool. I will show him this vid. See, eating can be cool too

szubert - max

I've watched the Ocean's crew series at least 10 times and I swear there's not one scene where he is not eating anything
Even if it's not entirely food it can be bubble gum ?

Sonny June

Marlon Brando did it better!

Kelvin Adcock

He stays so slim, because he only eats while he's filming.

Peter Riviera

Funky Brad Pitt Mukbang :D

Clara Pilier

Brad Pitt is the type of person who asks if there will be food before making his mind up.

Edmund mantilla calderon


Bailey Ryan

Savior it and don't eat all at one ?? she told him because everytime he just inhales the food

Tanishk Singh

I do the same..

Jm Castro




Nick Seaman

if the food is not a character in the scene you're doing it wrong.

Mr Beast

I like the eating scene

arabian psycho

no reason for this video to be made

Wan Kenubies

This video gonna makes me hungry.??



Florencia Edgina

I think the fact that a 15 mins video of only Brad Pitt eating is watch by 1m ppl says somethin bout our society


What am I watching? Lol

Eddie Avinashi

this is all the food he's ever eaten

Gabriel Geller

Next is Cliff Booth eating celery.

Benji Huynh

Someone once told me directors put eating scenes for Pitt in movies because he has such a great jaw line and eating shows it off


finally my kind of content

Sit Back Relax

I always hated his eating in the ocean’s series. Like despised it.


Brad is the dog who always chews on something.
Or he imagines himself to be a hamster and stuffs his muzzle bag.
In his latest film, he had already handed over this activity to Brandy’s dog, who is fed and fed by Wolf’s tooth. :)
And good this music under.

orthodox goregod

And He still so hungry!

Daniel tableta

Bratt Pitt look like my grandpha julio olortegui

Waleed Judeh

Bring on the yams


Maybe he's diabetic

Mohamed Ayari

Do i really watch BP eating for 15 min ?!

Kuba Falkowski

Brad Pitt eats
1.1mln people:INTERESTING

Moon Bubble

He also eats in happy feet

Alex Mercer

Recommend video: 15 minutes of Brad Pitt eating

1.1M people: interesting !

Daniyaal Noor

Did not expect myself to watch all 15 min but here we are

Matt Damon On Bulking Up For "Elysium"

Matt Damon On Bulking Up For "Elysium"8 Aug. 2013
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HH caught up with Matt

HH caught up with Matt Damon to talk about his new sci-fi flick, Elysium.

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