Km in half marathon

WORLD RECORD!!! Copenhagen Half Marathon 2019 - Full race

WORLD RECORD!!! Copenhagen Half Marathon 2019 - Full race15 Sep. 2019
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All rights belong to Copenhagen Half Marathon organised by Sparta Athletics and Running and the Danish Athletic Federation

Comments (100)
Reverse HQ

Thay run like 13 miles
When i can't even walk 10 steps


more an african record.

Ladia Bombo

This is the game that you cant cheat.
Africans congs as usual


Mo always picks easy races,he needs to race with Topnotch runners like Kamworor. He only picks races he can win. The only race he picked out of his league was the 2019 London marathon and he got smoked ???but he is a good runner though

AJ Mercado

ran half the distance alone without breaking his form. amazing.

Valmir Messias

EXCELENTE Kénya race

1145141919810 YJSNPI


Evandro Diniz

technological dopping.

Traceurs SPGL

1:00:21 gros vent mdrr

Asaye Kebede

he is from yemen. you can prove from historian Taye Boagle tole

Sean Jennings

"There's a very good bakery around here but they don't have time for that" 31:55 - Cracked me up


Lots and lots and lots and lots of sugar!! lol


I really like the fact there is no commentary. For the first part of the race, anyway....

Vivek Dantas

The women's winner had a pacer? Is that allowed?

Andersen the great Dane

Det må da være dejligt for den milion københavnere der IKKE skal deltage i det arrangement, at det er aflyst i år.
Så kan man komme rundt i byen uden afspæringer.
Tænkte på om sådan et løb, livsnødvendigt, skal afvikles i en storby? Hvad med at det blev op langs den jyske vestkyst eller på nordfyn... Der er masser af plads og det ville ikke koste samfundet millioner i tabt arbejdstid og osende biler der står i tomgang.
Var det ikke en idé at klimatosserne gik ind i denne sag?

Mbai Haule

Congratulations Kamworor. Our next guy in line after Eliud kipchoge


Wait is it BPbungis from GD

Aziz morocco

Country please??

Fresh Appleseed

4:45 these people got me messed up. They really played Darude Sandstorm at a half marathon

Jon B-W


Lucas Mattos

mano, isso é extremamente incrivel, ele bateu o record mundial nos 15km tambem! ele simplemente bateu o record mundial nos 15 e correu mais 6km!!

Jon B-W


George Falconer

This is Mo running with Birhane Dibaba?


HOLY FUCK!!!!!!!!

Francis Katende

there has to be a better way to start marathons

Asaye Kebede

yes Jawar is making money. no doubt

Kaz Pawlik

Thank You.Wonderful reporting.Great video.Congratulations to All,especially to Mr.Kamworor.From Long Island NY.

antonio amilton Ferreira

This runner , they run so bad. Thank you !

Salia Sanogo

Jaimerai representé la france☝️

Rahma Ismikhan

Thanks Erick

D Whit

OK, Im exhausted from just watching, back to my Taco Bell lunch, bye


Such an unreal time! So happy for Kamworor

James Wairimu

He got very emotional, couldn't believe it...

Fabrizio Nepote



Even the cyclists had a hard time catching up with Kamora. Congratulations for breaking the world record.

jeffrey kicia

My friend doping is rampant, and you can bet they will do a blood analysis on the top runners especially after an alleged world record. By the way I love the Kenyan runners as I competed against them in College and the Pros. I have zero respect for the Muslims runners from Morocco and Etophia as I have witnessed them cheating numerous times.


A real myth, Geoffrey!


Muchos blanco aplaudiendo a un grupo de afros.. Vaya vaya


sorry world kenyans got this

Nizzy 7

Why the time for men kept reading 57:59


so right at the start they make a spot to place advertisements that block and divide the racers potentially causing injuries to racers ala stampede?! wtf?! and the stupid music....

running mundial

He flies like kipchoge

Durianrider Cycling Tips

Just think how fast they would go if they were not natty.

Chrisrine Sakwa

Congrats kimwor on top

Wayne Cross

R they watching the same race as me?


Congratulations to the World Champion! A great feat :)


Some people don't understand what just happened lol go and run bro for 500 m with his pace everything gonna be alright ?

Michael N

So just another max doped runner from Kenya. The mob just needs a circus and bread so they wont revolt.


I was just in Copenhagen fora layover.


Ok race commentary, you messed up. All those times in the first 20 min, you talked about the Scandinavian record holder going at “world record pace” when he was running with a pacer and one other guy. That wasn’t Kamworor! He was with a bigger group. Can we be more accurate at identifying Kenyan runners? You can’t just look at the jersey color.

Latifa Kariuki

BBC NEWS: kamworor breaks world half marathon record.
Mo Farah: Hold my diapers. lol

Fighter for truth Caleb

36:07 "You can see his teeth, and he's grinning, a grinning kenyan means a tired kenyan..." very interesting observation but that's pretty much for every runner buddy :-(

Alfred Cherutich

Congratulations kamworor

Florent COSTE

Beautiful race and amazing world record !

giang nguyen hoang

Nhung co gai thieu nu moi lon 11,12,13,....nen that can than khi tap the duc the thao chay chay chay marathon
hoac jogle.....hay tuong tu .....
Thi phai de y rang :: 2 canh tay cua minh luc chay no thuc thuc ve phia SAU nhieu xa khoang cach hon la ve phia TRUOC,
Vi vay AO THUNG va AO NIT vu se CHANG CHANG ve phia SAU nhieu cang thang hon,
Ket qua la sau mot thoi gian tham gia chay choi Marathon thi cap VU nguc se bi XEP LEP va TEO lai FLAT nhu nam vay !!!
Co gai phai NU nen that can than suy tinh KHONG MINH than ke moi duoc.....
Nen tap theo CHIEU " TINH " la hay nhat : tap nhe nhang ,thong tha, roi chiu chiu yen tinh trong vai giay phut ....
Tom tat lai la TAP khoe lam sao cho BAP THIT dung NO ra ......!!!!!!!
Neu khong chiu tinh toan ti mi can than thi HAU QUA ve sau se vo cung HOI HAN.....!!!!!!
TAM QUOC CHI is good book CHINESE story history training youngth minds...(5 tuoi)..????? Try....

Old man said ::::look at these previous then made your experiences.....
Dont be too too late....will upset yourself....
5:55am, Saigon, tp.Hcm., Viet Nam 1/12/2019.

ephantus chelal


Edwin Rendeh

came here after kamworor won new york marathon

Aleksandr FromNR

Бежит не в Адидас, рискует, черт.


This guy could be the first human to break 2 hour marathon in a real race, he has the potential! Even Kipchoge can't run a 58 min half marathon.

A Grumpy Old man

It seems that the2 hour marathon is really possible too.
And it is not going to be long.
Kommoro is only 27,he has a long way to go!

nia priyanti

ive been looking for this!, its weird because its late recomendations by youtube after 3 days


Is in Denmark normal mix up English with danish? It's odd that sometimes they speak danish and sometimes English ?

Mereana Wi

I wish I could run like that ??

Glaciar Soylent

lol, all the bastards hard tryers were reduced to trash within 5 minutes... hahah


Dudes on bikes: Hey bro, could you slow down for a sec?


John McGovern

The winner is such an awesome awesome person and runner!


Pretty quick in those Nike cheat flys...isn't it interesting that all the most recent world records have been set in them? It's difficult to embrace the athletes' performance when it appears to be an advance in technology.

Video Viral Malaysia


When u run 21km for 59min 15 second but you got no 2 ?


Jeg forstår ikke engelsk.

ayanda tshiluvane

That was shear madness.Anyway that's how many a. Kenyan rubs for the records or nothing else!!

lsaac lazo


Zodiac Zodiac

Почему мы славяне так не можем?


Imagine if you wanted to watch some gd content by you favourite top 100 player but they became an athletics channel 9 months ago


WOW! ? Congrats Kam!

1 guy

He ran half marathon in 57.59
You are taking his interview as he finishes it...let him breath!

any name

how is this a fair race if not everybody gets the same starting point?..

PicsAndVids Tv

Wow,so quick!thanks for the upload!

Elite JRunner

Geoffrey is the next marathon legend after Kipchoge!


you may have won this race but you will not win the RACE WAR :))

john guthmahn

He trains with Kipchoge.

Bisrat Aw

Determination! Talent! Strength! an inspiring race. Feels to me that this world record could stay for a long time.

Bernie Ess

Where are the white world class long distance runners? Those Africans just run so beautifully!

Christopher Smith

A lot of sub 1 hour runs.. but destroyed by the Kam

Luis Martinez

Don’t let this distract you from the fact that they played the Madagascar music in the background ?


What a gusty run!!!! Kenya...

Erik B

5km 13.53
10km 27.34 (13.41)
15km 41.05 (13.31)
20km 55.00 (13.56) (27.26)
21.097km 58.01 (3.01)

2.45/km or 4.25/mile

...which is equal to
105 200s in 33.0 seconds
53 400s in 66.0 seconds
26 800s in 2.12
14 1500s in 4;07.5
Four 5000s in 13.45
Two 10,000s in 27.30

How long could you keep up?

Zander Jeffcoat

4:30 sandstorm starts playing. Where my gamecocks at?

Traceurs SPGL

1.00.22 gros vent

one lap master

OK race promoters. Please stop with the bouquet of flowers. The last thing I would want after splitting my guts for 13 miles is flowers.

Andersen the great Dane

Det må da være dejligt for den milion københavnere der IKKE skal deltage i det arrangement, at det er aflyst i år.
Så kan man komme rundt i byen uden afspæringer.
Tænkte på om sådan et løb, livsnødvendigt, skal afvikles i en storby? Hvad med at det blev op langs den jyske vestkyst eller på nordfyn... Der er masser af plads og det ville ikke koste samfundet millioner i tabt arbejdstid og osende biler der står i tomgang.
Var det ikke en idé at klimatosserne gik ind i denne sag?

Jake Maremma

Erik B is more efficient than the IAAF uploading squad.

Stu cumins

Great commentary, great race, great to witness. Congratulations Geoffrey!!!


Incredible running.


If you enjoyed this watch cardiff half marathon 2016.

Justo Oluoch

Is that MO. Pacing the women or what am I seeing.

Fuacata Run2Run

Congratulations kenya they just keep raising the bar higher and higher.

Alexis Misselyn

21.818 km/h average

who said bikes where fast


He could hardly believe it - beautiful running. Congratulations Kamworor.


Ohhhh Geoffrey!!!!!!


Wow, another sweet, humble ‘speed demon.’ Almost cried myself when he broke down at the finish line.

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Comments (2)
Sven Leukel

Hey great glasses. What kind of one is it and where can you buy it?

Thomas Tisell

I've run NYC a few times but it's been a number of years. This brought back good memories.


ABSOLUTELY EPIC HALF MARATHON WORLD RECORD!! Kibiwott Kandie Goes INSANE! ~Valencia 2020~6 Dec. 2020
107 019

This was the greatest half

This was the greatest half marathon of all time. End of story.


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Comments (100)
Eric Dew

Maybe we'll have 4 people go sub-2:00 in the next full marathon.

Jeppe Jarnit-Bjergsø

Idea! For every time the word 'history' is being said in a TRP video in December we each donate $1 to charity! Who is with me?

Bianca Fields

Leave it to the circle jerks to being up peds instead of just enjoying the video.

Shandy Torok

Eliud did the same move in Rio, but he also hand gestured, that the guy behind him should take the lead instead of drafting behind him, this move is basically saying get off me, don't drift behind me, or if you strong enough take the lead or come beside me.....however it is an unwritten "rule"......

Accuracy Marked

wonderful race and announcing...enjoyed the thrill.


Great video man thanks. Why """""music"""""???????

Mad Shoe X

Great Video TRP!

M. Aydin

what makes valencia so fast? no incline?

Yes Sir

The loutish den metabolically deceive because doctor concurringly challenge onto a macho mailman. slippery, grouchy cauliflower

Gabe Suarez

The pacer should’ve kept going

Geoffrey Verity Schofield

What's in the air in Valencia?

Trevor May

Wow... im truly at a loss for words... this is insane

Geoffrey Verity Schofield

5:49 that spit was pretty badass

Steve Starr

Saying Kandie looked great is redundant for all the top 5 guys. They ALL looked fantastic.

Maximus Byamukama

cash rewards are getting bigger and people are training more to run faster. hard work pays.

Matthew Junio

Keep your eyes on Nico Young. He ran a 13:44 at his most recent track meet.

Edwin Karani


Yes Sir

The bustling bongo thankfully waste because possibility oceanographically reproduce except a versed hardhat. numberless, instinctive tanzania

jonathan Bosma

Unbelieveble.. he ran a faster time the first 5km than he has ever ran a 5km itselfs.. and he yet had to run 16km more to break the world record by half a minute.

Wei Xie

Sometimes I wonder if it's just the shoes

Terry Egan

Wow ! It's the Kandie Man

Maswai Kelvin

You are the best narator in athletics


Ese dia el control antidopping tenia el dia libre....

kamikazedux b

I'm from Valencia, I lived my hole life here. People is always asking themselves why is Valencia so special por the runners? Well we have the most flat city in Spain, there is not a single hill in all the city, also another important thing is the weather, living right next to the Mediterranean ocean, we don't have cold or super hot weather (only in summer) but the races (Marathon and Half) are always in november/december and even January for the 10K which also has de WR this year.

People call Valencia the City of Running, and step by step it's becoming a reality, I think we are going to be the capital of the world soon.

I can't wait to see Kenenisa Bekele and Kipchoge running the Marathon in Valencia, smashing the world record, maybe... Valencia will be the first city with a sub2h00' marathon in history!

Just for finish, I did my first marathon there 4 years ago with 19 years old, 3h33'02" and also the half with 1h29'40" I was very proud of myself :)

Long life running and Valencia!

Afiq Hamidi Ali

I love your commentary!


Why do they all start with K

Mário Simas

these guys dont run!!!!!!!!!! They fly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Abdallah Idrees



Awesome run by the Kandie man, superb times by Kiplimo, Kipruto and Mutiso as well.

Steve Liakos

it must be the shoes ?

Abid Mian

I wonder how much of the half marathon record was the runners and how much was it shoe tech? I suspect more of the later and less of the former considering the margin on their PBs.

Jacob Bannach

Do these guys make any money?


Yet another world record not only beaten, but flat out broken within a span of one year! That new beet juice they have been taking has been really giving them the edge.


adidas havin a good weekend.

KON Track and Field

Nice! I also make running videos!


These guys are all smashing epo again thanks to covid

Glen Daniels

The sub 2 hour marathon in a legitimate race, in a few years time when these guys move up to marathon distance. They will be able to jog it!

Luey Martin

Not as classic as the 2019 Sao in Brazil where Kandie embarrassed Kiplimo at the tape.

owala wilson

If the Valencia course is that first, I wonder what Kamworor can do there given he set his world record in Copenhagen

g robert

So I guess we're only testing for covid-this year

David King

Lol, the Ugandan athlete is a Kenyan also ??
Just chose to run for the neighboring country I guess

Harlequin Cyning

4:23 a mile for almost an hour. The stamina, efficiency and powerful grace. Outstanding.


Just imagine how much faster they'd go with rampant doping.....like Kiptum. Gullible doesn't quite cut it.

Neal Smith


Dominik Schrott

Please make a same dedication for Genzebe's World record!

Miszmisz Gaming

Medical products are getting better

Anthony Brticevic


Tom Hiver

Great analysis! However, let be mention two issues. The (inofficial) full splits can be found here: http://splits.hwinter.de/?p=124 Based on this compilation of times follows: 1.) The km-split from 18 km to 19 km was NOT 2:36, it was "only" 2:42. 2.) After a fast start the runners "slowed" somewhat and at 14 km they were almost exactly on WR pace. Then it was Kandie and later Mutiso who picked up the pace way down into the sub-58 minutes regime. 3.) In any case, outstanding race for the history books.

john guthmahn

all about strategy. winning is an extra

Mark Sturgess

As soon as I saw the result I knew this would b the video
It really was STUNNING

Alexander Lohse

Mentioning the fact that he did not do this in either a Vaporfly or an Alphafly would have been worthwhile.

Thangaraj MJ

Geoffrey Kamworor fell down at the start before setting the previous world record in Copenhagen. Can't wait for him to come back from injury.


Kandie drafting like it’s a bike race.

Gerhard Strydom

Absolutely FANTASTIC! Super mens race!

Please also make a video about Genzebe Dibaba's first ever half marathon

Sanskar Gaonkar

Athletes after lockdown have become faster than before. Within a span of few months, more and more records are being broken

jappa Kneads

It's the shoes!...Those Nike shoes are amazing...

Shane P.

I cannot believe how fast these athletes run over these longer distances, it's incredible!


Could you please about the shoes help like in early 2000 whith the suit i swimming


5:45 Dream, you sound different

G Ateng'

Great Video. Pronunciation of every Kenya name is wrong but amusing :)

Seda Otieno

It's pronounced "Kan-di-ye" ? content is awesome though


I have a feeling this record won't stand for long. With the kind of competition these guys have I believe they are going to push themselves until they break even this one.


Either they're doping or the course wasn't legit. Change my mind.


Perhaps the lack of regular racing has proved, for some at least to be ideal, resulting in a spate of insane World Records in 2020. There are other possible causes, but that's not up to us to judge.

Lars Pluschkell

I think this was rhonex kiprutos Debut in the Halfmarathon, so He has the fastest debut By far

Rick Deckard

They ran my 10K time.

Matej Karkalik

why is no one talking about first big loss of Nike shoes in years! maybe finally new record shoes on the market:) competition everywhere is perfect!

Igor Begovic

The ONLY TRUTH is...no carbon plate shoes...no records this year

Jake Setnik Vox

Kandie drafting kiplimo while he was swerving was 1000000 IQ

tel ros

I think it´s fair to recognise Juan Roig some or much credit in this Valencia world record city.
He´s putting a big amount of money on the table for create ideal conditions for these kind of ultra fast races.
For non spaniard people, i tell you this guy is one of the richest one in Spain, owner of the biggest supermarket chain here.
He reminds me the guy from Zurich who was supporting for many years the incredible Weltklasse, making it the best meeting worldwide for the last 40 years, i think is name is Andreas somehting, i dont remember, but he is owner of UBS bank.
Roig is investing a lot of money in sport, also Valencia Basket is becoming something big in european basket, thanks to him.
It´s great to see there are billonaires who love sport and make possible races like this.
Sometimes we talk bad about rich people, being greedy and not sensitive with others, this time i think we should praise him.
Of course this is 0,001% of his fortune, but he chooses to spend it in athletics, great for him and for us!!!

keyvan kazemi

any way good job by kiplimo


Anyone know the name of the outro track?


He is not human?

Dawid aka Grendel

They are hitting my times (eh... I tier over :) I'm almost exactly 2x slower than them :))

Barbie Brown

Congratulations east Africa kandie and our very own our kid jacob congrats bambi u are strong Ugandas uprising runner our hopes in u boy next year 2021 u are still young u will make it next time ????????????????????


@TPR. Where does this rank on the points system you sometimes refer to?


kiplimo is still 20
but kandie is 24

Jef B

Who needs 2020 Olympic middle distance events when we have all these super meetings with record breaking times! East Africans churn out amazing runners like the Federal Reserve prints dollars! ☺️ Astounding! ?

Modibo Coulibaly

What is the total score as per World Athletics scoring system

Todd Stewart

They run each mile in the time that I run each kilometre. Thought my 4:23/km was fast :(

Warhammer Titan

Imagine running under the world record and not even making the podium

Franco MBernaola

hold up, so mutiso broke the previous world record and didnt get on the podium.. dam

Stanimir Dimitrov

Ohh ye this is the result of eating "only" ugali and drinking tea! Only!!

Danai Saentawee

He s not human?

Oscar Lane

5:46 On this episode of Manhunt, 4 runners try to kill the world record

Евгений Жариков

Unbelievable ????????????

Patrick Leone

Absolutely amazing and inspiring!


The Kandie man cometh

Paul Lemuel Lusoc

A: That race was fast.
B: How fast?
A: “Breaking the world record but still finishing 4th” fast
B: aight


Great production as always, respect

run bike skate

Also very suprised by Rhonex Kipruto, running under 58 minutes in only his first half marathon! More than a minute faster than the previous debut record of 59 minutes flat, ran by Jemal Yimer.

Mario Gutierrez

Yeah these guys are great but World Records are falling with the aid of the shoes. Just like the swimming tech we saw a decade or so ago.


alexsandre mutiso


Due to the discrepancies in commentary quality, this post game analysis was almost more enjoyable than watching the race live. I think you should consider helping these guys out, they weren't even mentioning the inappropriate pacing in the beginning nor the 1k split times. It was just poorly analyzed while the race took place. You should either replace their commentator team or at least giving these poor guys some supportive advises... count on you !!!

I haven't thought it's possible, but you keep on improving the quality of your videos. My Man :)

Chase Brown

This is almost as amazing as a sub 2 hour marathon

Ross Fripp

Another great video! Was this the fastest race in history? Absolutely? Most exciting? No I don't think so. I think for that it was the HM between Farah and Bekele....the last few seconds were edge of your seat stuff, whereas with 1min to go with this I think we knew the outcome! Still, absolutely incredible though!

John McGovern

That was the greatest run I have ever seen.

Jonathan Sandberg

So why have so many different world records fallen by so many different athletes this year? Has something changed in terms of equipment, training, or nutrition? Or is there a much larger field of talent than ever before? Or is there something more nefarious at work with something like systematic doping? What is going on?

Themba Mabona

Are we allowed to make any kind of critical passing reference to the shoes?

err go

This was an exciting race. But we'd be stupid to ignore fact that drugs testing was paused in 2020. This is the result of that: a bottleneck in WRs falling in the same race.