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CL(Singer) Lifestyle,Boyfriends,Net Worth,House,Car,Height,Weight,Age,Biography 2018

CL(Singer) Lifestyle,Boyfriends,Net Worth,House,Car,Height,Weight,Age,Biography 20188 Jan. 2018
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CL(Singer) Lifestyle,Boyfriends,Net Worth,House,Car,Height,Weight,Age,Biography 2018

Jisoo (지수) Lifestyle: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GA-EAB5aARg

Park Ji-min Lifestyle: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ai9FTX2BtHs

Ahn So-hee Lifestyle: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IX_T3BonKwU

Kim Hee-chul: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=peFBq9GSM1E

Kim Tae-yeon: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ac74Kd1rfLE

G-Dragon: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e9lGcs3BwS4

Alesha Dixon:= https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7icU1Mn33Xk

Jeon Ji-yoon Lifestyle: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CxMVyY3X16M

Lee Chae-rin Lifestyle 2018

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CL(Singer) Lifestyle

CL(Singer) Boyfriends

CL(Singer) Net Worth

CL(Singer) House

CL(Singer) Height

CL(Singer) Weight

CL(Singer) Family

CL(Singer) Biography

CL(Singer) car

CL(Singer) Body-Measurements

CL(Singer) Favorite Pets

CL(Singer) Education

CL(Singer) Family

Life Story CL(Singer) Real Life


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Comments (21)

Watched your video on Bom before this.. CL supposed to be taller and weigh more than Bom but your 1 videos shows opposite of that, networth shouldn't be lesser than Bom and once again don't have to indicate bra sizes especially wrong ones.. get your infos right before making such videos.. not gonna watch Minzy and Dara.. i suppose plenty of such wrong infos as well..


the date birth is 26 not 21

Josh Andrew

ethnicity : white
omg i almost shit my pants

Qwerty Uiop

What is C. L. Favorite color
My favorite color is red

Qwerty Uiop

Hey C. L. born in 26 not 21????


And her eye color is brown


She is asian what the heck


Why is her ethnicity white? Sorry no. Her ethnicity is Asian or Korean her nationality is Korean.... so weird ?



Naomi Lolli

No hate but She is never 49 kg. She gained weight in a beautiful way

sinq sliva



It is your diary. What the fuck ypu make fake video

Ryū Michigan

bra size... seriously? ?

Irma Lynn

First of all, if you want to keep a good and professional yt channel, you should do your research better. Saying things like "She's white" even though she's born in SK, having Asian parents but she's not Asian, it's silly. No matter where she lived or where she was raised.. Park bom studied in US too but shes an asian. Also, how do you know that she's not dated anyone? She's 27 years old, of course she did and in the "gotta be you" mv, it is said that the guy there was her ex.. Not trying to be salty but when you do vids like that, please try to keep it real.


Birthday is Feb 26th


Um CL is Asian....... obviously her hair is just blonde.


Net worth $8 M? I think wrong

Eric Kim

I don't think Cl is Korean. She doesn't look Korean.


This whole thing if full of outright lies. It's a ? for me.

Forever Party

ethnicity: white LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL ok.....cool

John boy

hmmm, i thought she had dated an Australian dude.

Here's How NBA 2K21 PC Mods Are Already Catching Up To Next Gen

Here's How NBA 2K21 PC Mods Are Already Catching Up To Next Gen6 Dec. 2020
122 872
Dom2kSubscribe 438 721


Twitch: http://Twitch.tv/dom_2k

Second channel: http://YouTube.com/dom2k

Music: https://chernebeats.com

Business email: [email protected]

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/dom2k16

Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/dom_2k

Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/dom_2k

Snapchat: Dom_2k

2K21 Mod help

Graphics mod from video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7C69wZDwis4

How to install 2K21 Mods: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-45ttPNvnVw&t=193s

Where to find mods: https://www.2kspecialist.net/

NBA 2K77 Mod: https://forums.nba-live.com/viewtopic.php?f=267&t=110872

A lot of people can't get there hands on a next gen console, but if you have a decent gaming PC, you can get pretty damn close with mods. At least relatively.

Comments (100)
Purity is a state of mind

Definitely just gonna stick to PC. I'm one of those type of people who can't even really tell the difference between the graphic upgrades so me even buying the PS5 has 0 point

Chronicles Chrome

This is what you post? With all of the trades and moves that have happened? More content bro!


Bro the gameplay is still HORRIBLE, we don’t care about graphics.. I sold the game after a week

Guinea pigz

Farmlands sucks imo

BBallCreator Gaming

Man, that 77 mod looks awesome!


If the solution to 2K's disgusting copy-paste rip-off practices is mods, then why ever buy 2K21 on PC? Why not use 2K20 + mods then?
Fuck 2K, I'm not paying for exactly the same game twice.


Does anybody knows how to fix the abnormal game speed? It speeds up out of nowhere on both offense and defense and messes the entire game up.

Mulsimin _

PC mods took us from 2020 to 2040


A lot of people can't get there hands on a next gen console, but if you have a decent gaming PC, you can get pretty damn close with mods. At least relatively.

Twitch: http://Twitch.tv/dom_2k
Second channel: http://YouTube.com/dom2k
Music: https://chernebeats.com
Business email: [email protected]Gmail.com
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/dom2k16
Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/dom_2k
Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/dom_2k
Snapchat: Dom_2k

2K21 Mod help
Graphics mod from video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7C69wZDwis4
How to install 2K21 Mods: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-45ttPNvnVw&t=193s
Where to find mods: https://www.2kspecialist.net/
NBA 2K77 Mod: https://forums.nba-live.com/viewtopic.php?f=267&t=110872

Dior Prince

I still play 360° NBA 2K14 I have a xbox one but still

Hustle Cr0

First of all don’t ever have A Video that says Mods are catching up to nex gen??‍♂️super disrespectful, go do ya homework Son! We been Modding this Game since 2009 and the mods that’s been out the Last 2 years Look way better than nex gen bs that’s out now FOH

Joshua Hensworth

Bro, do cases for goat for other players with the same quality as you did lebron


Catching up? They have and will always be better. PC is just more powerful it will never be beat

Wail AC Titou

Mandatory like for farm lands

Michael Mayers

To be fair theps4 is already good ps3 was barely 1080

maciej gawara

please try to restart the nba with this mod ,i'm from poland and i watch your streams , especially the sims


It’s cool and I own 2k20 on PC but I’m not really looking too a version of the game that has 0 cheat detection and a super dead player base to play 2k and mycareer by itself gets boring let alone playing play now by yourself becuase the game looks slightly better and the modding community doesn’t really have as much fun it’s a lot of just slightly better textured face scans and old teams but in general it doesn’t add that much to what 2k already is and what roster creators already do

I am kinda extra privileged tho to own a ps5 and a high end computer but this is just my opinion


PC Will always have better graphics


Gonna need that 2K21 + ENB

OZ Baker

Bruh I’m still stuck on 2k14


Dom, I remember when you used to advertise Hardwood Amino and thanks to you I joined that community and was able to talk about the thing that I loved the most, basketball. I was looking at your blogs and I got shocked because the structure, grammar and narrating were very good.

Dimp Lick

Funny a guy who does it for fun does it better to guys that is actually getting paid to do it


The mods make the skin look to glossy there people not a fucking glaze donut

Eva Smith

We don't need mods now they listen to us


Depending on your PC, you can get much better than The PS5 And New xbox Graphically and Mod and Gameplay wise

bello 23

If y’all are looking for the reshade and global, the creator’s name is Akhael Zaid on facebook. Just in case

Doom Slayer

The physics of jersey is so real.

Emmit G

Best part is that you can pick it up for $5 in like Jan or feb

Michael Bruce

The Magic Howard on 2K has tatts and a stupid mohawk cut

True Kid Gaming

More mods are coming! We’re here and we’re not going nowhere



BostonSports Fan2004

I am considering getting a pc not a expensive one but a nice first timers pc any suggestions

Colton Casey

4:03 is like the 2k9 trailer remastered lmao

Ricco Racks

Getting my pc tomorrow

James Fitzgerald Abad

6:32 can you send the link for that mod

Achilles Turner

Like I’m being completely honest the reshade mode looked almost exactly the same you could of showed some better pc mods

Prime Time

Keep up the good work mods


Damn thats my guy shady mike’s video

Deshawn Frost

1:16 bruh what the

Jared Jamir Bauzon

i'm modding my NBA 2K14 to 2K21 not a 100% but the rosters and animations are lit.

Bradley Wolfe

how much is a good pc that i could do all of this on?

Honcho Luis

Obviously its gonna be better because PCs are more expensive. You can’t expect something like pc on a console half the price of the pc

Vasty Andrews

Playing console.. one thing that extremely annoys me is when i want to use old school teams (not only for the rosters, but for the jerseys and courts) in a franchise mode, the year of the team is always at the beginning of the team's name. Really ruins the experience for me.

Terence Randolph

The next gen graphics upgrade is OK, it's the smoother movement, foot planting, and new animations that make the major difference, IMO.

Joshua Kim

We gon need a tutorial to download all of these

James Fitzgerald Abad

2030: Modders makes their own Basketball game

Baljot Singh

Can we still play MyCareer and earn VC with like the lighting mod?

Colton Casey

1:16 NBA2K8 graphics

LeBron James

i am on 2k21 current gen and i use pc


Dom2k is either a sellout or really not very good informed. You can have the ReShade on 2k20 on PC and it looks the same. You dont have to spend 70 bucks on.. literally nothing.

Kxng Logan

idk if u see this but my game says something like unable to find player data is there any fixes

Fresco Stevens

Yezzir I got my NBA 2k20 looking so good on PC with all the mods, new net, new courts, new cyberfaces.. running everything on a older Razer i7 so my specs aren’t even good.. get a PC or gaming laptop guys it’s amazing?

Demetre Carter

They gotta give bron bowed legs.

Nick Carlo YT

Does pc mod stop it from sliding though?

Ricco Racks

Do you kno if there will be next gen for pc?


I don't have nba 2k21 last gen I'm broke af

Jovie_ Nguso

You might wanna look at this i made this and let me think if it is close to next gen? here is the link for the video link:https://youtu.be/T-q6GvMTiDY

TJ Clifford


justin wilkins

y'all should check out YONDU 2K he literally convert NBA 2K21 PC's graphics to NextGen.

Michael Cruz

Why in the world would you feel left out about not having a next gen console if you have a pc? The pc literally has the best graphics and performance. The people who feel left out are last gen console users. If a pc wasn’t so expensive to have, most people would probably have a pc instead.

Michael Mayers

Can’t compare pc mods and power with console

Achilles Turner

Just being honest the pc mods you showed just look weird that some player models looked good but the lighting and the courts and arenas were all just bad

Pascal Jacob M. Bagtang

animators: what can we do to make it look better

ronnie: add more sweat

Doom Slayer

PC is always ahead.

Nikolas Bananaz not Fortnite

my recommendation to 2k is hire all these dudes,who make these mods and then it will be better


Yessssss love mod videos

Zgaming 458

I want to play MyNba or MyLeague or whatever it’s called, how can it make it as realistic as possible?

Femi Joseph

I'm sorry, mods do not compare to next generation, next generation has a whole alternative lighting system, improved quality such as crowds, rooms/nets and NPC's. Mods are not were near to next generation, I was looking at the mod gameplay and said Eewwww! Just sweat all over and thats all I do hate to play that.


pc looks mad shady ??


Modding on 2k21 is so fun, when 2k22 next gen comes out on PC (if it does), it's gonna be a really great modding experience.

Joanie Walen

The absent canada previously spot because improvement summarily radiate inside a like grade. freezing, parallel oyster


This is my first year of nba2k on pc. I enjoyed nba2k20 on ps4 but I was looking from the outside when looking at mods. so this year I brought the game when it was on sale and I haven't looked back since. really enjoying the freedom of a bit more creativity, the old city jerseys. I don't have nba2k on ps4 this year and I'm not missing it.

R C3

Watching videos like this makes me wish I had a pc

Versatile Wolf

Nobody wanna do mods man.. shut up


I've always wanted aging in 2K, where player's body type and faces change a little over time. I saw a career simulation of LaMelo Ball, and he still looked like a baby at 36.


bro ps5 and xsx wont ever catch up to computers lol


Hey man nice video i gave it a big like, mind doing the same??

Dek Suzon

deibys2kmod should hire by 2k

Spitzkopf Larry

Hope this 1977 Sim can be done.


thanks man! awesome!!

Louis Rosas

I was wondering if there was anyone that can take time and explain to me how to do the mods I have tried several times but it doesn't work. I would really appreciate some help.

Eddie P

I got reshade mod for free how. Its on one of those live sites.

Brian Bess

Can yall stop this blatant lie that 2k14 was the best, graphic wise. This shit is disgraceful that yall keep saying it. Player models were terrible. The cover athlete, lebron james, looked nothing like lebron james.


How much would I have to spend to get a PC that can run things like this?


So which version should I buy for pc? I don’t have a console. I’ve never played 2k, is 2k20 just as good as 2k21?

Yahsh Garcia


rambo bandz


T Mac

Wait so how does the whole next gen ps3-ps4-PS5 thing work for PC??

Kee Osama

I hope dom does a 1949- 2020 sim in October that would be fire asf ???


Pc 2k is always good for single player

the kilkash

these reshades really focus on vascularity more then lighting which i believe brings the downfall of using mods i feel as if they worked more on lighting mods would be used alot more i dont care if my nba player looks like a veiny cock

KJB Gang

So this will work on current gen in pc

gamehacker 377

He salty

KP !

So moral of this story is PC is better


Simple : because there's no real nextgen.
of course they tweaked the lighting, but nothing impressive IMO.


Man I’d love for 2k to just pay the people working on ultimate base roster and incorporate it into the game

Kinny Boy

The 2k21 next gen jump was super overrated. It’s literally the same game as previous gen just stretched out the Neighborhood and called it a city and took away the loading screens

Anthony Harris 'student'

Does it take a lot of effort into purchasing a gaming pc and everything you need and downloading these mods for just the causal gamer?

kju botushi


Mike Z

Is there a mod for PC that allows you to remove teams like on next gen and then add expansion teams?

Simple RV Trip Wizard/RV Life App Tutorial

Simple RV Trip Wizard/RV Life App Tutorial7 Feb. 2021
2 898

In this video I cover a

In this video I cover a simple tutorial for RV Trip Wizard and the RV Life App.

I first show you a short trip we we are taking and we set up that trip and then how you can utilize the RV Life App for the directions.

RV Trip Wizard


RV Life App


4 Lakes Campground


Our Trip South Fall 2020


Visit us at our newly designed Website, Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest





RV Trip Wizard


We are Rollin' Into Retirement! We’re Mike and Betty Ann Dalberg from NJ! About 10 years ago we came up with a plan that included retirement at age 66.

Well…. we made it and have created our You Tube Channel titled Rollin’ Into Retirement! Over the past 30 years we have traveled and owned a Class C, Travel Trailer, Fifth Wheel and now a Motorhome. Along with our blog rollinintoretirement.com we are documenting our travels in our RV Motorcoach, a 2018 Georgetown 369DS to places we have seen along the way, RV Tips we have come up with, RV Resort reviews and walk arounds…, all while spending quality RV Fulltiming!

We will periodically add new videos that will include more of these topics along with our other hobbies of Photography and of course food and wine! All while we are Rollin Into Retirement! Please consider subscribing and don’t forget to hit that notification bell to let you know when there are new videos.

Comments (2)

The Simple RV Trip Wizard video was really helpful for me, it's not so daunting now, and you have pointed out some things I was unaware of. Appreciate your time.

Barbara Wynn

Thanks for using Medcram as your resource for Vaccine info!!!