John wall weight

[John Wall] A Secret a NBA University Student Can't Tell

[John Wall] A Secret a NBA University Student Can't Tell13 Apr. 2020
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A NBA star that can't share his sad story to anyone

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MDE Slammer

I have watch each and every video of yours now I got nothing to watch I really like your channel make sure to produce more content as fast as possible...thank you BTW John Wall story was really an inspiration one ??

Tragic Bronson

Underrated channel I can't wait for you to blow up and upgrade that mic for amazing quality!! Excited

Allan Marco Mojica

Keep it up Doc?

Bryce McKell

whats the movie at 3:20

DeeJhay Playz


Joseph Levitte

그래도 가끔은 한국 팬이 와서 한국말로 댓글 남겨드려야지 ㅎㅎ 그래도 어느새 만명 돌파했네요 !! Hope you get 100K subscribers as soon as possible and I'm 200% sure that the day would come quickly !! 럽볼채널에선 농구를, 이 채널에선 영어 문장 많이 배워갑니다 ♥️?⛹️‍♀️

Tommy Amine

That guy his dad robed didn't look like it bothered him at all when he put the gun in his faceed

zeph dee


Nub Gamer

I really appreciate the effort and the content you produce. Keep up the good work man with contents this good you'll reach a lot of basketball fanatics out there. Have a good day ♥️

Steven Deasis

Jerome Delos Santos

why im crying???? I really appreciated the content of this video. Waiting for your new videos.

Lucas Zani

Great video bro y really miss wall he was a great star of the league

Mera-Luna Bergado

my favorite player John wall fortunately he is back today in preseason and have a good performance

m2ybenj 015

Thanks youtube for recommending this!!! This channel has a lot of potential ???

xia vigor

Life is hard.. ?...
.tnx for that story bro.. ?


lmao i like how you put the mha music

jivzkie bombeo

Keep doing what you do m8, cause its pretty great I promise that

Harry B'

Lol take and run

Ruata Sanga

Anyone knows the music at around 15:53

Tony Tapat

in highschool we all thought he be the next goat.

Door Guy

I Love John Wall man❤?

Markus Allan C.


Bobby Sayasane

Love the anime music choice haha

Azurin,Jonard Dave,Ureta

Very under rated basketball channel

King Kunta

Kevin durant plis I sub your channel keep it up ...

john wall vs Derrick Rose vs jrue holiday vs Damion lillard in the gym preparing for the nba season

john wall vs Derrick Rose vs jrue holiday vs Damion lillard in the gym preparing for the nba season13 Nov. 2020

Damian lillard derrick

Damian lillard derrick rose jrue holiday and john wall all showing how they prepare for nba season

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Sewayne Artherton


John Wall & New Teammate Jeff Green PRIVATE WORKOUT with #RemyWorkouts?

John Wall & New Teammate Jeff Green PRIVATE WORKOUT with #RemyWorkouts?9 Aug. 2018
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New teammates John Wall

New teammates John Wall and Jeff Green teamed up in Miami for an elite workout with NBA trainer #RemyWorkouts. What are your thoughts on the new addition of Jeff Green on the Wizards?

#WallWay #JohnWall

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Comments (88)
John Bissainthe

He’s put in way too much weight. What is this idea about basketball players bulking up to look like bodybuilders? Giannis has bulked up this summer as well. Bad mistake.

shane smith

Name of the songs???

Uncle Ben

john wall getting heavy..more risk of injury

J Ro

Hopefully Green is better than he was when he played for Cavs.

Manny P

this nigga is a mixtape hooper. He always looks better when they do an edited mix of him but come playoff time nigga is nowhere to be found. Lol dude was an 8th seed in the FUCKING east


As a lebron fan I can tell all Washington fans jeff green is a horrible off ball defender...doesn’t always give effort on ball defense and can’t shoot a lick what’s so ever...only thing he can do is miss flashy dunks and layups


New John Wall adidas shoes confirmed



Auxence Pignol

Jeff should be a starter this year no disrespect to keef

Kevin Schart

bro if you don't stop showing the same clip over and over....we get it you gotta hit the 10 min mark but damn

Heartbeat Kicking

Easy to talk shit about a player’s year when they were injure hugh? Man had not one but TWO knee surgeries during the season.

Bo Luke

John Wall got swole af ?

Raul Slaggings

The only teammate he has that likes him... so fckd lmao wiz dont deserve Jwall

KIVEN Station

Why niggas with that kind of beard is looking like lebron, see chris paul, drummond and other players.

JayAllen WitThaShot

Ol girl on the opposite court ovr here tryna get drafted more than one way

oj oj

i remember Cavs and lebron fanbase sayin Jeff Green can stop KD hahaha

Tyrike Johnson

John Wall will have a career high in 3pt percentage and field goal percentage


Can someone post the music playlist please

J Beatz

What a monster. Good drive.

Stevie G

John don’t look homeless anymore ?

Once a leo turned lion now judah

J wall lookin stocky just did a bid way.

The One Who Is Better Than You

My son Wall been eating. That new contract gave him that good life gut lol.

Hank Hill

wow these two really gonna shake up the league next season... said no one ever fucking trash ass duo

Alex Simba

Kawhi is coming for that east throne


It ain’t private no more ?

Robert Newkirk

put that work in...good to see them callabo.in on moves...good to see Green back home...look forward to watching the squad!


Jeff ??

Vinh Tran

lol funny how they never miss in practice

Always Shawn

Success ??


playlists of songs please


Don't forget they have Bradley beal


#DCFamily les go

Michael Liu

Wall's release lookin' slow.

Theodore S Arasavelli

Who peeps Webb in the back

riquel lohier


Eliot McLellan


Eesaa Philips

Private in the title even tho it's on youtube lmao


Playlist is fire

Josh G

whoever had the aux did a good ass job


i see why jeff green not a consistent shooter elbows all out an shit.

Iso___ dimez

does anyone got the songs to the playlist

Keshon Smith

The playlist is one of the best things about this video?

clyde borromeo

so John Wall is back to Adidas again?

Manny P

bruh, I literally dont remember a single play Jeff green made in the Finals lmaoo .nigga was NOWHERE to be found

Slasher magirt

John Wall have to be a better leader in the playoffs because what I'm starting to notice is that his teammates don't trust his decision making skills and without Gortat I wonder who he's going to distribute to off the pick and roll from 15 because Dwight Howard can't shoot fish in a barrel especially in today's League where the bigs have developed a jump shot and can guard both the 3 and 4 and Dwight can't guard neither he's also a head case and a bad teammate I'm sorry the Wizard
Just went from a playoff team to a layoff team #Bradley demand a trade.


if wall doesn't hesitate pulling those 3s, he can definitely be in the mvp race this season

Nii Lamptey

Durag John Wall or Gang sign John Wall?

Tiger Hoods

Dc rise up ????


John Wall is in his prime. Tremendously skilled. If the Wizards underachieve again I'd ask for a trade if I was him

Kingsley Brown

Shoutout Jeff. One of Brentwood's finest

Chris Toston

Man these NBA dudes make this stuff look so effortless shows you how talented they really are


That playlist ?

G Gwapo

Nigga came out the hyperbolic time chamber...

Roman Coquioco

Yall gotta have Bradley and Dwight put that work in with yall. OKC doing it and they're building that chemistry

Edward Mark

Anybody got the playlist ?

Chris Worland

I'm going to be bold and predict the Wizards & Celtics facing off in the Eastern Conference Finals.

J Stiles

Wall is like the second best PG in the east but sixth overall tho


Jeff Green gonna eat . I just wish Wizards went for a center other than Howard smh. Coulda went for Randle. and go small against some teams. Howards 5.5 vs Randles 9 mil a year?

Prince Ali

Jeff Green trash

Jehal Thompson

How do they practice with all this noise in the background

Coll Campbell

John wall has one the best looking jumpshots in the nba


●•John°Wall•● ☆ [2]☆


after that Photo shoot Wall is like ''Fuck I better take care of myself'' lol

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Andrew Mendez

these the guys scary terry was talkin about?

Lukas Fleischhauer

You know somebody isn't a shooter when he clenches his fist after every make...

Once a leo turned lion now judah

It’s weird Jeff green not sticking anywhere. There’s a lot of long contracts out there that he’s better than right now Brooklyn just sayin

Jay 275

The east working harder than ever now lebrons gone?

giorgi Metonidze



what the song at 4:55 ?

Chevez Harvey

Jeff Green should be a great addition! Expecting big things from my Wizards this year ??

Nikhil Kumar

didnt you guys notice the audio loss

Anthony James

#duragjohnny ?

Randy Price

1. He’s definitely in the best shape of his life
2. He’s definitely comfortable shooting from anywhere now

Pablo 210 Escobar

I see you lonnie walker? (wall poster)

Hugo RA2N

We need his playlist shit was lit

Zac Moncrief

Washington top 3 in East don't @

Keep It Up


Washington Football Fan WGIL

Kelly Oubre needs to have his azz with John Wall every day. Howard too!

Andrew Stalnaker

John Wall looks like he just ate John Wall

Justin Malone

John Wall just entered Big Homie status

Karma Kazo

what happened to the sound at 00:34....i thought i went deaf


What are the meek mill songs?


Jeff gone be back at them skating rinks! I'll be wit you...lol

#WeHoopin #WeHoopin

Wall look heavier, but I'm glad Green wrkin wit him..Cool to see the guys put in some wrk ? ????#WeHoopin

Massive Conn

Did he gain muscle or just weight

Michael O