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21 Savage "Air It Out" Feat. Young Nudy (WSHH Exclusive - Official Music Video)

21 Savage "Air It Out" Feat. Young Nudy (WSHH Exclusive - Official Music Video)15 Oct. 2015
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Directed by OG Hoodrich of Hoodrich Films.

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NSM Fresh

How tf did we not know sir savage the 21st was from the uk after hearing the mf hook ??‍♂️??


Pullupen n æ i au


They be shoo i a a

Waldemar Balicki

this go hard


Shit still slaps

Jamar Robinson


Clayton maddrey

Professional burper

Damilola Raji

Who's here after savage mode 2

Rocky Rocky

This crackhead savage can't even rap. Make my stomach sick. Rap is really at an all time low !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

David corpus Vaca purpura

Twenty one twenty one twenty one


Dam that’s fucked up

Daven Stutts

That UK talk

Alex Ruiz

Who’s here after Savage Mode 2

Kidd Wonder

Young nudy jumpin like he at a concert ?‼️?

Check Lobby

Who watching in 2020

Bryant Montgomery

RIP Doggo




This is the song Jesse Osborn the school shooter was listening to while he pulled up to the school

Parker Autrey

Cameraman in creative mode

2k Playz07

pull up and aaar eehh ieehieehh out

Richard Zavala

Aaaaaaaaaaa. .. ... 13

Blue Kobe_12

This the best shit to get dressed for school. Start your day like a savage


Pull up in ah ih ah

Felstriker GUTGORE

After listen to it i went to park and robbed some childrens candy!!!

Kolja Matarugić

Fun fact: School shooter came to one school and one guy that is been in prison he said he was listening air it out

Chacet Royals-Rostodha

This the first song I knew from 21...... Omg I forgot all about it until now ????

Dzoyem Barry

why this not on apple music wtf


Still hard

Lynn Whylly



Jesse osborne was listening to this song after killing his dad and was on his way killing a 6 year old in Townville

Tj T6

Why is this big on Spotify


this is the song jesse osborn was playing when pulling up to the school ong

Burj Khalifa

1:53 21 Savage: Still that same nigga I just got a lil older !
Dragon Ball Characters: This man is snappin.

Khi Yodt

2020 and still fire ? (like if agree)

Jayk Storm




Flyer Guyer

Got a 30 on me now ??

3astside desmon

This song wants me to put a ankle monitor in my neck?

Y-Weest wood

0:31 that nigga look's like a real killer... damn ??

Robert Pires

Savage é monstro dms, não canso de ouvir esse som, que Flow nojento. ??

Keihin Balachsan

why isn’t this on apple music

Brandon McDaniel

POV . You came for tictok from p90witascope2x

Tekk Caiden

21 savage the only gang member that i know dont thrown up gang signs


R.I.P to the cameraman ?? ??

Yung KeyShawn

are they all bloods

Ezra Valadez

Just imagine all the bodies behind the camera

s r

They probably needed good 50 diff camera man

roger moore

5 years after when u realize pull up ahhh air eeehh out is in his UK voice???????

Jorge Ramirez jr

Wheres hectooor ha

Frankie Nichols

Why the flash from the gun keeps looking like a turtle to me..

Alama Austin

How come this song isn’t on fucking Apple Music

xander oliverッ

POV your here from tiktok

silver tequila


Gabriela Maydwell

Dang yung nudi

Philip Maina

Superman shot this video as a side hustle

Stokeley Stokeley

Cameraman got that spetznas helmet

Super Saiyan

Nudy sucks

Juz CreS

2021 anyone?

Fiyona Mullins


NoK Reactions

21 carried

Keon L

2020 ??

Betty D

this da song dat made me a 21 fan still bumpin this in 2020?

Krystopher Johnson

Big Jacc, Retro Da Don, & Monkey -Win Go watch You Won't Regret It #ComingUp

Kurt W

Da Savage ??????????

Theodore Cruz

21 SAVAGE air it out
↗↖↗↖↗↖↗↖ ♨
hip hop rap jam⚫ amp ♨ hard ?


A school shooter pulled up to a school listening to this

zdag aaa

In down town shieet

Xzavier Cross

Nudy look like chucky from child’s play




Lyrics: a e ou

Tobias Edwards

Happy Belated Birthday Slimeball


Camera man In a ballistic bomb suit

Cedric Teare

Lil moe in there

Dzoyem Barry

still da same nigga i jus got a lil older

cameron rob

2021...haha am i right


Who here in 2020?


the guy who did the school shootings in greensville was listening to this while he pulled up i’m being fr

Ya Boii

21 really said “i pull up and eh aa aa”

RMG Eddie

I pull up and eh it a ??still fire tho???

Isaac Huh

Pull up and ah ih ah

Tuna, No Crust

21: pull up and A E I O U

Alama Austin

When 21 savage was just a mumble rapper

Victor Miranda

classic !! jan 2021 if you here you the goat.

Joy Talane

He’s been dropping hints that he’s British “eh ih ouh”

francis ladera

pula a er e aw

Dartez Mccaskill


Diesel M

no one likes or cares about british nudy


Camera man is invited to the barbecue ?

Jumps Ghosh Amazon Kindle


Gaming Space Jblizy

When the song doesn't match the video

Andrew Focher

Pull up and ehh it oww

Braedon Bundrick

Is anyone here from tiktok

بسمة الزروق

2020 anyone ?

Matheus Vaisman

Ele quebra tDDD Pull UP AIR IT OUt

Jaeden BSOMG

Who's here in 2021?


cameraman can't tell me he didn't flinched a few times, unless he sitting behind a riot shield

George Gniadek

No west side I love my cuz

YvnG Killa

Use the camera man as body armor buy now 50% off

Glass Juice

they tried shootin us down thru da video n still tryin @2020

18th Century Badman (Roadman Parody)

18th Century Badman (Roadman Parody)24 Jul. 2014
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Brought to you by Jake

Brought to you by Jake Wardle at https://www.jakewardle.com. A parody video I made during an 18th century battlefield re-enactment event. In this parody I combine the standard British soldier from the later part of the 18th century with a "Mandem" (now commonly referred to as a "roadman") from the early 21st century "street" culture found in some parts of the UK today. I thought such a combination would make for a funny, interesting and absurd parody.

If you are not from the UK you may have never heard of this "street" sub-culture we have, let alone be able to understand it (further down I have included a translation of the slang words I used). It mainly exists in the poorer, rough "ghetto" areas of major English cities. The particular variant I did in this video is the London variant (as I am from London myself and grew up in an area where many youth speak this way) I do not however speak this way myself in my normal speech (some of you who know me and have seen my other videos already know this) but I am able to do an accurate imitation due to going to school and sixth form college where many spoke this way.

The official academic name for this accent and dialect is 'London Multicultural English'

To give you an idea of all of this, here is an example of the type of "Mandems/roadmen" that I am imitating in this video. Here is a scene from the film 'Kidulthood' which is a drama about the "street" culture: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TunQD2ZDz7Q

And here is another (funny) example, a scene from an actual parody film of the street culture called 'Anuvahood': https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JUVftk9FRW4

Anyway, now for the translation off the slang... "Street" or "mandem/roadman" slang is a combination of mostly Jamaican patois, ghetto American and some words that seem to be unique to UK street culture. However, the accent and dialect as a whole is predominately Jamaican (due to many Jamaicans settling in the UK) which is why in my previous accent videos I had labeled it as "Jamaican influenced" it is not to be confused with an actual Jamaican accent though. Anyway here is the slang:

Badman: tough/gangster/man who commits bad deeds and gets street cred for them

Wagwan: a typical Jamaican greeting equivalent to "whats going on?" or "whats up?"

Mandem/mandems: used to describe a male or group of males in the street culture

Galdem/galdems: same meaning as mandem but for females instead

Man/Manz: I, you or them

Dun kno: Done already known used as a conformation of something, exitment/celebration or to gloat

Blud/fam/cuz: man, dude, homie, mate, friend or foe etc

Garmz: garments (clothing)

Creps: trainers/shoes

Reppin: representing

Endz: area/territory/ghetto

Brap: a kind of imitation of a gun shot that is used an expression of excitement or celebration

Gat/gats: gun

Screwfacing/screwface: pulling an angry or disapproving/disgusted/distasteful expression on your face

Vexed: angry/mad/really annoyed etc

Innit: isn't it

Par/parred: an insult, or misfortunate event that has happened to someone

Ting: thing

Wifey: girlfriend/serious lover

Buff/peng: sexy (male of female)

Back off: sexy bum

Bare: really, very, lots of, large quantity or size etc

Jheeze: wow

Pussyhole: an insult that pretty much usually means what it what its says on the tin. It is used in the same way as just calling someone a pussy.

Shank: a knife or sharp object used for stabbing (noun) or simply to stab (verb) originated in American prisons to describe and improvised sharp melee weapon

Jook: a verb meaning to stab

Sket: slut, whore, bitch, overly promiscuous woman

Sick: very good or cool

Spit barz: rap/rhyme

Beef: fight/fighting

Butterz: an alternative way of saying butt ugly used to describe someone or something ugly or disgusting

*kmt*: kiss my teeth, a "mtchew" kind of sound produced by doing just that, used to display a distasteful attitude towards something or someone.

You can also find more detailed translations on the Urban dictionary website: http://www.urbandictionary.com

Also here is some of the 18th century military terminology I used:

Make ready: cock your musket (ready to fire)

Present: point/aim

Shoulder firelocks: place your musket against your shoulder supporting it from the bottom with your palm

Huzzah: British battle cry from the 18th and 19th centuries

Finally I would like to say a special thanks to the 'Redcoats and Rebels' re-enactment group that I have the privilege of being a part of.

Also if you like shooting videos, my fellow redcoat cameraman 'K Fish' has a YouTube channel full of them. Check him out on YouTube (he has lots of videos firing both historical and modern guns alike)


As stated in the video, the music I used was:

Barry Lyndon - British Grenadiers (fife and drum)

Strictly Beats Series - Hood Riddims

Thanks for watching!

Comments (100)

Military callouts in a couple years


2:16 King George when some guys in the 13 colonies threw tea in the water

Towarzysz Wiedźmin 2

02:25 he shot a child


This is exactly what everyone outside of Britain pictures the gangs

flecko XD

03:15 battle of Lexington 1775 colorized

Austin Bullard

I think he’s British

Joseph R. Biden, Jr.

This is how I envision the redcoats during the American Revolution.

Shai Ohayon

Yes definitely a shanksket xD

Tara's Hound

This'll be Boris when he's had enough of us given him shit lol




He kinda sounds Jamaican.

The King of Antarctica

Just imagine how powerful he'd be with a knife.

just 4 fun



"Look at the size of that shank! Bare long innit!"

LMfaoooo his expression too oh i can't-

Boudreaux Broletariat

i wanna remake all of barry lyndon except all the characters talk like this


It was like a white boy tryna act gangster with a British and Jamaican accent lol


This is just Slowthai in a redcoat.


See you in 10 years when the Youtube algorithm deems this video worthy for the recommended page.


2:16 When the King and his men found out colonials are throwing tea into the Boston harbor

Duck Go Quacks

The funniest thing is how he forgot to put gunpowder in the flintlock


Here before KSI reaction


this is why you are rewatch it 2:14

A drunk Crayfish

What did I just watch.


the boston Smirnoff Ice party is my favourite part of history

Bob Lob

Cameraman showing his hand with part of the uniform and holding the flintlock was the icing on the cake for me


Surprisingly accurate


Dont get me vexed fam dont get me vexed

Underfell Alphys

Bri'ish moment.

Bread Accountant

Big shaq stole this guy's act


ey yo there is 969 comments


that musket got mad bunda

Mak Yuki

The King's eighth regiment of mandems


he sounds like a rapper


this is why i want a musket

Señor Frijoles

Daham, nicee

No Shape


Gabe Varley

Londoners favourite weapon. Bare long shank.

Den Dayat

Blud are you dumb?! Are you getting rude man?! Pob


Shanksket innit ???


I just watched this and realized, the generation with battle royale games will say things like: Headshot, No-Scope, or Your Trash, to the human life they just ended.

The person who fucking asked

Man came back from WW2 and said “nawww”

Tyrone tethington


Norlander Duwallis

Ali G be like

Krissy Baby

this makes me want to listen to drum and bass so bad


The ting go "sk"

just one "sk"

it doesn't fire very fast

T Alberto Barbossa

2:15 Wiktor Smolak launching Operation Bear Trap

Lorenzo Boiko


Jack D

Videos like these are what make me confuse British accents for Jamaican ones

Gerone Marcos

If this was a thing back then, Americans wouldn’t had a hard time in the Revolutionary War

Turner Daniels

Modern day pirate



jan ralph tristan clarido

Man's just turn into a pirate in 2:34

Arjun the Rage Guy

"Dun kno" sounds like saying "Dunno" or "Don't know"


My 2 brain cells in broken English: confused screaming



Metalcore Addict

Cant even count how many i killed of those in assassins creeds games ?

Ruzzy Ruzby

This made me cringe

aumen kd

big man ting

Alex w

Hitler: starts ww2

Winston Churchill: blud are u dumb? Are u getting rude to man

Chris Frost

Happy this popped up again on the algorithm


Thanks for the support everyone! If you liked this video check out my latest roadman parody 'Roadman Dialect in Different Accents: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pnndTG0lrIM

Xtremely Insane

Wicked wicked jungle list massive. Ali G

Nana Jet




vaen dryl

thanks for the lexigon and shit blud. now I finally understand the "man's not hot" song.

Derp Fox

I got scared everytime he point the "shanksket" at the cameraman

Madam C

Hilarious - from 55 year old lady of Kent x

Darkz The Pleb

if i was a history teacher id show this to the class

Giancarlo Duncan

Everybody's gangsta till the trees start speaking American.

lucious Berib



What does the "blud" mean ?


This was more informational than history class.


British people are so cringey

What Smada

new slowthai album is wild

CrunchiesJL ?

average british rapper

Simon Fraser



I may get hate for this but if someone tries to mug me and then talks like this I’m laughing and walking away. Probably getting stabbed but I’m still laughing at him.

Kuvira Did Nothing Wrong

This is adorable. <3


2:15 could become a great American revolution meme or something


Aynd iv got extra loud blanks fo our reenacment.
Extra loud blanks? Wot ye gon dew deaf’n to deaf?


Someone show this to Brandon F


2:42 said like a true pirate

Oliver Garcia Souter

British chav


Rare footage of 21 Savage in a shootout 2:17


I'm so happy they put subtitles on this


when you travel back in time to the 1800th century

Tommy Gun



me if i got sent back time as an american spy

Shanksket for shanking skets ??


imagine you're a redcoat in the american revolutionary war and someone shouts:

alie fam

oh fuck innit

Welcome to the rice field

I’ve never heard a British Jamaican before

Thy Holy Catus

could have me fooled


Underrated Youtube Video

Ken Rangga

how does this not have a million views yet?

Tennessee Boi

What is he saying

Anthony Nguyen

Why the hell does he sound like a Toronto mans

Bryce Green

Shank lol

Self-promoter Remover

The British 18th century eshay bogan


me in yr 4 after connecting 5 sharpies into eachother 2:41

Gambling Tony

Greatly appreciated lad, absolutely loathed this I did.

[Pull up slang that stick]

[Pull up slang that stick]31 Dec. 2020

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