Hip and pelvic pain in males

Male Pelvis | Bones and Anatomical Location | Anatomy Lectures | V-Learning

Male Pelvis | Bones and Anatomical Location | Anatomy Lectures | V-Learning15 Jul. 2020
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This sqadia.com medical

This sqadia.com medical video lecture is an extensive elaboration of one of the significant anatomical structures entitled male pelvis. In the beginning, bones, anatomical location, muscles and organs have been delineated. In addition to this, neurovasculature, arterial and venous supply has been explained. Moreover, clinical anatomy, fractures, chronic pelvic pain syndrome along with male reproductive organs have been comprehensively explicated.


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Release Date - March 2019

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In the beginning, the location of pelvis and its position in males has been conversed about. Additionally, male and female pelvis have been compared. Moreover, cross sectional study and an overview of the bones have been put forth.


In the commencement of this section, cross sectional anatomy and five bones along with hip bone has been delineated. Moreover, sacrum, coccyx and femur have been explained. Furthermore, muscles, muscles at thigh region and in gluteal region has been elaborated. Subsequently, pelvic floor muscles, organs and main structures have been talked about in-detail.


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Initially, arteries and arterial blood supply has been discussed. Following this, veins and varicocele has been comprehensively explained. Conclusively, nerves like ones arising from sacral and coccygeal plexuses and pudendal nerve has been mentioned.


Starting off, the educator has shed light upon the various modalities, MRI and CT scan. In addition to this, fractures and pelvic pain has been elaborated. Furthermore, chronic pelvic pain syndrome along with pain management has been explicated.


Primarily, seminal fluid and seminal vesicles have been highlighted. Following this, prostate gland along with bulbo-urethra gland has been explained. In the end, the educator summed up by conversing about the ampulla of ductus deferens.


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7 main causes of hip pain and how to avoid them | BMI Healthcare

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